Frustrated by Susan

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Double Penetration

I should have realized that it was all part of a game.

Monday morning, I was awoken by Susan gently stroking my cock. I had been having a wonderful erotic dream (or was that brought on by Susan’s ministrations?) and was fully hard. She gently stroked my cock, and I could already feel a small dribble of pre-cum leaking from my cock. I rolled onto my back so that Susan would have easier access to my cock and hopefully so that she would climb on top of me and lower herself onto my erection as I knew she liked to do.

Just as I was on the verge of climaxing, I heard Susan’s alarm go off. She let go of my erection to silence the alarm and then climbed out of bed. I looked at her incredulously.

“You know that I am helping Carol out in her lingerie shop this week. Sorry but I can’t be late. Save yourself for later.”

At that my erection started to subside but a promise is a promise, so I expected to be able to relieve my horniness when Susan returned that evening.

We were actually retired but Susan had agreed to help her long-time friend Carol out at her lingerie store as her normal assistant was on holiday and there was a big release of a new range of sexy lingerie this week.

Lunch time the phone rang. It was Susan.

“We are so busy I have hardly had chance to stop. This new lingerie doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it seems very popular, maybe I should buy some before we are sold out. I am getting so turned seeing all of these scantily clad women and being so close to their nearly naked bodies, if I had time, I might even have had to have a quick stroke of my wet pussy. I bet you can’t wait for me to get home”

She really knew how to get me going especially after leaving me hanging first thing. My cock twitched.

“Please save yourself for me and then we will both be horny for this evening.” I replied

“I’ll try.”

To pass the afternoon I did a few errands and then went off to the gym to try and distract myself from the erotic thoughts I was having. When I got home again it was time to prepare some supper ready for Susan coming home.

When Susan walked in the door we kissed and a ran my hands over her lovely arse.

“I’m exhausted. I had no idea how hard Carol worked in that shop of hers.”

“Well supper is ready, glass of wine?”

“Yes please.”

I poured Susan a glass of wine and then went back to the kitchen to serve up supper. It was nothing too fancy but we both enjoyed it with another glass of wine. As Susan finished, she rolled her shoulders to release the tension of the day. I got up and walked round behind her, slipped the shoulder straps of her dress down and started to massage her shoulders. Susan sighed and visibly relaxed, but when my hands started to roam down towards her breasts she tensed again.

“I’m sorry, I have had a long hard day…Can we save this for another day? I am going to go and have a nice hot shower and then lay in bed for a while and read my book before we settle down.”

I collapsed in front of the tele and watched my favourite series for a while, when I heard Susan head into the bedroom, I decided that I might as well have an early night and read my book as well.

We both snuggled up in bed and eventually switched the lights of and settled down. We usually slept with Susan laying spooned behind me so when I felt an arm slide across my body, I didn’t think too much about it. Susan’s hand came to rest by my cock and it inevitably stirred with excitement.

“Perhaps she has had a change of heart” I thought to myself.

Susan wrapped her hand around my cock and squeezed gently, in a few moments I was fully hard. I tried to move my hips so that I could rub myself in her hand, but she had too firm a grip. I lay there for a little while and Susan alternated between gentle rubbing and squeezing. I was getting more and more aroused but there was little I could do except submit to Susan’s ministrations.

After a couple of minutes Susan loosened her grip and stopped rubbing my cock. She just kept her hand resting there. Although this was pleasant enough it was all the more frustrating and I started to lose my erection. As my cock softened, I felt Susan’s hand once again take a firmer grip and start to rub me.

“What is she playing at” I thought but nothing I did allowed me any more stimulation. As soon as I was fully hard, she relaxed her grip again and I started to soften. Susan repeated this cycle 4 or 5 times. Then as she gripped my cock again, I perceived that her breathing had changed, and she had fallen asleep. So, there I was my cock covered by her hand, unable to touch myself or increase my pleasure. I just had to lay there getting increasingly frustrated.

Eventually Susan rolled over and released me and I was able to get some sleep. A night of erotic dreams and random erections followed but I didn’t want to just bring myself off to relieve myself.

