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Gloryhole And MoreI just got back from the adult book store where I let a guy stuff my ass full of his cum.I rode all the way back up here from there with a butt plug in my ass so this guy’s cum wouldn’t ooze out. I had sucked a big load out of this guy’s cock, so I knew how great it tasted and I wanted to save some for later. I had taken the butt plug with me because I knew that I would let a complete stranger fuck my ass hole if I could find someone with the right sized cock.When I first got there I went into one of the small, single booths that had a glory hole in the wall. The booth that was next to me was empty at first, so I put 5 bucks in the machine and dropped my pants. I held a pair of panties soaked in Head Cleaner to my nose as I stroked my cock. I was watching a flick of a dude rimming another dude’s ass hole. After a few minutes, I heard someone enter the other booth. I bent down to see what he looked like and was happy to see a younger guy (early 30’s). I was even gladder when he unzipped and pulled out a nice sized cock, a little bigger than mine, that wasn’t circumcised. I watched him stroke it while he put money in the machine. As soon as his movies started, there was enough light in his booth for me to see a big drop of pre-cum seep out of his cock. I put my finger through the hole and cleared my throat to get his attention.When he saw my finger he turned and guided his cock through the hole, right into my mouth. I took it in my hand and jacked his foreskin back from the head. By now the amount of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit was starting to drip. I quickly licked the head of his cock and was rewarded with the sweet taste of thick pre-cum. I decided that I would suck him and jack him at the same time so he would give me a quick load of cum. I didn’t want to wait for it nor have to work too hard to get it; but when I took him down my throat I was treated to a taste and smell that made me slow down and savor the intoxicating aroma and taste of a sweaty crotch. The combined smell of stale cum (around the head of his cock), stale piss (just a trace), and his ass hole made my mouth water and my cock hard. If the Glory Hole had been bigger I would have asked him to turn around so I could tongue fuck his asshole.He must have been eager, because he didn’t last long. After a few minutes of my lips and tongue sliding up and down his cock, be began to fuck my mouth on his own. I backed off so that my lips and tongue could ankara escort pay attention to the head of his cock and I put two fingers and my thumb around the base between my lips and the wall. After ten or fifteen strokes he jerked forward and shot three thick shots of warm cum in my mouth. I backed off so that the last two shots coated my lips and chin: like I do with you. Then I sucked his cock back into my mouth so I could use the tip of my tongue on the underside of his cock head and coax the last few drops of his delicious jizz into my mouth.He finally pulled his cock back through the hole and sat down. After catching my breath and licking the rest of his cum off my lips and chin, I bent down to get a better look at him. I thought that I might meet him outside and see if he wanted to go somewhere so that we could suck and fuck in private and in comfort.To my surprise, he was sitting there and jacking off. His cock was still hard after giving me 5 big jets of thick, creamy cum. He looked toward the hole and saw me looking at him. He bent down so that his face was on the other side of the hole, even with mine.”Thanks, man. You suck cock real good. What else do you like to do?””There’s not much that I don’t like to do,” I told him. By now the thought of having his cock up my ass was crowding out any thoughts about getting together later. “But, I really would like to feel you fuck me and shoot a load up my ass. If you want to do that, and since we are both almost out of time on the videos, why don’t you see if one of the large booths is vacant? I’ll follow you and I’ll even put ten bucks in the machine so we can take our time.”He didn’t say a word. He just stood up and zipped up, and left the booth rather quickly. I pulled my pants up and left my booth. I caught a glimpse of him as he went, rather fast, around the corner leading to the big booths and the exit. I wasn’t sure if he was in a hurry to leave or to fuck me. By the time I reached the corner, he was gone. Oh well, I thought, at least I got to suck a nice cock and eat a nice juicy load. If he’s gone, it won’t do any good to go looking for him. There are four big booths, two on each side of the hall leading to the exit. Three of them showed red lights above the doors indicating that they were in use. As I walked past them I did as I always do; I checked to see if the doors were locked. They were. Then I noticed that the fourth one had the door closed, but no light was ankara escort bayan on. I thought, what the hell I might as well watch some more flicks and jerk off – at least I’d get some more cum to eat. As I started to enter the booth I looked around to see if I anyone was around who might want to join me. I didn’t see anyone so I closed and locked the door and went over to put money in the machine. The main movie that came up showed a guy fucking a tight-bodied chick in the ass while another dude licked her cunt. I started to pull down my pants and move back to the bench seat next to the video controls. There he was, sitting on the bench in the corner. His pants were around his ankles and he was slowly stroking his cock. