Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 11

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8=> 8=> 8=> 8=> 8=>

“As you can see, good sirs, I hold in my hand a solid object,” the magician held a 12 inch long, 3 inch wide dildo in front of him, showing it to the audience; one white-gloved hand was holding it steady at the base while the other stroked up and down the phallus, rubbing on an even coating of lube. The large dildo was a deep, dark purple sprinkled with silver glitter under a layer of clear latex. The glitter helped emphasize the thick bumps and ridges ringing the length of the fake prick.

As always, the magician’s own swollen cock and balls swayed gently as he moved around the stage, his impressively proportioned genitals hanging free from the open crotch of his black, old-fashioned eveningwear.

“And yet, despite its size and substance, I shall now make it disappear with the help of my lovely assistant, Joy!” the magician exclaimed, gesturing at the blue-sequin-covered blond, who was leaning forward on the props-table, side-on to the audience. At the magician’s announcement, the blue assistant began to sway his luscious, round, sequin-decorated – but otherwise naked – ass from side to side, casting lustful glances alternately at the dildo-bearing magician and in the direction of the audience.

The pink-sequined assistant, who had earlier handed the magician both the phallus and then a squirt of lube, now moved to stand behind Joy and pressed a pair of lube-coated fingers into Joy’s asshole while Joy moaned his appreciation at the intimate probing.

“As you can see, gentlemen, Joy is both open and empty – although not for long!” the magician moved to stand behind Joy, forcing the other assistant to pull out and step away from his blue-covered counterpart.

With a gentle corkscrew motion, the magician slowly worked the large dildo into the blue assistant, whose moans of enjoyment were muffled, due to the fact that the pink assistant was standing in front of him, between the audience and the props-table, gently working his almost 7 inch cock in and out of Joy’s slurping, sucking mouth.

The insertion of the dildo took several minutes, as the magician would sometimes pull the phallus out to apply more lube – and to tease both Joy and the audience.

Finally, the slow, gentle insertion was complete; every last inch of the dildo was firmly pushed into Joy’s straining anus. The magician then had his other assistant help him rotate the table on which Joy was leaning, turning the blue-clad body so that the audience could clearly see that no part of the dildo was showing – even when the magician reached around and pulled both blue-sequined cheeks apart, showing the un-sequined swatch on the inside of the smooth mounds and the dilated, reddened hole between them.

“As you can see, good sirs, there is not so much as a trace of the object showing!” the magician exclaimed while his hands kneaded and caressed the widespread ass-cheeks and his tumescent erection moved up and down against Joy’s smooth face. “And just to prove that the object has vanished altogether, my delightful assistant, Paris, will now reach a finger into Joy and attempt to find it!”

So saying, the magician and the pink-covered Paris rotated the table back to its original position, each man taking the opportunity to press an exposed, fully erect cock against one of Joy’s splayed thighs, visibly rubbing up and down the shapely, sequin-covered legs.

Paris then moved to stand behind Joy and pushed his already lubed finger into the other assistant. As the pink-clad blond began moving his finger carefully in and out of Joy, the magician turned to the audience, his leaking erection bounding up and down in his obvious excitement. “I know what you’re thinking, gentlemen – a finger is such a small thing, and easily folded in half! Well, I shall just have to have Paris probe him with something bigger and harder to bend!” as he spoke he moved behind Paris, placing his stiff tool against his butt-crack, which, like Joy, was one of the only places on Paris’ naked body that was not covered in sequins.

As Paris pulled out his finger, the magician reached around to lube Paris’ already glistening prick with the hand farthest from the audience, while he lubed his own cock with the closer hand. Then, as Paris prepared to enter his blue-covered counterpart, the magician lined up his wet cockhead with the pink-covered assistant’s pucker.

The magician placed both hands on Paris’ hips, steadying him and making sure that his, the magician’s, penetration from behind didn’t cause the pink assistant to enter the ass in front of him too quickly. The insertion of cock to ass was slow between the two assistants, with much moaning and wiggling from both men.

Unintentionally, the house speakers picked up not only the three men’s moans and groans, but also Joy’s individual voice as he muttered, “C’mon, bitch, give it to me! Fill that pussy! Oh, fuck! Dick me! Ohhhh!” However, no one felt like complaining or turning down the pick-up.

