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It was long-time dream of mine to be a sports journalist, but for the most part, it’s been one big bust. I’ve had every crappy job for every crappy paper you can think of, and my current status isn’t much better than where I started almost ten years ago. Most recently, I took on a job writing for the New York Ledger.

Unfortunately for me, this is not one of the major publications in the city. Rather, it’s a free paper you find at the library or perhaps your local supermarket or dentist’s office. Being a sportswriter for this paper is not glamorous, but at least I am working in the city on most assignments. That’s the way I look at it. I could have more responsibility writing for a larger paper in a smaller city. I’m a New York City guy who would just love to have a career right in the place where I was born and raised.

Now for my assignments. Where do I begin? It’s been mostly high school beats like track or basketball. I love sports, but I have absolutely no interest in high school sports. I couldn’t say anything to the editor, since I wanted the exposure — any exposure — of writing in the big city. I just did what I was told and took on these inane assignments. Once, I had to cover a women’s soccer game — and I really don’t like soccer. Well, let me tell you one more thing – I love soccer now. Correction – I’m a big fan of women’s soccer now.

A couple of months ago, after being with the Ledger for only a few weeks, my editor gave me what I thought would be the worst of all assignments. I was to cover some international indoor soccer competition being held at Madison Square Garden. I love MSG, and I’ve been there a million times, but never as a reporter. This part excited me – going to the locker rooms, being where all the great hockey and basketball players have been. Walking the same halls as some of my favorite rock stars sounded cool, too. But soccer? Not my thing, but a job is a job.

I spent the better part of a week covering about a dozen matches. Some were actually exciting, as far as my interest in soccer goes. I got to see many different countries competing, and my job was simply to make all of this sound interesting. I don’t know how much of my material was going to get used for the paper, but I was getting paid to cover it for the entire week, so I did my best.

The championship match was between Brazil and China. I sat there with my drink, pad, and pen. I took notes throughout the match, like I did for the previous games. I think the crowd was in favor of the Brazilian women. I know I was, I mean from a guy point of view. The Brazilian women have such a beautiful, sexy skin color to them. Of course, they also have those famous asses, the muscular kind that look like they were sculpted. Now as athletes go, soccer players in Brazil are like rock stars, and they are known by just their first names. The best players from Brazil were Cecilia, Maria, and Graciela.

During the game Cecilia scored the early go-ahead goal for Brazil. The Chinese answered that with a goal of their own, but Cecilia scored again just a few minutes later. In the closing moments of the game, the team from China threatened again, but a spectacular save by Selena, the goalkeeper, preserved Brazil’s 2-1 lead. When the referee blew the whistle, signaling the end of the game, the Brazilian team had won the match by the score of 2-1.

I hated to admit it, but I actually enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, I was not there for the fun of the game. I made my way to the locker room, to try to get an interview or two with some of the players. I left my seat and walked through the tunnel, flashing my press credentials whenever necessary. I followed the handful of reporters that were heading my way, and found the Brazilian locker room.

“No one enters. Wait thirty minutes,” came the instructions from the team’s spokesman. He was a big, burly guy that spoke broken kırklareli escort English, at best.

“Can we go in now?” The question came from a reporter behind me, prompting my friend to give another announcement.

“Twenty minutes.” Ten minutes didn’t go by that fast, so I was hopeful his lack of English translated into a lack of being able to tell time. I just wanted to get these interviews over with so I can get back to the office.

I figured I should be a wise-ass and ask again, maybe more time ticked away from this guy’s surreal clock. “Is it time to go in yet?”

“Ten minutes.”

I wanted to laugh, but I thought about Star Wars for a second. Maybe I was playing a Jedi mind trick on him. Either that or he was surely not too bright.

“Time’s up!” I yelled out, waiting for a reaction. My burly buddy stepped aside.


That’s exactly what we did, about twenty minutes too soon. I hoped the players were ready for us, so I could just do my job and get out of there.

A few players were still in uniform, while others were missing. I asked around and found out that they were still showering. I wanted an interview with Cecilia and Selena, mostly Cecilia. I didn’t see them at either of their lockers, so I decided to speak with their coach. When I got to the closed door I knocked. No answer. I knocked again, but this time much louder.

“No one there?”

I turned around to see Cecilia in a bathrobe, an odd sight for a locker room. Then again, how many ladies’ locker rooms have I seen before? “I wanted to see you, but you weren’t here, so I figured I’d speak to your coach…” I was obviously rambling.

