Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!! Ch. 02

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Becky lugged her gym bag casually over her shoulder as she shuffled into the gym, heading directly toward the free weights in the back. Some of the trainers waved hello and she exchanged high-fives with a couple. Although she had fought her weight a bit over the years, a set of perpetual crash diets and exercise had molded her to a full, tight finish. From her school days proud of her copious breasts, she was sure to wear a sports bra with a lift and low neckline that even accentuated her form for the dedicated gym crowd, and a set of tights that followed the curves of her strong, firm ass. She put her bag down near the bench press and pulled her dirty blond hair into a tight pony tail as Grace came around the corner from the dumbbells wrack to give her a smiling hug and kiss.

Grace and Becky had been classmates in college and became better friends during long years in grad school. Grace was a shorter, slim but full-figured Asian with a full face, bj lips, and medium length dark hair she tucked underneath a baseball cap during their gym sessions. “Hey babe,” she gave Becky a second kiss, longer on the lips, “how was work today? Kids at home with Ralph tonight or back at friends’ place?”

“Eh, never sure where those brats are!” Becky laughed as she began adjusting the weights on the bar. “Love those two, but sometimes just need some fun on my own!!” She turned and led Grace to sit down for the first set with a pat and pinch at her ass under her short skirt.

These two friends had developed their own way to have fun and stay in shape. Becky had introduced Grace to the fun, and Grace had attacked the fun with gusto. Real, hardcore, girls wrestling. These good friends were two of the best of the best, both as a tag-team together and as the most brutal rivals individually. They trained together, worked out together, wrestled together and against each other, and pleasured each other to sooth the pain that followed.

Grace had to get home for dinner with her husband and mother-in-law and thus regretted she couldn’t join Becky for a post-workout snack. “Sorry, kiddo, family life calls,” she muttered as she climbed into Becky’s car.

“You need a ride?”

“Nah, my truck’s over there, just need to relax a bit after all that.” These girls stayed thin and strong – no big muscles, just powerful ones. Grace leaned her head back to rest on the seat. She sighed, flexing her sore pecs. And then reached over and took Becky by the hand. The bigger blond leaned over, wrapped her arm around Grace’s neck, and gave her a long, deep kiss. Grace moaned softly – more like purring – as she entwined her tongue with Becky’s and reached her hand over to cradle her friend’s large breasts. Becky slowly worked her lips down under Grace’s chin and along her extended neck while her smaller Asian friend, without looking, groped her hand down to forcefully stroke Becky’s crotch through her leotard. She whispered toward the ceiling as Becky continued to lick and kiss her neck. “Your snatch feels so soft, Becky, welcomes my fingers-“

“My pussy must have forgot-“

“What I did to it last Tuesday-“

“It was last Thursday, babe,” Becky giggled as she licked along Grace’s chest.

Grace giggled too. “The day doesn’t matter, just one more day I owned your pussy.” She growled catlike as she forced her head down to kiss Becky on the lips some more. “I owned it! My boot, my knee, my elbow-“

“Your fuckin’ fist and fingers-“

“All over, pounding your poor delightful pussy. Was it wet?”

“It is wet!”

“No, was it wet as I pounded it and kicked it and stepped on it?”

“And slammed that chair into it?” Becky reached down to grab Grace’s crotch back. “You still have a penalty card for that, you know, and for that chair to my head.”

“Oooh, I almost forgot about that chair!” she kissed Becky on the forehead as she reached up to fondle her breasts again, “sorry about that, babe, sorry, did it hurt? Poor thing!”

“It hurt, but not as bad as-“

Grace suddenly pulled back into her seat as a young man coming out from the gym approached the next car. Becky weakly grinned and waved at the young man, who had a somewhat perplexed and curious look on his face, at least imagining he may have seen something through the tinted car glass.

“Ok, Becky,” Grace pulled her t-shirt down over her belly and straightened her hair in the rearview mirror. “Gotta run. I have a meeting out of town the next three days, but I’ll see you next Tuesday?”

“Yeah, gym that evening? I may be a bit late from work, but I’ll meet you here. You’ve got a match Wednesday, right? I saw on the schedule.”

“Yup, just little Sara and Alisa, two-on-one against me, I’m in just underwear for that one, penalty match after my fun with the chair and your crotch.”

“And head! You deserve it! I hope you teach those little girls something, those two are great, soft, nice girls, but vicious! Love Alisa, so cute. Always rooting for them.” Becky leaned over and kissed Grace on the cheek. “Then again, I hope those two show up strong, make you cry and beg for mercy, you deserve a punishment match.”

