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“Enough” his tone was clipped and she already knew she was grinding away at his thin patience with her. She sighed loudly and leaned her head back on the arm of their couch. One of her long legs was pinned behind his back, which he was leaning heavily against. The other was draped across his knees with his forearms resting against her calf. She shivered entirely naked, spread and exposed beside him as he entirely ignored her desperate little Mewls For attention. Occasionally he would let a thumb trace circles absentmindedly on her calf and her body would arch and coil in reaction.

She could tell from the sounds from the tv to her right that he was playing some kind of game. His eyes squinted in concentration as she ached a foot away from him. Her fingers danced and trailed slowly up her thigh, and beside her cunt. His favorite place to torment and her least favorite place for him to tease. She huffed again as her fingers began to trail towards her slit and she caught herself. Tearing them away.

“Careful girl” he shot a look out of the corner of his eye at her as she clawed her own stomach. “Your thigh and beside your cunt and nothing else until I decide you’re ready and..” He twisted and pressed his thumb abruptly into her. “you are definitely not ready doll.” He turned back to his game, leaning across her calf as she let out a desperate little sound in her throat. She began the tantalizing rhythm again. Clawing slowly and achingly at her thigh, along the crease beside her thigh and her cunt and back down toward her own knee.

She could hear the sounds from the television. His eyes were focused on the screen and she studied the planes and angles of his face while she teased herself under his demand.

Studying his brows that sloped into expand of his face that so reminded her of the ocean. Large thickly lashed eyes. A color too Grey, too dark and too solemn to be considered blue and a too deep and rich to considered grey. She often lost herself in those eyes, tracing her thumb lightly across the high panes of his cheek bones as he would allow her. Tonight was not one of those nights as she was forced to lie patiently draped across his legs incapable of deepening the tender caressing her fingertips craved as the rest of her body ached and yearned for more.

She found herself lost in those thickly lashed eyes as she twisted and torment herself under his control. Thick lashes and hooded the eyes that led so truly and directly into his desires. He knew his downfall though and kept those ocean eyes directed at the screen as he purposefully lost himself there , intentionally avoiding her lanky and desperate body as he knew he couldn’t refuse her. To look into the deep green eyes of hers would mean the end of their game and he fully intended on denying her at least few minutes longer.

She continued to trail her hands tantalizingly up her thighs, crossing her cunt before trailing her nails back to the ditch behind her knee as he continued to ignore her. She let out a shaky sigh and leaned her head back hard into the arm of their couch. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could stand, how much longer she could continue to be obedient and deny herself.

Finally he put the controller down and turned to her. “Come here” he leaned across to grab her hips. dragging her ass towards him and sliding her down the length of their couch. He paused a moment admiring her form beside him.

Leg draped across his lap, his hand on her hip, her fingers continuing to tease herself as he looked her over. Her breasts and cheeks istanbul travesti flushed with desire. Her eyes wide and hungry as she looked up to him.

His hand moved from her hip over the bottom of her stomach. She gasped, arching to his rough finger tips and digging her nails into her thigh. “Mm did I tell you to stop?” He asked as his hand spanned the valley between her hip bones.

Her fingers began to trail again reluctantly up her thigh as she watched his hand intently, desperate for his touch. As she watched he dragged the rough pad of his large thumb down the soft flesh of her stomach, watching her face as he did so. Reveling in her reactions to him.

She chewed her lip desperately as he continued to tease her, dipping his thumb below her navel towards her needy cunt before swirling it back between the crests of her hips. “Ready for more?” He asked as his fingers trailed up the sensitive flesh between her breasts.

“Oh… Please..” She whimpered as she pressed her Chest up towards his hand. He walked his fingers down her sternum and caressed her ribs before pressing southwards once again.

He watched her face as he did so. Her eyes focused intently on his long, talented fingers. Short nails and rough pads catching bits of her tender flesh as he went. She whimpered when they did so, trying not to writhe beneath him and deter him from his course. All the while her fingers continuing to circle and paw at her inner thigh.

