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Yes, this is one of my far fetched ‘no way this would happen’ but aren’t most stories? I hope you enjoy, I tried to make it fun and arousing for you. Thank you for reading!

Renting a room from my sister Clara had many advantages. I was finishing up my last couple of years of trade school and was trying to save as much money as possible until I got a job.

She was pretty easy going, 4 years older than me and was always happy to give me life advice, especially when it came to girls. We had lost our parents when we were young, mostly raised by our Aunt but she’d moved to another state when we moved out so we didn’t have too much family around. We never really fought, I helped out with cooking and cleaning when I could since I knew I was paying less than average for my room.

One afternoon I got home early, our teacher got sick so they sent us all home and the apartment door was open slightly. You need a key to get into the building and we lived in a nicer part of town so I wasn’t overly worried but I made my way in quietly after closing the door behind me. Something was off though, the lights were all dimmed in the hallway and Clara’s room door seemed to be gone, replaced by a sheet of plywood with a very neatly cut hole in it. Pinned above the hole was a note.

‘You’ve been good so you get to use the happy hole, drop your pants and boxers, stick your cock through and I’ll do the rest,’ it said.

It was definitely Clara’s writing, I tried to think of any time she’d ever gotten sexual or even hinted at it in the past but being single for a while and always horny, my thoughts were clouded I guess. I also pushed past the ‘what the fuck’ part about me even considering letting my sister at the very least suck my cock. I was about to knock, asking her if she was sure when she put her mouth (the bottom half of her face really) at the hole.

“Are you going to keep me waiting?” she said in a soft, sultry voice.

At that point, I was already getting hard, I dropped my pants and boxers and put my cock through the hole into the darkness of her room. She immediately began to suck me, her mouth felt amazing, her tongue danced around the tip of my cock and I almost exploded there and then. She gripped the base of my cock though, whispered ‘not yet’. After a few more seconds of licking I heard a condom wrapper opening then felt it being rolled on to my cock. Was never a fan of condoms but I forgot about that when I felt her impale herself on my cock. I felt her ass pressing against the wood and from the other side she just said ‘fuck me’.

I kept my ‘so much for you doing the rest’ thoughts aside, my head was screaming ‘holy fuck you’re inside your sister’ but I didn’t care. Clara is hot, not supermodel or anything but she turns heads, great pair of breasts and long blonde hair, is never short of guys to take care of her needs (I was never one to judge) and here I was getting to fuck her.

I felt a little ridiculous, holding onto the door frame, slamming my hips against a wooden board but she felt so fucking good. I knew if I wasn’t wearing the condom I’d have exploded in her after a few thrusts but it helped me hold out. I heard her moaning then gasp that she was cumming, she was pushing back to meet my thrusts by that point too. After a few more thrusts she stepped away and off my cock, I felt her pull the condom off then she started sucking me again. I think I lasted maybe a minute of her amazing mouth, I groaned then I was cumming, emptying a good few days of ‘no time to jerk off’ seed down her waiting throat. When I was spent she stopped sucking, I stepped away and pulled up my boxers, then she spoke.

“That was quite the load, Mike, thank you for saving it for me,” she said.

Mike. Fuck. My heart dropped, Mike, the guy next door she was always flirting with. The married guy she was always flirting with. I quickly pulled up my pants and left the apartment in a panic, closing the door behind me and didn’t stop walking until I was sitting in the park.

I was terrified, I thought the note was meant for me, would she kill me? Kick me out? Worse yet, would she call the police or something? My mind was reeling, I didn’t know what I was going to do. When my phone started ringing I almost fell off the bench, it was her.

“Hey sweetie, can you stop at the store and pick up some milk on your way home please?” she said, she sounded in a good mood.

“Uh, sure yea, I can do that,” I replied.

“You okay? You sound stressed, rough day of classes?”

“Something like that, need anything else?”

“Nope, just milk, thank you.”

I took my time getting back from the store and could barely look at Clara when I got back to the apartment. The plywood ‘glory hole’ was gone and she was in a very upbeat mood. After a while of trying to avoid her she cornered me in the kitchen, pulled me to her for a hug then held me as she looked at my face.

“Hey, what’s going on with you, you’re avoiding me like I stabbed your puppy or something,” she said with a concerned look on her face.

“It… güvenilir bahis it’s nothing Clara,” I replied, still not meeting her eye contact.

