Ginger Ch. 03

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I am lying in bed fast asleep, when I awake to the presence of someone in my room. I open my eyes but can’t see anything; a scarf or piece of cloth has been tied around my eyes, blinding me. Still sleepy and confused, I begin to panic, not knowing who is there.

I am about to call out when I hear a familiar voice, a voice that sends tingles through me, a voice that makes my legs tremble and my pussy leak. Yes, it is your voice, Sir, and you instruct me to stand. As I stand I ask, “Why?”

The sharp sting of your hand across my cheek is your initial response. “Shut up, slut! I have not asked you a question, so you have no need to speak. What I *have* done is given you an instruction, and all you have to do is obey. Do you understand?”

Your voice is harsh and you sound angry with me. I remain silent and feel your hand again, this time across my other cheek

“I asked you a question, slut! Do you understand? Answer me!!”

“Yes sir, I understand,” I whisper softly, a quiver in my voice.

I was wearing just a short strappy T-shirt and a thong; I don’t typically wear much in bed. You hand me my coat and tell me put it on, and also instruct that I am not to fasten it. You give me my shoes, and once I put them on you grab my arm and start to lead me through my flat and out into the cold night air. I can feel the wind attacking my lightly covered nipples, forcing them erect. The wind is harsh and my nipples began to sting. You lead me by the arm, pulling me, until I hear you open a car door. You put your hand on my head, pushing me into the seat.

You shut the door and there is a few seconds of silence as you walk to the driver’s side. I hear the door open, I hear you sit in the seat, I hear the door shut, and then I hear the engine start. I try to focus on the way the car moves to get some idea where we are headed, but I get confused when it feels like you are driving around in circles. I guess you had worked out what I was trying to do, and you drive round a roundabout a couple of times to throw me off track. It worked. I sat there with no idea in which direction we are now headed.

After about 15 minutes, the car slows and it sounds like we are driving over gravel. You stop the car and get out. I hear you getting something out the boot before you come around and open my door. You take my hand and help şişli travesti me out of the car, take off my coat and lead me once again by the arm. We walk for a short time and then you stop me. I know we were in a wooded area, as I can sense the soft grass underfoot and hear the trees rustling in the wind. Since the blindfold prevents me from using my eyes, my other senses seem to become more alert.

I feel you grab my arm and start to tie something soft round my wrist, perhaps a tie. You do the same to my other wrist and then I feel you pulling my right arm up and out. Once it is at about a 135 degree angle, I find myself unable to move it; you had tied my hand to something.

I try to feel for something with my finger tips but only find air. You do the same with my left arm, so that I am standing in a Y position. Next you spread my legs and I can feel more soft material around my ankles and that familiar pulling sensation, until my legs are wide open and unable to move.

You have not spoken to me since you handed me my shoes back in my flat, and here I am, bound to something – I don’t know what – bound tight in an X shape and unable to move. Then I hear you walking away. Fear fills me from my toes to my finger tips. I start to struggle against the restraints. Oh my God, you are going to leave me here, alone, tied up in a wooded area, God knows where. My ears strain for some sound that you are near. Do I shout for you and risk being punished for speaking without permission, because you are in fact close by, or do I remain quiet and find out you have left me, and my quietness prevents anyone from finding me.

I hear a noise a few feet away – it sounds like wood snapping. My head turns slightly to try and follow where the sound has come from but I hear nothing now, just the noise of the wind in the trees. I start to sob silently in fear, not knowing where I am or what to expect.

Then I feel it. A soft finger brushing my tear away. You are here! You haven’t left me. A sense of relief flows through my body and I smile softly knowing that I am safe.

“You won’t be smiling soon, slut,” I hear you say, and a swishing sound registers in my ears just as I feel a sharp sting across my ass. I feel you pull my head back by my hair.

“Count, slut!”

Oh God! With bakırköy travesti all the feelings stirring inside me, I forgot to count! “Sorry, Sir. One, Sir,” I whimpered.