“Here little one?” He asked as his thumb hovered over her clitoris, the rest of his long fingers curling possessively around her pubic mound. She sank lower into their couch, spreading her legs wider for him as she nodded.

He let his thumb hover a moment longer before pulling his hand away from her body entirely. “I don’t know why I’m doing all the work here. Show me how ready you are”. She moved her own small hand to hover where his had rested only a moment before. She looked up to him expectantly, awaiting a sign that this is what he needed from her.

He nodded his head, hungry eyes watching as she slid a finger into herself. She exhaled a long, slow, shaky breath as she did so. Her legs pressing into him as her lashes fluttered. “Show me how ready you are for me” he said expectantly. His own lust and need heavy in his voice.

Reluctantly she removed her finger from herself and held her hand up to him as an offering. He sighed as he saw her need glistening on her finger tip. “Tell me how you taste” as he spoke he grabbed her wrist. Pressing her hand towards her mouth and she parted her lips obediently. Allowing her finger to slide along her tongue to the back of her skilled mouth.

She sucked hungrily at her finger tips as she watched His control faltering already. tasting herself was one of the few things that could break his composure and cool calmness in her presence and she enjoyed chipping away at his self control. “Like sugar Sir” she sighed holding her cleaned finger up for him to inspect.

He grabbed her outstretched wrist, biting her finger tip hard with the tips of his teeth before grabbing her hips again. His thumbs digging into the dips at the tops of her hip bones as his fingers wrapped around the small of her back. In one fluid movement he lifted her ass off the couch and was able to turn his body to face her. Crossing his legs and setting her down draped across his lap. Her head still pressed into the cushions of their couch with her legs wrapped around his waist, giving him an on obstructed view of her spread and exposed şişli travesti in front of him.

“Two fingers right here like this” as he spoke he began teasing his thumb up her slit. Her back arched and she whined as his thumb circled over her clitoris before sliding back down the length of her. “Nothing here…” He slid his thumb inside her and she writhed beneath him. “Or our game is done understand?”

She nodded dumbly, sucking her own lip between her teeth as her fingers replaced his own. Slowly, tantalizingly tracing the path he left for her. Her eyes not leaving his as he watched her movements hungrily. His hands wrapped around her thighs and his thumbs traced small, slow circles on the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh.

She moved her other hand to his, lacing their fingers as she continued to tease herself under his careful watch. He brought her knuckles to his lips and kissed them once before resting their joint hands on her thigh once again. His large thumb tracing the lines on the palms of her hands absentmindedly.

“One finger. Slide it inside of you slowly” his voice was heavy and cracking. Thick with his lust and need for her. She did as she was told, sliding her middle finger inside of herself slowly as he watched. Feeling the ridges and curves of her insides as she did so. When she had buried herself to her knuckle she paused. Waiting for his instructions.

He didn’t give her any for a long moment. Just savoring the sight beneath him, knowing he couldn’t maintain this self control for much longer. Long legs wrapped tight around his waist, little cunt entirely exposed to him. Pale stomach and ribs expanding and contracting rapidly as she struggled to catch her breath, obediently following his every command. He didn’t let his eyes travel any farther, knowing if he looked into her needy eyes while she worried her lip with those teeth he would burry himself inside of her and the game would be finished.

“Fuck… In and out. Just one… Slowly. No slower” he breathed as he watched her begin to slide and curl her finger in and out of herself. Her breath catching each time she began to slide inside of herself. He bent now to bite along the inside ridge of her hip. Breathing her into his lungs deeply. Savoring immersing himself in her. He kissed lower watching her hand intently.

“Fuck come here” he groaned as he sat back on their couch. Pulling the hand with their interlaced fingers. Forcing her to topple and sprawl awkwardly over him in his haste to pull her to him. “I need you. Now” he grabbed under her ribs pulling her needy, trembling body up so there foreheads were resting against each other’s. “Undress me.” He sighed as his fingers trailed slowly down the ridges of her spine.

