Fun at the Rodeo Pt. 01

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I was sitting in my patrol car doing paperwork when I noticed the horse trailers start rolling into the parking lot at the truck stop. Some stopping at the pumps, some pulling around and parking. I saw one horse trailer at a pump and looked to have a tire that was low on air.

I walked over and mentioned it to the cowboy that was pumping diesel fuel. As we were walking around the trailer to look he said his name was Caleb and he thanked me and shook my hand. He asked if I had ever been to a rodeo and I told him I had not. He handed me 2 tickets and said I should come and be his guest. He wrote his number on a ticket and said call him if I decided to come.

He walked back around to finish filling up and I returned to my car. I watched him as he came back around, maybe 30, 6′, 180, thin but well-muscled, leaning over looking at the tire., red hair and showed a fine ass while checking the tire. He pulled around to the air pump and topped it off, then pulled over beside my patrol car. He walked up to car and tapped on the driver window. I let it down and Caleb said,” You were right, thanks so much. Make sure you come to see me compete at the rodeo.”

He went inside to meet up with the rest of the cowboys. I looked at the tickets thinking it was time for a weekend away. I texted Caleb on my next break and told him I’d be there. I was going to rent a cabin close by and I was going to take a deserved long weekend. Caleb replied quickly saying I’d love it. I found a nice cabin and rented it for 3 nights, even getting a discount for being a officer.

I got to the cabin, got unpacked and sat down to text Caleb. I sent him a picture of my hat, I asked him, “What do you think, I got a new hat, new jeans and had my boots shined.”

Caleb replied, “I love it. You’ll look like a natural, you’ll fit right in. I’ll see you there, I’ll text you where to sit when you get there so it’ll be easier for me to find you.”

I put on my Wrangler Slim Fit jeans, my boots, my Stetson and my Cinch Blue Plaid Shirt. I followed Caleb’s directions and got to where he wanted me to sit. I texted Caleb and told him I was there. I heard his name on the PA and he entered riding on his horse. He made a round and stopped in the line with the others as the rest were introduced.

Caleb looked up at me giving the thumbs up. The night moved along quickly, Caleb did well. As the rodeo came to an end the next thing I knew Caleb was climbing into the stands shaking his fans hands. He came up to me and sat down, asking, “Well, what do you think? It is really fun.”

I replied, “It looks like fun. I don’t think I’ll quit my day job but to each his own.”

He asked if I wanted to get something to eat, he was starving. I agreed, and we hit a local diner/bar kind of place. He rode with me saying one of his buddies, Beau, was taking the trailer and horses back with him, leaving his truck for Caleb to follow. We talked and got to know one another while eating. After the table was cleared I asked Caleb if he wanted a beer.

He said, “I’d love it, but I don’t drink and drive.”

I told him, “We can stop, get some beer and drink it at the cabin. I have an extra bed and hot tub that you are more than welcome to use.”

Caleb said, “That hot tub would be nice, I’m starting to feel a little sore. We can go by and let me get Beau’s truck and I’ll follow you.”

We paid and headed for my truck. I opened the door for Caleb and went around to enter. I took him back and he got Beau’s truck. Caleb followed me to the cabin, walked in and gave a low whistle saying the place was really nice. I popped the top on the beer and handed one to Caleb. I got mine and I asked Caleb if he wanted the grand tour. I gave him the 50-cent tour and we finished up outside beside the hot tub.

Caleb finished his beer and asked where he could change. I told him anywhere was fine. He said, “I don’t really have anything appropriate. I was planning on going back to the ranch tonight.”

I said, “Nude is fine with me, we both men, it’s not a problem with me.”

I stepped to Caleb, unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off. I pushed him back to the side of the hot tub and pulled his boots off. Caleb stepped up to me and unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it off. He knelt down as I steadied myself holding his head and removed my boots. He stood as we both started opened loosening our belts and removing our jeans. We both had on boxer briefs and climbed in the hot tub.

We sat back, Caleb on one side and me on the other. I climbed out to get another beer and Caleb said get him one also. I returned handing Caleb his beer as I climbed back in, this time I sat beside Caleb. I turned to Caleb taking his chin in my hand, looking into his eyes. I asked, “Caleb, I think we both know where this might lead. Do you have any problems with this?”

