Fun Under the Christmas Tree

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I usually don’t mind working the Christmas holiday (thank God I don’t work in retail). The work is usually light and this year I planned to telecommute from my home office so it didn’t seem like work all that much. Plus, I was going to be a bachelor for the holiday anyway so why not work. My wife’s youngest brother Jerry — he’s a jerk and I refuse to refer to him as a brother-in-law — had invited us over to his cabin for the holiday and following weekend. I work at a small firm and this was my year in the holiday rotation to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since I was stuck working I told my wife we’d celebrate early on Christmas Eve, then she could take the kids and enjoy a nice long weekend with her family. After a morning of opening presents and a hearty breakfast feast I cooked up for them, they piled into the minivan and took off for the next several days. I think I spent more time on PokerStars than I did on my job, but I got done what needed to be done by quitting time. There was nothing in the fridge I felt like eating for dinner, and going out for Chinese seemed too Christmas cliché, so I decided to hit the grocery store and make myself something nice. It was a couple of hours before closing time and there were quite a few people grabbing items from the gift card rack or poking around the holiday aisle for last-minute gifts. I grabbed some duck breasts, Brussels sprouts, baby red potatoes, and a nice locally brewed ale. I rolled my cart to the shortest line I could find and to what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this dark-haired young woman I had seen many times before. Her name tag said “Ria”. She’s about 5’5″ with dark hair and dark eyes that were şişli escort usually accentuated with dark eyeliner and dark make-up. The first time I saw her a few months ago she didn’t seem very pleasant, but on later occasions she was more friendly and would even said ‘Hi’ to my 6 1/2 year old son. Today was quite different. Same straight dark hair, but the makeup was brighter, lighter, more festive, with cranberry lips that sparkled when she smiled. The non-descript clothes I remember she usually wore under her clerk smock were replaced by a tight fitting sweater and low-rise hip-huggers that showed some skin and gave my imagination a lot to think about. “Hi,” she said with a big smile. “Merry Christmas. How’s your little boy?” “Merry Christmas to you,” I said. “By now he’s at his uncle’s cabin enjoying his second Christmas of the day. Like you, I had to work today, so I sent the family off for a long weekend.” “Awww,” she said. “Did he open presents with you?” “Yeah,” I said. “He’s fascinated by technology and building stuff, so we got him a computer and things like that to play with. If he were here right now I’m sure he would be looking at the scanner watching you read the bar codes.” As I said that I stood on my toes and leaned over the register. Hopefully she thought I was imitating what he would have been doing, and not realize that I was peeking at her midriff and wishing I could see what was a few inches lower. “How late are you here ’til,” I asked. “Until closing time at seven. Not too bad. So if no one is home what are you doing?” “You’re scanning my plans,” I said. “Make myself dinner, drink some beer and relax.” The fantasy part of my brain was mecidiyeköy escort ready to take over and blurt out ‘why don’t you come on over’, but instead I swiped my debit card, wished her a Merry Christmas and went home. Out to the parking lot and on the way home my fantasy brain had visions of Ria dancing in my head and me nibbling on her nice sugar plums. Damn, I was getting a little stiff just thinking about it. But humbug. It’s just an old man’s fantasy, I said to myself. I wouldn’t cheat on my wife. Dinner was good if I do say so myself, and there wasn’t much on TV I cared to watch. I started thinking about Ria again. PG rated thoughts about kissing her. X-rated thoughts about coming up behind her and sliding my hand down the front of her pants. I looked at the clock on the wall. The supermarket was open for another twenty minutes. What the hell. As I walked back in the store for the second time that day I heard someone on the PA system announce “the store will be closing in five minutes.” I grabbed some eggs, half-and-half, cheese and tortillas and got behind another customer in her lane. She saw me, gave me smile and a curious look, and finished checking out the other customer. “Welcome back,” she said when it was my turn. She turned off her light, meaning I was her last customer. “Forget some things?” I figured I’d tell the truth, but wrap it in a joking tone of voice. “Well, if you must know, I don’t really need any of this stuff. I just needed an excuse to see you again so I rushed over here before you closed. What do you think about that?” She laughed. “I’m not sure whether you’re joking or not.” I just smiled. “But since you’re here and I think I can trust you, maybe you can help me out.” “Sure,” I said seriously. “What’s up?” “My co-worker who was going to give me a ride home left early and I’m stuck for a ride home, so…” “…So say no more. Be glad to give you a lift. My Christmas gift to you.” “Thank you,” she said happily. She had to finish closing her register so I went outside and warmed up my car. I must admit all kinds of fantasies were running through my head at this point, but I told myself, ‘Down boy, this is just you doing a hot looking girl a favor.’ She was out in five minutes and climbed into the car. “Thank you so much.” “No problem. Where to?” She gave me her address. It wasn’t too far away. “So, what are your plans for the holiday?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not stare too long at her lest she think I’m some perv. “Not much. My roommate is off skiing with her boyfriend, and my parents are in Mexico, so I’m not going over there. It’s just me and the Christmas tree.” “Sounds like me this year,” I said. We chit-chatted a bit more about nothing, listened to Bruce Springsteen sing, ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,’ and all too quickly I pulled up to her apartment. “Thank you so much,” she said. “You are very welcome.” I looked into her eyes. Wow. She wasn’t making a move to get out of the car. “Um,” she paused, “since you don’t have anyone at home can I offer you an egg nog or a drink, something just to say thanks?” Wow again. ‘You can’t do this’, I told myself. ‘You’re not a cheating husband.’ I looked down, then back at her. No fuckin’ way. I can’t believe this. “Well, I’m not a fan of egg nog, but I’ll take the rum or whiskey if you have it, sure.” We got out and walked up a flight of stairs into her apartment. Overall it was pretty plain; a simple couch and chair, generic art prints on the walls, a small kitchen and a two person dining table.

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