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Summary: A cheerleader learns that bullying the wrong girl can have udderly awful consequences.

Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for giving me a try!


Oh God, my head…what the hell happened last night…?

I woke up in a groggy daze, feeling stiff and store all over. I wiggled and moaned, trying to stretch my arms, and that’s when I felt a firm tug on my skin, and heard the soft clinking of metal. I opened my eyes, not wanting to believe what I already knew…

Handcuffs. I was in handcuffs.

OK, OK, just stay calm, try and think… I thought to myself, looking around. My hands were cuffed together, and the cuffs were wrapped around a metal bar connected to the wall, low to the ground. Shifting on the ground, I felt something rough tickle my leg…looking down, I saw it was hay; I was sitting in a big pile of it. It looked like I was in some kind of barn…more specifically, a large horse’s stall. I wrinkled my nose in disgust; I hated farms, they were always so filthy. But dirt and grime were the least of my problems; some weirdo had kidnapped me!

I looked down at myself, taking solace in the fact that I was still clothed. In fact, I was wearing the same thing from last night, when we went out clubbing…I quick looked up, noticing moonlight through a high window. So I had been in here maybe a whole day…? What happened?

OK, we left early, when Kelsey picked me up, and then we had some drinks in the back….we egged Bessie’s house, and then we headed downtown…umm….I didn’t have that many drinks, did I? I can’t remember anything after that, but ho-

I was pulled out of my thoughts by footsteps, and then a loud clanking noise from the stable door. I recoiled in fear, shivering as the door opened…

…revealing a petite, smiling girl.

“B-Betsy…?” I stammered out, not believing what I was seeing.

Betsy and I had known each other our whole lives, but we had never been on good terms. OK, that was an understatement; Betsy was a total dork; waaaaay too into all sorts of weird sci-fi stuff. She was also pretty chubby back in junior high, and some of the other cheerleaders and I had come up with with the nickname Bessie for her. Well…mostly, it was me, but I didn’t think she knew that I had been the one to invent the name for her. Anyways, she ended up slimming up in high school, and even though I hated to admit it, she looked pretty good. Her body was trim and fit-looking, and her vibrant red hair stood out against her pale skin. Of course, she was still a weirdo, and it was just too much easy to pick on her.

Betsy smirked down on me as I struggled to wrap my mind around what was happening. “You…you kidnapped me?” I finally sputtered out, struggling weakly against my bonds once more, then shivering. The stall was actually pretty cold, and my miniskirt wasn’t offering me much warmth.

“Betsy, huh?” Betsy replied casually, as though it were a polite conversation. With a small grunt of exertion, she dragged a large wood-paneled full length mirror into the stall, moving it against the wall opposite of me. I glanced at my reflection, looking pale and disheveled. My long blond hair was a mess, my carefully applied rouge lipstick was an embarrassing mess, and my cute tank top and skirt were ripped, smudged and torn. Thankfully, they still covered me somewhat modestly. Her work done, Betsy turned back to me.

“Betsy…” she repeated, almost to herself. “You know, that’s funny, because I thought that you had come up with another fun name for me.”

Well, crap, so she did know it was me. Still, what kind of psycho kidnaps someone over a name? Anger was starting to well up inside me, fueled by seeing my dismal-looking reflection, and I glared up at her. “Are you serious?! You fucking kidnapped me over a stupid name?! What kind of brain damage do you have, bitch?!”

Betsy glared back, apparently not intimidated in the slightest. “Yeah, it was juuuuuuuuuuuust over the name, Molly. It wasn’t the constant teasing, the bullying, the hazings, the pranks…the fact that you totally made my junior high and high school years a living hell!”

“Oh, puh-leeze,” I rolled my eyes, not believing what I was hearing. “We’re both Freshman in college now; grow up and put that crap behind you. Besides, what have I done to you lately? Or even in high school, for that matter?”

“Other than egging my house again last night? Hmmm, let’s see…” She brought a hand up to her chin, making a mockingly thoughtful expression. “I don’t know, maybe Trent Larson’s party?”

I Bayan Escort Gaziantep grimaced at that…ok, that had been a little awkward. Betsy had gotten invited to a party my then-boyfriend Trent had been throwing, and had somehow gotten a little drunk. She proceeded to track me down in the middle of the living room, asking me out on a date, saying that she wished we could be friends, and more than that. Naturally, I had been totally creeped out, and I told her that I didn’t date farm animals. The insult had apparently sobered her up, because she left in a crying fit. Word had gotten around school the next day, though, and Betsy was ostracized even more than before.

