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We arrived. I let us in through the back door and into the spacious living room. I had lain five outfits out on the furniture; the girls all knew to keep silent and went to their positions. The items were simple enough, a corset and garter belt combination in five different colors. The two Asian women went to the blue and red sets immediately, and I directed the redhead to the green and the blond to the pink sets. The four went to work lacing each other up silently while I laced myself into the remaining purple set. Mine was a little more ornate than the rest, since I was the one in charge, and was just a little tighter. Each of the women were stunning in their own way, and I could feel my pussy getting wet and dripping down my bare legs. When everyone was dressed, I gathered them in.

“When we get up there, remember your jobs. If he asks something of you personally, do it. He will probably call you by the color of your uniform, so stay sharp! And above all, have fun” I instruct the girls in a whisper. We’ve done the same things to different women before, and the result is always very pleasurable for all involved.

We walk up the stairs, towards the room at the end of the hall. The blond gasps at nearly everything we pass, and I can see how she is shaking. I beckon for them to stop and stepped forward, knocking on the door to his bedroom.

“Enter” says my master- because tonight, he is the master of all five of us. I usher the girls in, and bring up the rear into the room.

It’s a magnificent room; a full canopy bed of red organza sits in the middle of the room, covered in satin sheets. The room leads off into other rooms, our closets, and the walls are covered of illustrations- some erotic, some not. The bed takes up most of the space, and nestled in the satin and hundreds of pillows is my love and my Master for the evening. He is lounging, the epitome of calm and almost uncaring, except for a raging hard-on that presses up a pair of satin boxers. The sight of him takes my breath away: a handsome god of a figure lying in the lap of luxury, waiting to be served. I nod to the women, and we all kneel. He smiles, I see through my upturned eyes, and my heart flutters.

“Rise, and begin.” gaziemir escort he says, trying to play cool. We all stand and move to the bed- larger than a king size, it easily allows the six of us on comfortably. Two on the left, two on the right, and myself at his feet. He turns his attention one by one to each girl. The redhead, known now as Green, sighed as Master ripped the corset off of her, revealing pale, plump breasts. Pink is looked at hungrily and she looks down, embarrassed by the attention. He instructs Green to undress the blond and moves on. I see his cock twitch a bit at the Asians, Red and Blue. I had picked the twins out specifically for him, knowing his fetish for Asian women. Especially submissive ones. At his command, they turned to one another and began to kiss, hard and deep, letting their fingers slide down each other’s bodies. Master continued to watch, and a heavy dose of precum escaped his pants. Finally he ordered them too to strip, and turned to me. My knees were shaking, bur I stared at him defiantly as his eyes traveled from my breasts to my small waist and down to my engorged pussy lips. I could see that he was pleased, and I looked him in his eyes. He cocked an eyebrow.

“Since Purple here is such a feisty one, she will be the one attending to….how about Pink’s pussy first. Pink, you will be at my head. Blue and Red to my chest, and Green…” he feasted his eyes on her, which she responded to with a coy smile, “will be at my cock. You know what to do, ladies.”

Oh, did we. Each of us would be devoted to our job until one of us was called to move on, and the circle would change. The overall goal was to make Master not have to move a finger. Pink started first, moving so that her mouth was perpendicular with Master’s and her ass was in the air. I scrambled underneath her, peering at her hot juices. Each of the Asian’s were at either the right or left nipple, and Green of course got his cock. Pink lowered her head and we began. I dove into her hot pussy lips with a vengeance, eager to prove myself. I heard loud slurping noises at the lower region’s of the bed, and I could feel moans coming from Master and Pink. The scene was breathtaking, karabağlar escort and I watched the Asians out of the corner of my eye, licking seductively down Master’s chest. I felt close to cumming and I hadn’t even been touched!

The girls continued until Master requested that we switch. I went to one nipple while Blue took his cock. Red was on the other nipple, and Green was moaning already as Pink teased her. Master’s nipples were as erect as a man’s could get and he moaned softly as I fell into the teasing tongue motion I knew he liked. Daring, I reached over his chest and grabbed Red’s small breast. Her eyes were shy but she smiled at me, and Master broke the kiss long enough to smile at me.

He ordered us around for a little while until finally, his eyes rested on me.

“Purple, to my cock.” he told me. I smiled, knowing this was it. I practically leapt up and plowed his tool directly into my mouth, loving the warmth of it. I took him as far as I could and used the saliva to wank his shaft while I sucked on the large head. He was so hard that I couldn’t believe he hadn’t come yet. I knew he was close, so I went at him with all I had. With a long moan, he broke the kiss and shooed the other girls to my side of the bed. They waited, and I reveled in the feeling of having Master all to myself. I tweaked his nipples and felt his balls contract, and before I knew it the first rush of cum hit my throat. He pulled out with a pop and covered mine and Pink’s chests with cum. Green was a little too interested in Master to care about the cum, and while she cleaned his shaft with long slurps, Red and Blue cleaned the rest of our chests off. I swallowed the little cum I’d gotten, feeling the salty mixture directly in my cunt. I was amazed by how wet I was!

Master ordered us all to stand as he recovered. He then made us split, so that there were two groups. Of course Blue and Red were together, and smiled at each other in a knowing way. The rest of us were together. I had already been eaten out by Green, so I decided to assert myself by forcing Pink into my cunt. She wasn’t like the rest of the girls, and went slowly but carefully. Green decided to suck kemalpaşa escort my nipples and soon I was carried into a mind-blowing orgasm. When I recovered, Pink and Green were making out and Red and Blue were locked in a 69. Master was still lounging, but already his boner was coming back. I knew that he would be ready for a finale soon, and nodded my head.

“Ladies, I hate to break your playtime…” he said, smirking. The girls untangled from each other and knelt again, waiting.

“Now then,” he continued, “while attending to me, Pink let a little secret go.” Pink blushed horribly, but stood up.

“Well, I didn’t know how tonight would end up, so I brought some stuff from my store.” I had found the blond at the sex shop downtown. She asked Master to let her retrieve her bag and he obliged. She returned with a small bag. She brought the normal stuff- lube, a vibrator, things like that. It was the dildo that caught my attention. It was a thick piece of what looked like solid glass, with purple and green infused in it. The dildo was textured with swirls and dots, and my pussy clenched. I had to have it in me, and I started forward. Master laughed at me, but allowed me to take it and let me go with Red. She seemed to have taken a liking to me, and with the other four around us, she slid the dildo into me. I felt it all throughout my body and felt myself writhe and moan. When I was almost to climax, she slowed down, bringing the dildo to her lips and tasting my pussy. Master had found a good use of his time and was currently fucking Blue, while Green and Pink seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. Blue was wiggling like crazy as Master rode her, and her moans were enough to drive anyone crazy. I took my pleasure into my own hands as I brought myself to a climax watching the sexy Asian being pounded by Master’s cock. Finally, he gave a small groan and shout and emptied himself into Blue. She sighed as she stood, leaving Red to suck the cum out of her pussy. While the rest of them were busy I slipped over to Master, who had resumed his place on the bed. I crawled up and lay beside him, kissing his chest.

“Are you pleased?” I asked demurely.

“Very,” he said, kissing me lightly.

“Great! Happy birthday baby,”I said, nuzzling my husband.

Ten minutes later, the girls were in their bedrooms And I was almost asleep in my loves arms. Everything had returned to normal….

….except for the moans coming from down the hall, reminding me that this was only the beginning.

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