Cecilia chuckled at my expense. “He is gone. He leaves right away. Want to ask me something?”

“Uh…sure. I wanted to ask you about the game.”

“Let’s go in coach’s office. I’ll get dressed.”

Cecilia opened the door and I followed her in. Once inside, she closed the door to the office. I sat down in the visitor’s chair, while she moved around to the other side of the desk. She took off her robe and revealed her beautiful caramel-skinned body. She had full C-cup breasts, topped off with puffy, mocha-colored nipples. Her stomach was flat and hard, the kind you could bounce a quarter off. The prize for me, however, was her well-manicured pussy. She had but a landing strip of black pubic hair and her lips were full and wet. I wondered if that was from her recent shower or if she was getting excited.

I was stunned, to put it mildly. I tried to keep my head down and not look like I was examining her, when I was there to interview her instead. I kept my eyes on the list of questions written on my pad and tried to keep my professional composure. Although I must say, I don’t remember her bringing a change of clothes into the room.

“So, Cecilia. I wanted to know if you can tell our readers how it felt…”


“Excuse me?”

“Ceci. Call me Ceci.”

“Oh, okay. Ceci. Now then, Ceci, can you tell our readers…”

She snatched the pad and pen away from me in swift movement, and they both ended up thrown towards a corner of the room.

“We celebrate now. No talk.”

“Um…celebrate? You mean I interview you over dinner?”

“No, silly. We fuck. Ceci wants to fuck.”

She was certainly a woman who knew what she wanted. I was no fool. If Ceci wanted to fuck, then so did I. I have to admit I wasn’t used to a woman being so direct and defiant, but it sure was a turn-on.

I stood up and Ceci immediately went to work on removing my clothes. A heap ended up in the corner, right next to my pad and pen. She dropped to her knees and began sucking on my rock-hard manhood, sucking for dear life. She was good. Better than good. So good that after about two minutes of her chowing down on my meat stick, I was afyon escort about ready to blow. I had to actually pull back, because I didn’t want to finish so soon.

I pulled her up to her feet and gave her a long, passionate kiss. She was a great kisser too. Something told me she was probably capable of doing a lot of things well. After spending time exploring the inside of each other’s mouths with our tongues, I pushed Ceci back onto the desk. I slowly kissed and licked my way up her legs. They were nice and long, and she was very sensitive to my touch. Ceci did a lot of twitching, and as I moved towards her thighs she let out a few soft moans.

I stopped when I reached her pussy. I began to gently blow on her, seeing that her full lips were wet. The honey was dripping from her pot and I was anxious to be her grizzly bear. I started to slowly lap up the juices on the outside, as her moans and sighs became louder.

“Please. Oh, please.”

I knew what she wanted and I figured I’d better give it to her now. I used both my thumbs to part her swollen pussy lips. Her sweet nectar began dripping out and I tried my best to lick it all up. I’ve never seen so much come out of one woman before, as I ended up wearing most of it on my face. Her love juice dripped down my chin as I buried my tongue as far as I could into her wet hole, licking up to her sensitive, swollen clit.

“OH!!! Please. PLEASE. AHHH!!!”

As if she wasn’t wet already, Ceci’s pussy felt like it exploded into my mouth. I actually pulled back for a second, so I could take a look at my handiwork or, shall I say, mouthwork. I couldn’t believe it! She was orgasming hard. I mean, she was squirting! I’ve never seen a woman do that before, except in movies. That was so hot, yet so wild. Ceci looked like a guy, with streams shooting out of her. I was feeling very full of myself, and why not? Look what I made her do!

I stood up and pulled her towards me. I had no problem entering her pussy, as she was saturated beyond belief. I wondered if she could even feel me, but that question got answered in a hurry.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Harder!”

I kept going, faster and harder, but I was beginning to tire out. It was hard, no pun intended, keeping up with her. I stopped for a moment and flipped her around into a doggie-style position. I entered her well-worn pussy, with a sight of her beautiful, tight ass.

“Fuck. Fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass!” Sounded good to me. I pulled my well-lubed cock out of her pussy and slowly slid it into her tightest hole. It was pretty wet from her earlier orgasm, so getting my cock in there was effortless. She let out a soft groan and grinded on my loins. She kept a steady rhythm going. I felt like the tightness of her ass was going to suck the sperm right out of me.

