Goin’ Down

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Jessica closed her apartment door behind her. The action resulted in the obligatory closed-door sound of, “kerrpmt.” It was set to automatic lock, so there was no need for any fumbling around in a bag for keys. Good. She was in a hurry. As she began walking down the hall, the sound of her short heels were muffled by the heavily stained royal blue carpet that was a holdover from the 1980s (ten years ago it had been baby blue and in ten year’s time it would be navy blue). Dressed smartly, she was on her way to a reading at a small bookstore in Greenwich Village. The bookstore, what was it called again? Mike’s or Marty’s? Anyway, it was a name that began with M. One of her favorite authors, Amelia Lovelace Hawthorne, would be there. She’d be reading excerpts from her new work, “George Washington was a Stupid Idiot.” As Jessica made her way to the elevator doors, she checked her smartphone for the name of that darned bookstore again. Huh. It was actually named Steve’s. Well… maybe Mike’s or Marty’s was a pizza place next door? She hit the elevator call button and waited.

Ding. It arrived. She stepped inside. She was alone. She hit the ground floor button on the control panel. The doors closed.

As the elevator car, also a holdover- but from the 1950s, began to shuffle downward, Jessica wondered if Amelia Lovelace Hawthorne would stick around after the reading to sign some books. She planned to purchase, “George Washington was a Stupid Idiot,” once she arrived at Steve’s (it had just hit the shelves only a day earlier), but hoped that if Amelia Lovelace Hawthorne was indeed signing books, that she might also agree to sign a copy of Jessica’s most favorite book of hers, the one she was currently carrying in her bag, “Thomas Jefferson Ate Major Donkey Dick.” Both books were part of Amelia Lovelace Hawthorne’s “All The Presidents Suck,” series.

The car sputtered to a stop at the 12th floor. The elevator doors shambled to their respective sides allowing a new passenger to climb aboard. This one was a fellow. He wore shiny black shoes with maroon and gray argyle socks, black slacks, and a tucked-in white button up shirt. The two top buttons of the shirt were undone. Most likely he had been wearing a necktie earlier in the day, but if so, he had since removed it. Curiously, he had on no jacket… unusual for this time of the year. It had begun to get a bit chilly outside. He was fairly lean, but not anorexic, fairly good looking, but not Brad Pitt. Jessica’s first impression was that whatever he did for work, his time on the clock was probably spent interacting more so with computers than with human beings. As he entered, he nodded at Jessica, and took a big step to the left.

“Three please.”

What the fuck? Do I look like the fucking elevator operator, thought Jessica? Do they even have those anymore?? So you’re on the other side of the car, it’s only four feet away from the control panel, walk over and push it yourself. Also, why are you going from the 12th floor to the 3rd? Who goes from the 12th to the 3rd? What’s on the 3rd floor? Do you have two apartments in this building? Are you friends with somebody else who lives in the apartment complex? Jessica had lived in the building for five years and never once had she ever even talked to a single neighbor, much less made friends with one. Not even to borrow a cup of sugar. Not even to say hello.

She scowled, reached out, and pressed on the round “3” button. It clicked and lit up. They rode down in silence, maintaining a comfortable four feet apart. The elevator car sputtered to another stop, this time at 8.

As the doors opened again, in walked the third passenger, this one a female. She definitely seemed to be on her way to a gym. She was carrying a gym bag and wore sweatpants that read PINK across the ass. And it was a nice ass. Round and plump. J-Lo’s twin sister? She was wearing a black leather jacket that was stylishly too small and she had her shampoo-commercial brown hair up in a ponytail. She stood between Jessica and the fellow. She looked over at the control panel and saw that the ground floor button was already lit, so she stayed in place. Jessica wouldn’t have minded as much if this woman had asked her to push a button.

The doors closed and the elevator car began clunking downward again.

Suddenly, it herky-jerky shook, three times, up and down, real fast, like an outdated airplane hitting heavy turbulence. And then, just as suddenly… a quiet stillness. Jessica looked up at the floor indicator positioned above the doors. It seemed as though the car was stuck between the 4th and 5th floor.

All three stood frozen in the warm orange glow of the elevator’s ceiling lights.

“I think we’re stuck,” observed the gym hottie.

“Just give it a moment, it’ll kick back in,” the guy said. With that, the electronic buzzing of what sounded like a device from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory crackled for all but two seconds, and what followed after was pitch darkness.


“Are we going to die,” asked the gentleman, earnestly.