Still, that was no excuse to act like a psycho and kidnap someone! I let out an exasperated sigh, fuming up at her. “Come on, you can’t hold that against me! You embarrassed me in front of Trent and everyone by acting like a drunken weirdo. Besides, everyone knew you were kidding!”

“I WASN’T kidding!” For the first time, Betsy actually looked upset, her lip trembling. “I really did have a crush on you…even though you were so horrible to me, I just couldn’t help it…I wanted us to get along, to be friends, to…to maybe…maybe be more than that…”

I cut her off with a groan. “Oooooh God, get over it! You’re not the first girl to want me, and you probably won’t be the last. That happened ages ago; get over it!”

Betsy nodded, a slight smile on her lips. “Oh, I’m over you.”

“Then why am I here, you crazy slut? Let me go!” I tugged at my cuffs again, jangling them back and forth. “We both know you’re not going to do anything; you’re not THAT crazy.” Well,at least I didn’t think that she was…

Betsy laughed, walking out of the stall, calling back to me as she did. “You’re right about that; I’m not a serial killer or anything. But I picked this cool little thing up a while ago, and I had you in mind when I bought it. When you egged my house last night, it was clear to me that you were just the same mean spirited little girl that had tormented me for so many years. You should thank me for tailing you to that club; one of those guys totally slipped you a roofie; you could have been in real trouble. But after that, it was easy enough getting you into my car and driving us out to my uncle’s farm. It’s been for sale for months now, so we have the whole place to ourselves.” She finished talking as she walked back in, holding something in her hands as she smiled down at me.

A big silver cow bell.

I couldn’t help it; I started laughing. “What the heck is this, Betsy? You kidnapped me to show off your new bell? Knock this off and fucking let me go, and I won’t tell the cops this happened.”

Instead of answering, Betsy dropped down to her knees next to me, and in a fluid motion, brought the bell around my neck. The leather collar clicked shut, and the heavy bell clanged against my chest. The sound filled my head, and I shivered harder; the sound seemed to reverberate against my skin, making me tremble. But it was only for an instant; the feeling vanished as quickly as it came.

I kicked at Betsy, but it was too late; she had edged away, looking wistfully up at the high window in the stall. “Mhm, the timing for this actually worked out great, Molly. It’s a full moon tonight.”

“What the fuck are you ta-ahh…ahhhmmm..?” I started to reply, but stopped. My tongue felt wrong, almost too heavy, and clumsy. It was like I couldn’t remember how to use it; what he hell? “Ahhhmmm? Ahhh…aaaaauuuhhhmmmm?”

Betsy’s smile widened, and she leaned smugly against the wall. “Yes, I knew it! I knew it would work; I’m so glad I bought it! This is the first part, Molly; the Lectat Bell is rewriting your brain a little bit. See, your tongue is still perfectly fine…you just can’t remember how to use it.”

Rewriting my brain? Lectat Bell? God, this bitch WAS crazy; way off the handle with all this sci-fi crap. Still, why did my tongue feel so strange? Maybe Betsy was telling me the truth about the roofies, and that was messing me up somehow?

Betsy must have read the disdain on my face. “OK, fine Molly, don’t believe me. Here.” She closed the heavy stall door gently, then bent down next to my cuffs. I was about to kick at her again, but restrained myself as she pulled a key from her pockets. “Feel free to leave,” she said as she finished uncuffing me, standing back up and wiping her hands.

I glared up at her, rubbing my sore wrists and then rising to my feet. Or at least, I tried to. I tumbled forward face-first into some hay as I rose past my knees, a sudden dizziness overwhelming me. I tried again, a bit slower, but still toppled over as soon as I tried to rise past a kneeling position. I wobbled back up to my hands and knees, feeling dazed, confused, and a little frightened. What the hell was happening to me?

“Second part, Molly,” Betsy said, standing behind me, patting my back. I jumped in fright, crawling away from her to paw up at the door. I brought my hand up the door handle, wanting to leave this awful fucking stall, and…

…nothing happened.

