Fuckdolls Ch. 03

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Arrival at the Training School

It’s done! The contract is signed and I’ll spend three years as a Fuckdoll.

As the plane lands I’m wondering what it will be like at the training school, what more can possibly happen to me? I’m 18 and I’ve been stripped, beaten and fucked in public. My parents have watched me being gang fucked by men and women, and that during the interview!

It’s with these thoughts that I leave the airplane and head for the arrivals area. As instructed I have no luggage, only the clothes I’m wearing. I feel good. The tight fitting jeans and tiny mini-skirt accentuate my legs, and the clinging top hugs my body and pushes out my breasts. I like the way the men stare at me as I pass through the crowd, reminds me how hot I really am!

I leave the arrivals area and head towards the airport shopping centre where I’m to meet the representative from Fuckdolls.

As I enter the shopping area I see a stand right in the middle, with the sign “Fuckdolls – New Arrivals” in huge illuminated letters. A big crowd has gathered around the stand and they’re all pushing to get a better look at what’s going on.

A tall security guard comes towards me, “Leticia?”

“Yes.” I reply.

“Come with me.”

He leads me through the crowd to the back of the stand were I meet Alex, the person responsible for the exhibition.

“You’re Leticia? We’ve been waiting for you to start the show.”

“Yes, that’s me.” I reply

“Your file said you were fantastic, but now I see you in person. Wow! You’re hotter than I imagined! I could fuck you right now.”

“Well,” I replied smiling, “according to my contract there’s nothing to stop you.”

“Later.” he said. Obviously not joking if the lump in the front of his jeans means anything.

“We have work to do. Change into these and take your place in front of the stand.”

He gives me the tiniest thong and bikini top I have ever seen. The top is just two circles of leather with straps that tie behind my neck and behind my back and the thong is a 1 inch strip of leather with thin leather straps.

My tits bob free as I pull the top over my head and throw it on the chair. I put on the bikini top with my nipples in the leather circles. Alex tightens the straps making the dark brown nipples stand out against my black skin.

I slide down my skirt and jeans revealing my shaven pussy and firm muscular ass to the world. The bikini bottom hides nothing! Alex adjusts it so that my pussy lips are squeezed either side of the leather and the leather strip slips into my crack. Tightened like this the pink of my pussy shows either side of the leather.

“OK,” says Alex, “you’re ready. Go and join the others on the stand.”

I pass to the front where the crowd is already staring at the four other new arrivals. The master of ceremonies stands me on a small podium labelled “FDF-3711”.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Fuckdolls new arrivals show. Look at our five new eighteen year old sex slaves. They can be yours to live out your wildest fantasies at any time.”

“Does your wife refuse to give you head or to let you fuck her in the ass? No problem! With your own Fuckdoll you can just snap your fingers and your eighteen year old slave is there, anyway you want her.”

“Unable to cum with your husband? Say ‘Fuck!’ and your slave is there. He’ll suck you, fuck you, whatever you want, whenever you want.”

“Obedience and satisfaction guaranteed at all times. If not you can punish your slave when you want, how you want and where you want.”

“Come closer, examine our beautiful slaves. Don’t they turn you on? I’m sure you’re all horny right now, maybe dreaming of being able to fuck one of them. With your own Fuckdoll you’d özbek escort be able to do that right now, right here.”

He points to a well dressed young man in the middle of the crowd, “You sir, I bet you’re horny right now?”

“As hell!” he shouts.

“Which one turns you on the most?”

He points to the girl next to me. She’s about 5′ 6″ with short silver blond hair, super firm tits with bright red nipples sticking out from the bikini, and a tattoo of a snake slipping down into her cunt.

“Come here,” says the master of ceremonies, “what would you like to do with her?”

“I’d like to pick her up, throw her over the back of that sofa, fuck her in the ass, and then have her suck my cock clean!”

“Now that’s a plan! Go for it!” says the master of ceremonies.

He grabs her round the waist and carries her to a sofa near the window. He’s so horny he can hardly take the time to drop his pants and shorts before throwing her over the back of the sofa. There she is, lying over the sofa, feet touching the floor behind it, her legs spread, her tits hanging down the other side.

The guy almost falls over his pants as he rushes to fuck her, his cock sticking out in front of him.

