Girls Peeing in the Office

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Setting: It has been the night of the office Christmas party. All the staff members have had a fantastic time and have enjoyed both the free drink and each other. After the party, Lesley, the office manager has persuaded a group of the girls to head back to the office for one last drink from a secret stash she has hidden away. A number of the girls agree and soon they are sitting in the warm upper office, drinking free wine and telling sex stories. It is only when Lesley reveals that she likes to pee in the Ladies sink rather than use the toilet that the stories turn to a wetter subject. It isn’t long before Jen then admits to having had a sneaky pee in the conference room. This confession spurs on Lindsey to reveal her own dark secret about peeing in the filing cabinets one night when she was accidentally locked in. The girls are all so drunk by now that it takes little persuasion on Lesley’s behalf to get the girls to all agree to have a naughty piss somewhere in the office. With the Christmas holidays upon them, any wet stains will soon dry over the coming holidays. One by one the girls set about finding themselves a suitable location before making a start.

Lindsey was sat in her chair, naked from the waist downwards. Underneath her desk, the attractive raven haired beauty had her legs spread wide. Her trimmed black triangle of pubic hairs tapered down between her thighs to her fleshy pussy lips that guarded her pee hole from normal view. Not so now for as she sat at her desk, she was busily taking a hot squirting piss all over the carpeted floor below. Her golden rain fell between her slender legs in a continuing downpour as she enjoyed the delicious sensation of relief as her bladder emptied. Lindsey’s fun was all the more complete for having her toilet at her desk. How she wished she could do this everyday. What a joy it would be to simply part her legs and take a piss all over the floor when ever she wanted.

The soft hiss and patter of Lindsey’s toilet landing on the carpet under her desk could just be heard by her friend Emma, who was busily pulling down her tan pants and white thong before getting ready for a naughty piss of her own. As soon as her underwear had landed on the ground, she bent down for a sneak peak under Lindsey’s desk. Sure enough she could quite clearly see Lindsey’s pee shower as it fell down onto a growing damp stain on the carpet. Emma really wanted to witness the sight of Lindsey’s pussy piss as it squirted from her gorgeous lower lips. It had been some time since the two of them had fucked each other after pissing over the carpet together at a party. The memory of their girl on girl action seemed like a life time away. It was sheer torture to know that Lindsey’s pee flaps were open now and yet not being able to witness her friend’s pussy in action.

Unfortunately Emma badly needed to pee. The flood of memories that seeing Lindsey having a pee under the desk had caused, was making Emma ready to start pissing at any second. Quickly she grabbed her office chair and pulled it out from its recess under the desk. Placing her large and naked bum cheeks down in the course brown material she leant back and aimed her pussy upwards. It was then that she let loose on the desperate urge in her bladder. The feeling of her pee rushing through her body on its way to her shaven pee slit filled Emma’s mind. Her hot urine reached its point of exit and jetted its way into the waiting world. Immediately a thick, fast flowing torrent of piss squirted away from Emma’s pee hole and formed a twisting arc in the air above her desk. Gravity caught her shooting pee shower and brought it downwards bringing to bear upon her desk top and her computer keyboard. Emma gasped in delight at the sight of her pee shower vandalised the IT equipment and desperately squirted harder in an attempt to reach her monitor with her piss downpour. At this point Lindsey looked up and away from the squirting fountain of pee she was sending under her desk. Immediately she was captivated by the sight of her friend pissing in such an incredible naughty and incredible manner.