“Yeah, I do. But if we spent Ankara escort every match just worrying about the penalties, we’d never do anything, what fun would that be?! You gonna come see me wrestle that night?”

“If I can, I’ll see how long my clinic is that day.”

“Awesome, and then we tag together that weekend, and wrestle each other a few days after that?”

“We’re busy girls, Grace!” She gave Grace another quick kiss before her little Asian friend opened the door. “Say hi to Ronald and the girls for me!”

“You do same, take care, Becky!” Grace skipped a few steps across the parking lot to her truck and the two drove off in opposite directions.

The two attacked their real-life chores the next few days, happy enough and eager in the work and home duties, but always kept their exploits in the ring in the secret back of their minds. In the middle of a laborious meeting or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, they’d lapse into pleasant thoughts of their opponents, what they wanted to do to them, clues from watching scouting tape of their previous matches of what kind of moves they made, whether they tended to turn right or left off the ropes, hit high or low on a clothesline, how they grabbed hair, which side they put a choke hold from the blind side. And this was real wrestling, not the choreographed, scripted pantomime of televised WWE sorts of shows, so they nursed their aches and pains and injuries and anger as best they could – these girls were not professional athletes, but real people, real teachers and news anchors and actresses and doctors, who just loved to escape into their world of wrestling, a secret world they shared with few, if any, of their real world family and friends.

Grace’s penalty/punishment match the next Wednesday had a required make-out session the night before. These had been developed a couple years earlier as a part of both punishment and regular matches to add a further challenge to the wrestlers. Both participants would receive points toward their overall match score by making out with each other. But as the real challenge of wrestling often came down to performing such rough work against a friend, a sister, a spouse, or a lover, a sensual moment the night before would challenge both wrestlers as they fought to perform the next day against each other. Grace and Becky had done this for so long, it never fazed them in the least!

Sara and Alisa were both petite, thin girls. Sara, in short, blond hair with big eyes. Alisa an adorable bright face and smile, a longer-haired brunette. Sara was a public health expert for a state-wide insurance company, Alisa a nurse-turned-chiropractor.

Grace waited for them, standing completely naked in front of a cushioned bed. Sara and Alisa, also both completely in the nude, walked in with inviting smiles. “Hey babes!” Grace greeted them warmly, “great to see you two again, you look fabulous,” she said as she took Sara by the hand and without waiting dove in for a deep, long kiss. As they embraced tighter, Alisa cuddled in around Grace’s back, softly stroked her hair up and began showering kisses on the back of her neck while grasping her ass tightly.

Sara worked her lips down along Grace’s outstretched neck toward her breasts, sucking tightly on one nipple, then the other, then the first, as Alisa gave Grace’s back a firm massage while continuing to kiss her neck, then around to her lips. Grace slowly sat and lay back on the bed, her legs hanging over the side, wide open. Alisa intertwined tongues with Grace in a deep French kiss as Sara got to her knees to go to work fingering and kissing her pussy. Grace moaned happily as Alisa and Sara periodically took a break from their chores of ecstasy on Grace to rise up and kiss and stroke each other.

Alisa kneeled over Grace’s head and the larger Asian girl thrust her mouth up to lick Alisa’s pussy. After long minutes of having her crotch so finely treated while sharing a long kiss with Sara, Alisa moved to turn Grace over on her belly so she could return the favor to Sara’s lovely, shaved snatch.

The three finally held each other in a tight hug as they lightly kissed each other, falling into a short nap. “That was wonderful, wonderful,” Grace purred into Sara’s ear as she stroked Alisa’s ass. “You two are so cute, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Sara whispered back at Grace, “we’ll see you tomorrow, babe, love you, we’ll bring the show tomorrow.”

Alisa couldn’t stop massaging Grace’s back. “It’ll be as great as this,” she whispered in Grace’s ear, “we’ll bring the show … we’ll bring the pain, the screams, you’ll see. Fun! Fun! Fun!” And all became silent as they fell asleep for an hour or so in each other’s arms, a distant phone alarm finally reminding them they had to go home.

Grace scheduled a short clinic the next afternoon – just two young men with intractable neck pain who refused to get an MRI! – and showed up at the arena early, as she often did to run a couple laps around the building to warm herself up, plus a complete set of stretches. Over the years, she was used to her routine. She had told her husband she’d be late that evening with Ankara escort bayan a project for work. She never knew how long these match evenings would last.

Per rules, the lower-ranked challenger(s) came in from the “near” side of the ring and the champion came in from the “far” side – a matter of random and stupid geography, Becky often called it. Tradition.

