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It was Saturday morning when my mother walked into the kitchen where I was finishing my bowl of cereal. She was about to start her Saturday morning ritual of going to the gym and grocery shopping. We talked as I walked her to the front door and hugged her goodbye.

When I turned to go back to the kitchen I noticed my step-father sleeping on the couch. I froze in my tracks as I did not want to wake him up. I stood there for a few seconds then took a step towards the kitchen. I glanced up and noticed that he was lying on the couch in nothing but boxer shorts. I stopped again and quickly looked away. I wanted to run out of the room but I couldn’t move. The room was dead silent. I raised my head up slowly and peeked back at him. He looked to still be sleeping. I quickly looked away again. I couldn’t stop the pounding in my chest and I couldn’t move. I also couldn’t stop thinking about taking another peak at his sexy half naked body.

I am petite, fair completed with reddish blonde hair. My breasts are small but very sensitive. I’ve been very shy my whole life. I haven’t had many boyfriends even though I’m 18 years old. I do get a lot of attention and boys are attracted to me. I just can’t seem to be comfortable around boys.

My step-father has always been good to my mom and me. They’ve been married for over three years and we have a good relationship. The trouble is that I have had a secret crush on him. What’s there not to like? He is tall, dark and handsome.

Minutes it seemed had passed when I had finally talked myself into sneaking another peek at him. I looked up and scanned his body. I started from his lightly hairy chest and moved down. My face felt flush and my body tingling. My heart was about to pound out of my chest when I got the shock of a life. His penis was peaking out of his boxers!

I was so shocked that I couldn’t even Betturkey look away. I froze there. This was the first penis I had ever seen! My body went completely warm, my toes tingled and my nipples ached. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so big and hard. I didn’t have anything to compare it to but it seemed to be huge.

So many sensations were going through my body. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard. Suddenly his penis twitched. It caught me completely off guard and I made an audible sound like someone had scared me. I looked away but right into my step-fathers eyes.

“Hi Heather,” he said softly.

Shocked again, I broke eye contact, but was once again looking at his hard-on.

“Is your mother gone?” he asked while still lying there with his penis hanging out.

I couldn’t say anything and was afraid to move. I couldn’t stop staring at his cock. My mouth felt dry as a bone. I felt light headed and numb. It seemed that his penis had gotten even harder and was throbbing up and down.

Through the slight ringing in my ears I heard him ask, “Is this the first one you’ve seen?”

I slightly shook my head.

He sat up and pushed his boxers off, then laid back down. His penis was now completely exposed to me. It was long and reddish with thick veins up the sides. There were tingles all over my body and my pussy was starting to get warm. I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling. It was like when I rub myself at night before going to sleep.

He slid his hand over his thighs and up to his balls. He circled them and then ran his fingers along the length of his erection. I watched wide-eyed as he slowly moved back down to his balls then back up to the tip. I made the shocked sound again which caused his cock to twitch.

He moaned, “Oh yeah! You like watching me stroke my cock?”

He Betturkey Giriş wrapped his fingers around his cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down. I wasn’t even touching myself but my panties were soaked. My nipples were so hard they hurt. They begged for me to pinch them. I wanted to reach up and grab my little breasts. I was practically panting as he stroked his cock harder and faster. I could see that around the head, he was starting to leak and get wet like my pussy.

“Oh my god! This feels so good. You’re making my cock feel great. Oh Heather! Keep watching me jack off for you.” His hand was moving very fast by then. He kept moaning and talking dirty to me.

“You’re so fucking sexy, baby. God, you’re so hot. I love your body. Your little tits drive me crazy!”

No one had ever said anything like that to me. He loved my body? My tits drove him crazy? My body was starting to shake. I was out of breath and my mind was on overload. My pussy was throbbing and aching for attention. My step-father was making me feel incredible.

His hand was jacking his cock very fast. “Heather. Oh god, Heather! Please baby, let me see your tits. Oh, please sweetheart. I’m so close to cumming! I love you so much!”

And that’s when it hit me. He loved me. My life would never be the same.

Without thinking about it I grabbed the bottom of my night shirt. In one motion I pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor next to me. As my arms came to rest at my sides reality hit me. I was standing there showing my breast for the first time to anyone. No one had ever seen my tits. Not even my best friend. I was too far gone to turn back now. The air lightly touched my exposed breast and sent a shiver down my spine.

“Oh honey, your breasts are amazing,” he said in a voice that I had never heard from Betturkey Güncel Giriş him before. It was soft and sexy.

He was stroking his cock so fast by then I could barely see his hand moving. In between his moans and groans he was talking very seductively to me. His body started to shiver and shake. He was nearly out of breath but started grunting. “Watch me baby. Watch me sweet heart. I’m so close. Oh yeah. I’m going to cum!”

As he was saying this, I reached up and starting playing with my nipples. Just by watching him and the slightest touch on my ultra-sensitive nipples was enough to send me into the most incredible orgasm of my life. I slipped my other hand into my pink panties and found my soaking wet clit. I was cumming so hard I nearly passed out.

In the midst of me cumming for the second time, my step-father’s cock exploded! I could not believe what I was seeing. Tons of white creamy strands where shooting out of his cock. He was pumping out shot after shot, all over his chest. His hand was shacking as he squeezed every last drop from his throbbing penis.

I just stood there panting and trying to catch my breath after my incredible orgasm. My little breasts were heaving up and down and my nipples super hard. I couldn’t believe that I had just watched my step-father jack off and cum all over himself. Not to mention that I had showed him my tits and had an orgasm in front of him.

He stood up and walked over to me. His semi-hard cock was pointing right at me. He stood in front of me and looked deep into my eyes. I could feel the tip of his dick lightly touching me just above my panties. He leaned into me pressing his body to mine. His cock had slid up my stomach and was burning hot. He kissed me gently on the cheek, then whispered in my ear. “You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. That was amazing!”

He turned and left the room. I was still trying to catch my breath and recover from what had just happened. I looked down and saw some of his cum had rubbed off his chest and onto one of my breast. It was wet and sticky but looked amazing. I thought to myself, “Oh My God, am I a slut now?”

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