I blinked. The door should have opened by now. What the heck was wrong with it; was it broken? I stared at it some more, trying to figure out the problem, pawing at it half-heartedly as I kept racking my brain, trying to remember how doors worked. Betsy’s giggling tore me from my deep concentration.

“What’s the problem, Molly? Is the super-popular, super-amazing head cheerleader too stupid to remember how to use a door? Yes she is, yes she is!” Betsy patted my back again, laughing, and I clumsily spun around to face her, fuming and frustrated, ready to let loose at her.


I blinked. Then I shook my head a little, rolling my still-strange feeling tongue around in my mouth, and opened my mouth again.


Oh God…I was mooing! Mooing like a stupid cow!!

“MMMOOOOOOOO! MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I cried up at Betsy. For a second, I thought something was happening to her too, because she was shaking, holding her stomach. Then she let out a little giggle, and burst out into loud, ringing laughter.

“Hahahahaha! Oh…oh my God, Molly, y-you’re…hahaha, I knew it would happen, and s…still…haha, oh jeez, y-you’re just too cute, Molly! Or…pfffft, s-should I say Moooolly? Hahahaha!” Betsy regressed into a fit of giggles, leaning against the wall, and the terror I was feeling gave way to fury. I didn’t know what kind of crazy magic curse I had been put under, buy if Betsy put it on me, she could take it off; all I had to do was knock her over, and force her to do it. I readied myself to lunge at her, lowering myself low to the ground…when my body exploded into tingly heat.

“Mmmmoooooo?!?!?! Mmmmmooooooooo, mmmmmmoooooooooooooooo!!!” I gasped and moaned, squirming as I fell into some of the hay. My whole body felt like it was on pins and needles, and my hands, feet, head, and chest all burned with a fierce intense fire. It didn’t burn…it was just so much raw sensation, it felt I was going to pass out. Horribly, the one coherent thought I could hold onto during the lightning storm wracking my body was God, I’m so turned on….so hot, why am I so hot?!”

Finally, after an eternity, I seemed to come to my senses, slowly wiggling on the ground, trying to get up. I still felt all tingly, but not nearly as bad, even if my hands and feet felt a little heavy…actually, my whole body felt a little heavier, but I just wanted to get back up; I couldn’t miss a chance to get Betsy on the ground and under me, if I wanted to get her to fix this crap!

I finally opened my eyes when I made it to all fours…and right away, I knew things had gotten worse. Betsy was smiling wider than ever, leaning next to the mirror she had dragged in, and now I knew why.

“Like what you see, Moolly?” Betsy asked, looking down at me eagerly. I let out a tiny, pitiful moan as I took in my reflection.

I stared at my face first…or rather, the horns jutting out from my forehead. Big, long, and white, the horrible things curled to dull points, angled low. Rolling my eyes upward, I could just barely see the tips of them. There was no doubt about it; they were the horns of a cow. My ears were changed too; no longer the small, dainty things that I had loved, they were horrible, huge floppy things that hung our from my head, twitching every couple seconds.

Tearing my eyes from the sight, I looked lower, and immediately wished I hadn’t. I should have guessed from the way I had jiggled and wobbled standing back up, but I hadn’t dared to look…now I saw that it was just as bad as I had thought. I let out a miserable whimper as I took in the jiggly, swaying things that had once been my breasts…they couldn’t be called breasts anymore; they couldn’t be called anything but tits! I gaped at the swollen melons swaying between my arms, cringing in embarrassment…I was annoyed at the size of my chest before; sure, it was nice that boys would look, but they just got in the way during cheering. Now I couldn’t see how anyone could do anything BUT look… They were massive, hanging down nearly touching the floor, my nipples hard, almost achingly erect. In fact, my whole chest just ached; a sore throb that made me wine softly…God, it was almost like they felt…full…

I was pulled from my thoughts as my eyes traveled down even farther, and I let out a horrified moo of surprise. My hands…they weren’t hands anymore, they were cow hooves! They were jet black, and to my horror I even had a bit of thin white fur leading off it and going up my arm, spotted with the occasional bit of black. I clopped them down, whimpering at the sound they made, and at the lack of feeling…and I realized, with a twinge of terror, that I was totally helpless like this. I couldn’t pick anything up, couldn’t grab anything, and even if I could remember how to use a damn door, I couldn’t open it! Looking a bit to the right in the mirror, I saw that I had lost my feet as well; instead, I had two more dainty hooves. I took a couple nervous, shaky steps back; even though they were brand new, it seemed like my body was at least able to handle the things a little bit, even if my tits were doing their best to throw me off balance.