Sara wore a light yellow bikini and black leather knee-high boots. Alisa came in wearing a silk chemise which she soon threw down to uncover a sheer black bikini which matched her knee-high black boots, these with a thick border of black fur around the cuff. The crowd cheered them on wildly as the two waved and gave smiling high-fives to the eager onlookers, waving from inside the ring at the corners as Grace started to make her way in, alone, from the far side of the arena – barefoot in blue lace lingerie. Although sorry to quickly see that Becky hadn’t made it to her match, she beamed a huge smile and shouted proudly to the fans and her opponents as she slowly and confidently made her way in toward the ring.

“Are you all ready?!! Ready to watch me get punished?!?!” Grace shouted as Sara clapped and waved at her from the ring. “Oh?! You think so?” she screamed even louder as she approached the stairs, quickly jumping up and into the ring, “or are you ready to watch me BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THESE TWO CUNTS?!?!” she pointed angrily at Alisa and Sara and then just laughed it off as her two challengers blew her kisses. “Just gettin’ the party started, kiddos, you’re both great, you were fabulous last night.” She sauntered into the middle of the ring and grabbed Alisa first into a hug and deep kiss and then did the same for Sara.

Both sides pulled back into their respective corners and Alisa stepped out onto the outside corner of the ring apron, starting to cheer Sara on as she ran and grasped arms with Grace in the middle of the ring, the two trying in their tight lock to find an opening to attack. “Yeah, Sara! Strong lock there! Good! Keep it tight! Pull tighter!” She gasped as Grace pulled Sara into a side-headlock, putting on a squeeze of the poor smaller blond’s head that would leave some cobwebs for sure. Slamming up and down with her knee, Grace pounded further force into her lock, with Sara waving her arms wildly about, hoping for mercy that wouldn’t come.

Grace shouted and waved with her free hand as she saw Becky finally running in toward the ring to take her spot at ringside, decked out for the festivities in a tight red strapless mini-skirt and 6-in heels. Becky started clapping and shouting loudly “let’s see it, girls! Bring it hard!” Taking a large fistful of Sara’s hair, Grace pulled Sara’s head forward and smashed a tight fist into her nose. Sara screamed as she staggered backward, grabbing at her face, finally turning toward the ring corner to reach out a tag to Alisa – stopped with a painful lurch as Grace threw her backward by the hair, her head slamming into the mat. Grace wasted no time, pounding at Sara’s head some more with her boot.

“Ok, shake it off, Sara, don’t think about it!! Don’t think about it!” Becky yelled from the ring apron.

Grace glanced back at her friend with an instant of confusion. From her knees, Sara’s fist collided hard into Grace’s crotch. The Asian beauty’s breasts bounced violently, nearly slipping out from her tight bra as she jumped backward, hands cupping her crotch. “Ah! FUCK! BITCH THAT Ahhh!!” her high-pitched scream echoed through the arena as Sara pulled her head down by two fistfuls of hair and slammed her knee into the poor girl’s forehead.

“YES! YES! Sara bash her fuckin’ head in! Punish her pussy again!!” Becky screamed, exchanging a high-five with Alisa at the ring corner. “I love you, Grace, but you deserve punishment tonight, you whore!!” she pounded her fists wildly on the ring apron. Grace was on her knees, grabbing her head as Sara tagged Alisa into the match.

The small, thin brunette didn’t hesitate as she ran full force at the opposite ring ropes, which bounced her swiftly back to slide into a savage dropkick to Grace’s face. Grace writhed back and forth on the mat, gasping and sobbing in agony. Alisa smiled and laughed as she pulled herself quickly up off the mat, waved to the crowd. “Her crotch open!! Boot now!!” Becky howled. Alisa moved into position standing over Grace’s wide open legs – and got a hard shin to her own crotch from the champion. Grace rolled over, still grasping her head and gasping for air, but now with a smile growing on her face as she saw Alisa dance around the ring in pain, grasping her snatch.

It took her a second to remember Sara was standing on the corner, reaching out and screaming for her to “Tag! Tag! Tag! Now!!” Sara made the exchange and jumped into the ring, swinging over the top of the turnbuckle just in time to grab Grace by the arm and swing it over her head into a tight, vicious arm twist.

“Break her arm!!” Alisa screamed from the ring corner, still rubbing her sore pussy, reaching into her panties to massage the pain away. “”Harder twist, break it! Elbow slam!!”