Caleb said, “I do not have any problem. I have Zeytinburnu Escort bottomed with a few men but never a black man.”

I said, “I just wanted to know before things got to far along. I will try to make it enjoyable for you and prepare your ass. I noticed at the truck stop you have a small sweet looking tight ass.”

I kissed Caleb’s forehead and told him to move between my legs with his back to me. when he had I started massaging his shoulders. He was groaning about how good the massage felt. I pushed Caleb forward and worked down his back kneading the muscles. I reached around his sides working up and he giggled saying it tickled.

I worked down his back again under the water line and pushed his underwear down as he raised up. He sat back down, and I pulled him to me, his back to my chest. I massaged down his front and down to his underwear pushing them all the way off and tossing them on the deck. I kissed his ear saying, “You will not be needing those anymore.”

He turned and smiled looking at me, “I hope I won’t, now let me get yours.”

He reached down to my boxer briefs and rolled them down and off as he licked and sucked under my arms as he dropped mine on top of his. He was moaning as he buried his face in my armpits. Caleb went to my nipples and I brought down both hands to his sweet ass cheeks. I got my beer and took another big swallow and then let Caleb take it from me.

Caleb placed his knees outside my hips and lay against me kissing my neck as I teased that sweet hole of his. I was palming each cheek alternating teasing his sweet hole with a finger from each hand. Caleb started at one bicep, licking my neck and down to the other bicep. Caleb then kissed me hard taking my long tongue deep in his mouth.

As Caleb sucked my tongue I slipped a thumb in his ass. He flinched as I went to the first joint and stopped. I got my beer from beside the tub and took the remainder. I continued massaging his ass cheeks. I removed my thumb and slid up to sit on the side of the hot tub. As I sat down my hard cock stood out straight, Caleb was in awe.

He said, “How big is that thing, I wish I had of known before I agreed to continue.”

I said, as I patted his head, “All it takes is the right prep. You’ll do fine.”

I got my phone and started the recorder. I want you to suck my big black cock now. Caleb opened his mouth and I lay my cock head on his tongue. I patted his head and told him to cover his teeth. He closed his lips around my cock and started taking it down, a little at a time, in and out until I hit the back of his mouth. He went up and down, trying to force it into his throat but not quite making it.

I patted his head telling him he’d get it eventually as he is sucking and licking the 4 inches he had in his mouth. Caleb pulled up until just the head was in his mouth and started back down, hitting the back of his mouth and gagging. I patted Caleb’s head and told him to let’s go inside. We went inside and got towels and dried each other off.

I took Caleb’s hand and led him to the bedroom. I lay Caleb on his back and crawled in beside him reaching over to the bedside table. I retrieved the lube and I told Caleb we were going to start the prep for him to be able to take my big black cock. I lubed up the fingers and thumb on 1 hand. I started by working 1 finger in Caleb’s ass and working it around. When he had relaxed I inserted another, working it in and out. I took almost an hour to work 4 fingers in opening that hole.

I asked, “Do you think you are ready for my cock Caleb? I can continue to stretch that sweet hole if you’re not sure.”

Caleb said, “I think I can take it, just please go slow. I am ready.”

I twisted my hand in ass with the 4 fingers, slowly pulling them out. I took more lube and placed it in Caleb’s hand, letting him lube my cock. When he was happy I got between his legs, cockhead at his sweet tight hole. I started pushing finally getting the fat head, I stopped and let Caleb settle down. I leaned down and kissed Caleb’s forehead.

I looked down at Caleb and told him, “I am going to start pushing in, 1 or 2 inches at a time.”

Caleb said, “Okay Clayton, I trust you, be gentle please.”

I pushed in a 6 more inches 1 or 2 inches at a time until Caleb had 8.5 inches of fat black cock in his ass. I asked him, “Do you think you can take the last inch.”

He said, “I can Clayton, I can. Give it to me.”

I pulled out 4 inches and told Caleb to count to 3. When he said 3 I plunged in, giving him the whole 9.5 inches plus. He yelled in pleasure, mumbling and moaning. I stayed buried in his ass until he relaxed. When he came back I asked him, “Are you ready to fuck?”

He said, “Fuck me hard, I am ready.”