Lindsey was not the only person who was entranced by Emma’s display of golden relief over her desk. Jen had been on her way past when she had witnessed Emma bending down to take a peek at Lindsey’s pee shower under the desk. As Emma had stood up, Jen had been rewarded with a fantastic view of her cleavage down Emma’s top. The only thing that hadn’t been revealed in this wonderful voyeuristic moment was Emma’s no doubt gorgeously formed nipples still hidden in her slim bra. Jen’s attention was immediately redirected as Emma’s naked lower body and hairless pussy slit came into view. Emma didn’t notice Jen’s watchful gaze or the hand that Jen had slipped between her legs as she visualised tasting Emma’s pussy lips. Once Emma had actually started to pee, it had been simply casino şirketleri too much for Jen to bear. Rushing down the office she reached the area of desks where she and her team were situated. Grabbing her boss’s large coffee mug she slammed it down on the desk in front of her. With fumbling fingers she muddled with the fastener to her black cotton pants. Seconds later and her white panties were sliding down her legs allowing her auburn haired pussy and wide bum cheeks to come into view. Jen only just managed to position herself correctly when the need to pee overcame her and her muff lips parted to allow her golden piss to come squirting out. Her hot urine flowed from her open hole and sprayed into the mug she had placed on the desk. She cupped her bare bum cheeks with her hands to help her stand upright whilst continuing her toilet. Her buttocks felt lovely and warm but this was nothing to the sensation of being able to pee into her boss’s coffee mug whilst surrounded by a room of women carrying out a similar naughty deed.

On her way to her desk and her much needed slash into Bob’s coffee mug, Jen had passed the form of Julie, the new office temp. The petite blond had removed her panties and placed them in the open drawer of a nearby filing cabinet. Once free of her underwear, Julie had squatted down by the side of the photocopier and started to have a pee of her own over the floor. Between her feet was already a substantial piss puddle which was continuing to grow as her hot urine splashed down on the tiled area around the photocopier. She had originally intended to try having her pee on the open lid of the copier whilst it scanned her in full flow. It was only as Natasha, another office raven haired beauty, with short cropped hair, had guessed her intentions, and had warned her not to try.

Natasha for her own part was enjoying a piss of her own. Between her parted legs, a thick stream of squirting urine was currently jetting down over a pile of paperwork on her shared desk area. Already the papers were curling and turning yellow as Natasha’s pee shower rained all over them. Natasha had a wonderful figure, her firm bum cheeks a constant distraction for the men in the office. Now those wonderfully pert toned buttocks were hovering only inches away from the desk she was busily enjoying pissing over. Small running streams of urine were trickling away from the paper stack Natasha was currently relieving herself over. One such stream had already reached the desk edge and was now dripping down to the floor below. Natasha’s peeing caused a steady hiss and patter as her golden rain continued to spray over the stacked paper pile. This only served to excite her more and she squeezed even harder as a result. Her hot jetting piss fountain wavered in the area before moving on to spray a fresh are with her yellow flowing urine.

A fit of giggling had erupted from the far end of the office. For a moment Natasha looked up from watching her squirting pee shower. Unable to see the culprits but recognising Dionne’s naughty laughter, she resumed watching her golden fun. Dionne was in fact, out of sight, sitting on her bare buttocks on the carpeted floor. Directly in front and above her on the Quality manager’s desk was the completely naked form of Hayleigh, the latest member to join the Sales team. Her clothes were discarded in a pile by the waste bin muddled in amongst Dionne’s clothes. Hayleigh was staring down her body through the grove between her large breasts ignoring the sight of her hardened nipples surround by their red welts. She was more interested in the sight of her hairy blond muff now posed over Dionne’s naked body. Another giggle signalled the start of a new bout of pissing from Hayleigh’s pussy. A long curving arc of flowing piss flew through the air on its way downwards to cover Dionne’s nude tits in a deluge of hot pee. Hayleigh’s golden shower didn’t let up this time unlike the first couple of squirts she had pissed over Dionne’s bare flesh. Now her piss was in full flow; a fat squirting stream of body warmed pee, splashing down to rain over the other girl’s ample bosom. The carpet around Dionne’s body was covered in splashes and spots of Hayleigh’s spent pee. Meanwhile her main golden stream continued to wash over Dionne’s chest sending rivulets of spent piss running in trails over the girl’s warm flesh.