“You bitch! Fuckin’ cunt whore!” Grace growled Escort Ankara as Sara swung her arm around again for a second tight twist, gritting her teeth as she put more and more pressure on the tortured wrist and elbow, wringing it up and down. “Let me go!!” Grace’s let out a high-pitched shrill shriek. Submit!! I submit!! PLEASE!!” Grace collapsed to the mat as Sara let her out of the lock, hugging Alisa in celebration in the middle of the ring, Grace nursing her arm and crying. Sara finally got down on her knees and hugged her punished victim, Alisa bending down to kiss her on the forehead and pat her tangled hair.

“Sorry, sweetie, was a great match, you’re awesome, Grace, love you, kid.” Grace, Sara, and Alisa exited the ring together and walked out of the arena together, Grace still glum, holding her arm carefully, patting her sore crotch, and fighting back tears. Becky strode confidently behind them, finally patting her friend on the back in commiseration as they entered the locker room.

“Hey babe,” she gave Grace a big hug and deep kiss, rubbing her sore back. “Sorry to be the nasty ringside girl, kiddo, but had to add to the fun – or trauma!”

“Psyc trauma,” Grace still had tears in her eyes as she sat down on the bench at her locker. “Totally, can’t let all that shouting get to me.”

“Yeah, ignore all the words and shouts and bitchiness, just fight! Fight hard!”

“I’ve taken arm twists like that and worse before, hate myself for giving in.”

“It’s ok, baby,” Becky unclipped Grace’s bra from behind her and softly stroked along her flanks and cupped her hands around her breasts to remove it. “Hard to yell at you out there, sweetie,” she muttered softly as she leaned down to kiss Grace on the neck. “Biggest challenge of our game is to fight the girls we love.”

Grace angled her head up to meet Becky’s lips with her own outstretched tongue. “Yeah,” she purred, “that’s the hardest part – so easy to fight girls you hate, could do that all day and night, but to hear you,” she kissed along Becky’s neck and turned to grasp her waist and reach up to thrust her breasts up within the bigger blond’s tight red dress, “and to hear you-“

Becky lifted Grace up to her feet as she reached down to begin pulling down her panties. “shouting there for them to beat you, hurt you, twist you, smash you, my love, smash you harder, break your arm, how could I?!” she cried out softly as Grace managed to reach around her back to unzip her dress and pull it down, not stopping a second before grasping Becky’s crotch, “I wanted to kiss you so bad just as I yearned for Sara, Alisa to stretch you out and punish your pussy,” she screamed as, standing there between the lockers, Grace’s fingers penetrated her now-naked wet vagina.

“Need shower, shower,” Grace panted as she tightly grasped Becky’s naked form toward the nearby showers. Becky lifted her up and carried her, Grace’s legs wrapped around Becky’s naked body, into one of the shower stalls as Grace reached out to turn on the hot water. They stood aside kissing as the cold water turned hot, dragging themselves together finally under the drenching hot water, steam filling the narrow stall, water glistening over their naked skin as they passionately entwined their tongues, Grace reaching out to pump a large amount of body wash from the wall dispenser, grasping Becky’s hair with her soap-soaked hands, rubbing, and then tousling her own hair wildly with the gel. Becky filled her hands with the body wash and stroked Grace’s thin, gorgeously curved frame up and down, webbing her fingers to nestle Grace’s soaked breasts as Grace fondled her larger blond lover’s pussy with soap, rubbing up and down, softly massaging her crotch and inner thighs. Becky spun Grace around to soak and massage her back and kneeled to stroke her legs up and down, cupping the soap up from the floor to cradle Grace’s crotch, rubbing back and forth to fondle her labia and clit. Grace raised her hands to the ceiling and let out a soft, high-pitched shriek as Becky’s fingers found their way up into her vagina, stoking around for her G-spot. Becky rose as she could feel Grace orgasm violently in her arms, the two holding each other tightly as they let the hot water stream down their bodies to clean away the soap and sweat and tears.

After they redressed by Grace’s locker, the two called their husbands and drove their separate cars to meet their families together at a nearby family restaurant, Grace hiding her soreness as she picked up her two young boys.

They didn’t see each other the rest of the week, each hitting the gym alone, and then met up again on the following Sunday to drive together out toward the shoreline, a couple hours away. Their next match was a tag-team contest between Becky and Grace and an experienced and excellent duo – Jasmine was a beautiful mulatto, full face with gorgeous skin, her sister a small-scale fashion model; Meredith was a few years older, a well-trained expert wrestler in her mid-forties who was known far and wide as one of the sweetest, nicest women to work and learn and wrestle with, and simultaneously the most savage, vicious wrestler many had ever seen. Girls often said that being in the ring against Jasmine was like being kicked by a supermodel coming off a fashion runway or a SI swimsuit cover and wrestling Meredith was like a torture chamber run by your favorite school mentor.

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