Girlfriend’s Mother Ch. 01

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Anal Sex

Things were going really well now, I was fucking the beautiful Mary Rose, and I was fucking her even more beautiful mother too, Shelagh, I had been now for the last 7 months, I had caught her cheating, but she had been blackmailed into it, by a cunt from her husbands office, he had been taken care of by two of my friends who owed me a favour, and had given him a bit off a hammering and told to leave her, and her husband also, well alone.

He was now right off the scene, I had access to both mother and daughter at their home, I was always calling round, even though I knew Mary Rose would not be there half the time, I would make love to her mother, who I had now fallen in love with too, but Mary Rose was also climbing slowly back into my heart as well.

Shelagh had rented a small apartment, where we could meet for some our loving sessions, she had turned out to be a bit naïve when it came to sex, I was the adventurous one, I had been fortunate to have shagged my mums best friend on a regular basis, at the same time I was starting my relationship with Mary Rose, so I had had a very good initiation into robust sex, with the dynamic little Anna.

Shelagh’s husband, she had told me wasn’t very adventurous, but she had never strayed off the straight and narrow, until me! But I had been teaching her to please me in the way I wanted to be pleased, and she loved being dominated, I hadn’t tried that with Mary Rose yet, but it was on my agenda for sure.

Shelagh was offering herself to me, in more and more submissive ways, she never suggested anything particularly, she just constantly reminded me that, whatever was in, or on my mind, she was there for me in any way I wanted, I must admit it did give me ideas which would naturally develop as we went along.

So I had bought a smallish vibrating vibrator, we met at the rented apartment, and we spent the day fucking and making love, I shot my load 3 times, she came more times than that, and mine went into all 3 of her holes.

I was on top form that day, and she had trouble getting dressed to go home. It was magical, she really did love me completely, but today I was going to make her do something, she might not be too happy about.

When she had got dressed, I said to her. ‘Come here Shelagh.’

‘Yes?’ she asked me?

‘Bend over,’ I told her.


‘Don’t question me.’ I said harshly.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said quietly, as she peered at me from those great big wide eyes

‘Get bent over now, hold onto the bed, and bend right over!’

‘Yes Danny.’ She replied.

I pulled the back of her dress up, and her panties down.

‘Now,’ I said. ‘Keep still!’

‘Yes,’ she said again.

I popped the vibrator into my mouth to warm and lubricate it a little, and shoved it into her shaven pussy, she had done that on my request..

It had a rechargeable battery in it, and I held her still with my hand on her back, and then turned it on.

‘Oooooh,’ she moaned as it started to thrum and throb itself inside her vagina. ‘Oh Danny, what is it?’ she asked me.

‘It’s a vibrator,’ I told her, ‘and you are to keep it in at all times unless you bathe or shave! Is that understood?’ I said menacingly.

It was all the way in, and her pussy lips closed nicely around it, I knew that her pussy would keep it held there by her own body’s reaction to it.

‘I must I have it in there all the time?’ She questioned me.

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘all the time, until you meet me again!’

‘Oh Danny, please don’t make me do this.’

‘Don’t argue with me Shelagh, it’s an order, okay.’ I almost shouted at her.

‘Yes.’ She replied now, very meekly, she got the message.

‘Good girl.’ I told her.

I pulled her panties Bycasino back up, and lowered her dress, she turned to me, I took her into my arms, and kissed her passionately, told her I loved her completely, but that she now had her orders, and had to obey me complicity.

‘I will, I promise Danny,’ she whispered into my mouth.

I gave her a battery charger and 2 spare batteries, no excuse for not having it in now is there?

She was squirming already; it was making her feel hot! I knew her well enough to know the signs by now.

‘And,’ I told her, ‘don’t you even think about having an orgasm, before I get you back to me okay?’ I demanded.

‘No, I won’t,’ she said, and then added, ‘Sir.’

She hobbled off to her car and went home, while I pondered our future with me in control now, I liked this!

I had to laugh a bit, watching her getting into her car, attempting different ways!

I texted her that night wanting to know if she had dared to disobeyed me, her master, I ventured.

“No sir,” her reply text said, “but it’s driving me mad for you!”

I didn’t respond to that remark.

“I won’t be seeing you tomorrow by the way,” I sent back, “I’m spending the day with Mary Rose,” I knew she would be consumed with jealousy, she would know I would be making love to her daughter, and she didn’t it, “and don’t send me a reply, I don’t want to know ok? Just make sure you do as you are told! Goodnight sweet goddess, I love you.” x x x x.