I continued to feel the sharp stinging sensation as I counted out, “Two … three … four … five, Sir. Six … seven … eight, Sir.”

This was a new sensation. It felt like the cane, but it was not as flexible and seemed rough and scratchy.

“Eighteen, sir … Twenty-Nine, Sir.”

Tears streamed down my face now, but not the silent tears of my earlier fear. I was sobbing uncontrollably now, my arms and legs aching from the restraints, my ass burning as hot as the sun, and I was finding it harder and harder to keep count. The numbers became harder to voice and they were hardly noticeable between sobs and sniffles.

“Forty-f-f-five, Sir.”

Thank God my torment is almost over. My punishments always consist of fifty lashings; five more and I will be done, five more and I will be graced with his cock in one of my fuck holes.

“Forty-nine, Sir. Fifty, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

I sense you move around to my front and then hear what sounds like the rustling of a bag. After a short pause, I feel cold metal against my left nipple. I feel it start to squeeze my nipple and I can only think that you must have gotten the nipple clamps and weights you once mentioned. You attach another clip to my right breast and tighten it to the same pressure. My nipples feel like they are going to explode and the weight from the clamps is pulling on my nipples, making me need to lean forward. You untie my hands and feet and I collapse to my knees, partly from exhaustion and partly from the weight of the clamps.

You lift my chin with your hand and feed your hard cock into my mouth. I can’t seem to keep my head up, so you help me by grabbing a fist full of my hair on either side of my head and holding my head still while you fuck your cock deep into my mouth, the whole time telling me what a good girl I am;. Telling me how much of a slut I am. Telling me how you are going to feed me your cum. How my mouth is owned by you to use, for what ever you wish, just like the rest of my slut body. I feel the swell of your cock in my throat and know you are close to filling my mouth with your hot thick cum, ready to istanbul travestileri feed me what you know I crave. Oh, God, I could cry when I feel it running down my throat, tears of joy at the honour you bestow upon me by allowing me to drink your cum from your cock.

You release your grip on my hair and I flop onto all fours, my face so close to the ground that I can smell the moist damp earth in my nostrils. I want to bury my face in the cool dampness of the grass and allow the dew to wash the sweat and tears from my face, soothing the salty sting they have left on my cheeks.

I feel you moving my thong to one side, gently parting my ass cheeks, squeezing them as you do. You can feel the heat radiating from your earlier whipping, and you must know that your squeezing just increases the pain that I feel. You run a finger over my pussy, feeling my wetness, slipping four fingers deep inside me with ease. You use your thumb to put pressure on my clit and pump your fingers in and out of my pussy, my hips start to fuck back on your hand. You whisper in my ear, telling me I must ask for what I need, telling me to beg for release.

I am not sure where I muster the energy from, but my throat crackles and I manage to squeak out, “Please Sir, I need to cum. Please fuck me, Sir. Please fill my wanton slut cunt with your cock. Please use my cunt to satisfy you and give me the release I need. Pleeeeeese, Sir”

You tell me that I am a good slut as you place your cock at the entrance to my ass. You put your hands on my hips and guide your cock deep into me. That first stroke has me cumming with such intensity, my ass is clamping around your cock, spasming with pleasure. You fuck me through another two orgasms before I feel your cock pulsing and throbbing, ready to cum.


My alarm goes off and it’s time to get up. That stupid alarm clock always disrupts my best dreams! I sit up, getting ready to get out of bed, and I flinch as pain sears through my ass. I can feel every welt, my body’s torture etched into my tight aching muscles. Then I pull back the sheets and notice rope marks around my ankles. You enter the room with a breakfast tray and notice my look of surprise.

“You blacked out as I came in your ass baby. I’ve rung work and told them you are ill. Now eat your breakfast – I have a fun day planned and you will need all your energy.”

I wish to thank MWTB. for his help with editing this story, without his help it would not have been released for your reading…

M. had written some amazing stories such as ‘Tired of Being the Nice Guy’ and the ‘Poor Amy’ series…stories that helped me discover my submissivness!

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