Ginny’s Witnesses Ch. 01

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Our heroine’s saga continues, in three parts. Read “Ginny’s Withering Faith” as background.

Part 1

The past year had been the best one of my life. My father-in-law, JJ – now almost 55 – and I had continued our blistering affair with one major addition. I’d discarded my earlier hang-ups about engaging in group sex with him and we’d become involved with a swingers’ club…”The Friendly Friday Society.” Each Friday afternoon we’d meet at a member’s home and join consensual partners, most times in groups, which had an amazing, enriching effect on our sex life.

Swinging was easier for JJ than it was for me, since I was somewhat guarded about sharing him with other women. But, it kept him happy and was a tremendous turn-on for me, given some of the attractive, intelligent, sophisticated couples that we met. It got to the point where I knew the people – men and women – I wanted to have sex with within five minutes of meeting them. It’s as if a switch flipped inside my head, as I thought, Yeah, I’d like to fuck you! I got so obsessed with group sex that I could hardly wait for each Friday afternoon to arrive. But, as with most things, over twelve months of sinful excitement couldn’t last forever. A tragedy occurred, and our swingers’ lifestyle stopped suddenly when my mother-in-law, Lee, was diagnosed with virulent, inoperable, ovarian cancer.

“I’ll expect you to take care of Jay, Ginny,” she said from her hospital bed. “He’s strong, but my being sick has made him a basket case. I’m afraid that when I go he’ll fall apart.”

I was close to doing that myself. Sitting next to her bed and holding her bony little hand, I was crying uncontrollably, trying to staunch the flood of tears. She was hardly recognizable, as her cancer had metastasized and eaten away at her petite, once shapely body.

“Oh, Lee…Momma…please tell me what I should do,” I blubbered. In the seven or so years that I’d known her, before and after I’d married and divorced her son, Mike, she’d been more of a mother to me than my own mom had ever been.

“You’ll know what to do, Gin,” she said, fixing me with a meaningful stare. “We both know how Jay is – he and women – and, though I’ve kept quiet about it, I’m aware of your feelings for him.”

“He’s the sweetest man, and I…I…”.

“Don’t admit anything you might be sorry for,” interrupted Lee. “I feel lucky having spent a few years with him since my divorce from 25 years of an absurd marriage. Now you can reap the good fortune. You and Andi’ll certainly be well provided for, much more so than by my wastrel son.”

I’d never heard Lee speak of her son – my former husband, Mike – so disparagingly. I wondered if she knew that JJ was the biological father of my three-year-old daughter, Andi, as well. I hoped not. She’d suffered enough through her illness, and would have an eternity in Heaven to know the sordid fact that her husband and I had been having an adulterous, incestuous affair since I’d met him, with but one interruption, for nearly six years.

“I promise I’ll care for him, Lee,” I whimpered.

“That’s a good girl, ‘cuz I’ll be watching…from upstairs, or the other place,” she whispered, trying to cheer me up and patting my hand. “Now I’ve got to rest. Bring Andi by tomorrow, okay?”

Andi saw her grandmother the next day for the last time, because a few days later Lee passed away, which changed all of our lives forever.

Mourning for Lee was agonizing, and took many weeks. JJ was constantly depressed, and didn’t respond to my efforts to comfort him. Once Andi fell asleep, I’d join him in bed and hold him until dawn, trying to be a 25-year-old wifely substitute. But, I was unable to stimulate him to the levels of our previous passion. It was as if he’d aged ten years and had become a much older man than his age, and he became nearly oblivious to my hunger for him. Even his custom building design business, which he’d worked so hard for decades to develop, became drudgery, it seemed. His lack of energy also ate away at my spirit, which began to flag because of the pervasive sadness.

“Don’t you care for me anymore, JJ?” I asked one night after dinner.

“Of course, babe. I’ll always love you,” he said, listlessly.

“Well, I don’t feel it. When we fu…when we do make love now, you’re like a statue. I can cum a half dozen times, but you just…just stay kind of hard…and quiet. You haven’t had an orgasm in ages!” I said bluntly, though trying to temper my statement by hugging him…holding him. It was true. In the three months since Lee had been gone, I’d forgotten that life-affirming joy that I used to feel when he’d go out of his mind as he filled me full of his seed…or when he’d watch me getting it on with another man. I knew in my heart that he needed something to reverse his depression…probably other women.