“No, we’re not going to Antep Escort Bayan die,” shot back Jessica, annoyed.

“This building is like, a million years old, I’m surprised this kind of shit doesn’t happen more often,” remarked the gym-goer, followed by a big pink bubble blown from her bubblegum, and a big pop of that same big pink blown bubble.

Jessica moved to the back of the elevator car and leaned against its wall. Damn it. Her face tightened up with frustration. She was going to be late now for the book reading. And if the elevator didn’t start up again soon, she may even miss the whole blasted thing. Then she got a good idea.

“Press the emergency call button,” she instructed to the guy without the necktie.

“That’s a good idea,” said the guy without a necktie. He walked over to the control panel. Using his cellular phone’s screen as a flashlight, he found the emergency call button. He pressed it. Nothing happened. He pressed it again. Nada. He held it pressed in for ten seconds and said aloud, “hello, hello?” hoping someone, in some… elevator help station… could hear him.

He looked back at the other two, both of whom were partially illuminated in a shade of blue thanks to his phone screen. “It’s not doing anything,” he informed them.

“Why not,” asked Jessica?

“Maybe it’s not just an elevator problem. Maybe the whole city has lost its power,” he answered.

“What, like a blackout,” asked fit, gym chick?

“Yeah, like a blackout.”

The three stood in darkness.

Awkward silent minute after awkward silent minute passed until at some point, awkward silent minute turned into boring silent minute.

“I’m Nadia, by the way,” said Nadia, introducing herself to both of her elevator-mates.

“I’m William.”

“I’m Jessica.”


“So,” Nadia said, opting to fill the silent void yet again, “what are your guys’ spirit animals?”

“Um… I don’t really believe in spirit animals,” answered Jessica, realizing that with that sentence, she had spoken more to fellow apartment complex dwellers in the past five minutes than she had previously done in the past five years.

“You don’t?”

“Well… I mean, I suppose I might. But I don’t think it’s something we get to choose. I think it runs a little deeper than that.”

“Yeah, well mine’s a puma.”

Jessica noticed that Nadia was wearing Puma brand sneakers. And wearing Puma brand socks. William chimed in.

“I think mine is a zebra,”

“Why a zebra,” asked Nadia? William scratched his chin.

“Because… I… like… horses,” he responded, figuring out the answer to her question while engaged in the very process of answering it.

“Why not a horse then,” countered Jessica.

“Hmm,” he thought. “Because I also like stripes.”

The elevator stayed quiet for another two minutes.

“I was on my way to the gym,” spoke out Nadia. She was determined to make the most of the situation. She wasn’t afraid to be friendly. “But I guess God wants me in this elevator instead.”

“I don’t mind if you want to do some push-ups,” said William.

“Yeah, I bet you don’t,” Jessica chimed in.

“You want to watch me do push-ups, William?” asked Nadia, playfully.

“Well, yeah, no, I mean, huh? I mean, just if you wanted to. It wouldn’t bother me.”

“In ten seconds, this elevator is going to turn back on and take me to the lobby,” Jessica proclaimed. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.” She sighed with pained frustration.

The elevator stayed quiet for another two minutes.

“I’m bored. I mean really bored,” said Nadia, with another pop of her bubble gum. She was now sitting Indian style on the floor.

“Me too,” admitted Jessica, still leaning on the back wall.

“Me three,” said William, having not moved much at all.

“Yeah, well. My gum has lost its flavor.” She took it from her mouth and flung it up at the ceiling. Did it stick? Nobody knew, it was still too dark to tell, but nobody heard it fall back to the floor, so, probably.

“I’m supposed to be somewhere,” Jessica said.

“Aren’t we all,” William said.

Jessica glared in his general direction.

“Do either of you smoke,” asked Nadia.

“Nope,” answered William.

“No, sorry,” replied Jessica.

“Good. Neither do I. Smoking kills.”

Only ten seconds of silence this time, before William broke it up. “Hey, maybe we can all play a game to pass the time.”

“What, like duck, duck goose?” scoffed Jessica.

“Why don’t we just have a threesome instead?” suggested Nadia.

“Haha,” spoke-laughed Jessica.

“Oh yeah, haha. That would make the time pass a lot more quickly,” joked a nervous William.

Five quiet, boring, dark, dull moments passed.

“No. I’m serious. I think we should have a threesome.”

“You’re crazy,” said Jessica.

“Am I?”

“I think we should listen to her, she seems to have some really good ideas,” observed William.