Her hands shook hard as she pulled his sweater over his head, kissing him lightly as his lips were exposed beneath the hem of his T shirt. Her hands fumbled weakly with the top button f his pants before he grew impatient with her. “Useless” he breathed as he wrapped her hair around his fist pulling firmly forcing her to arch. He bit the tender underside of her left breast as he unbuttoned his pants and freed himself with one fluid movement.

He tugged her hair harder, forcing her face towards their ceiling and pressing her chest towards his face. Without looking down she wrapped her hand possessively around him. Rubbing her thumb slowly up the underside of his cock as he bit into her harder. She continued to tease her thumb up and down the length of him as he wrestled bakırköy travesti mentally with himself for control. “Fuck” he choked as he grabbed both her wrists firmly.

“Goddammit you fucking little tease” he hissed as he pressed himself into her with one hard thrust. He pulled her arms behind her back and grabbed both of her slender Wrists I’m one of his large hands. Curling his fingers around her. Holding her still above him. “Slowly. Roll your hips the way I like…” His other hand traced along the curve of his jaw and down her throat as she did as as was told.

Her breath rattled in her throat as she slid up on him slowly. Closing her eyes as she savored the feeling of him inside her. Each bump and ridge of his cock as she felt him slide out of her before rolling her hips to take him back in again. She pulled against the hand restraining her to kiss him once sweetly before continuing the slow rhythm atop him.

His hand dropped from her jaw to her hip as he grabbed her firmly. Using his hand to move her little body on top of him. Fucking himself hard with her, pulling her hips down and burying himself inside her. “Jesus fuck. ” he groaned as his teeth found the sensitive skin at the bottom of her rib cage.

“Let me touch you. Please… please? ” she whimpered as her wrists tugged weakly at his hand. He released her and the fingers of her left hand tangled in the bottom of his hairline. Pulling his mouth harder into her flesh whimpering as he bit her harder. Her right hand curled along his back as fingers interlaced ribs and she pulled his abdomen up to meet hers.

Her brain clouded as her orgasm built. Lost in the feeling of their bodies rolling and tangling together. Her Mewls and his growls colliding and coiling together as they lost themselves in each other. “Please may I cum?” She whimpered finally her nose pressed into his as he pulled her body hard and fast down against him. Her lips trembling as she begged for release.

His hands moved quickly, one to her throat and one Twisting into her hair. Holding her face steady inches from his own. “Cum with me. Don’t you fucking dare look away little one” his words pushed her over the edge d and she crackled and exploded on top of him. Huge, hungry eyes bearing down into his as she tumbled off the edge. Her orgasm forcing the muscles in her stomach and between her shoulder blades to ripple and jerk as she clawed with blind need at his ribs. She could feel him cumming inside her, his body rippling to match her own. Her eyes never left his; green, grey and blue colliding in fire and lust. An energy hissing between their bodies as they took each other. “I love you” she whimpered as she dug her nails into him, trying to pull any part of him closer to her, Desperately trying to pull him into her.

She inhaled sharply, pleasure too intense in her diaphragm to exhale as she took him in. His nails and fingers dug into her throat an he gasped as he struggled to fill his lungs. At the peak of his climax he released her and her body slumped forwards to his chest as she finished. Trembling little whimpers hiccuping from deep inside her lungs as she shivered with pleasure atop him.

He sprawled back on their couch as she clung to him. Little talons digging between his wide ribs before sliding back, rubbing the tense bit of muscles between his shoulder blades. Her little nose pressed to the underside of his jaw as she closed her eyes. Breathing in the scent of him, of them, deep into her lungs. She closed her eyes and kissed his jaw once before settling to his chest. Feeling his chest hair tickle her nose and eyelids as she burrowed into him. He remained buried inside her as he traced slowly up her vertebrae as his other hand still tangled helplessly in her hair, holding her face against him. “I love you little doll” he sighed and she mumbled an incoherent reply to his sternum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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