“I’m sorry, Gin,” he sighed. “I’m wrung out emotionally. Lee was my anchor, and I miss her so much. Even the business bores me. The only casino şirketleri reason I’m keeping it is for you and Andi. I feel like an automaton. I should go to the doctor and see if he can give me some energy pills or something.”

That night in bed I was almost sorry I’d said anything, since we tried to make love and failed, causing me to lie awake nearly ’til morning. He’d tried so hard. I’d felt his wonderful, mature body, straining to get hard and please me, but to no avail. I was relieved when he left the house the next day to go to the office and, later, to see his doctor.

Three days after that JJ’s test results came back from his complete physical exam. He was in very good health, but had some of the potentially dangerous afflictions of the modern professional man: moderately high blood pressure and high cholesterol. To combat them, he brought home some prescription drugs, which did our sex life no good at all.

A month went by and we made love only sporadically. When we did, it was because I forced it, sucking him ’til he was hard – or almost hard – and mounting him until I had an orgasm. I gradually bottled up my frustration and, as I’d done before when Mike and I had ceased having satisfying sex, I reverted to using my dildo to masturbate. To JJ’s credit, he didn’t mind. In fact, he helped me maintain a regular relationship with my plastic lover as – little by little – he descended into what seemed like impotence.

“The doc also prescribed Viagra, kiddo…to be used in moderation. I need something! When I do get an erection with you, my dick just stands there, feeling numb. I got some, anyway. God! I’m ashamed of getting old,” he said, turning away. Then he mumbled, “I think it’s time we found you a boyfriend.”

“What?” I gasped, shocked that he could be so selfless…so distant…so practical about salvaging our sex life. I began to wonder if it was just because the thrill of our adulterous fucking had ceased with Lee’s death. Or, that we’d tapered off on our swinging activity, which had made him a real voyeur where I was concerned. “I love you, JJ. I’ve gotten by without sex before” – thinking back when I’d “gotten religion” a couple of years before and tried to be celibate – “and I can do it again,” I assured him. I truly believed what I said, naively ignorant of how wrong I might be.

“Well, you know, Jim…at the office…has been hot for you for years.”

Jim was JJ’s lead architect, a tall, sweet, gentle, dark-haired 34-year-old who stammered and was comically clumsy whenever I was around him. No doubt he’d make some woman an ideal mate, but he lacked my father-in-law’s fire, his humor, and his incredible maleness, which had always left me breathless…the very reasons I’d chosen JJ to be the father of my daughter. On occasion he’d even mentioned selling his design business to Jim if I didn’t want it.

“Jim’s a prince, JJ, but – I haven’t told you this before – he’s a little dull, and is consumed by his work. Besides, I’m not sure I’ll ever be knowledgeable enough to inherit your business. I’m not a designer, and it’d be difficult to manage technical people who know more than I do.” When Lee was alive, our plan had been to ease me into ownership of the company.

“Well, there’s the photo and video department that you’ve always liked,” he said. JJ had been an amateur photographer all his life, learning from his father, and that side of the business enthralled me. We’d even photographed and done an ice skating show on video several years before, which I’d loved.

“Oooh, could you teach me all the technical stuff, JJ?” I asked, fascinated by the prospect of learning that more creative side of the business.

“Sure! Matter of fact, we could do some photo essays. It’s about time I published a coffee table book, anyway!” he said, excitedly showing his interest in something…for the first time since Lee had died.

Maybe this would drag him out of his doldrums, I thought, hopefully. Three days later he came home acting like the energetic JJ of before.

“How would you like to go to Pohnpei?” he asked, his eyes shining.


“Poh-na-pay,” he articulated. In the Eastern Caroline Islands! It’s the capitol of the Federated States of Micronesia!”

“Where’s that?” I asked, having never heard of it.

“In the Southwestern Pacific. Back in the eighties I designed some buildings for the community college there. Met a native chief and he treated me like a god when the project was finished. They make dugout canoes and boats. I e-mailed him a couple of days ago in care of the college, and today he got back to me and invited us down for a couple of weeks…or longer if we want!”

“What about Andi?” I asked. “I traveled out of the country when I skated with the Ice Capades, but she’s never been out of California.”

“She’ll love it! There’ll be tons of kids to play with! And wait’ll you see the place. They call it the ‘garden island of Micronesia’! It’s casino firmaları like Paradise! Tropical jungle, misty mountains, beautiful flowers, gorgeous women!”

