Fuck a GF, Inc. Ch. 01

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It’s an odd feeling to love someone, want them in your life, care about them… and cheat on them over and over again. It doesn’t add up or make any sense, but as the years passed, I embraced the odd feeling to make a strange and wonderful side life that I like to call, “Fuck a GF Inc.” It is secret, and naughty — I am sort of like batman or superman, except I am probably the villain because I do the wrong thing because it feels so, so right.

It started innocently enough, considering. My amicable relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, turned into an on-going sexually charged environment, all the while being with my boyfriend, Peter, of then three years. At one point, I confessed my transgressions to Peter and our relationship was very rocky for quite some time. I told John that I cared for him as a friend (which I did), but this sexual thing had to stop, despite our clear desire for one another. I truly did not want to leave Peter and I knew Jonathan and I would never make it long-term. After all, there is a reason we broke up in the first place.

We reverted mostly back to our (pretend) platonic relationship, ignoring our obvious chemistry, until I came into a huge financial jam. Due to circumstances I won’t go into, I really needed cash to pay my bills or my electricity would be shut off and/or I would be evicted from my apartment. Stressful times. Though I hate asking for money or handouts, I was desperate — I borrowed money from bahis şirketleri family and friends. Through their love and understanding, I had just enough to make ends meet and to dig myself out of that financial crisis. Jonathan helped considerably. More than I could have asked him to contribute – More than he could probably afford, but I was in no position to turn down any assistance. In the course of things, I asked how I could ever repay him. He jokingly and offhandedly replied, “Blowjob?” Of course he was kidding, but the thought dwelled in my mind for months afterwards.

In fact, repaying Jonathan’s money with a blowjob often occupied my fantasies while my boyfriend fucked me over and over. At work, the thought would slip into my head and I my breath would catch and I could feel a surge of moisture under my lace panties and sensible gray work slacks. Oh it was so wrong, so naughty to think of such things. Not only was it cheating… it was prostitution. An illegal activity in my state. Incredibly degrading to women. Totally outside my own moral code. Totally inappropriate to my situation in life! Not only was it bad — but I was a successful, intelligent career-focused woman! Why in the world would I get so turned on by the thought of being so … slutty??

Sooner than later, I eventually visited Jonathan, and offhandedly referenced his comment as we lazed on the couch watching television with my head on his lap.

“Were you serious bahis firmaları about what you said about paying you back?”

“What, the blowjob thing? Of course not! It was only a joke.”

I could tell however by how quickly he knew what I was talking about that he had, indeed, been thinking about it. The look a man gets in his eyes when he is turned on signaled that it was not “only a joke” to him, but perhaps something he thought of too.

A pregnant pause took up the silence as I felt his cock stir beneath my head, under his pants. I felt a strong surge of pleasure and anticipation tingled to my nipples and my pussy. My breath caught. This couldn’t really happen. I had a boyfriend, whom I loved. Mmm… but why did the thought of cheating on him feel so good?

Jonathan stroked my hair gently while I tried to get a hold of myself. His eyes turned darker and his breath deepened. He grabbed my hair and turned my head around to face his cock. He must have undone his pants without me noticing. Soon I wouldn’t notice much as my body’s needs consumed me. I hesitated my lips at his quivering tip, then gave in to my urges and filled my mouth with his thick cock.

Oh wow! I forgot how thick he was. I forgot how wide my mouth had to be to fit him all inside. I forgot that his dick hit the back of my throat before I could fit him all in. That, however, did not stop me from trying. I moved from the couch to the floor, kneeling in kaçak bahis siteleri front of him. My heart raced and I could feel my women juices running all over my pussy. I was soo turned on.

I admired his cock once more before I mouth-fucked his dick like the little slut-whore that I was. Yes, I sucked his dick for cash. And I was a cheap-ass whore, only $50 to get your cock inside my slick, warm mouth. I varied between licking the sides of his shaft, ticking the tip with my tongue, and caressing his dick all the way inside my warm mouth. Ah it felt so fucking good. I sucked on his huge balls and rubbed them all over my face. That’s right. You’re balls are all over this slut. She likes it so fucking bad. I loved his huge-ass balls, I forgotten their impressive size. It only made me more turned on.

I paused to take off my shirt to expose my naked chest. I grabbed my handful of B-sized, perky tits, wet them with my pussy juice, and inserted his throbbing dick into my boobs. Oh I loved looking down and seeing my juicy girls fucking Jonathan’s cock. In and out in and out oh my god I am such a dirty slut it feels so amazing. His breathing changed and I knew by how his cock pulsated and tensed that he was about to cum, and I lost it. I bounced my titties harder on his cock as my pussy contracted and I had one of the most fabulous orgasms in my life while Jonathan groaned and squirted huge globs of sweet, sticky cum juice all over my chest.

Oh… that felt so fucking good. I fucking love his cock. I put it in my mouth once again to suck off all the delicious cum, and to enjoy the feeling of his heavy, sated cock in my mouth. Fuck, I am such a slut. And it feels soooo good.

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