“Little brother, I’ve known you long enough as an adult to know when that’s bullshit. I’m not letting go of you until you tell me.”

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes for what felt like forever and felt tears welling up in mine. I had to tell her.

“I. I uh, it was me.” I finally stammered.

“What was you, talk sense will ya,” she said in her comically bad 1920’s gangster voice.

“Th… there was a note, I didn’t know it wasn’t for me and I.. I…”

Clara’s face went from concern, to realization, to shock and she slowly let me go.

“Shit. Explains why he didn’t text me after. Come here,” she said, pulling me for a hug again.

I couldn’t help it, the scent of her freshly showered body, feeling her breasts press into me, I started getting hard again.

“Let’s talk before you get all excited again,” she said, then led me by the hand to the lounge.

She sat me down on the couch then sat beside me, turning to face me. She put her hands on my face, wiped away my tears then kissed me softly on the lips.

“Did you enjoy it?” she said softly with a smile on her face, I could only nod my head.

“I want you to know, I’m not upset with you, I was making an attempt to be really slutty and well, I guess it backfired on me. Why were you home so early?”

“Our instructor today got sick, they couldn’t find a stand in,” I replied.

“No matter. I’d texted him, you know, Mike, he was meant to come and use the hole, I’ve been flirting with him for ages, I just want to fuck him, give him more than that prissy bitch of a wife probably does. I uh, don’t care about the whole, shouldn’t really do that thing, you’re the one man in my life who I know would never hurt me so that part I’m fine with. Are you? Was it just the, ‘me thinking it was someone else’ that you were upset about?”

“Yes, I was going to tell you but I really enjoyed it, it is the hottest thing I’ve ever done. You’re so beautiful and sexy and I still can’t believe I got to have you.”

“Mmm, I like flattery. Would you want to do it again, you have a nice dick, we can have fun.”

“R… really?”

“Promise me though, obviously stays between these walls, do not tell a living soul, respect me and what I’m giving you and if you’re sleeping with another woman, wear protection. I’m on the pill so you can have me without it okay.”


“Now go shower and I’ll see if you’re any good with your tongue.”

I could hardly believe it, I had what had to be the fastest shower I’ve ever taken and was still grinning and semi hard when she burst into the bathroom, right as I’d put a towel on.

“I um, his wife is at the door, I looked at the camera, she’s holding his phone, can you get rid of her?” she said, panicked.

“But you didn’t do anything,” I replied.

“She doesn’t know that, my texts suggest we did, we have pretty raunchy conversations at times too.”

“Okay, go hide or something, balcony, nobody ever looks there.”

I opened the door, not bothering to put more than my towel on and regretted not using the chain.

“So is she here? Where is your slut of a girlfriend?” said the woman, pushing me into the hallway with her pretty sharp nail on my chest.

“She… she’s not here,” I replied, not thinking to correct her.

“What she doesn’t know is that he’s mine, despite him denying it, her texts tell me he’s already fucked her and I didn’t give him permission for that. I told him he could flirt with her, hide his status by being a big man but he’s my slave, my fuck toy and whatever I tell him to be. She took something of mine so I’m going to take something of hers.”

The whole situation had me stunned. The woman kicked the door closed behind her then she pulled my hand up her skirt and to her already soaked pussy then pushed me to the couch after pulling my towel off. Touching her of course got me hard, she pulled her skirt up to her waist then straddled me, taking the full length of my cock in one thrust. She groaned then began to ride me slowly, taking me almost all the way out then deep inside her with each thrust. As her pace increased she leaned into me, Clara was watching with an open mouth but gave me a thumbs up then started recording with her phone.

“Oh you have a nice cock, stretching me better than my slave. If you can last out this way to make me cum, I’ll let you finish in me from behind. No talking, just do as your told and fuck me okay?”

I nodded my head, she gave out a low moan then shuddered, my cock deep inside her as she climaxed, her pussy flooding my balls with her juices, thankfully onto the towel she’d pulled off me. She caught her breath a moment then got off me, knelt on the couch and stuck her ass out.

“Nice and hard until you finish, I can’t have kids spray it deep enough so it won’t drip on your carpet.”

Her ass was pretty sexy, I pushed into her from behind türkçe bahis and held on to her slim waist and pounded her until I was close then pushed deep inside as I erupted, spraying what seed I had left from my orgasm with Clara earlier that afternoon. She had a sheen of sweat on her when she stood up, straightened her skirt then looked down at my cock.