I was awoken the following morning by Susan again taking my cock in her mouth. Only the head of my cock, but it içel seks hikayeleri was a very nice way to wake up. She licked round the opening at the tip of my penis, and I moaned with pleasure, hoping that this time my arousal would be brought to a proper conclusion.

Just as I was nearly at the point of no return Susan’s alarm went off. I don’t know how she timed it so badly for me, but she let go of my throbbing penis and reached over and silenced the alarm.

“I am so sorry I thought I would have time to finish you off this morning. Please don’t waste your seed but save yourself for me.”

With that she headed off to the bathroom to get prepared to go off to work.

I couldn’t decide if she was doing this deliberately or if it was just a coincidence. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but my cock refused to soften properly and wherever I lay I could feel it throbbing desperate for release.

I spent the day working in the garden and was ready for a rest by late afternoon. I had just sat down with a beer when my phone pinged. It was a photo from Susan. She and Carol were modelling the new lingerie that she had been selling. She wasn’t kidding when she said it didn’t leave much to the imagination. The bra was no more than a quarter cup and left her pierced nipples uncovered (and hence accessible). The panties where barely a triangle of fabric covering her slit, but it was also so sheer that I could see the outline of her labia and her hood piercing. Carol, who also had similar piercings was as exposed. My already frustrated cock sprung into life. I texted Susan back and told her that she had better buy the lingerie and then model it in person for me.

Susan messaged me back “Not this evening I am afraid. Carol has offered to take me out for a meal to thank me for all the hard work. Don’t wait up”.

Much as I wanted to, I resisted the temptation to go and give myself the relief that I needed. I was sure that Susan had a cunning plan, and it seemed a shame to spoil the fun.

I had already gone to bed when Susan returned home. I listened to her shower then without putting on a nightie or anything she climbed into bed behind me. I could feel the points of her pierced nipples pressing into my back but unlike the previous night she left my penis well alone, and we were both soon asleep.

The result of 2 days of teasing was that while I slept, I had the most erotic of dreams and kept waking up with a raging hard on. I was almost tempted to pounce on Susan and fuck her whether she liked it or not, however I resisted the temptation and left her to sleep soundly.

The next morning at least she didn’t wake early and start teasing me. I stayed in bed as she dressed, and she made sure that I saw that she was wearing the skimpiest of thongs and as it was forecast to be a hot summer’s day a summer dress which she could wear without a bra.

Soon I was left on my own again. My balls were starting to ache from the teasing, and I was seriously tempted to relieve myself before getting out of bed but for some reason I resisted the urge to masturbate in the hope that Susan would soon relent, and we would be able to have a passionate love making session.

It seemed like a long day not helped by Susan sending me sexy text messages every now and then just to keep me excited. At one point she even sent me a picture of Carol sucking on one of her nipples and another one of her with her hand on her clit. I texted back to that “I hope you are not bringing yourself off when I am saving myself??” All I got back was a smiley face.

Wednesday was one of our regular nights to have a relax in the hot tub. I hoped that after a nice soak Susan would be a bit more conducive to making love. She got home at about 6, I had already prepared supper so all we needed to do was to shower off then we could head for the tub with a nice glass of wine.

Susan undressed and got in the shower. I decided to join her and ‘save water’. I started off running my soapy hands down her back until I could cup her bum. By know I was pretty much erect. I got closer to her back and pressed my cock between the cheeks of her arse while I soaped her front paying special attention to her breasts and then on down to her pussy. A couple of strokes of her clit were enough to get her panting.

Susan leaned forward slightly, and I pressed my cock closer to her arse.

“That’s enough of that,” Susan said, “It’s time to go relax in the spa.”

We do enjoy our sessions in the tub. Warm water relaxes the muscles, and a nice glass of wine relaxes the mind.

I sat next to Susan and rested a hand on her thigh. Seeing that she was relaxing I started to move my hand up her leg towards the V between them. Susan made no attempt to block my progress and eventually my hand was resting on her labia, her clitoris was held nicely proud by the ring in clit hood, and it was easy for me to exert a small amount of pressure to it.