Fran, one of the office supervisors, a pretty brunette with sparkling brown eyes, had her own history of peeing around the office in naughty locations. As such she initially struggled to find a new place to have a piss that she hadn’t already tried. In the end, she cheated. Opening the upper story door that led down a flight of metal stairs into the factory, Fran started to disrobe. Once her pants and black thong were resting around her ankles, she used the metal stair railing to pull herself upwards. Once up casino firmaları and on the metal with its cold chill emanating through her bare buttocks, she slowly pulled herself backwards to allow her pussy a clear aim at the factory floor below. Steadying herself with her hands she waited a moment for her relief to build. With a signal to her bladder Fran allowed her hot waiting pee to run through her body on its way to her waiting pussy hole. A second later and she moved into full flow. Under her body a hot squirting pussy shower was now falling to the ground some distance below. Fran reckoned she had been peeing for a good couple of seconds before a loud pattering sound from below signalled the arrival of her piss on the factory floor. The sound echoed in the large space of the deserted building. This was an even bigger turn on for Fran who hadn’t done something like this since she had filmed herself peeing through a crack in the attic wall. Still peeing for all she was worth, Fran recalled the film footage of her squirting yellow shower as it had shot from the gap in the wall before proceeding to rain downwards and splattering over the factory floor, three stories below. The warmth of her squirting piss shower coming from under her bum was a stark contrast to the metal she was holding and perching upon. Having a pee like this was simply awesome fun and she wished Lesley had thought of her idea sooner.

The one remaining female in the upstairs office was Paula. This extremely attractive brunette was a little too prim and proper to enjoy the show Hayleigh and Dionne were putting on. Instead she had found herself a quite corner and had removed her white panties from around her pubic area. Now her skirt was lifted out of harms way whilst she busied herself with the act of pissing from a standing pose straight into one of the tall paper recycling bins. A thin stream of clear urine was squirting from her parted lower lips as her pee hole opened wide. From behind, it was just possible to make out the naked curves of her perfect bum cheeks as they peeked from under her raised skirt. From the front it was a different matter. Paula’s short mass of curly pubic hairs that formed a triangle around her pussy slit were a perfect contrast for the squirting stream of pee leaving her muff. From inside the paper bin was issuing the unmistakable sound of a woman having a piss. The sound gentle pattering sound was a wonderful accompaniment to the feeling of relief slowly building in her bladder as Paula continued her pee. This feeling was also being joined with another sensation; one of excitement. She had never expected that peeing in such a naughty manner could be so much fun.

All around the office the various females were now coming to the end of their respective toilets. Some wore embarrassed expressions whilst others such as Dionne and Hayleigh were too busy enjoying themselves to care. Finally Lesley the office manager emerged from the upstairs attic where she had been enjoying the thrill of urinating into various storage boxes and containers. Several cardboard containers were now so drenched in Lesley’s piss that they had broken their sides and spilt yellow, pee stained papers to the floor. Taking charge Lesley urged the girls to gather their clothing. One by one, the office staff donned their panties and thongs, trousers and skirts, before assembling by the exit door. Lesley made sure to point out that the activities of the night were to be a strict secret amongst them and not to be spoken about outside of work. When she had finally seen them all out into the darkness of the early morning, she quickly locked the outside door. Once back upstairs she removed all her clothes and drunk several full cups worth of water from the dispensing machine. Whilst waiting for her bladder to fill again, Lesley wandered around the office enjoying the various wet stains that the girls had left behind.

The wet desk where Natasha had enjoyed her pee still glistened in the overhead lights. By the photocopier was a large piss satin on the carpet similar to the one lying under Lindsey’s desk where the office favourite had squirted her pee shower. Emma’s keyboard was lying in a cooling golden puddle made when the auburn haired girl had pissed all over it. She nearly missed the pee filled cup on Jen’s desk but stopped as it caught her eye. Experimentally she moved the lip of the cup down to her own pussy and for several seconds allowed a little squirt of pee to escape her own lower lips. Bob was definitely in for a surprise if nobody emptied this cup after the holidays!