“I’m going home to sit on my slave’s face, make him eat what you left in me. You were fun, if you want me again just ask for Mistress V to visit,” she said, handing me a card from her bra.

She left, closing the door behind her, I sat down on the couch, still in shock.

“Holy fucking shit! I’ll give you a pass on that one my love, she wasn’t stopping for protection or anything,” said Clara with a laugh.

“What just happened, that poor guy is about to eat my cum, from a revenge fuck that he is innocent of, that if I hadn’t emptied my balls down my sisters throat, would have been more and now I’m kinda on the hook with her?”

“Is what you get for sticking your dick in strange holes,” she said, we both cracked up laughing.

“I’m going to shower again.”

“And we are just going to cuddle tonight, tomorrow you and I are going to make love, to show you that I’m not upset with what happened. Sound good?”

“Sounds wonderful.”

We were half way through a movie, snuggled together on the couch in our sweatpants and t-shirts, when the door chime went off. We hadn’t buzzed anyone in so we knew it had to be a neighbor. Clara checked her app, it was Mike and his wife.

“Can we come in and talk?” she said to me quietly, he could only look down.

I looked back and Clara nodded, I let them both in and closed the door.

“So, after a lengthy talk with Mike, some confusion and some mutual confessions, Mike told me that you don’t live with a boyfriend, you’re her brother?” said the woman.

“We’ve never really met, I’m Clara,” said my sister.

“Veronica. I don’t know if you even know, I burst in here earlier and pretty much used him, I thought he was your boyfriend and I wanted revenge for you fucking my husband but he said he didn’t even though your texts suggest you did?”

“Puts us in a, ‘you owe me’ situation I’m sure is driving you nuts huh. I’m going to tell you something, I’m going to use the video I took of you pretty much raping my brother as insurance on you keeping your mouth shut about it but earlier today I set up what should have been a seduction for your husband to come in, cum in my mouth after fucking me then leave, I’d set up a glory hole type thing with a note on what to do. Well, my brother came home first, thought the note was for him and well, fucked me and gave me a full load down my throat. I didn’t know until after I’d sent those, ‘that was good sexy man’ texts to your husband and Marcus confessed later but that’s where we are.”

Veronica’s face was a picture, Mike just sat there wide eyed and I didn’t know where to look.

“So, I’m going to really dial back my aggression, confess that I’m really turned on right now. I love watching incest porn, I’m in awe of how sexy you are right now with your intensity and think we should be friends.”

Both women laughed, then stood up to hug each other.

“I’m so sorry, I really did want to fuck your husband, I’m a slut, will never apologize for that.”

“Do you uh, go both ways.”

“Fuck yes I do and I’d have hit on you both if you didn’t put out this air of prissy bitch in public but I’m guessing that’s a front?”

“Yes, he’s good looking and all but is a little pathetic, I took over control of his dick when he tried to fuck my younger cousin. You can fuck him if you want but after having his cock you’ll be disappointed,” said Veronica, pointing at me.

“Well I promised this one a quiet but fun filled day between my legs tomorrow, maybe come round after, eat his cum from me?” replied Clara.

“Or come and watch so I can get it fresh?”

“11am, the door will be unlocked.”

Clara and Veronica stood up, kissed each other then she left, taking her stunned husband with her.

“Holy fuck. This is like something out of some erotica story or something. You’re bi too? I’ve jerked off to more lesbian and bi porn than I can count but wow,” I said, pretty excited.

“Well, by the way she’s talking I doubt you’ll need to jerk off again. I bet you didn’t think this was the weekend you’d be having huh, fuck your own sister, get jumped on by the hot but prissy neighbor chick and have your first threesome tomorrow.”

“I keep expecting to wake up. This is insane.”

“I’m crazy horny again, I’m not going to have you wait until tomorrow, let’s go to bed.”

Getting to see Clara naked for the first time was a delight upon itself, she clearly kept in shape but had curves in all the right places, including her beautiful breasts and amazing shaved pussy. I took in the sight of her as I stripped and climbed up onto the bed with her, once there she had me go down on her, something I loved doing. I licked and explored around her güvenilir bahis siteleri labia then slipped my tongue inside her, she tasted amazing, I coated my tongue in her juices then looked for her spots until her moans told me she was ready then I focused on her clit until she was grinding her hips, repeating ‘oh fuck yes’ as she came. She gently pushed me away when she got too sensitive, I took the hint and slowly climbed up her body, taking time to suck her nipples before laying on top of her. I looked into her eyes as she guided me inside her, it felt like the first time again, the taboo nature of where I was, who I was sliding inside only fueling my lust and passion for her.