The energetic three-way coupling continued for several Kayaşehir Escort minutes – Paris alternately thrusting back against the magician’s impressive 9+ inches and plunging his own almost 7 inch cock forward into the wet, welcoming, blue-clad ass; while each of the other two men pushed towards him when he moved in their direction.

Visibly gritting his teeth, the magician kept himself from cumming as Paris jerked back and forth more and more violently, nearing his climax. Finally the pink assistant gave a yell, almost of relief, as his balls began to unload. Sensing that the smaller man was cumming, the magician tightened his grip on Paris’ hips and took a step back, causing the next few spurts of cum to shoot up in the air, painting the blue-covered butt with streaks of pearly white.

Allowing the spent Paris to crumple gently to the floor – the front of his torso flat on the stage, legs folded under his belly and his upraised ass aimed at the audience.

The magician then dramatically caused the large dildo to reappear – from Paris’ well-opened sphincter.

The grand finale featured a levitating Paris’ ass being fucked in tandem by the magician in front and Joy behind.

8=> 8=> 8=> 8=> 8=>

Troy was almost vibrating with a mixture of anticipation and dread by the time Jackson pulled up the van at their destination. They had only had time for quick review of the routine Jackson planned to put on, and Troy wasn’t sure he remembered all his cues.

He was also so turned on, he could hardly stand it – the memory of Jackson’s promised reward kept playing in his mind, over and over again.

Turning off the engine, Jackson turned toward him with a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, Troy, you’ll be fine. It’ll all be over by lunchtime.” The smile then got a little wider as he took in the sight of the pants Troy had borrowed from Mickey, which were made from a tight, elastic material and were currently showing a prominent tent.

“You know if you go out like that you’ll scare the kids, right?” he said, reaching out a hand to rub Tory’s crotch for emphasis. “We’d better make that swelling go down.” So saying, he pulled Troy into the back of the van, pushing the smaller blond against one of the van’s walls with one hand while the other pulled down the elastic waistband so that Troy’s shaved cock and balls popped out. Dropping to his knees, Jackson looked up at Troy, a seductively naughty look on his goateed face, “Mickey gets pre-show nerves sometimes, too. Don’t worry – I’ve got a sure-fire remedy.”

Jackson then bent his head down and proceeded to suck down Troy’s entire hard, 7 inch length in one quick, continuous gulp.

Troy threw his head back, the pleasure swamping his senses completely overwhelming the minor pain of knocking the back of his head into the van’s side. Both hands grabbed Jackson’s curly, dark hair – more for balance than to try and control the blow-job he was receiving, since Jackson was a great deal stronger than he was.

Jackson also kept a firm grip on Troy’s thighs as he swallowed the slippery, swollen cock to the root before slowly moving back up until just the glans were hidden by his hot, sucking lips. Swirling his tongue around the head, he lapped up Troy’s copious pre-cum before moving once more to press his goatee against the blond’s smooth, tightening balls; his throat muscles milking the hard, swollen dick as he moved his mouth back and forth.

Troy’s climax wasn’t long in coming – six hard blasts shooting out of his throbbing cock and into Jackson’s sloppy, gulping mouth.

* * * *

“Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Jackson asked, smiling down at his new assistant as they both carried the table back to the van.

Troy smiled back. He hadn’t done so badly, after all; the few times he had fumbled, Jackson had been there to make it seem like part of the show.

Helping Jackson re-load the rest of the equipment back into the van, Troy took a moment to look back at the party guests. While he and Jackson had been entertaining at the children’s party out on the lawn, there had been another party for their adult relatives going on under an open-sided tent a short distance away.

More than once during the show, Troy had caught sight of a man from the adult party staring at him – not that there hadn’t been parents coming and going from the tent to the lawn and back again, but something about the way the guy had looked at him had felt more like being checked out at a club or a bar than interest in a magic show.

Looking towards the tent, Troy caught a brief view of the man again; about 5’8″, balding, with dark colored eyes – Troy couldn’t tell their shade at this distance. He wasn’t looking in Troy’s direction at the moment, and a second later the guy moved away, so Troy couldn’t quite decide if he’d ever seen him before – he’d let so many tricks pick him up over the past two years, anything was possible.

Dismissing the stranger from his mind, Troy turned back to Jackson Kayaşehir Escort Bayan just in time to see the taller man pack up the last of the gear into place and strap it down securely in the van. Troy almost shouted with glee as Jackson reached out to pull Troy into the back of the van, obviously as eager to make good on his promise of post-show sex as Troy was.