I didn’t call her at all the following day, she called and texted me, but I ignored them, I was on a path now, and her submission to me was my goal, although I had no intention of us developing any thing like BDSM, I wasn’t into that at all.

It was going to be sexual domination, pure and simple, coupled with love.

My day with Mary Rose was a roaring success; the thing with her mother was making me especially horny, which in turn made her as horny as hell too.

I got her to lie flat on her stomach at one point, and I climbed onto her upper thighs, keeping my knees tight against her hips.

Then I pointed my middle finger at her little arsehole, and shoved it in, I had my hand in the middle of her back, she was going to get it, whether she wanted it or not.

She yelled at me to pull it out, stop it, she ordered me, she tried to turn around, but that wasn’t on my agenda, I held her down forcibly, while I continued working my finger it in, and out of her lovely arse.

She couldn’t get away; she wriggled about, and tried to get her hands on mine, but she couldn’t reach, I told her she was going to get it, and to shut the fuck up!

‘Please Danny,’ she squealed, ‘stop it please.’ She begged me, and at that moment I almost did, I was just about to pull my finger out when she moaned, I looked at her in amazement, she had fucking moaned!

It was turning her on, victory, I nearly bellowed.

I kept going with my finger, more gently now, and she really did respond to it, I was over the moon; I slid my now unnecessary hand from her back, and under her, I went for her pussy, she tried not to cum, to show she hadn’t completely given into me, but she couldn’t hold it back, she bit into the pillow, and screamed an orgasm out!

When I did pull my finger out, she was very quiet with me, I held her tight to me, and I said that I loved her, and I was amazed now, because I meant what I said, what’s happening to me I thought, I was in love with her before, then I had got her mother, I fell in love with her, and I do absolutely love her too, but I knew now, I was in love with Mary Rose too, as well as Shelagh.

Mary Rose insisted on giving me a blow job, it was her way she told me, of thanking me that having her bum Bycasino giriş fingered, was as nice as I had told her it would be!

And that made me blast a full load into her beautiful mouth.

I dropped Mary Rose off at home at 9:00 that night, but not before I had told her that the next time we made love, I was going to fuck her in her arse too, she had looked at me, and then nodded her head meekly, fuck me I thought, is she like her mother, but I’m only just finding out? Yes okay, she responded to me.

I went in for a coffee, I wasn’t staying long, I was fucked, and I needed to sleep.

Her mum greeted us warmly, although I did get a meaningful glance as she turned away, we were in the kitchen, I didn’t know where her dad was, Mary Rose went up stairs to change or something.

‘Come here Shelagh’ I said.

She came to me looking over her shoulder to make sure it was clear to do so.

‘Have you got the vibrator in?’ I asked.

‘Yes Danny, I have.’

‘Let me see,’ I said.

‘Please Danny no, not now.’

‘Yes, right now,’ I growled forcibly.

She quickly turned bent over and raised her skirt, looking into the passage way, to make sure no one was on their way in to us, I felt her pussy; I could feel the tiny vibration that was feeding through to my fingers,

She hadn’t known I was arriving that night, so she was following my orders, I gave her arse a hefty single slap, she bounced upright and moaned sexily, she was turned on, bloody hell, I thought, so I told her what a good girl she was, because I would have had to punish her for being disobedient to me.

I kissed her quickly, shouted goodbye and left, but not before saying to Shelagh, I’ll see you the day after tomorrow, she looked aghast, I would see her in the morning, but she wasn’t aware of it.

I called round at 9:30 Mary Rose was at work, Shelagh was alone, she raced to me when I walked in, threw her arms around me and we kissed the kiss of lovers, we went straight up stairs to bed.

‘Show me.’ I ordered, she practically ripped her dress off to show me the vibe was still safely ensconced in her wet vagina, she clearly expected me to take it out, I didn’t, I ordered her to lie face down on the bed, now naked.

I asked her, how many times she had had it out, and if she lied to me I would know, and if she lied, I would spank her arse.

‘I haven’t had it out more than 3 times Danny’ she fervently said.

I raised my hand high.

‘Honestly sir, she whispered.

I believed her, but I slapped her backside just once anyway, but hard, Ow, Ow, did she yelp!

I had believed her, and I loved the word, sir.

‘Danny,’ she cried. ‘Okay 4 times, but that’s the honest truth sir.’

