Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

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Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surferStory by ChenFuko is a Busty JAV idol who is known for her enormous beautiful breasts that could bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Like most Japanese women, she was tired of Japanese men and had a desire to go see the world and see other men. Specifically white men.After a successful career of modeling in Japan, Fuko had decided to pursue her career interests in the United States where she really wanted to be. After about a week of searching, she was brought on to be a part of an American modeling agency out in Los Angeles, California. Fuko had rented a small apartment for 6 months on the Santa Monica beach where she loved being the most.It was her second week in the states, and Fuko had just finalized her interview and was been hired by the modeling company. However, her first photoshoot would be in a month; giving her much time to explore and relax.To kill time for the day, Fuko went down to the Santa Monica beach in order to relax at her favorite spot on the sand where the waves barely touched her toes. She was wearing a light tinted pink bikini that struggled to keep in her humongous breasts. She had also placed her pink towel on the sand as well. A towel that matched her bikini and had kittens making faces on it, also matching her happy personality.It was the afternoon, and she was in walking distance of her apartment; so she could be at the beach the rest of the day for all she cared. After about 30 minutes Fuko had fallen into a little nap next to the waves; she was in perfect harmony.Her peace was soon interrupted when she felt a slight bump on her toes from a solid object. Waking up, she took the other towel off of her head and noticed a blue surfboard had lost its owner and floated back to the shore.”Sorry about that!” a voice shouted over the crashing waves.While Fuko was fairly good at English, she wanted to study it more so that she could become integrated into the new society and become genetically integrated with someone who spoke English.”Oh, no problem!” she said smiling, shielding her eyes from the sun in order to see who she was speaking to.Walking up to her was a man in his late 20s with long messy blonde hair down to his shoulders. Accompanied by flat abs and an amazingly toned muscular body. Fuko suddenly felt her vagina tingle a little bit at the sight of this man as he walked out of the crashing waves towards her. As he walked toward her, Fuko got a glimpse of his crotch area as every woman secretly does. She could see his penis flopping in the shorts. He must have been huge. Bigger than any Japanese penis she has ever seen before.”Lost my traction there.” he said as he picked up his board noticing how attractive she was sitting there.”That’s okay, I can’t even surf.” she said jokingly.”Aw that batman escort sucks.” the man said “Why not?””Because of these.” she said grasping and slightly lifting the bottom of her breasts, using it as an opportunity to tease the man.” Ah geez, well I suppose they have their advantages elsewhere.” he said as he started to walk back to the water with a smile on his face. Fuko wanted to know more about him, and started to worry as he began walking away.”WAIT!” Fuko shouted as he approached the water. The blonde surfer turned around as Fuko quickly stood up and quickly walked towards him. He was a head and a half taller than her so it only made her more attracted to him.”C-can you teach me?” she said clasping her hands together trying to act as cute and convincing as possible.”You want ME to teach YOU?” he said surprised that she asked him this out of nowhere.She shook her head yes .”Well….There’s no way I could turn down a beautiful woman such as yourself…so…..okay.””Ahhh yeaaaah!” Fuko cried out with joy grabbing his arm bouncing up and down.”We only have about an hour though, since the sun is going down soon. I could show you the basics on my board.””It’s so nice!” Fuko said grabbing his board and rubbing her hand up and down it in a slightly sexual manner.”Oh, and by the way, I’m Jake.” he said as they discussed where and how to learn.”Nice to meet you, Jake. You can call me Fuko.””Well lets get started at my beach hut”They packed up and walked over to his motorcycle as he gave Fuko his helmet. She wrapped her arms around his muscular torso.He began driving up to the far northern reaches of the beach into a secluded shore with no roads or people. Only small mountains and trees.They stopped on a small dirt path, where he took her out to a secluded beach next to a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff was a small hut made of wood with some trinkets out front and a window.”Well, this is my house!” Jake said”Oh, wow, its so tropical!” Fuko said smiling at him.”It’s much easier to teach without any people in the way.” Jake said. “Easier to focus, and much more peaceful.For the next 30 minutes Jake showed her the ways of the board and waves. While she thought the info was interesting, Fuko’s main excitement came from her being so close to Jake in the water, and having him frequently touching her body when getting on and off the board.”Let’s do one more wave together.” Jake said as he got on the board with her in anticipation of one last big wave that was coming to the shore.She got on the front of the board while he was on the back, with his crotch slightly touching the top of her butt. As they ascended the huge wave Fuko grew nervous about crashing since she never had done this before. They reached the top of the wave as the board started bingöl escort to wobble. “Hang on to my arm! The boards losing it!” Jake