Susan squirmed a little and slid lower into the water increasing the pressure on her clit. I start to gently rub along her slit and playing carefully with her ring. Susan spread her legs a little more making my access even easier. I turned towards her and slipped a finger deep inside of her. She was now well on her way to a climax. I continued to play with her clit until, with a gasp she climaxed. Continuing to finger fuck her and play with her clit. I kept her aroused long enough to have a second small orgasm.

Once we had spent an hour or so in the tub, we headed back indoors to have some supper, however I had hoped that having already given Susan a couple of orgasms she would allow me some relief as well. As she dried off, she lay back on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge and stretched her arms out behind. This left her body entirely exposed to me. I climbed onto the bed and taking one breast in my hands took her nipple into my mouth. It started to harden even before I started to run my tongue around her areola. I then gently took her nipple ring between my teeth and pulled knowing how much she loved having her nipples stretched. Repeating this attention to her other breast had her panting and nicely aroused.

I climbed off the bed and knelt between her legs. Although I knew she would be good and wet I wanted to tease her a little before I fucked her. I started to lick up and down her inner lips playing special attention to her clit and randomly pushing my tongue into her vagina. She reached own and took hold of my head. “Don’t stop,” she moaned.

I continued to lick and suck her until she was close to another climax but as I tried to pull away so that I could push my cock into her she tightened her grip.

“Don’t stop I said. I am so close I don’t want to lose the moment.”

So, there I was desperate to fuck her but forced to perform cunnilingus until she was satisfied. I renewed my licking and after a few moments more she screamed out and came with such force that I struggled to keep my tongue in contact with her.

As she started to calm down, I tried to stand up to fuck her but as she released my head, she closed her legs and sat up.

“Thank you for releasing all of my tension and horniness. I think it is time for some supper, don’t you? “

I stood there incredulous. “But…What about me?” I stuttered.

“Oh sorry, were you hoping to use my body for your relief? I am pretty beat now so I am afraid you will have to save yourself for another day.”

Thursday morning Susan’s alarm went off early.

I rolled over and saw that she was getting something from her bedside drawer.

“Roll over on your front and spread your legs.” She ordered.

I felt some cold lube and a finger touch my anus, then once she had spread the lube around, I felt something press into my sphincter. I guessed it was the prostate massager that she had used on me before. Once it was inserted properly and resting against my prostate Susan activated it. A tingly feeling spread through my genitals and I felt a small amount of pre-cum at the tip of my cock. Then she stopped the vibration.

“I have a test for you today. I can activate the massager using this app on my phone. It will send a message to your phone which will then control the massager. Whenever I got an odd moment in the shop, I will activate the massager or change the speed, so you have no idea what to expect. But, to make sure that you don’t switch it off or anything every time you feel a change in speed, I want you to text me and tell me. If you don’t respond quickly enough, I will not be happy. Oh, and by the way no touching.”

“After all I have suffered this week you expect me to put up with this all day? I will be a mess by the time you get home.”

“Good. If you do as you are told you should get some relief tonight.”

With that she went downstairs to have some breakfast before going off to work.

It takes Susan about half an hour in the car to get to Carol’s shop so I guessed I would be safe for now. There was not much point getting dressed so I just threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

I sat down to have some breakfast, sitting down pressed the massager harder against my prostate so I had to shuffle around a bit to get comfortable. Just before 9 I felt a gentle vibration and as instructed, I texted Susan. “Good, that is the first test at least I know it is working” came back the response. Then the vibration increased for about 30 seconds and then stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief before updating Susan.

The rest of the morning was relatively quiet, I guess Susan was busy in the shop. Every now and then I would get a short jolt but nothing to be arousing enough to be enjoyable. Each time I texted Susan an acknowledgment but never got any response.

I had settled down to eat some lunch when I felt the vibrations ramping up. I immediately texted Susan to tell her I had felt the change but again got no reply. The vibrations continued to increase and then stopped. I was just about to text Susan when they started to ramp up again. She had obviously started an automated program of some sort. This time when the vibrations reached a peak they continued for a short period and then stopped, then stared to ramp up again. This time they stayed at the peak level for even longer. I hoped that this didn’t continue for too long as I could feel the pressure building in my prostate.