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took him back into my mouth. He lay back, moved his ass to the edge of the bench and spread his knees so I would have more room. As my head bobbed up and down on his cock, I took his balls in one hand. I used the middle finger of my other hand to play with my ass hole. After licking his cock for a while, I took one of his balls into my mouth. I also started to play with his asshole with my fingers. His hole was slippery with sweat and my finger slipped right in.After a few minutes of me sucking his cock and fingering his ass, he said, “You better knock that off if you want my dick up your ass, I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep doing that.”I backed off and removed my finger from his ass; the light from the movie showed me that it was coated with a thick layer of his natural ass lube. Since my ass produces a lot of natural, and great tasting lube, I knew I wanted to taste him. I held my finger up in front of me and looked him right in the eye as I took my finger into my mouth. He started to jack off again as he watched me lick his ass juice from my finger. When I pulled my other finger out of my ass I offered it to him. He let out a low moan and bent forward to take my finger in his mouth. I let him get a good taste of my ass and then I stood up and turned around so my back was facing him. I bent over and used my hands to spread my cheeks. I flexed my ass muscles so he could see that my hole wanted something in it. I didn’t know if I would feel his cock, tongue or finger first and I really didn’t care. To my pleasant surprise, he started by burying his face between my cheeks. His tongue entered my ass and began to move around. Well, this guy was no novice. escort ankara He was making my ass produce a nice coating of lube.After driving me crazy with his tongue for about five minutes, he stood up and told me to get on my knees and lay my upper body on the bench so my ass would be sticking out for him. He got behind me, bent down to give my hole one more lick. Then I felt the head of his cock pushing on my hole. I relaxed my hole and his cock slid right in up to his balls. He started fucking me with a slow rhythm. He would pull out so that his cock head would spread the entrance to my hole, then he would shove his thick cock all the way in so that the head would hit my prostate. After a few strokes I became used to the wonderful feeling of being fucked, I was able to relax and then I was able to start squeezing his cock with my ass muscles, making it hard for him to pull back. Then I would relax so that he could push forward.I knew that he was enjoying my flexing asshole because he was moaning, “Oh, damn your ass feels good. It’s like it’s sucking my cock – how do you do that?””It’s easy,” I said. “I just pretend that my ass is giving your cock a blow job.” My ass is trying to tell your cock that it wants some cum.””Oh, shit. That does it,” He said. “Your ass is going to get what it wants,” he said as he shoved all the way into me. I could feel his cock swell and then begin to throb. He stroked a few more times and I could feel some of his cum begin to seep out around his cock.I pulled off of him and turned around so that I could suck his cock clean. While I was licking our combined juices from his cock, I got the butt plug out and shoved it in my still wide open hole.By this time our time in the booth had about run out, so we got dressed and we decided that I would leave first. I started to ask him if we could meet again when he asked me if I was bi or strictly gay. I told him that I loved to eat pussy but that I had trouble staying hard enough to fuck. I said that I was more into eating cum and making sure that my partner got their rocks off. I also told him that I loved sucking cum out of freshly fucked pussies and assholes as well as out of cocks.He told me that his wife had once talked to him about having a threesome with another guy and he wondered if I’d be interested. I told him hell yes I would . He gave me his phone number and told me to call him Saturday (three days later). He said that he thought that his wife might be looking for someone younger, but he was sure that she would go along after he told her about how my ass sucked his cock.It is now Friday and I’m hoping to hook up with them tomorrow.If we hook up, I’ll let you know how it was and what we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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