Gaslighting Your Girlfriend

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Big Tits

Benji left from work in a good mood. It was Friday. The sun was shining. And the beer garden was calling his name. Usually, he would be meeting with his friends at the Duck and Drake for a few too many pints of the local ales but everyone seemed to have plans already made, so he had arranged to get drunk in the dazzling sunshine with his girlfriend, April, instead.

Leaving his office building, he received a text from April.

‘Sophie just messaged me. She is meeting us at the Duck’

Sophie was April’s best friend from the village where they had grown up. They didn’t see each other as much these days but it was always a wild night when they did reunite. Benji had grown fond of Soph even if she was a bit loud, crude and slutty.

Benji text back a thumbs up emoji and continued on his walk, basking in the mid-afternoon heat. God, he loved finishing early on a Friday.

Arriving at his favourite local, Benji waved at a few regulars as he collected a cold pint and made his way to the rear beer garden. Finding a seat was a miracle but somehow, he bagged an entire bench as he waiting for April and Sophie to arrive.

April arrived first and stealthily walked up behind her boyfriend, grabbing him around the chest and squeezing him into a big hug. Sitting down next to him, they chatted about their day and how bloody hot the weather was, as is the British tradition.

The couple were discussing potential holiday destinations for the end of summer when April suddenly shot up and ran to the pub’s back door.

“SOPPHHH,” She screamed as she greeted her friend, running up and jumping into each other’s arms, turning heads from the other patrons.

“APPPRILLL,” Sophie screamed back as they roughly embraced. Sophies taller frame dwarfing April’s petite body.

Watching the two girls entwine each other was sensual moment. Grabbing and cupping each other bodies as they cuddled and nuzzled. Benji looked them up and down, comparing his girlfriend and her best friend.

April was petite and lithe. 5ft 2 with the slim body of a runner. Toned, tanned legs leading up to a tight yet small buttocks, slender hips and impressive abs made way for a small A-cup chest and delicate features. Her light brown hair trailing down her shoulders and framing her pretty face. Dark brown eyes, a button nose and high cheek bones gave her a very girl-next-door look.

Sophie was quite the opposite. Taller than most of her friends at 5ft 8, Soph had a figure that can only be described as THICK. Long pale legs with thick thighs led to a fat, juicy arse and a provocative FUPA (fat upper pussy area), her wide hips flared out and her large breasts bulged obscenely in her tight floral summer dress, showing off her thickset hour glass shape. Wild, curly dark brown hair cascaded down her back. Large hazel eyes, a devilish smile and a roman style nose completed her breath-taking look. A classy whore would be an apt description.

Tearing his eyes away from the pair as they disentangled, Eric casually sipped on his pint as if he hadn’t just been ogling them both.

“Heyyy, Benji!” Soph said excitedly as she approached, leaning in for a quick hug, a great valley of cleavage now thrust into Benji’s face.

“Hey, Soph!” Benji echoed, matching her enthusiasm, “How are you?”.

“I am sweating my tits off,” Soph replied nonchalantly, Benji could not stop himself from glancing at her massive boobs, “Both otherwise, I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m great, can’t complain on a day like this,” Benji responded merrily.

The trio spent the next few hours catching up; discussing work, holiday plans, weather, music, politics, old friends, weather, festivals, families, weather and Sophie’s recently dating life.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Soph asked April directly while giving Benji side eyes.

“Always,” Shot back April, forever ready to be a supportive friend.

“After the dating hadn’t been going well recently, I went to a swinger’s club with Rachel a few weeks ago!” She let the ‘secret’ hang there for a few moments. April face was shocked but clearly intrigued.

“Oh my god! You little hoe! What happened?” April was clearly desperate for the gossip. She liked to live vicariously through her uninhibited friend. Benji tried to act uninterested but he was secretly keen to hear about Soph’s salacious endeavours.

“Well..” A big smile spread over Sophie’s face, “We got to the club and it’s kinda of split into two main rooms. A casual meeting room with drinks and shit. Then a darker room with loads of sofas and bed-like things where all the dirty fucking happens.”

April was listening intently. Benji was still trying to act casual but was really hanging on her every word.

“We chatted to some guys there for a while and then Rachael went off with TWO OF THEM!”

Benji’s cock was starting to swell in his tight cargo shorts.