“Argh! Yeah, baby. I’m going to explode inside you. Fuck yeah!” I came and had no intention of ever pulling out. I loved that tight ass and rewarded it with a full load of nut butter. Ceci screamed out as I shot my worth inside her and we both collapsed on the desk. Two spent bodies in sexual bliss, we took a moment to catch our breaths.

“Oh, baby. That was hot,” I said, the master of overstating the obvious.

“I like you. You’re a good fuck.”

“Thank you, Ceci. You’re not so bad yourself.” With that lame-ass line, we laughed.

Surprisingly, after our little sexcapade, Ceci asked if I still wanted to interview her about the game. She put her robe back on and sat behind the desk. I finished getting dressed and took my seat too. I asked all the questions I had wanted to ask before and she responded. You would never have known what went on in the room just a few moments ago.

The interview lasted fifteen minutes and then Ceci escorted me out of the room. Other reporters and players looked at us as we amasya escort emerged from the closed room. I wondered if it was our appearance or maybe the smell that emanated from the room causing the commotion. Maybe it was that the star player from Brazil was missing for so long and then had appeared with me – in a bathrobe.

Ceci blended in with the other reporters, as well as teammates, after we left the room. I watched as she slowly disappeared in a crowd of well-wishers. I looked around to see if anyone was staring at me, since I felt pretty self-conscious. No one was looking my way. I guess that was for the better. I’ve had a pretty exciting experience, so I figured it was best to take my notes — and my memories of the day — and leave.

Before I had a chance to venture out of the locker room, a small blonde started walking right towards me. She was all of five feet and dressed like a hooker. She was really hot-looking, with wide hips and a pair of tits that looked like they were straining to be free. I bet she was a D cup. Shit, maybe even a double-D. But she was about three feet away, so I figured I better stop staring at…

“Hi, I’m Selena, Ceci’s girlfriend.”

“Oh, hello, Selena. Nice to meet a friend of…”

“No. No friend. Girlfriend.”

“Oh, sorry.” What was the point of that? Was she pissed because she found out about us? Is Ceci really a lesbian? That would be a laugh. She sure didn’t fuck like a lesbian. What was the story with Selena? I was almost afraid to find out. Feisty little thing, for sure.

“Ceci told me.”

“Um…told you what?” Yeah, I was going to play dumb. I was getting scared, if I’m being totally honest.

“You. Her. Room.” Her English was limited. So was Ceci’s, but that turned out just fine for me. Selena was really hot, but I had no idea where this was going, or if I should be worried.


“Yes. I know. We were in the room.”

“No. Go to the room now.”

I got the message, finally. Hopefully this wasn’t to kick my ass. That would be embarrassing. I led the way into the room, and put my pad on the desk, as Selena closed the door.

“No swallowing,” Selena announced, as she sat in the visitor seat and unbuckled my pants.

“Excuse me?” I don’t know why I even bothered saying anything. Selena had my pants down around my ankles in no time at all. She didn’t even bother taking off her own clothes. She just went right to the job at hand.

Selena was a damn good cocksucker, deep-throating me with every bob of her head. She stopped every so often to let her tongue wrap itself around my circumference. She also liked to pull back and lick my balls, while stroking me firmly. I thought Ceci was great at giving head, but I think Selena was even better. I smiled to myself thinking that I have to plan a trip to Brazil one of these days.

I felt my orgasm building up, as Selena kept going to work on my full length. My whole shaft filled her cheeks, as she slurped and sucked at a fever pitch. I knew it was just a matter of moments before I exploded. I couldn’t hold out any longer, as Selena swallowed my cock whole.

“Oh! Selena, I’m gonna…”

Just then she pulled my cock out of her mouth, allowing me to spray her face with my thick love juice. I decorated her face with my sticky streams, and she looked up at me. “You like?”

I caught my breath. “What’s not to like?”

Selena reached over to the top of the desk, found a piece of paper, and began to wipe her face. It probably would have been a good idea to have some paper towels handy, I thought. Then again, I had no idea I was going to get the blow job of a lifetime when I entered the room.

We finished putting ourselves together and Selena opened the door. Before she walked away from me, she looked back and winked. “Bye, Sexy.”

I was about to leave the room and realized I was walking out without my notes. I picked up the pad, but where were my notes? Oh no! They’re gone. Well, not really gone, but useless to me now. Selena cleaned her face with the notes I took of my interview with Ceci.

Oh well, I’ll just have to work from memory. This is one day that is definitely filled with memories!

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