Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 03

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Cheating Wife

Chapter 3

The Harbour Cruise — Part 1

It has been three years since Dick and Jane first met, and deciding to splash out on their anniversary, their friends have hired a boat for a harbour cruise. It was one week until everyone had to go back to work, and Dick, Jane, and their friends were off out for a final fling. There were eight of them, all arranged and told what was happening by Dick’s best friend Nigel, and Jane’s friend Karen.

Nigel was quite a prankster and, not having a steady girlfriend, was open to most ideas, especially if they involved women and kinky parties. His nickname was donkey. Karen had experimented at university with Jane, although Jane had never told Dick exactly what they had done together.

Promptly at 7pm, Dick and Jane heard a loud holler from downstairs, along with whoops and the beeping of a car horn. Looking out the window they saw a limo hummer, with Nigel, Karen and the others leaning out, drinking beer, and waving enormous hands after the cricket that day.

Dick and Jane went out on the street where their six friends had all spilled from the hummer and onto the street. Dick and Jane clambered in. Wow! Fridge with beers and champagne, pumping stereo and their friends all primed for a big night.

“So where are we heading?” Dick asked.

“We’re off to the water mate,” was Nigel’s reply. “Remember all those harbour cruises we used to have at Uni? Well we’re off to re-live them; only with a more ‘adult’ theme,” he grinned.

Karen just looked at Jane, smiled, and winked.

Dick chugged back his first beer of the evening and wondered what Nigel could have in store. Most of his mates were all single, so being free and open they were often on the prowl when they went out together. Jane huddled up with the girls as they drove off and started chatting skirts, lingerie, bikinis, and clothing; and drinking the champagne.

The hummer made its way through the city to the docks where the cruise boats left. The early evening twilight combined with the balmy summer temperature had the guys out at the bars and the girls all dressed up in their short skirts and heels. Dick and his mates took great delight whistling at those who caught their attention, with Dick even being blown a couple of kisses as they drove past.

The hummer reached the dock to see a 30ft cruiser moored with escort bayan gaziantep crew in attendance. And what a crew! Two girls in short sailor suits, holding drinks trays with two crew ready to help everyone aboard. The cruiser had a small spa on the aft deck, as well as two cabins below including a large stateroom past the galley.

“All aboard,” yelled the captain.

The four girls walked up the gangplank first with the guys following. On board the crew handed around beers for the guys and champagne for the girls — all in plastic glasses of course. The boat cast off and they headed out into the balmy evening onto the harbour.

As they slowly sailed under the harbour bridge the crew brought out the smorgasbord for everyone to eat. Seafood and wine were laid on with liberal abandon as everyone crowded around and ate their fill.

By now, the alcohol was having the liberal effect. Everyone was getting to know each other, and although they had met at parties previously it was the first time that they were alone on a boat with no way to get off.

Jane sidled up to Dick and asked, “Having fun hon? Feel like checking out the cabins?” and winked as she sashayed off down below. Dick eyed her ass as it moved from side to side above her stockings and heels. He started to move towards the stairs, already getting hard but was stopped by Nigel. After making his excuses he quickly followed Jane down below.

Nigel quickly called Karen over, “I think Dick and Jane have gone below for some fun,” he said.

“Really,” said Karen. “I think we’ll have to let them get into it then go see what they are doing,” she winked.

Dick walked along the bulkhead, peering into the cabins for Jane. Seeing her in the stateroom lying on the double bed she beckoned him in with her finger. The lights of Sydney slid by as he climbed up on the high bed, Jane draped seductively in her thong and half bra, already having removed her skirt and top.

Whispering in his year Jane asked if Dick wanted to show her his flagpole. Dick responded by gently cupping Jane’s breasts in his hands and lightly running his tongue over and around her nipples. Jane sighed as he moved up her chest to her neck, nuzzling her earlobe and flicking his tongue. He sat Jane up and moved behind her, both of them kneeling on the bed as they glided over the smooth water.

Dick ran his hands up and down Jane’s tight firm body as he nibbled her neck. Cupping one breast he ran his fingers around Jane’s clit and down her pussy, feeling her wetness and eliciting a low moan from her. Pushing back into his hard cock Jane reached around and grasped him through the shorts.