“So, I was left alone, which was a little intimidating, but then I got talking to this black guy called Josh. Tall, handsome, delicious muscles. We Maltepe Escort talked for a bit before he invited me to dance in the next room. Honestly, I was shitting myself. I didn’t know what to expect.”

“We walked through and it was pretty chill. I was expecting a pile of bodies on the floor but it was just small, private alcoves with sofas and beds. People on the dancefloor. People at the bar. Yeah, there was someone getting a BJ here or fucked over the back of a sofa there but it wasn’t like, in your face.”

April was staring at her friend as she laid the scene out for them. Her hands gripping the edge of the table tightly. Benji took a swing of his pint as he willed his rapidly expanding member to go down.

“Me and Josh head to a sofa in the corner. It’s kinda secluded but we can see everything going on. We start kissing and he pulls my shirt off, he’s all over my tits, nearly sucked a nipple clean off.”

Benji’s cock was straining against his shorts now. He couldn’t stop himself glancing at Soph’s massive bust as she continued the story.

“Then he’s pushing me back on the sofa, pulling my panties off and eating me like a madman. His technique was pretty sloppy but God loves a tryer and he wasn’t lacking in effort. Then I pushed him back and pulled his cock out, I was hoping for a big one but it was pretty average. Fairly thick though.”

HOLY SHIT I wish you’d pull my big one out, thought Benji.

“I went down on him for a bit, he said it was the best head he’d ever had, but all guys say that. He kept holding me down which made me gag, but whatever.”

“Then I pushed him back and climbed on top. We started fucking and it was really satisfying. Usually, I’m a total size queen but this guy did the job. I was totally into it. Some guy with a little shrimp dick tried to come over and stick it in my mouth but I told him where to go. Then me and Josh swapped and I was on the sofa, then he picked me up and flipped me into doggie. I started trying to play with his balls and he blew his load all over my ass. It was fucking hot. They even have towels and wipes and shit to clean up afterwards.” Sophie finished her tale and sat back to admire the astonished faces of her audience.

“Wow,” was all Benji could say.

“So, what happens, like, after?” April asked meekly.

“Get dressed, have another drink, dance some more. Some people just walk round looking for more action but most people have already found a fuck buddy in the first room.”

“Would you go back?” April shocked herself by asking this.

“Oooooo does April want to try Les Liaisons Dangereuses?” Soph questioned in torment, using a terrible French accent.

“NO, NO! I’m just interested,” April tried to placate her friend.

“Does April want to watch her boyfriend fucking some young slut while she gets pounded off a sexy exotic beefcake?” Soph used a mocking ‘little girl voice’ to make fun of April’s demure nature.

“Shut up, Soph!” April glared angrily at her BFF. Her face now red with embarrassment and a hot flare of rage, “I’m not going to your weird sex clubs, now drop it!”.

An awkward silence hung over the table before April announced she needed a new drink and quickly disappeared inside the pub.

Soph looked over the table a Benji with a sultry wide-eyed smile.

“You liked my story didn’t you Benji?” She asked in an alluring faux-sulking voice.

“Fuck yes!” Benji replied, maybe too hastily.

Sophie grinned broadly at his admission.

“Would you ever go to a swinger’s club?” Soph urged casually.

Benji quickly checked behind him, looking out for April returning at the worst possible time.

“I…If I was single, then yeah, definitely!” Benji replied hesitantly.

His pause and check got a laugh from Soph.

“Relax, she’s not here,” Soph said as she sipped her drink.

“Hmm I bet the women at the club would be all over you…you and that… big…thick…cock.”

As she spoke, Sophie extended her arm under the bench and grasped Benji’s rock-hard dick, gently tracing her fingers along the shaft before squeezing the throbbing head.

Benji’s head exploded as Sophie stroked down his girthy cock. He had always thought Soph was good looking, her tits were glorious and he’d bet she was a wicked fuck but would never have considered pursuing her due to her and April friendship.

This overt overture…confused things.

The look on Benji’s face must have been a picture as Sophie burst into laughter.

“God, you look like you want to flip me onto this table, Benji,” She cackled through intermittent laughter, slowly pulling down her sundress bust, exposing more delicious creamy white cleavage.

“Naughty boy, Benji,” Soph winked, while wagging her finger sarcastically, “And don’t think I haven’t seen you drooling over my tits!”.

April suddenly reappeared through a crowd of people with 3 pints grasped in her hands.

“Hey, Sugarbutt,” Soph greeted April with a hefty slap on the ass.

