Gaining A Better Vantage Point Ch. 02

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Okay, so you’re wondering how I could be face up pussy deep in an 18 year old neighbor girl’s fresh twat, on my back with a throbbing erection, and getting caught blatantly by my wife and mother-in-law. I guess that’s a fair question. As you know, I am John Gordon, an accountant and middle aged home body and usually keep things on the average. I used to think I lived like everyone else, thought things that others thought, and was a nice guy.

My fall from normalcy started ten years ago when my buddy Doug and I were in the den watching golf one afternoon. Mind you, I was never truly aware of what depths my mind could go until it unfolded before me. I thought I was just your average guy who had a wife that detested sex and its filthiness, and I had to accept it. I thought it was normal to have to masturbate alone when the urge was pressing.

Doug and I were drinking gin and tonics and being armchair caddies calling the golf shots for the leaders that day, feeling confident that any shortcoming by them was lack of skill. My wife Della had just returned from an all day hunt for beanie babies at that point and she decided to retell her daily events with us as she opened a bottle of wine. Doug, being single for several years after being involved in one too many extra-marital affairs, knew how much I loathed garage sale-speak, and pretended to engage Della as she rambled on and on about the fucking Elvis bear and its potential to make us rich.

Now, Della was no heavyweight when it came to drinking, and by the time she had consumed half the bottle of wine while she ran her mouth, she was lolling on the sofa and trying to stay awake. Doug rose repeatedly to refill her glass and encourage her to espouse further on the pros and cons of purchasing beanie babies with or without an intact tag on their rag-stuffed carcass and whether it affected the true value. I stayed out of the conversation, as I hoped she’d get loaded, get sleepy, and get the fuck out of my den and go to bed. It was apparent that Doug had another idea in mind that I didn’t begin to appreciate until he winked as he rose for the sixth time to refill her glass.

Slowly Della collapsed back on the sofa, her legs akimbo, her seersucker culottes riding up on her thighs, and she proceeded to mouth breathe and release a nice torrent of snoring. At this point Doug smiled at me and winked, telling me he had saved us all from any further invasion of her presence and boring conversation. I called out to Della to get her to go to bed, all to no avail. Della was out for the count.

As Doug and I watched Della, he hit upon the idea to have some fun with her in her passed out state. As he rose from his chair, he took the wine glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table. He snapped his fingers at her ears and tapped her cheek, all to no response from Della. Laughing out loud, he motioned me to come over and try it myself. Rising from my chair, I approached Della and shook her arm. She was gone, baby. I bet a bomb could have gone off and she wouldn’t have moved.

Then the trouble started, and none of it was my fault. Really. Doug got the brainstorm to rearrange her clothing so she’d wake up and realize her skirt was on backwards and her blouse was inside out and in this way be utterly confused. I knew this was not something Della would find amusing. However, just that little piece of an idea started my fertile mind to kick in gear. You know that little voice in your head that speaks to you? You see a car you like and the little voice says “I like that model in black. But I’d rather chrome wheels and leather on it.” That little voice in me said “She’s out and whatever you do is up to you as long as you are careful.”

I smiled at Doug and moved to my wife’s side. I started to unbutton her blouse, thinking I’d show some cleavage, something she never did in real life. After two buttons were loose, Doug encouraged me to do more. Seeing the look in his eyes, I should have known he was more adept at this than I was. But being the good friend I was, I went ahead and unbuttoned her blouse all the way and opened it up. There before us were two huge tits bundled in one of those ahh bra things. Looked pretty nice even on Della.

We sat back down and viewed her for a minute or two, drinking our drinks and smirking at our handiwork. Then Doug suggested we get those culottes she was wearing loosened up. I was hesitant, but I went along. I rose and approached my wife and searched for the zipper in back. It was tough sledding, believe me. She was heavy as a ton of bricks as I tried to turn her on her side a bit. Doug, being the trooper friend he is, went around the back of the sofa and helped. Soon enough the zipper was down and the snap released. He took control and began to laugh as he slid and cajoled the skirt down her hips, over her knees, and then off her bare legs.

