GF’s Test to See if I’m Gay

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Groping Breasts

GF’s Test to See if I’m GayThis is the story of how I was tricked into having gay sex. I had been dating a woman named Jean for several months. Jean had long dark hair, perfect thirty-six C breasts and long legs leading up to a nice tight behind. Although we were dating regularly, we had not yet had sex. My only attempts to lure her into bed had ended with me getting a quick feel of her breasts and one time she rubbed my penis a few times before she pulled her hand away and sent me home.I was beginning to think that she did not reciprocate my feelings when one day she finally told me why she hadn’t let me have sex with her. It seems that she had been involved with a man last year who had “turned” gay. They apparently had a very satisfactory sex life and she had become emotionally involved with him before he had been enticed into a homosexual relationship with a friend. She wanted to make sure that the same thing did not happen again with me. Despite my assurances that I had no predilection for gay sex, she said she needed to test me before she would feel comfortable with taking our relationship to the next level. She told me to come to her place the following evening and we could settle this issue once and for all.When I arrived at her house the next evening, she was sitting on the sofa wearing a big, red, fluffy bathrobe. When she pulled her feet up, the robe slid up enough to hint that she was wearing nothing but the robe. She asked me to take off all of my cloths and as I started to head for the other room, she told me she preferred that I strip in front of her. Looking at Jean lying there with her breasts and legs peeking from under the robe did nothing to keep me from getting a raging erection. Unfortunately, raging for me still only added up to about four inches. She looked at my dick sticking straight out from my body and giggled. Then she told me to come over. As I walked over to her with my little penis bobbing up and down in front of me, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and her barely suppressed laughter. She gave my dick a few tugs and said that this should be an interesting evening.She had me sit down next to her on the couch and we began making out. It was all I could do to keep my hands off of her, but every time I tried to feel her breasts, she laughingly pushed my hands away saying that little boys needed patience. She never touched my dick, but I so was excited that pre-cum was leaking out bahis firmaları and practically running down the sides. Finally, when I didn’t think I could take any more, she told me that it was time for the test.With that, her former boyfriend John, the one who became gay, walked into the room. John was totally naked and sporting an impressive erection. Jean said that she and John had remained friends and that he was here to test me to make sure that I wasn’t gay.I was quite nervous being naked in the room with another man, especially with my little dick, so I finally asked Jean how she intended to prove that I wasn’t gay. She said that I was going to have sex with John and if I didn’t have an orgasm during that sex, that it would prove that I was not gay.Well, I have never had sex with another man and I told her that we would have to find another way. She said that she had made up her mind and felt that this was the best way. She said that she was actually doing me a favor because the sooner I found out one way or another, the better off I’d be. I told her that I already knew I wasn’t gay and this was not necessary. After much discussion, Jean said that this was the only proof that she would accept.John stood in front of me and began slowly stroking his seven inch cock. As I dropped to my knees, I begged Jean not to make me do this. Jean said that I didn’t have to do anything, but if I wanted our relationship to go to the next level, this was the only way.I looked up at John’s throbbing hard-on and pleaded with Jean one last time to not make me suck his cock. She said that I would have to do this but she would make it easy on me and stood behind me rubbing her tits against my back and began stroking my little erection. As I got harder and hornier (but unfortunately not longer) I reached up and tentatively touched John’s cock. I slowly licked the soft, spongy head and tasted the pre-cum which was freely flowing from the tip. I was surprised that I actually liked the salty taste. I had expected that it would be very unpleasant. Trying to do the things I liked, I began to softly knead his balls while taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. As I was doing this, Jean continued to stroke my little cock. I bean to get worried that I would come and told Jean that she needed to stop, but she just kept on and said that if I wasn’t gay, I wouldn’t cum while sucking another man’s cock.I stroked the part kaçak iddaa of John’s cock that was not in my