The İstanbul Escort three friends spend the remaining evening chatting, gossiping and tormenting each other. They drank far too much, ate some bar snacks and raced each other around the beer garden fence.

As the sun was setting, the three amigos decided to head back to April’s parent’s house for some final drinks and maybe a dip in their hot tub. April’s Mom and Dad had been away on a couple’s cruise for one week and weren’t due back for another 5 days.


Drunkenly entering April’s parent’s house, the trio went about raiding the drinks cabinet for the best booze they could find. One bottle of spiced rum later and they were sat in the large living room, sipping their drinks and laughing at old stories of ‘back in the day’.

After a while of chatting and listening to music, April declared:

“I’m borrrred. Let’s play a game!”.

“I’m not playing fucking Monopoly with you ever again!” Sophie shrieked dramatically.

April shot her a dark look.

“Noooooo, I meant a drinking game or something,” April replied sourly.

Getting to her feet unsteadily, April walked to the large cupboard just off the living room. Opening the door, she rifled through the shelves, looking for something entertaining.

“Boggle… UNO… Twister… Ooo what’s this one?”

April retreated from the cupboard, holding a small box high above her head in triumph.

“This is it. Truth or Dare,” April instructed the guests.

“Ahh, really?” Asked Benji, secretly hoping to ask Soph all kinds of compromising questions.

“I’ll play. It’ll be fun,” agreed Soph as she stood up, always up for a game with the potential to turn spicy.

“Come on Benji, you are playing!” April demanded as she raised him from the sofa.

The trio sat on the floor of the living room with the game box in the middle.

April opened the box and read the instruction card.

“Each player must draw a card and fulfil the instructions TO COMPLETION. Otherwise, the player must forfeit. Ok, that seems easy enough. What’s the forfeit?”

“The loser has to order a drink in the Duck…Naked, next weekend,” Soph declared without hesitation.

All three fell about laughing at the prospect but eventually agreed that this was the forfeit.

“I’ll go first,” announced April as she drew a card, “DARE: Kiss the player to your right.”

April looked up uneasily at Sophie who was directly to her right, shifting onto her knee, she shuffled towards her.

Leaning in, April gave Sophie the most timid peck-on-the-mouth kiss in the history of Truth or Dare.

“Whaaat? Come on that was like a kiss you give your grandma,” Benji complained drunkenly.

Soph grinned at Benji’s dissatisfaction with the first dare. April had tried to pussy out already.

April rolled her eyes at his comment as she leaned back in for a second kiss. This time, Sophie was ready and grabbed her friend, passionately locking lips with her and forcing her tongue into her mouth. April’s eyes went wide in shock as she slowly adjusted to her best friend making out with her. After a few blank seconds, April began kissing back as the two friend viciously exchanged saliva, Sophie directing every movement with her tongue. Benji watched in delight as the two beautiful women frenched right before his eyes.

Breaking from the embrace, Soph looked rather gratified while April was still reeling from the shock of such an enthusiastic kiss.

“Okay, my turn next,” Sophie declared as she drew a card from the deck.

“DARE: Suck the toes of the player on your left.”

Soph looked up to April and giggled at her astonished face.

“Come on, girl. Get those piggly wigglys out!”

April reluctantly laid back and bared her feet to her BFF; Soph moved into position without a second thought. She looked Benji directly in the eyes as she licked April’s full foot, from heel to toe, maintaining eye contact the whole way. Benji could not tear his eyes away, his cock was already starting to grow.

Sophie continued this brazen eye contact as she twisted her tongue around April’s big toe, eliciting a small moan from April, before licking every one of her dainty toes; one by one. As a final demonstration of her prowess, Sophie attempted to deepthroat the entire foot, managing to fit all the toes and some of the sole before gagging on its size and retracting. Benji watched enchanted as his girlfriend had her feet blown by her slutty friend. He was now painfully erect.

“Ok, Benji, you’re up next,” April said as she sat up.

Benji shimmied forward, pulled a card off the pile and read the challenge.

“Dare: Suck the nipples of the player on your left.”

Benji instantly looked at his girlfriend. She surely won’t be okay with this?

Sophie had a shit eating grin on her face. She knew April would hate this.

April was trying to act as if she wasn’t bothered but really, she wanted to scream.

“It’s just a game,” April Anadolu Yakası Escort shrugged with a weak smile.

Benji kneeled up and faced soph, unsure of how to begin this with his girlfriend present.