Standing together shoulder to shoulder we admired our work. Della now lay before us wearing only her bra thing and some nice gaziantep bayan escort nude colored panties. Remember, now, my wife is not one of these petite glam gals you wish this was about. No, Della is one of those plus size gals. But the remarkable thing about Della is the smallness of her pussy. Her pussy lips are very little and compressed. Laying there we could appreciate the bush she sported through the material of those panties. You could clearly see a moist spot at the junction of her thighs where her pussy was pushed together by her healthy thighs. Her whole package looked sensual to me. I didn’t realize how sensual it was to Doug until he pushed his shoulder into mine as his eyes were riveted to my wife’s body and muttered, “You want to go further? I won’t ever tell anyone.”

Chuckling nervously, I said, “Man, I don’t know. What if she comes to? I’ll be a dead man. And so will you.” My wife has been known to throw her weight around, friend. Let me tell you. I was getting a show I hadn’t had in so long, my thoughts were all over the place.

Doug evaluated the situation, hitched up his shorts and leaned over Della and slipped his fingers into her panties waistband and started to slip them down. As he brought them to the bottom of her thighs, he looked over at me and swallowed with a gulp. I could tell he wasn’t thinking about trouble. He had a look of lust in his eyes as he reached down and rearranged his bulging cock. Me, I could feel an unmistakable twitch in my lower stomach that was sending a signal to my cock that this was something different but nice.

Doug, hearing no objection from me and noting no response not to proceed, he resumed pulling Della’s panties down, gripping hard as he cleared her plus size ass cheeks until the panties sprang free, allowing a smooth removal from that point forward. Upon completing his task, Doug stood holding the panties and smiled and said, “Wow, Della looks nice laying there. Looks so sweet.” He held up the panties and offered them to me. Not knowing why I’d want her nasty old panties after a hard day’s bargain hunting, I shook my head. Doug lifted the panties to his nose and sniffed deeply. Watching this, my cock knew it had found something different to awaken it. I felt the veins in my cock shaft begin to flood with tired blood.

Sniffing the panties over and over, Doug looked quickly to me and said in a stage whisper, “That top looks tight on Della. Let’s get it off.” Me, I wanted to be the last one to touch her in this condition. I just knew her temper if she woke up. It was like I wasn’t involved if I didn’t do anything. What a moron a man can be in a situation like that.

Doug pushed the dirty panties into his pocket and leaned over Della, his eyes drinking her in. He grabbed the elastic of the bra and wrangled it over her head and then off of her back, leaving her hair in quite a mess, covering her eyes. I listened for the interruption of her snoring, but she continued to saw those logs. I felt better after that and I snickered, thinking how clever Doug was. Doug took this for acceptance from me of his actions and he fluffed her titties, tweaking her nipples gently. He was on a mission now. Me, I knew this was wrong on one level, but my cock was moving sideways on its way up. Go figure. I was having one of those out-of-body deals where you see it happening, you are present, but you are not involved.

Watching me for disapproval and seeing no objection, Doug parted Della’s legs and began to stroke the hair covering her pussy. He had this smile on his face that was new to me. I know he lived alone since his divorce, but this was a side of him I hadn’t known was possible. Yet here we are, two friends molesting the woman I’m married to, and she doesn’t even know. Back and forth Doug’s fingers move across her pudgy belly and the bush of curly hair. Watching this, my hand moves to my crotch to grip my now rigid cock, and my eyes follow the action as a bystander.

Doug knelt down next to my wife, pulled her legs off the sofa and spread them wide. Her small cunt lips were forced to follow the rest of her legs and the parting of them created a soft squish of air to leak out. I have to admit that I had never seen that view of my wife’s pussy even when I got lucky with her. His fingers knowingly spread her vagina open and he smiled as he leaned into her, the distance between his lips and her cunt lips vanishing quickly.

Being suddenly blocked to see the next step, I moved closer and began to unzip my shorts. I could tell this was something I needed to see, wanted to see, and anxious to see. Doug extended his tongue onto Della’s small clit, and she immediately moaned in her sleep. I nearly freaked out, thinking she was now coming around. She adjusted her legs a bit and then continued to snore. Doug fluttered his tongue over her moistness and smacked his lips. He grouped his fingers close to the opening and spread her more, and then plunged his tongue into her pussy as far as he could. Once his tongue was buried in her pussy, his arms moved up to her big titties and their nipples. He lifted and tugged at her titties and dined on her cunt, and was doing an excellent job if I do say so myself. Lucky guy, watching him, I knew he had eaten pussy more times than I had fantasized about it. He jackhammered his tongue in and out. What an artist!