“Have you ever had one before?” asked Jessica.

“No,” lied Nadia, “have you?”

“No,” answered Jessica.

“I have… but, it was in a group chat.”

“That doesn’t count,” snapped Jessica, annoyed. She didn’t know why William annoyed her so much. She felt bad now for snapping at him. He was nice enough. She guessed it was just because he had asked her to push the 3 button.

“Well, that’s why we should have one now! It’ll be a new experience for all of us.”

Nadia was a party girl in college, thought Jessica. Nadia was in a sorority.

“If you’re serious,” spoke up William in a noble voice, “I will do it.”

“Oh, how brave and bold of you,” countered Jessica, with her arms now crossed.

“Come on, the lights are off. We won’t even really be able to see what’s happening, so it will almost be like it never happened at all,” argued Nadia.

Jessica had reservations. Something about the idea actually tickled her. It might even help take her mind off the fact that she was not where she was supposed be right now and certainly not where she wanted to be. But she had never done anything like it before. There was something, however, about Nadia’s freewheeling attitude that was invigorating… should she ride along on that wave of invigoration?

Nadia walked over to Jessica and leaned in close to her ear.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” she whispered. “Look at this guy, he probably hasn’t been laid in years. Think about how funny it would be to see how he reacts.”

Something about the closeness, the way she smelled, and just how casual she was about sex…

“Okay, let’s do it,” Jessica whispered back, needing to know what intoxicating perfume Nadia wore, or if it was a perfume at all. Maybe she just naturally smelled that good? After all, why would somebody put on perfume if they were going to the gym?

The pair walked over towards William.

“Okay, mister, it’s your lucky day,” said Nadia.

“Wait… wait, you two are serious? We’re… we’re really going to do this?”

Nadia knelt on the floor in front of William… she took Jessica by the hand and guided her into a kneeling position beside her.

They both stared up at him.

“Unzip your pants, William,” Nadia said.

William’s hands shook as he fumbled around for the zipper to his black slacks. He finally steadied his hands enough to unzip them and he lowered his pants, revealing his white, flamingo print boxers. And then, he slid down his flamingo print boxers and revealed his half-hard, 6-inch penis.

Nadia gave the face of his cock’s head a big smooch, the kind that makes a fat kissing noise. Wanting to keep up with Nadia, Jessica nervously ran her lips along his shaft. She felt the penis start to stiffen. Nadia opened her mouth and placed the whole head of his cock, but just the head, in between her lips and inside her mouth. Then she sucked on it, and sucked off of it, as if it were a Tootsie Roll pop.

“Mm, yummy,” she said, in her best “sexy voice.”

He was now hard as a rock. And not a sedimentary one, an igneous. Jessica continued to press her pursed lips against his shaft, starting from the tip and moving towards his stomach and then back. Maybe Nadia was right… it’s in the dark… during a blackout… in an elevator… it doesn’t even really count. She let her tongue slide out from between her lips and she began to slide that tongue back and forth against his shaft.

Nadia crawled around to lick the opposite side of his shaft. Now kneeling across from Jessica, they both had their tongues outstretched. Both were sliding their tongues back and forth along his erect private.

William imagined this might be what a letter to Penthouse was like… though he couldn’t know for sure. He had never really read a single issue of Penthouse. He had never even really known anyone else who had ever read a single issue of Penthouse. What he had heard though, were jokes made by sitcom characters about the letter sections in Penthouse. Sam from Cheers or Charles from Charles in Charge would find themselves in some humorously contrived, mildly precarious sexual situation and then remark on the similarities between said situation and that of a situation described in a letter to Penthouse. But why was he thinking about Sam from Cheers when two beautiful women were sucking his dick at the same time? Was he maybe a little bit gay, he wondered? Ted Danson was an attractive man. Even on Becker, when he was a bit older. But Scott Baio? William had always found Scott Baio to be obnoxious. Why think of him? Why now?

Jessica noticed William go a little limp. Wow. She couldn’t believe it. Here this lucky guy was, receiving head from two beautiful strangers AT THE SAME TIME, and he couldn’t keep it hard? She stared across at Nadia who didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t let on. There she was, her tongue outstretched, drawing lines back and forth from the base of his dick to the base of its head and back… line after line, her eyes closed.

Dutifully. Fucking Nadia. She looked so hot doing it.

Mmmm, cock, cock, cock, Nadia thought. Mmm, cock, cock, cock.