“Take them off now,” she commanded. Dick gladly obliged and stood up as Jane twisted round to take his cock in her mouth. Gently she licked the underside of his cock, running her tongue around his head, flicking the underside to tease.

Suddenly she opened her mouth wide and proceeded to take all of him deep down her throat. Dick gasped with surprise then let out a low guttural moan as Jane worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Spinning her around he lowered her pussy onto his tongue, driving it deep into her while he played with her clit. “Yes baby that’s good,” she said as Dick continued to drive his tongue in and out.

“I want to fuck you from behind,” Dick said. “Stand up and look out the porthole,” he commanded. Jane stood and half bent over held onto the side of the cabin as Dick positioned himself behind her. Spreading her labia Dick slid into Jane’s now dripping pussy, Jane moaning as he did so.

Grasping her hips, Dick started to thrust and rotate his cock as he slid in and out of her. “Fuck me harder!” Jane screamed as Dick reached around to play with her nipples, rammingn her as she slammed back towards his cock with each thrust.

Karen and Nigel waited for half and hour then quietly went below. As they went down past the galley to the stateroom they could hear Jane moaning as Dick fucked her. Karen turned around and pushed Nigel up against the wall. “God that noise turns me on!” she said as she proceeded to run her hands down his body to feel his rapidly hardening cock.

Nigel kissed Karen passionately, both of them rolling their tongues around each other’s mouths as their hands proceeded to move and explore each others’ bodies.

Nigel grasped Karen’s breasts, holding them so he could draw down her bikini top and suck on her nipples. Karen moaned as Nigel rolled her nipples around his mouth, his hard cock pressing up against her mound.

Karen spun around, pushing back into Nigel. “Take me now,” she commanded, reaching behind her to grasp Nigel’s cock through his shorts. Nigel quickly dropped his shorts and hoisted Karen’s skirt. Pulling aside her bikini bottoms he admired her neatly shaven pussy from behind, gently spreading her pussy lips apart.

“Hurry up,” Karen whispered, suddenly being aware that Dick and Jane might hear them. Karen steadied herself against the bulkhead as Nigel swiftly entered her in one smooth movement. “aahhh,” Karen moaned as she felt Nigel fill her up.

“I love a wet woman,” said Nigel as he rhythmically started to thrust in and out of Karen’s pussy, her tight muscles clamping down on his cock. Karen grunted as Nigel started to slam harder and faster into her — she rested her head on the bulkhead and bit down on her lips.

“Fuck me harder!” she instructed. Nigel was only to happy to oblige, feeling Karen gush as she came against his cock.

“Yeessss,” Nigel moaned through clenched teeth as he came hard inside Karen.

Turning and kissing Nigel she whispered, “Ever done a foursome Nigel?” asked Karen with a smile on her face and twinkle in her eye. “If not, I think it’s about time you did, and I’m horny for a second round right now,” Karen said, as she twisted the handle on the door to the stateroom.

The lights of the harbour and other boats continued to slide by the porthole as Dick and Jane continued to change positions. Dick positioned Jane on the bed doggy style facing the door. He grasped her shoulders as he slid his cock into her pussy once more. As he did the door opened and in the frame stood Karen and Nigel.

The sight of their two friends, obviously horny, sent Dick and Jane over the edge. Dick emptied his load into Jane, Jane screaming, “oh yeessss,” as her pussy filled with Dick’s hot cum. Panting, Jane looked up at their friends smiling. “Enjoy the show?” she asked.

“Oh yes gorgeous,” said Karen. “I just sampled Nigel here and he was yummy. I thought you may like him for dessert.”

Jane looked up and smiled at Nigel. “That sounds like fun,” she said. Turning to Dick, she licked her lips; “Want to join in honey?” she asked.

Dick sat back and considered his options. He looked at the woman he loved, another he would love to play with and his best mate who was about to experience a wide ride with Jane. “Not quite yet hon,” he replied. Maybe Karen and I will sit back and watch for a while.

Karen smiled and licked her lips. “Perfectly OK with me,” she said, beckoning Nigel to the bed with her fingers…

To be continued…

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