As for me, seeing my wife’s pussy being slurped was such an enormous turn-on! My hand moved to my pants and I pushed them down along with my underwear to the floor. Kicking off my shoes, shorts and underwear, I gripped my cock and stood at Doug’s shoulder as he ate her pussy. Think about it. Here’s your wife having her pussy reamed by the tongue of someone else and you get to watch it. Amazing, just amazing. I felt the heat from my cock as I stroked myself faster and faster.

After licking and sluicing her for a few minutes, Doug’s hands went south, away from Della’s titties. He reached under her and tried lifting her ass to roll a pillow under her. I removed my hand from my cock and assisted as best I could. No fear here, baby. I was wound up and ready for more. Satisfied with the position of the pillow, Doug returned to lapping Della’s now juicy pussy and searching for her pink ass entrance. He inserted a finger into her cunt canal and then circled her exposed rosebud, then pushed it in a bit. Once again Della moaned and sighed and moved to meet the inserted finger. My hand was now working my cock again and the precum was flowing nicely. I was very satisfied with this new arrangement. I was Doug’s wing man while he worked his magic on Della’s body.

Then, as if on a schedule, Doug stood, reached for his belt and began a fast-paced removal of all things inhibiting his cock. Soon enough he stood there as naked as Della. He huffed at me and wiped his hand across his face to ponder his next move. I could see the redness in his face as he silently stared at me. I read his mind. “Hey, can I fuck her now? You’d like to watch me fuck your wife, wouldn’t you?” No words were exchanged, but I’m sure that’s what that look meant.

I stepped to the side to allow Doug room to work. I was busy working my cock. I noted that Doug was endowed more than I was. Me, I sport a proud six inches on my best day. Doug looked like a horse. There had to be eight inches of cock on that guy. But the thickness was what caught my attention. His cock looked like it was too heavy to ever stand up straight.

As Doug surveyed the sight of my wife’s splayed pussy before him, me standing there masturbating and looking at his cock with wonder in my eyes, my breathing raspy and ragged, he lifted his cock, leaned over and dribbled spit onto the head of his cock. He waggled it a few times, slowly stroked it to even out the wetness onto the head of his cock, smiled, set his shoulders, and then eased down on top of my wife as light as he could. Doug is not a heavy guy, so I’m sure he knew how to make his entrance with as little fanfare as possible.

Once Doug got into position for the entry, I moved over again and took up position where I could see better. I reached for my wife’s brown nipple with one hand and noted my precum had splattered onto her belly in the process. Doug, taking note of my interest in the fun, grunted as he pushed the bulbous head of his cock down into the entrance of Della’s tiny pussy. As he pushed in, Della stiffened as if in pain and uttered yet another moan in her sleep. I nearly freaked out again, dropping my cock and retreating to the doorway in my panic. Doug, ever the competent guy he is, laid still and waited for my wife to settle down.

Creeping back, I took up my position where I could see the best view, which was behind Doug and between his legs. I watched as he slowly pushed his cock into her pink hole. It took several seconds before he could move, as her vaginal walls were stiff and unused for a long time. Believe me on that one.

I noted Doug’s balls were larger than mine and were very loose. As he began to move his cock in and out of Della’s pussy, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass. The sound was soon followed by a squishing sound as Della’s pussy finally gave up some moisture and aided in the lubing of the one-sided fuck. I have to give it to Doug: he knew how to fuck a woman. He slid his cock in and out and soon had a rhythm of bringing the head of his eight inches to the very entrance of her pussy and them pushing into her until he buried it and his balls rebounded from the force. I was fascinated by the vision of my wife being able to engulf such a cock as this. I previously thought my cock was all she could take, or rather, wouldn’t take with any regularity, saying it was distasteful to her sensibilities. Yet here was Della being fucked like there was no tomorrow. I felt so alive as I masturbated to this sight. I knew that a new side of me had been discovered. My hand was flying over my cock and the precum was splashing onto Doug’s back as I pumped myself while he pumped my wife.

