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Ashley Adams

Darla was lying on her bed, bored out of her mind but unable to do anything. It was too hot to concentrate on reading or embroidery, and so going to do anything in the kitchen was certainly out of the question. She was at least glad that Miss Juliet had allowed her to wear a short, loose nightie today, so that she’d be less hot than if she had to wear anything tight. Speaking of which, she wondered what Miss Juliet was up to at the moment, as Miss Juliet hated hot days even more than she herself did.

Her wondering was cut short as there were a few rapid knocks on her bedroom door, before Miss Juliet popped the door open and stepped in. Dressed in a short white blouse and worn out shorts rather than her typical flowing dresses, her mistress looked very much unlike her usual self, much less formal. She was carrying a glass pitcher of a purple liquid with fruit slices floating in it. It almost matched her eerie, alien violet eyes.

“Darla, dear, change into your white top and your shorts and meet me down in the courtyard. We’re going to have drinks and cool off with the hose.”

“It’s so hot out, Miss…”

“It won’t be as hot when you drink something cool and have cold water washing over you. Come now, darling, it’s an order.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Darla obeyed, and waited until Miss Juliet was gone before she changed into the tight white top and shorts that she knew Miss Juliet wanted her to wear. She felt self conscious, as the white top clung to her large breasts, and was almost see through. Still, even though she’d slept with her mistress many times, she still felt an instinct to clap her hands over her breasts when they were bare. It took a lot of effort for her just to take her clothes off in front of her mistress. In any case, she knew what she would had to do, and went down to the courtyard. Perhaps it might not be so bad.

Miss Juliet slid a glass of the purple liquid across the picnic table. “Drink,” she commanded, and casino şirketleri Darla obeyed. She took a big sip, and immediately regretted it, the harsh alcoholic tang burning her throat as it went down, combined with the already acidic fruit juices. Okay, maybe this would be so bad.

She had barely finished her drink and moved away from the table when Miss Juliet had turned on the hose and aimed it at her. The gush of cold water hit her in the chest, ran down her stomach and soaked her shorts, then continued to run down her legs. It felt good, though, quenching her body on the hot summer day. The only problem was the way it caused the already tight, sheer white shirt to cling to her breasts even more. It became even tighter and more sheer, and her nipples, now chilly, began to harden. She noticed Miss Juliet’s violet eyes move right there, smiling as she ogled, and Darla blushed immediately.

“Come after me, now, dear. Grab the hose from me and spray me with it, if you can.”

Darla dashed over, slipping a bit on the wet grass and slightly muddy dirt, but regaining her balance in time to snatch the hose and spray it at Miss Juliet. It felt almost sacrilegious, spraying water at one’s mistress, but it was soon worth it. Miss Juliet’s long, lean form, glistening wet, her blouse now as tight and sheer as Darla’s top as it got wet, clinging to her small yet perfectly perky breasts. Darla had to pretend to be licking a drop of hose water off her lips as she salivated. She’d never noticed Miss Juliet to be sexy before, regarding her with too much fear, but now, with the alcohol coursing through her tiny frame, she was thinking differently.

Miss Juliet took that opportunity to snatch the hose back, and spray Darla again. Darla fell onto her backside on the grass, giggling as she shut her eyes to keep the water out of them. Miss Juliet slipped onto the ground as well, holding the hose directly against Darla’s large, round breasts. “Wouldn’t casino firmaları it feel even more cool and refreshing if we removed our clothes all together, hm?”

“Mm, yes, Miss Juliet.” Darla felt less shy, likely because she’d had the tall glass of… whatever that was… and couldn’t hold her liquor. For the first time, she began peeling off the tight, wet top without being forced to. She soon slipped out of the wet shorts as well, and tossed the clothing at the picnic table where it landed on the bench.

Miss Juliet had removed her blouse and shorts as well, and placed them on the bench before grabbing the hose again and spraying Darla. Darla just kind of stood there as she was sprayed, busy ogling her mistress’ lovely form. Miss Juliet was tall, slim and fit, her breasts only average sized yet impeccably perky, her skin pale and now glistening with water, her nipples pink and now erect, her ass incredibly tight, her legs incredibly long. She laughed and smiled at Darla as she swung the hose around. “You really have a low tolerance for alcohol, don’t you.”

“Why do you say that, Miss Juliet?” Darla said, a little bit of her self consciousness returning, her cheeks getting warm. But, more than that, she felt arousal, her pussy getting as wet as the rest of her, that pulsating feeling inside her where she just wanted it.

“You’re looking at me, honestly, the same way I look at you.”


Miss Juliet did not say anything else, simply tugging her loyal little slave over to her and engulfing her nipple in her mouth. Wrapping her lips over her teeth, she bit down on it softly, tugging gently, lapping quickly with her tongue. She placed her hands on Darla’s other breast, squeezing it, feeling its full size and weight and watching it press through her fingers. She began to rub Darla’s nipple, gently at first, then pinching down on it, then gently again, alternating the sensations.

Darla began to moan, her breasts güvenilir casino very sensitive. She came all too easily from just Miss Juliet playing with her breasts, which had gotten her in trouble, coming before she was given permission to. But this time, Miss Juliet didn’t seem to mind. She was still stimulating Darla’s breast with her mouth, but let her hand descend to between Darla’s legs. She slipped a finger into Darla’s wet pussy, stroking the inside of it gently, making Darla shiver.

“Oh, Miss Juliet…”

It only intensified, as Miss Juliet moved her hand to Darla’s engorged clit, and began rubbing that, slowly at first, then speeding up until it was very rapid. Between that, and having her nipple sucked, Darla was loving this, moaning and breathing heavily. But…

“Ohh,” she moaned. “Sorry… ohh, Miss Juliet, girl is… sorry…”

Miss Juliet quickly pulled her mouth away from the breast she’d been sucking. “Why are you sorry, girl?”

“Ohh, girl is liking this… girl is… is…” Soon, she was moaning too much to continue talking, her sounds of pleasure overtaking her speech.

Miss Juliet just kept rubbing Darla’s clit. “That’s not bad, darling Darla. You please me so often, it’s only fair I please you. I like you when you’re tipsy. You’re less shy and more ready to do these things. I should give you alcohol more often…”

Darla felt that throbbing in her pussy increase, and the pleasure coursing through her body more and more each time Miss Juliet’s fingers slid up and down her clit. She had begun to quiver, and soon after, begun to come. Sounds of ecstasy escaped her mouth, without shame or shyness that she usually felt. When she was done, Miss Juliet stopped rubbing, and pulled her close, kissing her tenderly.

“Don’t get too used to this, darling Darla. Next time, you’re going to have to pleasure me more, rather than just receive.”

“Um… girl will do that, Miss. Girl won’t mind… if you give girl more alcohol.”

“You liked that?”

“It tasted awful.”

“You just want to do it because I want you to do it, right?”

“Yes, Miss. Girl wants to make Miss happy.”

“Mm, you’re a good slave, darling Darla.”

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