He takes out a tube of lubricating gel and rubs it around her ass (I later heard this show happens almost every day and the guys come prepared!) then rams his cock in her ass until his balls touch her cheeks, he fucks her like an animal over the sofa until he cums screaming with pleasure as he pumps his load into her ass.

Rushing round in from of her, he pushes his cock into her mouth. “Suck me clean, slave!”

She grabs the cock, fresh from her ass and sucks him off in front of the crowd.

I’m feeling damned excited by this. I almost wish it was me he’d chosen. Then, as if all this was normal, I hear

“Back to your place, Nina.”

“You see how easy it can be? If any of the slaves exposed here excites you, reserve them right now. Just go to one of our sales representatives, tell them which one you want and sign a contract. In one months time he or she will be delivered to your home for your pleasure.”

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen, the presentation is over. We’ll be back tomorrow with a new batch of slaves ready for purchase.”

With that we’re taken back behind the stand.

“OK,” says Alex, “take them to the bus. Not you Leticia, we have unfinished business.”

The guard smiles at Alex, “Not more than 30 minutes,” he says, “I don’t want to be late arriving at the school.”

“Come with me.” the guard says to the others as they leave the stand and head off towards the parking lot.

“What now,” I’m thinking as I eye up Alex. “I suppose he’s horny as hell from watching Nina being fucked. Now it’s my turn.”

Surprisingly, he asks, “Leticia, why are you doing this? You’re a straight A student, you’re a champion gymnast as well as being super at other sports, and you have a body most girls can only dream about. Why become a slave?”

“Is this a trick?” I’m thinking, “Is this another way to find an excuse to punish me and then fuck me?”

“I know what you’re thinking.” he says, “Any way, if I wanted to punish you and fuck you I don’t need an excuse. I can just do it.”

“Hmm, he’s right.” I think. Also, there’s something about his voice. It’s not that commanding “Do this or be thrashed..” type of voice that I’ve heard up to now from Fuckdoll employees.

“I was a slave before signing a contract with Fuckdolls.” I replied, “What you said about me is true, but you forgot to add that I come from a poor family. My parents will never be able to pay for me to go to university so I will have to find work. Without an education I will end up azeri escort as a waitress in a fast food restaurant or as a shop assistant, maybe I’ll get a job as a secretary; with all these I will never be able to save enough to go to university and will remain a slave of being poor. This offers me money and a top education.”

“But it’s a very hard life.” he says, in a sad voice.

I sense a weakness in his voice far from the dominant behaviour of Svetlana, the doctor, or other Fuckdoll employees.

“You were a Fuckdoll, weren’t you?” I ask, “You didn’t finish your 3 year contract?”

“Yes,” he replied, “it was too hard and I renounced my contract after one year. I had a particularly hard owner and couldn’t take it. Fuckdolls realised how hard it had been for me and offered me this job to repay the money I owed them for renouncing the contract.”

(Perhaps I should explain to you dear reader that I am neither a submissive nor a dominant. I can be both, depending on the circumstances. Fuckdolls is a means to make a better future for myself. You probably also know that as a high level athlete I have very strong mental control and powers of concentration.)

“Well Alex,” I replied in the same whiplash voice used by Svetlana, “I will have no such problems! I’m strong unlike you.”

“On your knees!”

The moment of truth, had I misread him? Had I gone too far? Was he going to retake control, punish me for my rudeness, and then fuck me?

He could. I would have to obey or lose my contract. He looked straight in my eyes and for a fraction of a second he did nothing.

“God! I’ve got it wrong.” I thought. Then suddenly he was on his knees!!!

The thrill of power was exhilarating! I was still horny from seeing Nina being ass-fucked and now I could make Alex satisfy me any way I wanted.

Just as I was about to command Alex the guard arrived!

“What the hell is going on here!?”

He could see immediately what had happened.

“So FDF-3711, you think you can play games with Fuckdoll employees!?”

“No, master.” I replied quickly, in as submissive a voice as I could manage.

“Come with me! Alex, as for you…………!!!”

The guard grabbed me by my hair and literally dragged me the 300 yards through the terminal and across the parking to the waiting bus. Well, it wasn’t really a bus, more a prisoner transport vehicle. As he opened the rear door I saw inside contained six individual prison cells with the other four new arrivals firmly attached in their cells.