I started pulling out, going back in with short strokes and long strokes, rotating my hips so my cock Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan touched new places. I was going faster and faster. I told him I was going to fill his sweet ass with my cum. I kept fucking his tight ass until I finished shooting my load in his ass. I lay on Caleb and rolled us over, him on top, my cock still in ass.

As my cock softened it pulled out until it popped when it pulled from his tight cum filled ass.

Caleb said, “You prepared me as promised, thank you. I have never had such pleasure in my life.”

I asked, “Do you want another soak in the hot tub or a bath and bed?”

Caleb said, “I would like a shower and bed I think.”

We went to the bathroom and got the shower ready. I soaped up my rag and he soaped his and we washed ourselves and each other. We dried off and I asked Caleb to get us another beer. He did and came right back. He drank our beers and went to bed. We both slept soundly. I was awakened by Caleb nuzzling and sucking my armpit.

Caleb said, “Good morning, I had a great time last night with my first fat black cock in my ass.”

“I am so glad you enjoyed it, I know I loved having it there. Your ass was so tight,” I said.

Caleb snuggled up to my side throwing an arm and leg across my chest and abdomen. I raised my arm for Caleb to enjoy. Caleb worked my nipples with his hand, alternating between my nipples and dragging his nails down my chest and stomach. I said to Caleb, “I want a beer. How bout you?”

He nodded as I got up. I got the beers, opened them and sat them on the bed side table. I went to the bathroom, I had to piss bad. He looked at me and said he had to go to as he got up. When Caleb returned he looked at me and said, “I don’t have to be home until late this afternoon. So that means I can stay till then.”

I smiled at Caleb and pulled him down to me, kissing him hard. I looked at him and told him I was hungry. He said he was too. We headed for the kitchen and fixed a quick breakfast of eggs, sausage and grits. We sat down at the table and ate. After breakfast we walked outside, we could not see another cabin.

Caleb looked at me and said, “I was able to take that big cock in my ass, now I want to deep throat it.”

I looked at Caleb and said, “Let’s do it right here on the deck on a lounge chair.”

I sat back and let Caleb crawl up to my cock on his knees. Caleb took the head in his mouth, he licked and sucked my cockhead moaning as he did. I lay a hand on his head and patted his head telling him he was doing great. He continued going further and further down on my cock till he got to the same place as yesterday. He tried and tried but just couldn’t get down any further.

I patted his head and told him, “Change position, place your ass facing my head and then try.”

He changed position placing his knees on either side of my chest and started again. I placed a hand back on his head and placed the other at his tight hole. I pressed his hole with my thumb until it opened for me. Caleb moaned as I pushed my thumb all the way in. I told Caleb to change position a little as he was bouncing with his mouth on my cock.

I pulled my thumb from Caleb’s ass replacing it with 2 fingers. He was really trying hard to swallow my cock, he was a persistent little guy. I felt my cockhead at his throat, when he went down I helped just a little, not forcing, just assisting. I was twisting and working my fingers in his ass, telling him to concentrate on his ass.

Caleb changed his position just a little and my cockhead seemed to be going further, Caleb was really groaning now. Caleb pulled off thanking me for the assistance, then went back down, hitting the back of his mouth again. He pulled up and went down again, with my help my cockhead finally went into his throat. Caleb was surprised and stopped, trying to fight the gag reflex.

He pulled up again, took a breath and went all the way down to the root of my cock with no help and froze there. I told Caleb, “You done great, keep it up.”

Called pulled up and said, “That feels great, I can feel your cockhead stretching my throat.”

I said, “I am glad you like. Have a good time. I have to warn you, keep it up and you are going to be getting a mouthful of cum.”

“That sounds good,” Caleb said.

He took my cockhead back in his mouth sucking off the precum. After licking his lips, he went down, never stopping until his lips were at the root of my cock and he worked his throat muscles. I felt my cum start to build and warned Caleb. He continued up and down never missing a beat. When I started shooting he stayed down swallowing as fast as he could.

He swallowed all my cum, letting my cock soften in his mouth. He sucked and licked my cock as it softened. I pulled him off my cock up to me and turned him around, pulling him back to me with his Escort Zeytinburnu back to my chest. He wanted a beer, so he hopped up and got us both one. He returned to his position sitting between my legs.

I placed my hand over his shoulder working his nipples. I told him, “You really learned fast, you are a natural big black cock sucker.”