I wondered if I’d have to keep him on a leash. But I changed the subject by asking, “Can we do some photo essays?” anxious to help him and learn what I hoped might be an exciting profession.

“Sure! Real National Geographic stuff!” JJ replied enthusiastically. “Let’s start with some basics – lighting and portrait stuff – right after dinner!”

After we ate I put Andi to bed and joined JJ in the TV room, in my light blue robe and slippers. He’d already set up lights, reflectors and a bunch of cameras on tripods. He also set up a videocam and hooked it up to the box under the giant, flat screen TV. He was humming to himself as he set up a plant on a stand. I hadn’t seen him this interested in anything in months, and his growing excitement was infectious. I asked him playfully, “Want me to model?” and flashed my robe open and closed to show my body, naked except for panties.

“Uuuh…yeeaah!” He hesitated a minute. “But first let’s start with the plant. I want to show you what different lights do. Tonight we’ll use digital cameras, since we’re not being really artsy, and monitor what we do on video!”

An hour later we had dozens of pictures of the houseplant, taken with different lighting schemes…enough so that I’d learned the rudiments of color and intensity on static objects when we looked at them on the computer. I sat on the sofa and watched him, animatedly explaining what he was doing as he snapped away, and realized all over again the reasons that I loved him. At base, it was his almost childlike enthusiasm, his energy, and the ability to focus on what he was doing. I looked up at him and felt myself get moist as I entertained a few lewd memories. One was of he and I making love outdoors over five years earlier – before I was married to Mike – on a hot afternoon when he was all sweaty from building a backyard fence at the old house. Damn those pills he’s taking! I thought to myself, wishing that he were his old horny self.

“Well, do ya’ really want me to model?” I asked, again.

“Hmm? Oh, sure, babe. Go make up your eyes. Put some gloss on your lips, an’ bring out one of those dark green bed sheets. It’ll make a nice backdrop for your fair skin and brown eyes.”

I did as he asked, but removed my panties before returning to the TV room. I was feeling like a Jezebel, and wanted to tease him into fucking me tonight. “Do I look okay?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes at him, which looked very long, given the green shadow, brown mascara and liner I’d applied. My blush and gloss were pink, very close to the color of my lips…even my pussy lips.

“Wow!” he said, as if seeing me for the first time. “You look great! Just sit on the edge of the couch, kind of at a 45 degree angle, and look straight ahead. I’ll rig the lights for that position.”

Halfway through his light rigging, he asked me to drop one shoulder of my robe, down over my right breast. “Like this?” I asked, showing him the inner swell of the breast on the left as well, without baring it.

“Fine,” he said, and looked through the viewfinder. “Nope. Light blue doesn’t get it with your strawberry blonde hair. Take off the robe, honey, and wrap the green sheet around you like a toga, but show your right breast like before.”

In a second I’d done what he asked. “Where should I look, JJ?”

“Drop your head and eyes a little,” he said. “I want to get the outline of your lashes…and some facial shadow…as if you were in deep thought. Look down at your nipple.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect!” he said. “Now, let me put some of this on it.”

“What is it?”

“Glycerin,” he said, taking a small brush out of a bottle of clear liquid. “It’s okay. It’s edible. See.” He dabbed a bit on his tongue. “It’ll make your nipple shine when it’s erect.”

“Why dontcha’ just lick it, JJ?” I asked, devilishly.

He stopped and looked into my eyes with amusement. “Ginny. It’s my policy never to get physically involved with my models,” he said, wryly.

“Oh, right, JJ! Remember those shots you took of all those hot, half-naked babes that were on the walls of the old house? I’ll bet you were fucking them! Where are those pictures, anyway?”

“Lee made me stash ’em when we moved here,” he whispered, sadly, as he knelt down and sucked at my right nipple, which made me gasp as a pang shot to my pussy. My crotch was hot and wet by this time.

“Lick the other one, JJ,” I whispered, with my hand at the back of his head. He sucked for a few moments as I closed my eyes and groaned, at which he pulled away. All work and no play! He then carefully applied the glycerin with the camel’s hair brush – which tickled and made me shiver – making both of my nipples stand out hot pink on my 34C tits.

“Now we’ll take a couple of shots, then change position,” he said, snapping güvenilir casino a half-dozen.

“Can I see?” I asked, going to him so I could view the pictures he’d taken through the viewfinder. I’d let the sheet drop so was completely naked. “They look good! But, ya’ know what I’d like? Lemme take some of you and me…ya’ know…cuddling. I’ll set up the cameras and lights, and you can advise me, okay?”