yelled as he tightened the grip of his left arm around Fuko’s stomach to keep her with him when they inevitably crashed.The wave suddenly pushed them to the front crashing them under the wave together. The power of the wave was so strong that it forced Jake’s arm upwards ripping off Fuko’s bikini. Simultaneously, not knowing that he was grabbing her breasts to keep her next to him. She reached out while still underwater grabbing his hand as he pulled her out of the water with him.They both stood up out of the water, standing in the red gleaming twilit sun. Fuko fipped her hair back wiping her eyes while Jake did the same. They both now stood in waist high water together an arm apart. As they recuperated they looked at eachother and smiled. Jake then looked down and noticed her massive breasts were completely exposed to him. Her wet light aereolas were beautiful for him to see.”Looks like I lost it.” Fuko said smiling.Jake being the gentleman he was, swam for yards out and grabbed her bikini top and walked it to her.Fuko didn’t care about that. Instead she smiled at him.”You protected me.” she said lovingly to him. Walking slowly closer to him.”I did what I had to.” he said, smiling back.Fuko looked down and took his hand and locked it with her hand, even though her boobs were still exposed.She leaned closer to him as he slowly leaned into her where theylocked their lips in a passionate embrace. Jake gently embraced Fuko’s huge breasts with his left hand while putting his right in her hair.After they stopped James grabbed Fuko’s hand and led her to the shore where they sat down on his set out blanket. James layed on his back as Fuko put her legs over his making her sit on his lap then laying face first on his body kissing him even more. They felt eachothers warm saliva as they locked tongues together. Fuko could feel his penis growing larger as if it wanted to rip through his bathing suit and also rip through her thong; as if his penis was so close to what it wanted, yet just out of reach.Fuko smiled at him and moved lower down his body and began to open his swim shorts revealing a huge clean hairless white dick. Something Fuko only dreamed of one day seeing, and now it was all her’s. She looked up at him as she began licking the tip of his penis head; it tasted so good. He was so horny that he could see the pre-cum from his penis sticking to her tongue; glimmering in the last few seconds of the sun. Fuko had a wonderful view as well. Seeing Jake’s gleaming abs and shining blue eyes which were enhanced by the water and sunset’s light refraction onto his face,”I always wanted to suck a white penis.” Fuko said as bitlis escort she continued sucking his dick, savoring every moment.”I always wanted to fuck a Japanese woman.” Jake said leaning his head back in pleasure.Fuko was having a dream come true. She would always talk with her Japanese friends about sex with foreign white men. Something they all desired greatly. Thinking about this made her suck even more passionately on his great tasting cock.Okay babe, let me fuck your pussy.” Jake said as Fuko was titfucking him with her huge boobs. She sat up and sat on his dick, letting out a huge squeal as he went deeper into her than anything ever has before. She felt the ultimate pleasure as he started thrusting into her as she bounced up and down on his dick as the sky became dark.He sat up and wrapped his arms around her back as he thrusted her while kissing, locking them in a beautiful embrace. Her moans could be head for half a kilometer, but they were so secluded, no one would ever hear.This was ecstasy for Fuko and Jake as they made love on the beach under the cover of the night; while having a breeze cool them along with the ocean waves touching them. She then got on her knees as Jake began fucking her in the doggystyle position. Her tits were so big that they hung to the ground, barely touching the sand as he fucked her on her hands and knees.Jake then turned her around and started to squeeze the milk out of her breasts, covering the blanket with her milk. He then layed her on top of the towel,and started to fuck her even harder as he layed on top of her ramming his huge white dick downwards into her fertile, beautiful,Japanese pussy.”Cum in me.” Fuko said as he plowed her.”Are you sure?” Jake said breathing heavily.She shook her head in approval.Jake then started to erupt as he filled Fuko’s vagina with his warm flowing semen. Filling her up with shot after shot. Until finally he collapsed on her and pulled his cock out of her full pussy. They embraced eachother for an hour.They spent the rest of their night sitting next to eachother, staring at the waves. Fuko’s left her vagina full of his sperm letting them ferment inside her to give her a baby. She had also put on the yellow sun dress she brought from her apartment.For an hour they quietly sat next to his hut on the blanket they conceived on. Staring deep in thought out to the ocean in the dark night. Fuko then rested the side of her head on his shoulder; causing him to rest his head on hers.While they both knew it was lust that brought them together; they both knew that loneliness would keep them together. Fuko was her second week in a foreign land with few friends and acquaintances. Jake, on the other hand was always by himself, leading an secluded life.Fuko looked up at him.”Will you stay with me?” she asked.Jake looked at her and smiled at his new found love.”Always.”Soon after, Fuko became pregnant with James’ baby. They ended up moving to a similar secluded beach hut in Hawaii where the couple went on to have four more babies, living their lives as a truly happy family.CHECK OUT OUR PAGE FOR MORE

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