Soph however, took the initiative, pulling down the front of her floral sundress and allowing her massive tits to flop into view. The large EE cup breasts hung wonderfully on her thickset body with a hint of sag, only natural with boobs this big. Her large dark-pink areolas were stretched wide over the tip of her breasts, contrasting wonderfully with her pale creamy skin and thick, stubby nipples; proudly jutting forward.

Benji could only stare in wonder as Soph’s giant mammories were revealed. He had never been with a girl with a bust this big. His dick was now hard as steel and threatening to burst through his shorts.

“Come to mama, big boy,” Soph teased as she shook her busty chest at him, pale juicy flesh flying from side to side. Benji eyed her body hungrily as he edged towards her.

Grabbing the back of his head, Sophie pulled Benji downward into the centre of her chest and motorboated his face viciously, each massive breast slapping off the sides of his face. She then grabbed a handful of his hair and directed him towards her left nipple where he obediently suckled on the hard succulent nib; gently at first but increasingly more aggressive until he was chewing and biting her large nipple and surrounding breast. Benji’s right hand came up to massage and grope the opposing boob, twisting the thick nipple with his fingers and roughly pawing at its massive size.

“Ohhh baby, that feels soooo good,” Sophie cooed as she thrust her head back in ecstasy as her sensitive breasts were worked over by the best friend’s boyfriend.

April was furiously staring at the two of them. Benji wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it this much. This wasn’t how the game was supposed to go.

Sophie literally had to pull Benji away from her left boob by his hair before he ravenously attacked the right one, savagely sucking and chewing on the fat nipple, attempting to get as much flesh into his mouth as possible.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Sophie moaned deeply as he inhaled her breast.

Irritated that she was being left out and annoyed that her boyfriend was enjoying himself too much, April decided to intervene.

“Ahem hemmmmm” She fake coughed. Trying to bring the pair out of their sensual tryst.

Sophie and Benji had been lost in the moment and were suddenly brought back to reality. One last lick of the hard nipple and Benji sheepishly disengaged and moved away.

Sophie on the other hand, was beaming. She loved making other people feel awkward around her brazen sexuality and these two were perfect. One sexual repressed prude and one sexually repressed freak. Which one will break first she wondered?

“My turn,” announced April, determined to get this game back on track.

She drew a card from the deck and read aloud:

“TRUTH: How many times have you eaten ass?”

April glanced nervously from the card to both Sophie and Benji, her face slowly turning a deep shade of red.

“Well…” Soph prompted after a few seconds of silence.

“I’ve… I’ve never… EATEN… anyone’s ass,” April whimpered.

Sophie had to resist the urge to laugh, her friend was clearly self-conscious on this issue.

“Oh, my sweet child, you haven’t lived until you’ve had someone tongue fucking your ass hole.” Soph stated, before chastising her lover, “BENJI! why haven’t you been eating your girl’s ass?”

Benji looked nervously at April then down at the floor.

“I’ve… I’ve tried too,” He muttered meekly.

“Damn, you two are weird,” Sophie laughed out loud.

“Just draw a card,” April snapped.

Soph straightened up and drew another card:

“DARE: Flash your ass to the player on your right.”

A cheeky grin spread across her face as she looked up at Benji. Shuffling onto all fours, Sophie turned so her fat ass was inch from Benji’s face.

Benji could feel his cock twitching as Sophie positioned herself for him. It took all his self-control not to reach out and grab a handful of thick ass meat.

Sophie looked round and gave him a devilish wink before looking back towards April and blowing her a sarcastic kiss.

Slowly, Sophie pulled the hem of her sundress upwards, looking back to observe Benji’s reaction. The floral material inched tantalizingly towards her curvy butt, thunderous creamy thighs coming into view before the bottom of her voluptuous ass cheeks peeked out. The shape of her ass widened as her matronly hips flared out before the enormous pale skinned derriere was on full display for Benji’s pleasure.

His eyes were transfixed. His mouth was bone dry. His cock was rock-fucking-solid. Every fibre of his body screamed out for him to bury his face in her curvaceous rump.

Sophie loved every moment of this voyeuristic encounter. She revelled in being the centre of attention and she definitely had Benji’s… attention.

Moving her hands down to her sides, Sophie placed her hands on each wobbly cheek, tenderly spreading them apart and showing Benji an unrestricted view of her puckering asshole and slippery pussy lips.

“Holy…” was all Benji could manage, mesmerised by the lewd show.

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