Pissing into the mug which was already holding Jen’s piss was quite a turn on for Lesley and after she had finished her own little pee into its mouth, she fingered herself for several wonderful moments. Regaining her composure she resumed her slow survey of the piss stained office. Next güvenilir casino up was the damp piss marks on the carpet where Hayleigh had showered Dionne’s body with her golden rain. One very large stain growing outwards from its base revealed quite clearly that Dionne had peed over the carpet either during her yellow piss shower or afterwards. With a secret smile Lesley started to move on. She knew quite well that the girls had gone home together and where probably already now busily fucking one another. Lesley stopped for a moment and turned back to the desk. It only took a moment to place her bare bum cheeks against the cold wood of the desk where Hayleigh had been squatting earlier. It then took little effort to allow a quick squirt of her golden pee to rain downwards to join the piss patch on the floor made by the girls earlier. Once again Lesley’s fingers found her love hole and she closed her eyes for a second whilst her fingers worked their magic. In her eyes she could easily imagine Hayleigh and Dionne in each others arms, their bare tits pushing up against each other as their pussies sought release from questing fingers.

Lesley was very tempted to bring herself off their and then. At almost the last moment she withdrew her fingers from her moist love hole and steadied her panting form against the desk. Before she left to try and find Paula’s pee spot, Lesley took one more quick piss over the stained floor. A hot shower of raining yellow pee shot earthwards as Lesley stood with parted legs and her hot toilet shower squirting from her pussy hole.

It took a substantial effort to find Paula’s pee spot and Lesley was on the verge of convincing herself that Paula had chickened out from the nights’ activities. Suddenly she got a wonderful buzz when she spied the damp piss stained papers inside the recycling bin. Lesley couldn’t resist and within seconds a new spray of hot pee was squirting in through the narrow mouth at the top of the bin. Lesley was so very tempted to enjoy a full pee into the bin but somehow managed to hold herself back. Now that she had the place to herself, there was one finally place she needed to go.

The door to the top of the stairs swung open without a sound. At the bottom of the stairwell was a window that looked onto the outside world. Blackness was the only thing it showed now. It took a minute for Lesley to position herself into a squat with her legs parted and her bush of pubic hairs aimed at the first step. It was with delicious relief when Lesley started to pee. There was no holding back this time and within moments, her squirting toilet shower had reached full strength. Now clear coloured pee was squirting out of the base of her muff at a prestigious rate, arching as it flew through the air. After momentarily pattering over the top step as she began her pee, her hot piss shower now hit the ground until the forth step, such was the force of her squirt.

The feeling was ecstasy, the thrill of finally being able to pee over the office stairs coupled with the reducing burning ache in her bladder. Between Lesley’s legs her hot piss shower continued to flow through the empty air before descending in a pattering rain of her spent pee all over the carpeted stairwell. Spots and splashes of her urine had reached the walls adding to her thrill. Slowly she raised herself up not stopping her toilet for one second. Her piss fountain wandered uncertainly in the air before a twist of her naked hips brought the squirting stream issuing from the base of her legs, streaming over the one wall. Instantly her flowing piss shower started to run down the wall breaking momentarily at the skirting before reaching the already pee soaked carpet. Lesley was utter entranced by her act. Hot pee continued to jet from her uncovered muff vandalising both stairs and the wall with her delicious piss. Already her toilet shower was beginning to show signs of drooping. Desperately Lesley swung round to the opposite wall and peed over it for several long seconds before the shower of piss flowing from her pee hole waned and vanished.

Collapsing back on the top step, Lesley fingered herself to a thundering climax. She laid naked, spread across the floor by the stairway door, panting for breath as she waited for her reeling senses to return to normal. Finally sitting upright she admired the mess she had made with her pee and wished desperately that she could do it again. Unfortunately the morning hours were drawing on and Lesley knew it was time to leave. One by one, the lights in the office were extinguished until at last the one remaining switch was thrown and the office plunged into darkness. Locking the office door behind her, Lesley turned and walked the short distance to her waiting car. With one deep final sigh of fulfilment, Lesley ignited the vehicle’s engine before driving through the open company gates and onto the side road that stretched the distance of the factory. As she hurried out of her car to seal the gates, her only hope was that next year the girls would once again agree to carry out another daring piss session in the company office.

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