I kept backing up until I felt something brush against my naked hips, and I stopped in surprise. The feeling was electrifying, and my lips parted helplessly. “Mmmmmmmoooooooo~…”

Betsy had moved behind me at some point, and was apparently enjoying teasing me. Her soft, warm hands caressed my bottom, and to my humiliation, my arousal shot through the roof. I was having trouble thinking straight, let alone standing, and I whipped my head over my shoulder at her, my mouth hanging open dumbly. “Mmmooooooo?”

Betsy laughed, but only eased off the groping a little bit. “Sorry Moolly, I couldn’t help myself. So…looks like your little transformation is finished. And I know I’m probably stupid to do this, but…” the girl sighed, giving my trembling butt a gentle pat. “You’re just so adorably pitiful like this, so I figure I should help you out. Besides, I can get some fun out of it too,” she added with a mean-looking grin.

I gave a tiny little growl at her words, but it was half-hearted. For one, I was totally helpless, trapped in a strange form by this bitch, and I was totally at her mercy. And for another thing, the lesbo freak’s touching was making me more and more turned on; my breathing sped up, my tits audibly slapping against each other as I panted, shaking my butt with need…Either Betsy didn’t notice, or she was enjoying teasing me, because she went right on talking.

“Well, you’ve seen most of the changes, haven’t you, Moolly? Hooves, horns, and those big udders on your chest…after all those years of teasing, it looks like you’re the bigger cow out of the two of us! And the bell did a number on your head, too…that tongue of yours isn’t going to work right, unless you’re a good girl and make beautiful mooooooooosic, hahaha…” Betsy paused, massaging my thighs as she giggled, and it was all I could do not to howl at her to move her hands higher. Instead, I just weakly pushed my butt against her, but she paid me no mind.

“On top of that, you’re too dumb to open doors, or even do stuff like read or spell…I mean, when you’re like this, you’re basically going to be a cow, and cows aren’t exactly known for their intellect. All they’re known for…” Betsy leaned over me suddenly, her mouth pressed next to one of my twitching ears, and I shuddered with a sudden need as her heated voice filled my head. “…is their milk. And you’re going to be no different, Moolly.”

Suddenly, she stood back up, walking in front of me and smiling sweetly. “Well, girl, how do you feel?”

“Mooo…” I replied miserably, wiggling my hips a bit more, shifting uncomfortably on my hooves…Betsy had stopped touching me, but the arousal was getting worse…and so was the aching pressure in my chest. I glared up at her, but I felt terrified at the realization that was slowly creeping into my head…my chest felt full because it WAS full; it was achingly full of milk…

“Mhmm, I bet so,” Molly answered back. “You looked pretty eager back there…at least, you seemed wet enough, haha…what a little slut, getting so excited! But, to be fair, it’s not all your fault…I mean, you’re going to be going into heat every hour or so…”

My ears perked up, and I gaped up at her, my eyes wide with horror. “MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!”

“…and those udders of yours are going to be aching with the need to be milked,” Betsy continued on, as if she couldn’t see me writhing in front of her. “You see, the bell is actually pretty interesting; it ties your need to be milked to your need to cum…you can’t make milk until you cum, and with those hooves, you won’t be able to cum on your own…you’d need another person to help you out.”

I gave her a miserable moan, moving my trembling hips around so that she could see them, see how wet and aching and needy I was…she had to let me cum!

Instead, all she did was shake her head, still smiling. “Oh no no no, hun, it’s not that simple. You see, this bell follows the rule of karma…you know, you get what you give. I can’t actually make you cum…it would be fun to try, since you’d just keep getting hornier and hornier, but you wouldn’t ever cum. No, the only way you can cum is by making someone else cum. That’s just the way it is, Moolly.”

I held on to my dignity for a few seconds, glaring up at her, embarrassed, furious, terrified, and horny. Then a twinge of heat went through me, and I clopped clumsily towards Betsy, my aching jugs wobbling against each other as I miserably humped the air. “Mmmmmoooooooooooooo!”

Betsy knelt down next to me, grinning as she rubbed my head. “What is it, girl? What do you want?”


“Moo? What’s that, cutie?”


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