After about the 5th or 6th cycle I could feel the precum start to ooze from my cock. I took a photo and sent it to Susan in the hope that she would stop the vibration before I ejaculated. The vibrations continued for even longer. Then they suddenly stopped mid-cycle.

“Sorry,” came a text, “I hadn’t intended to bring you so close, but I got disturbed by a customer. I’ll let you calm down now and no more until I get home.”

When Susan got home, I was just about ready to rape her but I guess I am not that sort of man. I would never do anything non-consensual. As desperate as I was, I was almost curious to see what Susan had planned next.

“Did you enjoy being under my control today?” She asked

“It was incredibly frustrating and I could quite happily take you upstairs and fuck you silly right now.” I replied.

“Would you do one last thing for me and I will be your slave for the weekend?”

“You remember the cage that I put on your cock once before? Will you wear it for 24 hours more, Just for me?”

“How much more of this teasing do you think I can take. One touch and I would probably cum. If you frustrate me for another day, I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“That’s why I want you caged, to make sure that you control your urges and do exactly as I say. If you do, I promise that you will have the most exciting weekend.”

“OK, lock me up, but you had better be prepared for a weekend of sex and debauchery.”

Friday evening, we generally went out for some supper and a drink. When Susan got home from her final day helping out at Carol’s lingerie store, she was carrying a parcel. “These are payment for helping out this week. I will give you a show after I have had a shower and you can choose this evenings attire.”

With that Susan headed off upstairs and I could hear the shower running. I guessed she would be a while and would give herself a good shave at the same time. I settled down with a glass of wine trying hard not to think about my caged cock and my constant state of horniness.

I had nearly finished my wine when Susan appeared clad in the sheerest camisole top and a tiny silk thong. Her breasts moved gently under the material causing her nipples to harden slightly and make her rings even more visible. I was stunned, she looked so sexy that if I hadn’t had my cage on, I would have taken her there and then. “You like?” She asked.

“I like a lot, are you planning on wearing that this evening or do I have to choose?”

“I have another set of lingerie for you to see and then we will decide.”

She went back upstairs and a few minutes later appeared in an outfit so revealing she might as well not be wearing it. It consisted of a lacy bra and thong. The lace was so fine it was virtually see-through, but to make it even more revealing there was a hole at the tip of each breast that allowed her nipples to poke through. Susan’s nipple rings enhanced the erotic effect as they seemed to hold her nipples in place through the cutouts. Not only was the thong virtually see-through as well but had a slit up the crotch starting at the top of her slit and ending just below the bottom of her labia. Her clit hood piercing was also pressed through the top of the slit and she had positioned the slit so that it pressed between her inner and outer lips, pushing her inner lips into clear view.

“If you wear that out tonight you will need to wear something that won’t end up exposing your entire body to the world!” I said.

“And what would be wrong with that”

“I have one other requirement if you are going out half naked…I want you to wear your ben-wa balls as well. You have left me all frustrated all week and it is time that you started to suffer the consequences.”

“OK, we had better get dressed or we will lose our table.”

We went up to the bedroom and Susan took off her thong and lay back on the bed.

“Can you put the balls in for me?”

How could I refuse. I retrieved the heaviest set of balls that she had and slipped between her legs. Gently I started to lick her pussy making sure that her vagina was good and wet before slowly slipping the 2 balls inside of her. Susan gently moaned as I used a finger to make sure that they were as deep up inside of as they would go. Knowing how well toned Susan’s muscles were I knew that there was no danger of them slipping out completely but just the thought of them starting to work their way down her channel excited me.

“OK? “


Susan wiped the excess moisture from around her labia and then put the thong back on. She then selected a pretty sun dress that wasn’t too revealing and put that on. I dressed in my usual shirt and slacks over a pair of silky boxers. Why is it that there isn’t something more erotic for men to wear?

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