Something about Nadia’s overt sexuality was beginning to turn Jessica on. The way her eyes were closed so tightly… she was just so focused on this guy’s cock. She was licking it in a way a starving orphan would lick ketchup remnants off a paper plate. She was like some sort of deranged sex-animal. No, more than that. She was sex incarnate. Jessica had always had a strong appetite for sex herself, but she never felt fully comfortable about her strong desires. Maybe it was her upbringing? No, it definitely was her upbringing. She was a recovering Episcopalian.

You’re getting soft, William thought. Don’t think of Scott Baio, it will make you soft, and that will ruin this absolutely once-in-five-lifetimes opportunity, so think of Ted Danson instead. Wait, what? No! Think of the two girls licking on your dick. Wait, don’t even think of them, just open your eyes and look down at them, they’re right there!

He looked down at them, the elevator no longer seeming as dark as it had just ten minutes ago. Nadia was cupping his balls and they were now both running their tongues back and forth along opposite sides of his shaft… as their tongues passed, their tongues touched, and as their tongue touched, Nadia opened her eyes and flashed Jessica an open-mouthed smile followed by a quick wink. William’s cock started to harden again.

Nadia grabbed hold of it.

“Okay, enough of this pussyfooting around. Let’s really go to town on him,” she said enthusiastically, while smiling at her new female friend. “Do you want to go first?”

“No, you go first. I’ll watch.”

“Okay. But I’m not letting you off the hook, you’re gonna go next!”

Nadia sucked it. She sucked it but good. She slobbered on it. William started reflexively pounding the wall of the elevator with the palm of his open hand, bam, bam, bam. Nadia pulled the cock out of her mouth, “are you okay,” she asked him with 40-percent concern, 60-percent bemusement.

“No yeah, no, I’m fine, I’m fine, sorry, please, don’t stop.” He spoke very quickly and one of his legs was twitching.

Nadia went back to work. She sucked and sucked, and slobbered, and sucked. Then, finally, she fit the whole thing in her mouth. Her lips were pressed up against the base of his cock. She began deep throating. She bobbed her head back and forward slightly. William felt his entire cock inside of her mouth and throat. He started to slap the elevator wall with his hand again, and his neck started unconsciously tracing circles in the air.

Nadia pulled her head back and released his cock. One long line of pre-cum connected the tip of his cock to her lips. She noticed, and cut the line with her hand. A speck of cum stuck to her finger. She sucked it off nonchalantly, like a naughty baker tasting her award winning frosting. Then, she took a firm hold of the wet, hard cock in her hand, and, like someone passing a microphone to their friend in a private karaoke room, she pushed it over towards Jessica and held it in place.

“Come on Jess, show us what you can do.”

“Oh my gosh! How did you get it so far in?”

“Pure talent. Let’s see how deep you can take it.”

Jessica took hold of the meat-microphone. She began to suck on it, inching it further and further back into her mouth. She could taste Nadia’s spit on it. She inched it in a little further still, but then began to gag and cough. She slid the cock back out.

“That was pretty good, try it again!” exclaimed Nadia, excitedly.

Jessica tried again, got it in a little deeper this time, and then had to pull it out, still coughing.

“Damn it, how do you do it?”

“I practice with a toothbrush. You can weaken your gag reflex by going a little further back each day with a toothbrush after you brush your teeth.”

“I’ll have to give that a try.”

Nadia demonstrated her technique again, shoveling Williams pre-cum dripping cock back into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat. Jessica studied closely. “Haha, I’ll never be able to do that.”

They were speaking of William as if he weren’t a sentient being. To them, he was just a mannequin. A hard-cocked test dummy. Whatever. He didn’t care. The tip of his cock was touching the back of a beautiful woman’s throat. He had no problem being a test dummy.

Nadia pulled away, letting William’s dick out of her mouth. She turned to Jessica. “Should we let him fuck us?” she asked.

Jessica bit her bottom lip. “I don’t know.” She felt like a prude. She began to sweat nervously. Everything was happening so very quickly. She was really being put on the spot here. “Why don’t you two go ahead, I’ll just watch.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay,” Nadia looked up at William. “Hey Will, take your pants all the way off.” William did not have to be told twice. Meanwhile, Nadia and Jessica stood up. Nadia kicked off her sneakers and began to disrobe, shimmying out of her sweatpants, revealing her beautiful large posterior, and taking off her matching gray tank top. She was wearing a pink thong and a black sports bra. Those came off as well. She was now a perfect, gorgeous, naked, elevator goddess. Well, naked save for her socks.

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