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Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (4) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottestMexicans I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (4) ……. Gabo and I walked back up the street and to my hotel. I saw a few people checking us out. I smiled as I was proud to have this smoldering man at my side. He was the hottest guy in Mexico. At least I thought so. Gabo reached back and grabbed at my ass as we entered the hotel. I smiled as he squeezed my butt cheek. Then we got into the elevator and went upstairs to my room. I looked at the hunk with lust as we rode up. “Fuck I would jump him here in this elevator” I said to myself “We’re it not for the woman with us” Yes there was a woman on the elevator with us. She looked at is oddly. Obviously getting where my mind was in my look. She turned to try and ingnore me. Then we got off on our floor and she continued on. I heard a huff as the door close. “Old cow” I said “Let’s get to my room and fuck our brains out” I lead him to my room, slammed the door shut behund us. Then attacked him. Grabbing hum and pulling his mouth to mine. My hand grabbed atbhis arms, shoulders and his body. Pulling his awesome body against me. I could feel his heat as he made out with me. It was BluTV awesome. Then my hand reached between us and found his big bulge. I grabbed at it and gently squeezed it. He sighed softly in my mouth as I grabbed at his covered dick. It pushed back at my hand as it responded to it. “Wow. Feels so fucking big” I said I then kissed him once more. Then I kissed at his face and then neck. My hand was still groping at his covered dick. “Such a gorgeous man” I huffed “Soo hot. Feels soo good too” I then kissed his chest before looking back at his handsome face. Then I smiledat him bbefore dropping down to my knees before Gabo. I was now staring right at his meaty bulge. It looked beautiful. Those speeds had a nice pouchful of cock. Full and delicious looking. I licked at my lips as I stared at it some more. It was perfection to gaze upon. “Wow!” I said again Then my hand moved over his delicious bulge some more. Just feeling it caressing it lovingly. Then I licked at my lips once before pushing my hand face into it. I quickly inhaled his crotch. The smell of the ocean was on him. Salty in aroma. And it was salty as I pushed my face to his crotch line and his legs. I licked there, causing him to coo softly “Hmm. Yess baby” he said. “Lick it. Kiss my dick like that” “Mm hmm” I hummed back I did kiss his crotch. Every inch of it. Kissed every inch of his big package that was tightly confined in his speedos. I then began to chew on the fleshy colomn through them. Feeling his dick as it pushed back at my face. I was soo hungry for his dick now. I knew I had to release it. To feast upog his glorious dick. So I reached for the waistband of his speedos. Even Netflix as I was still missing and munching on his dick through them “Fuck. Feels soo big” I stated as I pulled them down And then I did pull the speedos down. His big dick fell out at me. It was a nice size too. And not completely hard yet. Semi erect he was as big as me fully so. I stared at the gorgeous cock as I finished pulling down his speedos. Then I grabbed at his meaty cock. Grasping it greedily with my hand. Wrapping my fingers around the thing. It was hot and felt good. I then opened my mouth and sucked up his wonderful dick “Ughnn. Yess. There it is” he said “There it is. Go and suck me baby” “Ughnn” I was so hungry for his dick now. I was literally feasting on his cock. Turnung my head to try and swallow down more of his hard dick. I was more hungry for dick than I think I had ever been. And the slurping and hungry eating sounds only confirmed my hunger for his dick. ” Ohh God this is such a great cock” I gasped out as I came off it “Big and delicious” I could hear Gabo groaning above me. His hand touching my head as he felt my mouth eating up his dick. I felt his hand as it ran through my hair. A nice caress though it and he moaned. “That’s soo good baby” he moaned “Ughhn. Ohh soo good” I then moved off his cock again and kissed at the hard tip of it. There was a slight salted taste to the tip. But it was delicious. His taste now made me all the hungrier. I then moved back down and onto his dick. Swallowing him up once more. Gabo again moaned from the sensations of my mouth and tongue. “Yesss baby. Suck that cock” he huffed “Take it into your awesome mouth” “Ughnn fuckk!” Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle I then started to really blow on his big yummy dick. Sliding uo and down his shaft like it was that last dick I would ever have. Greedy, hungry I was as I slobbered over his beautiful dick. But it wasn’t for much longer though. I needed this not Mexican in my ass. So I pulled up and off his dick once more. Then I looked up at the gorgeous Latin. “Fuck me Gabo” I said “I need this big dick in my ass” So I got uo and then dropped my shorts now. Then I climbed up in my bed. Crawled up there on all fours for the hot stud, and offered up my needy ass. Reaching back and spreading my hole for him. Giving him a grand view of my hole. Then shaking it at him “Come on stud” I crowed “Get up here and give it to me” “Throw that big Latin dick into my ass” “Go for it” I slapped my cheek to a nice sting. But I knew my ass loosened and puckered at him when I did that. Then I moaned again for him to take me. “Do it baby” I said again “Gimme that bug fucking cock” Then hunk emailed as he gazed at my hole. At my pucker winking at him. He then came up behind me and spit in his hand. He then pressed his fingers to my hole. Sliding them over my needing pucker now. It felt nice and also tickled. But I wanted entry, so I pushed back at his hand. Moaning as I tried tomurge him to fuck me. “Just do it baby” I cooed again. Gabo then pushed a digit into my hole. I groaned from the lovely penetration as it felt very good. “Hmmmff fuckk yess Gabo” I cooed “Now fuck me with that finger” So he did. Gabo stated to push his finger in and out of me. Sliding down nivpce and slow. Then pulling back again. “That’s it. That’s it stud” I huffed again “Get that hole ready for your big dick” “Mmmm fuckk yess!”……… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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