Hearing me begin a groan as my eyes were bugged out in the midst of my best masturbation technique, Doug looked over his shoulder and hissed between breaths, “Man, cum in her mouth. Here’s your chance!” Looking back at Doug, my thoughts returned to the only time I had ever gotten my cock close to Della’s mouth. That was leaning over her one morning to turn off the alarm clock. As I nudged my cock near her lips that morning, she roared awake and elbowed me in the balls. So much for that idea. I limped for an entire morning after that.

But nearing my orgasm while masturbating, holding back is not my specialty. In the past I’ve had to be secretive in my personal time with my cock. If Della had known I masturbated, let alone the frequency, she’d have reported me to her mother. Oh, she had no use for a weak person. And I was weak for any number of things in her mind.

But Doug’s idea had merit and I suddenly took it as my own. I stagger-walked toward Della’s head, my cock head red as crimson from the squeezing I was forcing it to endure, my eyes on the prize of her mouth-breathing lips parted. I stopped stroking long enough to do a quick risk-reward ratio in my accountant’s mind and determined it was worthy of the endeavor. I bent at the waist and laid my throbbing cock on the lips of my wife, trying to time it with the gyrations her body was going through as Doug fucked her. His speed was impressive as he plowed her pussy. She was being rattled by the cock slamming into her pussy, so timing was needed by me to gain entrance into her mouth.

Once I was able to gauge the timing, I slipped and shoved my cock head into her mouth, resting it on her tongue that was lolling out the side of her mouth. My cock had no acquaintance with this strange hole and was eager to explore Della’s mouth as far as possible. Upon my cock plugging the air vent she was using, she involuntarily closed her mouth onto my cock shaft and began breathing through her nose. Two things happened at that point. Her bucking while being fucked caused her closed mouth to slide up and down on my cock; also, her closed mouth was gripping the shaft and giving me the delight of a lifetime as the nerve endings were on high alert. I began to moan in delight as I neared the time when I had to shoot my cum.

Doug was nearing the point of no return in pounding in and out of my wife’s pussy. He was straining to finish, as was I. We were indeed visitors in a strange land, the openings of my wife’s body. I felt more than heard the change in tempo of Doug’s thrusts as he arched his back and pushed his eight inches up into Della’s cervix. He cried out as he began spraying his cum into her cunt, groaning as each spurt landed as deep as he could throw it. Upon hearing this, and feeling the slowdown in Della’s mouth working on my cock, I pushed in further and felt my balls send up the ropes of cum from within. I, too, sprayed her interior, only this was her mouth. I gripped her face tenderly and pushed and emptied my cum as never before. As it backed up in her mouth, the puddle was in jeopardy of sloshing out of her mouth. Suddenly, she jerked, swallowed a couple of times, and bucked herself back to normal breathing again. My cum was flushed down her throat in a moment. Amazingly, her tongue moved across her lips as she settled down again and resumed her snoring.

Panting like a dog, out of breath, I pulled my softening cock from Della’s mouth and almost collapsed into a chair, holding my dripping cock, a smile on my face. Doug’s cock soon exited Della’s pussy with a loud slurping plop, and he, too, left the scene of the crime and sat in a chair. As we both recovered from the exertion, we smiled at one another. As we viewed my wife, the gush of Doug’s cum was draining out in a solid stream onto the plastic covered sofa. The puddle made its way down her ass crack and became a white and sticky mess contained by her thick thighs.

Doug looked at me and said, “You know, man, she was a great fuck, even if she didn’t know it. And look, you finally found a way to shut her mouth! Now all we have to do is wipe her down and put her underwear on. She ain’t gonna remember none of this. We just put her to bed and we can move on.”

My thoughts exactly. All I needed to do was buy some more wine soon for Della. I knew then that I enjoyed being a cuckold and had plans to see my wife fucked regularly even if they didn’t include her participation in the act, or my cock in her crack. I was also alert to the fact that perhaps I’d too quickly dismissed the appreciation of another man’s cock. I suddenly realized the possibilities of things and that others might enjoy Della even if I couldn’t. My imagination needed to be freed to all the possibilities. Remember, it’s all in how you look at something.

Standing, we got some wet towels and went to work cleaning her up. We rolled her to her feet and laid her on the bed. We dressed her in her clothes as best we could and turned off the light and left the room. I knew this was just the beginning of my fun. Oh, I’ve got more to tell you.

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