He said, “Thank you, I had a awesome teacher. I grew up diving, so breath control comes natural for me.”

We drank our beers and just sat there in the sun enjoying the quiet. Caleb said he was hungry we headed for the kitchen. He found some lunch meat and hoagies buns and fixed us a sandwich. We went back out on the deck, ate and finished our sandwich and beers. After eating we soaked for a bit in the hot tub. Caleb reached over to my cock saying, “I bet it would be a blast to fuck in the hot tub.”

I replied, as I slid up, “I think it would too, you have become quite the little cock slut.”

I sat on the edge and let Caleb get my cock hard. I pushed Caleb off my cock, stood up, turned him around and bent him over in the tub. I spread his legs stepping up to his asshole with my big black cock. I asked if he wanted lube, he said no. I pressed forward, finally opening his hole with my cock head. Caleb started pushing back, eventually taking my whole 9.5″ cock. Caleb was moaning and groaning saying, “Clayton, your cock feels so good in my ass.”

I took Caleb’s hips in my hands sitting down and pulling him with me, facing away, holding him in place with my cock buried all the way in his ass. Caleb started working his ass up and down on my cock. I slipped a finger alongside my cock and inserted it in Caleb’s ass, so the water could take the place of my cock when he pulled up.

Caleb was in heaven with my fat black cock buried in his ass, he was delirious. I stood back up placing Caleb’s hands on the side of the tub. I was fucking his sweet hole, long and hard, hitting his prostate every time. I told Caleb I was fixing to cum and fill his ass. I started fucking harder and harder, when I started to cum I stayed balls deep filling Caleb’s sweet ginger ass.

When I was done I sat back down pulling Caleb with me, my fat black cock still in his ass. Caleb lay back against me and I worked his nipples. It was mid afternoon by this time. We sat there in the hot tub relaxing. I said, “I want to get my phone and video you deep throating my cock. You have learned so well, and you have come a long way from yesterday.”

“That you Clayton, I am glad your pleased. I am pretty happy too,” Caleb said.

Caleb turned sideways in my lap pulling my soft cock from his ass. Caleb was kissing my neck and face saying what a great time he’d had, and he hated that he had to leave. I told him he could come back after taking Beau’s truck to him. He said he’d have to see about that. We got out of the tub, I got my phone and we headed in the cabin, Caleb got a towel and started drying himself.

I told Caleb I wanted one more blowjob before he left, and I was going to video it for him. I sat on the end of the bed. Caleb smiled at me, came to me and knelt between my knees. I started my videoing and Caleb took my cock in his hand almost touching his fingers together. Caleb opened his mouth sucking just the head and moaned hard. He closed his lips around it and took a couple inches, licking along my shaft. Caleb looked at me trying to grin.

He went down another couple inches, stopping, pulling up to breath and going down further. He continued until my cock hit the back of his mouth, he adjusted his mouth, lining up my cockhead with his throat, taking the whole fat 9.5 inches in his mouth and throat. Caleb watched me as I videoed the whole thing.

He pulled off, taking a breath and went all the way down, moaning on my cock and working his throat muscles. I was patting his head encouraging him, telling him how good it felt having my cock buried in his throat. Caleb started fucking his gullet, up and down, I held my phone beside Caleb’s head, so you could see my cockhead going into his throat.

Caleb was really into it now, going up and down, groaning, and deep throating each time as I started to cum. Caleb didn’t lose a drop, he let it all run down his throat. when I was done he pulled off my cock sucking and licking on his way up, cleaning his new-found toy. He pulled off completely looking at me, opening his mouth so the camera and I could see my cum in his mouth.

Then he swallowed taking all my cum into his belly, saying how great it tasted. I stopped the camera, looked at him and said, “I think we need a shower.”

We got our shower, brushed our teeth, and Caleb got dressed minus the boxers. He got his few things and took them to the truck. I walked him out in my boxers, opening the door, and pulled him to me and kissed him deep. I told him to let me know if he was coming back, he drove off with a smile after saying yes.

A few hours later he texted me and said it didn’t look like he could come back, but he’d keep trying to work it out. He asked me to send him the video.

I sent the video as ask and I said, “I hope it works out, my big black cock and me are missing you. Hurry back!”

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