She had lied! I slapped her 5 more times for that. She wept for fogiveness.

She really did want me to dominate her but I wasn’t sure where it would lead.

‘Stay still,’ I growled, her bum hole was going to get a real serious fucking now, she had lied to me, I wasn’t angry, I was excited and had a huge hard o for her.

I went to the bathroom and got her baby oil.

‘Follow me,’ I said, and left her room, and walked into Mary Roses room.

‘Get on her bed, face down now!’

‘Please Danny, not on Mary Roses bed,’ she pleaded.

‘Do it Now!’ I threatened her, I loved this, and it really was good fun.

She complied, and lay face down, I took of my clothes as fast as I could, spread her legs, fingered some oil into and around her beautiful arse, and got between her knees, lowered myself down, and entered her, my prick was at full attention, she moaned and squealed at the same time because I just drove it right in.

‘How many times have you cum Shelagh,’ Bycasino güncel giriş I demanded. ‘Since I told you that you were not to?’

‘None sir, Oh Danny, none, not once I swear!’ she promised me.

I reached underneath her and squeezed her sprouting clit, she came then, she couldn’t stop herself and I did too, I filled her bum hole with a load of cum, what a glorious shag we had.

I pulled out slowly, and lay at her side on Mary Roses bed, she turned to me, I put my arms around her, she did the same, I love you so much Danny darling she told me, I love you back exactly the same Shelagh, I whispered into her mouth as we kissed.

We went in the shower, I made her get down on her knees and suck me off, she really was good at this, I was looking forward to the day Mary Rose was as good.

We made love a bit later; and it was really making love too.

Later as we lay, back in her bed now, she said to me, ‘Danny what are we going to do? I can’t bear this, I know you and Mary Rose are together, and I am in the background, but I love you so much.’

‘Yes Shelagh,’ I know I replied,’ but I have to be honest, as much as I love you, and I do babe, I love Mary Rose too.’

‘Oh my God,’ she said.

‘Yes oh my God!’ I repeated.

‘I have given this some thought too baby,’ I said, ‘and I think the only solution, unless you can think of a better one, is for me and Mary Rose to marry, and move in here with you?’

‘Oh fucking hell!’ She never ever swore, so I was amazed, and couldn’t help but laugh, she did too.

‘I have to think about this honey,’ she said to me.

‘Yes, you do that,’ I told her.

That night, came another bombshell, one that we hadn’t anticipated, Mary Rose told me she was pregnant!

‘How’ I said, ‘you are on the pill?’

‘I was,’ she told me, ‘but I want a baby.’

‘Mary Rose, this isn’t fair or right, you should have told me?

‘I’m so sorry.’ She blubbed.

‘I am too.’ I said.

‘I will not get rid of it,’ she cried.

That’s when the thought came to me; I had said to Shelagh, that I would marry Mary Rose.

I do love you I told her. ‘Well the only thing to do then,’ I said, ‘is for us to go and tell your parents, and tell them we are going to marry.’

‘My dad will go nuts,’ she said.

Mmmm, I thought to myself, he would go really nuts if he knew about me and Shelagh as well!

But it would solve our problems, I would have a beautiful wife, that I do love, and I would have her equally beautiful mother, that I loved just as much, just there for me too.

Mary Rose told them both that night, I was there, I thought her dad would have a heart attack, but the look on Shelagh’s face really concerned me, she left the room and went upstairs.

Mary Rose told her dad that we were going to marry; he accepted that, and told me he was glad that I was standing by his daughter.

He went upstairs to his wife; I didn’t see either of them before I left.

I got a call from Shelagh late into the night, she whispered to me she needed to see me in the morning at the apartment.

I was there with a heavy heart, I was sure she was calling a halt to our love and romance.

I couldn’t have been further from the truth if I had tried.

She threw herself at me. ‘Not a word!’ she said, we made love like it was the very first time.

When I got my breath back, I asked her if she was okay about me and Mary Rose.

She told me she hadn’t been, until she realised the ramifications were, that we would be under the same roof, and together!

And that’s what happened, we had a fantastic wedding, we went on honeymoon, came back, and we moved in, although Mary Rose hadn’t ever actually left.

I get plenty of time with Shelagh now, her husband still doesn’t know it’s me who Shelagh has for a lover, he seems happy now, and looking forward to hid first grandchild.

And we still use the rented apartment, Shelagh has refused to give it up, it’s ours! She says!

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