mouth with one hand while slowly rolling his balls in the other. He began to moan and groan and I new he was enjoying this straight man’s first blow job. Finally John’s balls tightened up and he shot an incredible load of cum into my mouth. Unlike the pre-cum, this was not salty and clear, but had an unpleasant, slimy taste. I wasn’t sure what to do with all of this cum so I just swallowed as much as I could and let the rest run down my chin. Jean smiled and said that I passed the first part of the test since I didn’t cum myself. I looked up at her and asked her what she meant by that. She said that now I would have to have anal sex as the final part of the test. I told her that I didn’t want to do this, but again she insisted that this was the only way to prove I wasn’t gay. She also said that if I let John have anal sex with me, she would let me have anal sex with her.When John heard this, he was quite surprised. He wanted to know why she had never let him have anal sex with her. She just looked grabbed my little dick and his big dick and told him to figure it out. Jean then told me to get John ready for round two while she got me ready. When I looked puzzled, she told me to get on my hands and knees and start getting John ready. Since I had already sucked him off once, I figured there was no reason not to again. While I began licking his dick, Jean began to grease up my tight, virgin ass. She covered her fingers with Vaseline and slowly greased up the rim of my ass hole. Having already been hard from her previously stroking my cock, I began to leak pre-cum from this increased stimulation. She slowly inserted the first finger and stroked the insides of my anus. While she was doing this I was furiously sucking John’s cock. I figured that the more I got him hot now, the less time he would spend in my ass. Jean inserted a second finger and began to slowly stretch my ass. I continued to suck on John and began to stroke his balls and inserted a finger into his ass. He began moaning and Jean inserted her third and final finger into my ass.When I was stretched to the limit, she said it was go time. Jean told me to rub John’s cock with Vaseline and so I thoroughly covered his big cock. Even though I didn’t have to I covered his balls with Vaseline too. Finally Jean caught on to my strategy of jerking him off kaçak bahis so he would spend less time in my ass and said it was go time. I got back on my hands and knees and he stood behind me.He placed the head of his cock against my greased, stretched ass and slowly began to apply pressure. At first it was very painful, but once the head was in the rest was easy. He slowly inserted inch after inch and finally was buried to the hilt in my ass with his balls resting against my balls. He slowly pulled half way out and began to gently pump my ass taking bigger and bigger strokes as he went. After I got into the rhythm I actually began to enjoy it. Jean was looking at me and I decided that I better not show that I liked this too much so I told John that he was hurting me and needed to be more careful. John gave me a knowing wink and actually started to pump harder.Jean said she had something to take my mind off of the pain and reached around and began to stroke my cock while John was pumping me for all he was worth. I told Jean that she had better stop, but she again said that if I wasn’t gay I certainly would come with a man’s dick in my ass. I told her that between John’s cock rubbing my prostate and her hand on my dick that I might not have a choice. She said that it was up to me.Jean had taken off her robe and was sitting cross legged next to me with only her ankle socks and panties on. Her long brown hair partially covered her beautiful breasts. Along with my cock, she began to stroke my face and told me that it was OK if I was gay, that she just wanted to know before she got any more involved. I again told her I wasn’t gay, but she said that I might be enjoying this a little too much. She said that either way we could be friends, but she didn’t want to have a relationship with a sissy boy.I was desperately thinking of anything I could to keep from cumming. I knew that it this point it was a race between John and me to see who could hold out the longest. I was sure I wouldn’t last much longer when John began to really moan and grunt and pounded my ass harder and harder. I was practically leaking a stream of pre-cum and she told me that it was OK to shoot my load now, , I shot the biggest load of my life right into the sheets. With a groan he grabbed my hips and stuck his cock as far in as he could and began to shudder while he loaded my ass with his hot cum. With John’s cum leaking out of my ass and running down my legs.I collapsed on the bed and Jean stroked my face and told me how proud she was of me but I failed the test. John thanked me and left.Although we are not still together, she was glad to found out your were gay.

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