They didn’t worry about being seen from the outside, and not only because they were so focused on each other – there was a curtain between the front seat, with its wide windshield and windows, and the back compartment; and the rear doors and windows were covered with dusty, semi-transparent decals advertising “The Amazing Jackoni”, which only let in a limited amount of light – a person would have to actually lean right up against a window in order to see into the van.

As always, Troy felt his heart beat faster as Jackson pressed up against him. The way he loomed over Troy, the strength of Jackson’s muscular arms and that wonderfully hard cock poking him in the stomach were all having their usual effect of driving Troy wild with desire.

Troy wasted no time undoing Jackson’s fly as Jackson reached into the back of his pants to cup and grope Troy’s butt. There wasn’t enough room in the van to get each-other totally naked, but they managed to pull off their shirts and push Troy’s tight pants down his thighs before collapsing on the narrow floor space, between the boxes of equipment.

Pawing at each other like a pair of horny teenagers at a necking session, they restlessly moved around the cramped space; gabbing ass-cheeks, squeezing pecs, pulling dick; their mouths kissing, licking and sucking on whichever part of the other’s skin was most readily available.

Finally, Jackson pinned Troy to the threadbare carpet, holding both of Troy’s hands down in one of his larger palms over their heads as he kissed the blond deeply. Troy felt like he might go off any minute as Jackson’s skilled tongue worked its own brand of magic in his mouth.

“I know I promised you the full treatment,” Jackson said, panting in Troy’s ear as he rubbed his sweaty, half naked body slowly against Troy’s. “But I don’t think I can hold off that long – even if we did have enough room back here to do it right.”

Troy had to agree; he hadn’t imagined such a tight fit when he’d pictured their after-show entertainment. And just now he wasn’t feeling the need for too much foreplay – he just wanted Jackson to fuck him senseless.

But a boy had to play a LITTLE hard to get…

“Awww, Jay! You promised to rim me, remember? I was really looking forward to it – the way you said you’d eat my pussy out till I was begging for a good, hard fuck,” Troy pouted, knowing that Jackson could see his expression even in the gloomy interior of the van, since their faces were so close.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Jackson purred, shifting his body to crouch between Troy’s open legs. “If it’ll make you happy, I’ll rim you first – you did earn it, after all.” So saying, he sucked quickly on the middle finger of his free hand before stuffing it in Troy’s twitching ass-ring up to the second knuckle.

Jackson moved the finger around in a circular motion, bending down to let his moist, hot breath float around Troy’s sensitive, dark-rose colored cockhead. Licking his lips, he added, “I’m going to have to let go of your hands in order to eat your ass out properly – if I see you reach for that dick, even once, I’ll stop!”

“I won’t, I won’t!” Troy’s voice seemed to go up half an octave with excitement. “I’ll be good! Please, Jay, I swear I’ll be good while you eat out my pussy!”

As soon as Jackson released his hands, Troy laced them at the back of his neck to prove his compliance, hoping he would be able to keep them there once that talented tongue got to work on him.

Soon the van was filled with the wet sounds of slurping and licking, along with an increasing volume of groans , pleas and profanities. “Oh, like that!” “Lick it THERE! Ahhhh!” “Suck that ass good!” “Ohhhh, deeper, you sunavabitch, DEEPER!”

Troy could feel his fingertips digging into the backs of his hands as he struggled to keep them behind his neck. His eyes were crossing under his closed lids, his head tossing from side to side as his pleasure mounted. Crossing his legs behind Jackson’s head, he pulled his claves closer, forcing more of Jackson’s face into his spit-and-sweat slick ass.

In response, Jackson brought both hands up to Troy’s butt-cheeks, pulling them apart, kneading and squeezing the firm-but-pliant flesh as he continued to drill deeply with his tongue, seeming to taste every nook and cranny up Troy’s pleasure-radiating channel.

Troy felt a stab of disappointment when Jackson finally pulled his face out from between Troy’s thighs. Troy could feel his wet sphincter rhythmically dilate and contract as it tried to attract Jackson’s attention and get him to return to his oral ministrations.

Focusing his bleary Escort Kayaşehir eyes in the gloomy space – had it gotten darker inside the van? – he saw that Jackson had removed a hand from one of his well-groped ass-cheeks in order to reach for the lube. “OHHH, YEEEEEESSS!”

