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Group Sex

FrustrationHe had watched her for some time. Lusted to taste her lips; watched her shiver with pleasure. He still wasn’t certain as to how they’d come to such an impasse – how he had settled into the dreaded “friend” zone. Yet here he was, forced to listen to her talk about man after man, tryst after tryst. She never seemed to noticed how he ached for her. It wasn’t that he wasn’t attractive – she had mentioned as much many times. She would comment on his lean abs, his sweet looking lips, and ponder aloud how he could be single. How little she understood.One night, he’d had enough. She was talking to him about how she had been having problems getting laid. She felt “safe” talking to him about these things. They were up late, talking on the phone. she had been out at the bar that night, but went home alone. She whined about how she never could be attractive enough, how men never seemed to want her. she didn’t realize that he was talking while driving to her house. He listened to her wallow in self pity, and asked what she had worn out. She had gone for a classy look that night – a pencil shirt with a blouse – which she mentioned she had left unbuttoned enough to show her ample breasts. She had worn his favorite boots- a pair of stilletto knee highs that he had frequently thought of her in. As she spoke, he went through the checklist of supplies. Blindfold; check. Duct tape; check. Knife; check. Riding crop; check. Food and water for two days; check. He would grab some suitable clothes for riding from her house. He arrived just as she was finishing her story of rejection from that night, talking about how she just want to get fucked.He thought to himself, “she’ll regret that wish soon. Or maybe not.”Wait, someone is at the door,” she said, and heard her put the phone down. He grinned as he hung up and prepared himself. When she opened the door, he turned her and held her face first against the opposite wall, closing the door with his foot. Her perfect ass ground into his crotch as he held her, pinned. Holding her hands behind her back, he bound her wrists, then tied the blind fold. He didn’t understand why anyone would reject her. Her body was perfect to him – she was short, but strong. was fit, but soft. He reached in front of her and took her tits tuzla escort in both hands, growling into her ear, “if you behave, you’ll be fine. Don’t make a fuss. Do you understand?” He turned her around as she nodded, her full bottom lip quivering. It hurt him a little to scare her so, but he had to have her, and knew that it couldn’t be here. He guided her to the bedroom, and had her sit on the edge of the bed where he could keep an eye on her while he packed her some clothes into an old backpack.Before long, the two of them were in the car, and he was driving with one hand on the wheel and one caressessing her thigh. She whimpered slightly and he smacked her inner thigh, just hard enough to make her jump. “Be good.” He reminded her. “Everything that is going to happen, you will like, because we both know what a little slut you are.” He resumed caressing her thigh, slowly working his way up until he was gently stroking the outside of her panties. He could tell she was trying to hide how much she liked it; her panties were soaked through, and her pussy was giving off heat like he’d never felt before. He continued to tease her like this for some time, but never allowed her to climax. She whimpered each time he stopped, wanting more despite her will. He lit two cigarettes, and put one between her lips. “i’m going g to unbind your hands now, but you must not remove the blindfold. You understand?” She nodded, and he reached over with the knife as she leaned forward, and deftly cut the rope while somehow managing to keep the car on the road. They were near there first stop. Almost as soon as they both finished their smokes, he took the final turn up a deserted road and stopped the car outside a barn. He told her to sit, and proceeded to put all of the items necessary for the weekend into a saddle bag on his horse. He then opened her door and, to his chagrin, changed her from her skirt into a pair of jeans he has taken from her room. He then helped her onto the horse, and mounted it in front of her, pulling her arms around his waist. He then pushed his horse to a gallop, guiding them far into the woods.Once they had reached his favorite spot, he tied her to a tree; arms straight above her. It was a warm night, so he didn’t feel bad about stripping her tuzla escort bayan down first. She cried out when he tore off her blouse, popping every button. She whimpered pathetically when he began tracing the knife over her skin. The jeans he removed without damaging them – they were necessary for the ride back. He gently played the blade over her skin, from top to bottom. Her tits were barely contained by a black satin bra, with lace bordering. He traced it’s outline eventually sliding it under one strap. He pulled the blade against it slowly, so he could nearly feel each fiber giving way. Once the strap came apart, and he resumed teasing. Every few minutes he would cut another part of her bra, nicking at it slowly and precisely, until eventually it slid right off. Then he let the tip of the knife catch one of her nipples, just enough to make her gasp, squirming in her bonds to avoid the point. “Stay still. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt,” he whispered, pressing the flat of the blade into the swell of her breast to emphasize his threat.Tears were streaming from behind the blindfold.”Please. Do what you want,” her voice was hoarse and dry. “Just please, let me live.””Oh, I wouldn’t waste an ass as fine as yours,” he assured her, smacking her ass, “although you are fucking sexy when you beg.”He then repeated the process on her panties. He almost regretted ruining them. She was wearing a pair of black boy shorts, the same lace as the edging of her now discarded bra. He took his time with them, cutting only a bit with each pass, in random places. He enjoyed the sound the blade made as it passed through the fabric, the sharp gasp it invoked from her. Eventually the last piece of tattered lace fluttered to the ground, revealing what he had always suspected of her, but never known – she kept her cunt shaved smooth. Carefully, he teased her pussy with the cold, dull side of the blade. Once she was quivering with desire, he stepped back and sheathed the knife, admiring her. He quite enjoyed the sight of her there, hands bound above her head, wearing only those amazing boots. He went about starting a fire, rubbing down the horse, and setting up camp, leaving her to stand, blindfolded, presented for his pleasure. For a while he just sat, watching the escort tuzla fire light dance over her skin. He took it all in; her shapely legs, round hips curving to her soft stomach. Her amazing tits – tits he had longed to touch, to tease, to taste. Finally he stood up and walked toward her with his riding crop. By now he was down to just a pair of jeans and boots himself, not that she could tell. He’d like to think she would enjoy the sight, if she could see it. He slid the crop slowly up her body, letting it tease every part of her, snapping it now and again just enough to make her squirm. After torturing her for a while – gliding over nipples, up her arms, and that beautiful ass, he slid it between her legs and used it to begin teasing her already wet pussy.Once she was so close to climax that she was shaking, he smacked her inner thighs, fairly hard. As expected, she yelped and spread her legs. Kneeling at her feet, he admired the evidence of the effect he had on her. The pink, slick, swollen lips; her own juices glistening off her soft, creamy white thighs. He ran his finger along her slit, then brought that finger to his mouth for a taste. He closed his eyes, enjoying her flavor, and found himself driven with a need to taste more. Sliding her legs up onto his shoulders, he began licking her. Gently at first, just barely teasing her with his tongue. She began writhing, struggling not only with him, but with herself as well. Her whimpers dissolved into moans, her struggling evolved into thrusting; calm at first, but growing more persistent. Soon she was screaming with pleasure, twitching above him. Lowering her legs back to the ground, he stood up. He walked around behind her, and undid his pants, crop still in hand. He then held the crop across the front of her throat while sliding into her. Her groan was like music to his ears, and she began grinding back into him, working his cock like he’d never felt before. Dropping the crop he grabbed her hips and began slamming against her. His teasing had paid off – she rode climax after climax, milking his shaft before he finally gave into his own pleasure, cumming deep inside her. She cried out as they came together.He released her arms and let her collapse into his arms. He smiled as she clung to him, allowed herself to be held by him. He kissed her then, and as he kissed her he removed the blindfold, waiting to see how she would react when she saw the face of her captor, her now lover, her most trusted friend.

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