Going Gay At The After Party

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My best gal pal invited me to the party at a house across town were her friends lived. They had a projector and had turned their living room into a mini theatre. Mostly I went because Charlotte and I hadn’t chatted for ages and since I was only in town for a few days it was the best chance we had to catch up.

We arrived together in a cab and as we were walking up the drive way she mentioned almost as an afterthought, “These guys are mostly gay, is that ok?”

This was 25 years ago, and in my home town, and people still asked questions like this.

Charlotte was my best friend and I told her everything, mostly. But I hadn’t yet told her about what happened to me a few weeks earlier as I was still coming to terms with it myself.

So I just shrugged and said sure, and hoped that the darkness hid the rich red blushing in my cheeks.

Here’s the thing about a gay Star Wars party, it’s like every other party you have ever been to except there are a few extra guys and a few less girls and maybe a couple of extra Mapplethorpe’s on the wall.

Mostly though it was a group of friends chatting and drinking, and even though I was the outsider, and usually shy in these situations, the fact that it was mostly guys made it easier some how.

I had a few drinks, enough to be relaxed but no more than that, and chattered to Charlotte and most of her friends as they dropped in and out of the conversation. As the night went on I spent less time chatting with my friend and more time chatting with with casino şirketleri hers.

Even so she was a little surprised when she told me she had to leave to meet some other people and I said I would stay. But I was probably more surprised myself.

She kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear “You behave, and don’t go all gay on me,” and she was delighted by my embarrassment.

The party was already winding down when she left, there was a just a handful of people, and pretty soon just three, the couple, Danny and Vince who lived in the house and wore short matching beards, and Billy who knew Charlotte but only slightly from classes at the Uni.

I was on the sofa, sitting between Danny and Vince chatting away about Uni when Danny laughed and said, “Look out” and I looked up to see Billy walk into the room wearing only a towel, and obviously freshly showered.

“In your dream’s mate” Billy shot back before throwing a smile at me and saying to his friends, “Don’t frighten the straight boy.”

For the third time that night I blushed crimson red which Vince found hilarious. Danny put his hand on my thigh and squeezed a little harder than necessary. I liked the way it felt and I was scared I might start to show my arousal.

I was convinced he could read my thoughts.

“Ignore them and don’t worry, no one’s going bite you.”

A few short minutes later I was naked in his king sized bed, we all were, and his teeth were at my throat. Vince’s soft, warm lips were kissing mine and casino firmaları our tongues danced a tango. I loved the feel of his beard on my cheek, it was so unexpected but I loved more the way he drew his rough calloused hands across my chest, tickling and teasing my nipples. Billy lay behind him, rubbing himself against Vince’s ass while he kissed Vince’s earlobe and with his spare hands he reached over and stroked my cock which had never felt so hard.

“Not such a straight boy after all,” he laughed giving me a hard tug making me want to scream with pleasure.

“More like a filthy little cock slut,” Danny breathed in my ear and all I could do was groan my approval and open my legs wider while my own hands reached out eager to find his heavy hardness.

I had Vince and Danny each in my hands and I was jerking and stroking them with growing desperation as Billy moved down between my legs and started lapping on my balls feasting on their ripeness. I loved the sensation on his tongue and I begged him a little for more.

To be covered in hands and lips and cocks and hard hairy male bodies was an indescribable release for me and one I promised myself I would never again consider after last time.

I was catholic and I wanted to be straight, and living in a city where being gay was still considered a crime. And I knew I loved women, the sight and smell of them, the softness of them, but there was no denying how I felt at that moment, consumed in the angry animal passions of unfiltered man-sex.

Billy güvenilir casino took me in his mouth and my eyes rolled back in my head. I gasped and my lips parted in silent passion. Vince took the signal, got up on his knees and lay his thick heavy meat across my lips. I exhaled a grateful moan and when I looked into his eyes all he saw was my surrender.

But what he didn’t know, what none of them knew as they urged themselves upon my young naked body was the effect of their arousal upon me.

To see these three fit, solid, older men consumed by their lust and desire for me made me feel powerful in a way I never imagined.

As I devoured Vince my mind was screaming at me “You’re so gay, you so love this, don’t deny it, it feels so right… look at what you have done to them, look at how consumed they are by you, how much they want you.”

By now I was on my side. Danny lay behind me his hands having opened my cheeks so he could rub his hard thickness against ass making me urgent and hungry for him. I was grinding back against him in delicious synchronicity. I knew Vince was close to coming. He drew his cock from my mouth and started jerking himself over my chest, lost in the almost hypnotic vision beneath him.

And Billy was gripping the base of my cock, making me more engorged, sucking me madly and face fucking me furiously.

I moaned and growled and finally roared as my body shook and I unloaded my precious cream all over Billy face.

My world at that moment was the smell of sweat, the collision of hot flesh and perspiration and sound of fury as four men came all at once knotted together in a tangle of arms and legs, like a single monstrous mythical sex beast exploding in a single violent climax.

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