Moving back up Troy’s torso, Jackson latched his lips onto each of Troy’s nipples, over and over again, as he lubed up the begging back passage, easily slipping a coated finger into Troy’s cock-hungry cunt as he sucked on each pink nub, lightly grazing one with his teeth before moving over to the opposing tit.

When he was sure that Troy was ready – or maybe when Jackson himself couldn’t stand the tension anymore – the fingers pulled out and Jackson’s fiery-hot glans pressed against the ravenous ass he’d opened up.

From a great deal of previous experience, Jackson knew that Troy’s left nipple was extra sensitive, especially during ass-play, and so he made sure to gently lock his teeth around the pink, swollen nub as he eased his way into Troy’s pussy.

Both men let out a grunt of satisfaction when they felt Jackson’s balls smack against Troy’s butt-cheeks. Releasing Troy’s nip, Jackson leaned forward, bringing his face against Troy’s for a deep, probing kiss.

“You still want me to suck it?” he asked, nuzzling his bearded face into Troy’s neck.

Troy’s brain was barely able to process the question as pleasure kept rushing through him; from both his cock as it brushed against Jackson’s lightly furred stomach, and his well-stroked prostate. He couldn’t quite understand what Jackson was asking him – he just knew that he was being pleasured, and he wanted it to continue.

“Uhhh, fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!”

“Awwright! One hard fuck, coming up!”

What was left of Troy’s brain seemed to melt away in the wake of the pounding Jackson delivered to his clinging, squeezing rectum. Oblivious to their surroundings, the two heaved and thrust, crying out their pleasure and lust as they both worked Jackson’s cock in Troy’s clinging anal-passage.

“Oh, gggg…! Ahhhh! Jaaaaaayy!” Troy shouted out as his almost-neglected prick begin to swell up, the cum racing from his balls to splatter along Jackson’s heaving stomach and his own torso in three massive spurts, followed by several more minor eruptions.

“Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jackson yelled as Troy felt the extra fullness that meant Jackson’s cock was ready to unload, followed by several hot, wet pulses deep inside his body.

For what seemed like a small eternity, the two young men clung together as their orgasms slowly subsided, the occasional internal spasm from Troy triggering another spurt from Jackson, a slight movement of Jackson’s still-hard cock against Troy’s sensitive prostate causing him to tighten and twitch.

Finally their breathing steadied and their hearts slowed down enough to be aware of their surroundings. Troy suddenly realized that he’d been screaming his head off only a short distance away from over 3 dozen people – it was a miracle no one had come along, banging on the side of the van and demanding to know what was going on in there.

As though his thoughts had caused it, Troy suddenly heard a resounding tapping sound – someone WAS knocking on the back door of the van!

Jackson heard it at the same time, and both of them turned to look at the partly covered back window. Looking back at them was a man – the guy who’d been checking him out, Troy thought – both hands cupping his face and pressed against the semi-transparent sticker to help him see into the darkened interior of the van.

“Do you think he can see us?” Troy whispered.

“Maybe,” Jackson answered softly, slowly rising up on all fours, his spent dick pulling out of Troy’s well-juiced ass with a faint squelching, sucking noise. Pulling his pants back up and closing his fly, Jackson said in a louder voice, “Yeah, what do you want?” There was no apology in his tone – if anything, he sounded slightly aggressive.

“I’d like to ask about booking you for another party,” came the slightly muffled reply. “I think you’re just what I’ve been looking for.”

* * * *

“So, why didn’t we tell him that I’m not your usual assistant?” Troy asked Jackson as they were pulling away from the driveway.

“First of all, he doesn’t need to know anything more about us than he already does,” Jackson replied. He was obviously still a little pissed at being spied upon. “And secondly, I have an idea for the show – but it’ll only work if no-one realizes that there are two of you.”

Troy turned to look at Jackson, but the other man was focused on the road, so Troy had no clues as to what he meant by that strange statement.

“Technically, there is only one of me. And MICKEY is your assistant – I only stepped in this once as a favor!”

“Yeah, but you could become a regular part of the act if you wanted to – you already know most of the tricks we do, you just need a little practice; the party isn’t for another three weeks, that’s plenty of time to polish your act. And the money’s good.”

Troy had to admit that was true – he had gotten almost half of the payment for this current gig, and it was certainly more than he would have gotten for the same amount of time at the stir-fry place he worked at part-time.

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