“Make love to me little brother,” she said then kissed me.

I’m not sure how long I lasted, my cock was a little sore but I didn’t care. I wanted that moment to last forever, the look of pleasure on her face when she climaxed, the look of love or lust or whatever when I kept going, it meant everything to me and I wanted more. That morning I was a thief, I used her for pleasure but now, I was wanted, I was meant to be there. When I came again, I almost blacked out it was so intense, she came again too and we kissed softly as we both caught our breaths.

“That, my love, was amazing,” she said after I rolled off her.

“I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” I replied.

“I could tell, you were pretty good with your tongue too, any time you want to practice I’m very up for that,” she said, grinning.

“I’ve really enjoyed this.”

“Well good, this isn’t just a little moment of fun you know. You have just rolled with this like I was some co-ed that seduced you and not your sister, have you wanted this all along?”

“I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t look at you and think you were hot but until that glory hole thing I’d never thought of acting on it. I honestly thought you were going to be mad at me.”

“We’re both grown ups, not like we’re hurting anyone, nobody needs to know.”

“What about Veronica?”

“She seems the type to bore easily, I’m going to enjoy fucking her though, you should too, enjoy while it lasts.”

“Then snuggle up to my hot and sexy sister.”

“That’s the idea,” laughed Clara.

“Well I am wiped, I should get some rest.”

“Why don’t you shower with me and you can stay with me?”

“Neither of us will get any sleep.”

“Fine but come wash my back.”

I slept like a rock that night, Clara let me sleep late but woke me at 9.30am and told me to shower while she made my breakfast. She’d made me oatmeal, lots of prepared fruit and fresh pineapple juice instead of our usual fried breakfast on a Saturday but I understood why. She was only dressed in a light cotton dress, no bra and I assumed no panties either but just watching her move around the kitchen, a beautiful soft smile on her face, was exciting me more than my own sister really should have. She sat facing me when she was done with her cleanup from breakfast.

“What?” she said, still smiling.

“Uh, what?”

“You’ve been staring the whole time you’ve been in here little brother, having second thoughts about this?”

“Oh no way, sorry, you’re just so sexy, I never allowed myself to really look before. That dress looks really sexy on you too.”

“I’ve worn this a thousand times!”

“Not without a bra though.”

“Uh huh. You just weren’t looking ‘that way’ before my love.”

“Well I like it.”

“Good. I’m looking forward to Veronica, I’ve not had a woman for a long time.”

“You don’t want her husband anymore?”

“Not if he has a little dick.” We both laughed.

Clara let me eat my breakfast then had me help her change her sheets. Veronica knocked on the door as she let herself in and locked it behind her, she was wearing a summer dress very similar to Clara’s but she pulled it over her head and stood in sexy lingerie as soon as she saw us waiting for her.

“Well hi, I’ve been looking forward to this since yesterday, I do hope you’ve not worn yourselves out without me,” she said, smiling.

“No, he was good, we did go one more round after you left but he slept alone and I fed him lots of fruit and juice for breakfast,” replied Clara.

“I can’t wait to eat his cum from you,”

“Likewise.” I watched in awe as Clara and Veronica kissed each other passionately, Clara pulled her dress off and helped Veronica remove her bra then they both fondled each other as they kissed. Clara broke their kiss long enough to tell me to get naked, I never took my eyes off them as I did and was already fully hard by the time I stood naked.

“On your back, I want him first,” said Clara to Veronica.

Veronica got on the bed and opened her legs, Clara got between them and began to eat her, stopping only to mouth ‘fuck me’ as she shook her ass at me. I tried not to be too eager, got on the bed behind my sister then eased my cock inside her already soaked pussy. The whole scene had me on a hair trigger, watching Veronica react to Clara’s tongue, hearing her moans and watching her breasts bounce as I pushed into Clara, I knew I wouldn’t last, I held back as much as I could then groaned in pleasure, pushing in deep as I erupted into my sister. Once I was spent I pulled out then knelt back as I caught my breath.

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