He led me to my cell and said, “Stand here, legs apart, hands behind your head and don’t dare speak a word¨!”

Entering my cell he slid out the leather seat from the guide channels either side and took it to a storage box at the front of the vehicle. He returned with a wooden seat labelled “FDF-3711”. He slid it into the guides to replace the chair.

I looked at it in horror. It had two enormous leather cocks attached to it, one for my cunt and one for my ass. I recognised immediately the sizes were the maximum measured by the doctor during the medical exam.

“Now let’s see who’s in charge,” he snapped “get in your cell and sit!”

I start to slowly sit down as the two cocks penetrated my ass and cunt. Mercifully they were very slightly lubricated but still agonising.

“Too slow!” said the guard, pushing me hard onto the cocks by my shoulders. The pain was excruciating as the huge cocks violated my body. I screamed in pain.

“Too much noise! You need to learn to obey in silence.” said the guard as he produced a third cock for my mouth.

He pushed the cock between my teeth and forced it into my mouth, tying it firmly behind the back of my neck. The kazank escort cock stretched my jaws to the limit and filled my mouth so that my tongue couldn’t find a place to rest, it had to keep moving and licking around the cock. The size was cleverly calculated, giving the maximum pain without blocking my breathing.

“That’s much better, spread your legs wider.” said the guard, as he proceeded to strap my thighs and legs firmly to the seat, keeping the maximum length of the cocks in my ass and cunt leaving no possibility to move.

“Hands above your head!”

I quickly stretched my hands over my head and the guard attached them to handcuffs hanging down from the room of the van. He adjusted the height so that I was being pulled upwards against the restraints holding my ass on the cocks. This stretched my whole body making my breasts look even bigger and tighter.

“Almost finished.” he said, “FDF-3711 you’re getting special treatment for what you did with a Fuckdoll employee.”

He took two nipple clamps with small weights hanging from them and clipped one to each nipple. There I was, arms stretched upwards and the weights pulling down against my nipples, in agony.

“OK, now we can go. Four hours on back roads and small tracks before we get to the training school. I hope you enjoy the ride!” he said.

The driver starts the engine and the bus pulls out of the parking. The ride on the smooth roads of the airport and then on the highway was painful but OK. The cocks rub as the bus turns corners or brakes and the nipple clamps move from side to side with the motion of the bus. Then, after about 10 minutes, I feel the bus stop at a junction and make a right turn.

Suddenly it starts rocking and rolling as it drives on a small back road. The whole bus bounces up and down in potholes and uneven surfaces in the road. The cocks start to fuck me painfully with the motion of the bus and the nipple clamps jump up and down on my nipples. Each bump in the road sends electric shocks through my tortured body. Even the cock in my mouth is bouncing as if someone is fucking my mouth.

This goes on and on until the bus turns again. This time it must be a dirt track because the motion is even more violent. I’d just started to control the pain at the level of the side road when wham, it tripled on the dirt road. I moaned to myself, miserably, feeling like this was the worst day of my life. It was like suffering the most violent gang of rapists for four continuous hours.

Finally the bus stops and the engine is turned off. My body feels violated, exhausted, beyond the limit of pain. The door opens and the guard comes in with a big grin on his face,

“Did you enjoy the ride FDF-3711?”

Of course I can’t and don’t say anything. I just sit there, waiting, until two women come to my cell.

They open the door and start removing the handcuffs and the straps holding my legs. They gently remove the gag from my mouth and the clamps from my nipples.

“Try to stand up slowly.” says one gently as they stand either side of me and help me up.

The cocks slowly and painfully pop out of my body and I can at last put my legs together and feel the relief of being freed.

They gently help me out of the bus and into the courtyard of the training centre. As I start to look around I see the centre is a large 1930’s style red brick mansion set in about 5 acres of grounds. There is a large barbed wire fence around the grounds and the entrance has double gates with guard posts on each side. The guards are armed.

The two women are dressed in white nurses’ uniforms. “Come with us,” they say gently, “we’ll take you to the infirmary.”

Barely able to walk, I lean against the two women as they take me up the steps and though the main entrance to the building. Inside the building we turn to the right and into the infirmary. They lie me down on a bed and give me pain killers;

“These should help.” says one of them, “Get some rest. Tomorrow you will get your uniform and your training will start.”

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