Furniture Doesn’t Speak

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I kneel at Master’s feet, beside his office chair as he works. He ignores me other than stroking my hair with his fingers. But it’s good enough for me. Lately we haven’t been talking much, but I think it’s part of my punishment. I had recently been caught masturbating without permission, right in the middle of cumming while quietly moaning “I’m sorry Master”. So he’s been punishing me by more denial, including locking me in chastity and taking away my furniture privileges and being allowed to eat at the table and with utensils.

I rest my head on his lap look up at him, gently rubbing my cheek against his thigh. I’m desperate for his attention, as being ignored is one of the worst punishments for me and he knows it. Abandonment is my absolute worst fear, and while I know it’s a punishment, it still hurts. He doesn’t even spare me a glance and my chest tightens more.

“Please, Sir. I’m sorry, you know I am! I didn’t want to safeword because I thought I’d disappoint you,” I beg.

He doesn’t answer for a few moments, “I told you to always safeword when you couldn’t take anymore. You disobeyed me by ignoring that and touching yourself and cumming without my permission.”

“Yes, Master, I know but-”

Master cut me off by gently popping my cheek with his hand. With his other hand, he reaches into the drawer of his desk and takes out a slip lead. He brushes his finger along my jawline and puts the lead around my neck. He stands and walks out of the room, tugging the lead along with him, seeming to not care if I can keep up or not.

He leads me to our bedroom and istanbul travesti opens the toy drawer under the bed. Even though my furniture privileges are removed, I’m still allowed to sleep with him thankfully. But I have to sleep in my cage in the guest room at least seven nights this month. Thankfully though, I’ll get a blanket.

He tugs the lead and walks to the living room. Again, not caring if I can keep up or not. I end up choking a couple times before he positions me on all fours, parallel with the couch. I’m confused at first, but when he begins to bind my arms and legs together to keep me in the position with my back level, it becomes clearer and clearer what he’s doing. He spreads my legs and takes off the chastity belt and slaps my pussy firmly.

I gasp, “Thank you Master!”

“You’re welcome, but from here on out you’re not to make a sound. Understand?” He replies.

I nod. “Good girl.”

He inserts an anal hook and ties it to my hair before going to his office. A few minutes later he returns with a book and a glass of water. He sets the glass on my shoulder blade and I feel the cold wetness immediately and have to fight not to jerk. I don’t want to know what would happen if I broke the glass or spilled the water. I then feel a heavier weight on my middle back. I make an educated guess that he’s using me as a footstool and coffee table. I whine and immediately feel a sharp sting on my ass. The kind that comes from a riding crop. I yelp at the sharp feeling.

The weight of his legs disappears and fear sparks in my chest, “Wait! istanbul travestileri Please! I promise I won’t make another sound, Master, please!”

I hear a “tsk tsk” as his footsteps go down the hall. He returns with a remote control vibrator and a ball gag. “No please!” I yelp. My pussy is becoming wetter and wetter at being tied up and not having control.

He grabs my jaw and forces my mouth open, then shoves the ball gag into my mouth. He secures it and moves behind me. He inserts the vibrator and resumes sitting on the couch, the weight of his legs back on me. I receive three harsh blows with the riding crop to each cheek.

“Furniture doesn’t speak, Lilian,” he growls. I hold back a whimper at the harshness of the warning.

We stay like that for nearly a half an hour before Master gets up, “Now that I’ve finished that book, how about I play with my little Puppet some, hmm?”

My thighs are nearly covered in wetness now. He turns on the vibrator as high as it will go. “Don’t cum.”

He undoes the gag, “You may speak now.”

“Please! It’s been a week and you trained me to want pleasure constantly. Don’t you know how much torture I’ve been in?” I beg.

“A week since you came without my permission and disobeyed my order to safeword when needed.”

I beg and beg for him to let me cum, letting him know when I’m on edge. He turns off the vibrator and pulls on the anal hook, making it prod into the walls of my ass. I moan and hiss at the sensation, a pleasurable but painful one.

He istanbul travesti smacks my ass a few good times with his hand and makes me cry out. Then he begins to spank me with the riding crop. My ass has to be as bright as Rudolph’s nose by the time he’s done. He positions his cock at the opening of my dripping wet pussy and slips himself in. Over and over he thrusts roughly into my wet cunt while I moan and try to rock back against him. I squeeze around his cock, trying to beg with my body. He slaps my ass hard again and this time I begin to cry at the stinging and the frustration.

“Do you want my cum in you, my little slave?” He asks. Although I belong entirely to him, he still makes sure that I’m okay with some of the more risky things.

“Yes, Master, please,” I reply.

A few seconds later he’s moaning quietly a hot liquid spills into me. I squeeze around his cock again, trying to milk whatever is left in him and hold back my own orgasm. He thrusts into me a few more times, “Cum for me, Puppet.”

I moan his name loudly as I reach my orgasm, thanking him in the process.

He picks up the chastity belt, “I don’t think I’ll need to put this back on you for a while,” he says to himself and unties me. He folds the rope and takes the toys and lays them on the floor.

He picks me up as he always does when a scene is over and puts me on the couch. He leaves me there for a couple of minutes and comes back with a tube of cream to soothe where he whipped me with the crop. I wince at the cold, stinging sensation but he rubs my back with his hand comfortingly while he finishes applying the cream.

He picks me up again and carries me to the bedroom. He lays me down on the bed and pulls the covers up over me.

“Get some rest. I’m going to go clean up and finish work then I’ll make us some dinner and come wake you up, alright?” Master says.

I nod, already starting to drift off.

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