He sat on the sofa with a bemused smile, watching my nude body on the TV screen as I placed a camera on a high tripod over his right shoulder, focused down at his chest. I put another one on a low tripod just above knee height on the floor, focused on him where he was sitting. I then trained three filtered lights on him from different angles.

“So, is my little Margaret Bourke White all ready?” he asked.

“Who’s she?” I asked.

“Only the most famous woman photographer of the 20th Century,” he said.

“Dunno. C’mere and take a look,” I said, which he did, making a few lighting adjustments and attaching long shutter cables to the two cameras. “What’re those for?”

“So we can snap from remote locations. If I’m not mistaken, you’ll want to shoot us while we’re…uuh…involved.”

“Well, you’ve got a porn collection, JJ. I’ve seen it more than once. I just want to add to it. You know, something for our library,” I said, coyly. I murmured this while pressing myself to him and running my hand up and down the ridge in his pant leg. He was already half hard! I discovered, and my stroking hand looked huge on the TV screen. Mmmm, this is gonna be fun! I thought, as I spread the dark green sheet over the sofa cushions.

“Here are the shutter cables. When you want to take a shot, just press the button on the appropriate cable,” he said. “Always remember where the cameras are, and play to them.”

“Okay. Let’s tell a story with these shots,” I said, slipping back into my bathrobe. “I’ll be grooming my toenails, like this.” I raised my leg to place my foot flat on the sofa, giving the camera near the floor a clear shot up my robe of my pussy. I snapped, there was a flash, and I asked him to look through the view finder to see if it was okay.

“Perfect,” he said. “It even shows how wet you are, you little minx. See! On the TV screen!”

“Okay, JJ. Now come and stand in front of me, just so your pants show.” I was making up the story as we went along. “C’mon, it’s make-believe! I’ll look alarmed, as if you were a neighbor or somebody – Mr. Smith! – who’s walked in on me…after I’ve taken a shower.” I clicked. “Now I’ll touch your bulge” – click – “and draw down your zipper” – click – “and pull out your cock” – click. “JJ, you’re almost hard!” I exclaimed, clicking again, and giving his growing dick a few strokes. “Mmmm…that’s good. Now, take your cock and rub it on my lips while I look kind of surprised,” I directed, snapping both cameras.

“I took a Viagra a while ago,” he murmured. “Should I make like I’m forcing you?” he gasped, now pretty excited, his prick looking huge on the TV.

“Yeah!” I said. “And call me…uuh…Miz Jones! I’ll submit…gradually…then I’ll get into it, ‘cuz underneath my innocent exterior, I’m just a slutty little housewife who loves to suck strange cocks.” I’d felt this way on a number of occasions at our swingers’ meetings, I reflected, as he opened my mouth slightly by squeezing my cheeks with his fingers. I clicked the cameras again, and again, as his glans slid into my mouth, with my tongue providing a trough for his now fully erect member. I dropped the robe from my shoulders so that it fell to the sofa, now displaying all of my naked body to the video camera.

“Oooh, Ginny…Miz Jones…this is so hot. I haven’t been…turned on like this…in months! Mmmm!” he moaned, turning his head and craning his neck toward the TV.

“Ooohh, that’s goood, sweetie. You’re all shiny! Like with the glycerin!” I beamed, gaining my breath as I looked up at him and seeing that he was covered with my glistening saliva.

“Nnngh…yeaaah. Looks…feels…incredible,” he grunted, as I put one shutter release behind me and reached for his cock with one hand to guide him deeply, first into my mouth, then my throat. I snapped several shots on the lower camera as he cycled in and out between my stretched lips.

As I did this, JJ threw off his shirt, dropped his pants and stepped out of them, and I pulled away, sliding his boxers to the floor. The video camera caught this action – and I saw that I was smiling – which was hardly realistic for a woman suddenly being surprised by a horny older neighbor. What the hell, I thought to myself, we’ll edit the shots later, as I grabbed the other shutter release and clicked away as best I could while I was fucking JJ with my throat.

But I wanted so much more. My crotch was sopping, with my swollen labia dripping onto my robe as I sat on it. If it took pictures and a pornographic fantasy to turn JJ on like this, though, I’d certainly do it. But in addition to taking care of him – in keeping with my promise to Lee – I needed him inside me, thrusting mindlessly until he climaxed. In no more than a second that switch clicked inside my head again and I knew what I’d do.

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