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I had just turned 18 at the time and this was my first trip away from home all by myself, and while I was somewhat scared being on a bus going to another state to visit with my Aunt and cousins. It wasn’t too bad because I was sitting next to a lady that told my folks that she’d watch out for me, so off we went on a 10 hour ride. Being a adult now that made me feel silly but at least the folks relaxed some.

The bus wasn’t all that full and there were lots of empty seat, and I told her she didn’t have to baby-sit me and I would move to another row, but she smiled and said it was just fine, and I noticed a grin that made my stomach get tight, and I noticed she wasn’t old just older than me.

Her name was Serena and she was 33 and she was going to look for a new job and life after being in a nasty marriage. Me being a virgin still and having read tons of story’s in adult magazines, I had heard of the old sayings but never thought they were true, but the way she moved around to face me, causing her breast to stretch the cloth of her blouse was making me get hard.

We talked for a long time and then she asked if I had made love to a girlfriend yet. I must have turned beat red because she smiled and asked if I was still a virgin. I was ready to craw away when she said it was ok, by the time we got to our destination I would be able to answer with a “no”. I was about to ask her what she meant when she looked around to make sure that no one would see, and she took my hand and placed it on her breast. I didn’t know what to do and she was so nice spending the time to show me and explain as she moved my hand to her other breast and then down to her pussy, which even still being covered by her panties, I could feel the heat and wetness.

Even though I was still scared, I slipped my fingers under her panties and began to explore her pussy. It was so wet and Yozgat Escort hot and it felt like I had my fingers in melted butter, and after reading about it so many times, I had to know what it tasted like, so I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted her. It was like rich milk chocolate she was so sweet. Then she took my hand and sucked on my fingers tasting herself, and that about made me cum then and there. Just watching her face as she licked he own wetness and sucked on her fingers made me moan. I slipped my hand between her legs again and I was glad no one was close because she started to moan and whimper and told me she was cumming.

I asked if I could eat her and she moaned oh my god yes, so I got down beside her and slid her panties off and got under her skirt and just tried to do what the story’s had talked about. Felling her with my hands was one thing but feeling the soft skin and folds of her pussy with my lips and tongue was just something I had never dreamed of, it was so wet and slick. I felt a tiny nib and licked it real hard and I guess it must have felt good because she grabbed my head and I thought she was going to pull me into her and I thought she had poured water in my mouth she came so much.

I slid a finger and then two into her pussy while I lick and sucked her pussy and she came again, and then I tried something I had read, and slid a finger into her ass. She must have liked that because she screamed causing a few of the other people to ask if she was ok.

I knew I was hard but didn’t really think about it because it felt so good knowing that I was giving Serena so much pleasure, but when we felt the bus slow down as it entered a truck stop, I knew I couldn’t get off to eat because my face was covered with her cum and I was hard as a rock. Serena said just stay there as the other passengers got off, and Yozgat Escort Bayan then she told me to sit back as she undid my belt, lowering my pants and pulling my cock out. Just her touch and feeling the warmth of her fingers around me made me cum. She must have known this was going to happen because she put me in her mouth real fast and stroked me fast and hard while I unloaded what must have been a gallon but she didn’t lose a drop. I was in heaven by now, but even after I stopped she kept sucking me till I got completely hard again.

I just sat there watching her mouth slid up and down my cock and now and then she’d look at me and smile. I never knew this would feel so good, and then I felt something building from deep within, even in my toes and as she held me firm sliding her hand and mouth together up and down my shaft I knew something was about to happen but I didn’t know until it happened that I was about to cum again. It was so intense and powerful and once again she didn’t lose a drop, she just looked at me and smiled as I shot wave after wave of hot cum down her throat.

I sat there, feeling her stroking me, thinking I could die now that life was good, when I realized I hadn’t gone soft, and when she stood up and straddled me, lowering her cunt onto me, I knew I had died. It felt so good, the heat, wetness, a feeling of knowing that this was a moment I would never forget. She was facing me so I slid her blouse up and took her breast out of her bra, and licked and sucked her nipples that were large and erect but seemed to get ever harder. She asked me to bite and pinch them and while I thought I was hurting her, she just moaned and said yes, harder, and then her eyes seemed to roll back and I felt her cum again. Trying to describe what it felt like having her cunt squeeze and grab my cock is impossible, but it was just Escort Yozgat a total feeling of rightness.

We stayed there, her rocking back and forth on my cock and then I felt that sensation building again, but even more intense and I felt myself get warm like someone had poured fire on my dick and she screamed with a smile on her face, and she knew I was about to come because my cock, which while not all that long at 7 inch’s but it is thick, had gotten even thicker, and then we came together, her driving herself down onto me and me driving myself up to her, my balls were slapping her ass it was so hard.

Afterwards, she just laid on my chest and I held her as she softly cried. I asked if I had hurt her but she just said she remembered why she was wanting to start a new life. I didn’t understand what she meant till years later, but thinking back on it now, I do hope she found her life again, and I think about Serena now and then, that she made my first experience a good one. That because of her I learned to put my lover first and her pleasure before mine.

She went into the onboard bathroom to get herself in order and as she returned to her seat, she gave me a soft long probing kiss, said thank you and sat down. When I got myself back in order and came out of the bathroom, the other passengers were getting back on the bus and Serena was asleep, so I sat across from her and wondered if I’d ever experience anything like that ever again, till I too fell asleep.

I woke up when the driver tapped my shoulder saying we had arrived. I saw that Serena had gone and while sad we didn’t say goodbye, I was glad too in a way because now we both have the memory, and as I stepped off the bus looking for my cousins and Aunt, I was shocked to see 2 hot girls, older teenagers waiting there with my name on a card. We hadn’t seen each other since we were small and they had grown up, really grown up, but that’s another story…

Dear Reader’s, this is my second writing and I hope you enjoyed it, but weather you did or not, please let me know so I will know if I should try it again or stop, and if you have a moment please cast a vote, Thanks

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