From Innocent to Urinal

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Mike had just arrived in town for a business trip and finally settled into his hotel room for the night at 7 pm. Mike turned on the hockey game and sat on the couch in his suite and cracked an ice cold beer from the twelve pack beside him. Right at that moment there was a knock at the door which Mike found odd as he was not expecting any guests and no one knew he was in town.

Mike assumed it was just room service checking to make sure everything was satisfactory in his room. Mike flung the door open quickly to dismiss the room attendant with the intention of returning quickly to the hockey game and his beer.

As Mike opened the door he seen a gorgeous blond standing just outside his door. She was 5’5″ tall with a slender toned frame, long curly blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous French manicured hands. Mike looked the blond up and down noting her to be wearing a tight mid thigh level dress, a hint of black thigh high nylons could be seen between her black dress and her tall knee high bitch boots.

Mike simply looked at her shocked and explained to the blond that his room was satisfactory and he didn’t need anything else. Mike grabbed the door to swing it shut as the gorgeous blonds face quickly flipped from happy and smiling to a slight hint of rage.

The blond stepped forward with one swift motion grabbing Mike’s testicle right through his pants and squeezing just hard enough for him to buckle at the knees and drop down. The blond aggressively reprimanded Mike instructing him that you kneel for Queen Lucy when she appears at your door.

Mike knelt there in shock with the pain shooting up from his testicles to his abdomen as Queen Lucy grabbed his hat off of his head and put it on her own head backwards. Queen Lucy released Mike’s testicles and swiftly grabbed the hair at the top of his head walking into the room toward the couch Mike had been sitting on as she towed him along behind her. Mike was confused, shocked and still in pain as he simply crawled behind being led deeper into the suite like an obedient puppy in tow.

Queen Lucy arrived at the couch and sat down drinking Mike’s beer while he knelt there on all fours still in shock. Queen Lucy opened a second beer as Antep Escort Bayan she slowly unzipped her knee high leather bitch boots and removed them revealing her black nylon clad feet. Queen Lucy placed her first foot in Mike’s hand and ordered him to massage her foot while the second foot she planted firmly on his face. Mike could feel the wet foot sweat on his face as she rubbed her foot on his face finally coming to rest with the base of her toes right at his nostrils as he inhaled her scent while he massaged her other foot.

Mike just knelt there obediently massaging and smelling Queen Lucy’s sweaty Nylon feet only stopping for the brief moment that it took for him to take his clothes off when he was ordered by his Queen. Mike continued massaging and smelling as for the next 20 minutes as Queen Lucy would rotate her feet back and forth. The entire time Queen Lucy continued to degrade Mike calling him her little bitch and drinking his beer.

Finally Queen Lucy stood up removing her tight dress revealing her gorgeous body dressed in black lingerie, garter belt and thigh highs. Mike was fully invested into making Queen Lucy happy at all costs now as he was completely under her control.

Queen Lucy again led Mike over to the bed by the hair on the top of his head as he crawled behind. Queen Lucy laid Mike onto the bed on his back and he lay there staring up at the ceiling awaiting his instructions. Queen Lucy then explained to Mike that this would be quick as she had somewhere else to be. Mike acknowledged that he understood without hesitation. Queen Lucy then asked Mike if he was willing to serve her as her dumpster.

Mike was confused and had no idea what this meant but immediately answered that he would be whatever his Queen wanted him to be. Queen Lucy appeared pleased with his answer and instructed Mike to open wide.

Right then Queen Lucy removed her gorgeous throbbing hard 10 inch cock from her panties and inserted it aggressively into her obedient slaves mouth and began thrusting harder and harder. Queen Lucy cooed with pleasure as she throat fucked Mike with no care for his comfort or feelings. Queen Lucy mocked and berated Mike repeatedly laughing at him and calling him her personal cum dumpster. Mike simply lay there receiving the humiliation from his Queen without hesitation.

Finally Queen Lucy pulled her sexy cock from Mike throat as her cum exploded out flowing into her cum dumpsters open mouth. Queen Lucy instructed Mike not to swallow as she stroked her cock pumping the last few drops of think white cum into her dumpsters open mouth as he obediently lay there complying with every demand.

Queen Lucy lay her softening cock across her cum dumpsters closed eyes as a demonstration of her dominance as she laughed at her slave below stroking his cock aggressively behind her. Queen Lucy ordered her dumpster to gargle her cum while she stroked his cock harder and harder to which he complied. Right as Mike was about to explode himself Queen Lucy ordered him to swallow her load and cum at the same time. Her dumpster complied without hesitation as he lay there with her soft cock laying on his eyes. Mike’s cock erupted all over his legs and stomach as Queen Lucy laughed and with pleasure in her voice told him he was a good cum dumpster.

Queen Lucy stood up and walked over to the couch finishing her fifth beer. At this moment Mike’s mind was flooded with regret, humiliation and anger. Mike was furious with himself for allowing himself to be so humiliated and dominated by Queen Lucy.

At that moment Queen Lucy told Mike she needed to leave and that he needed to crawl to her and thank her for her donation. Mike still embarrassed and angry stood up and walked over to Queen Lucy prepared to put her in her place.

Queen Lucy quickly snapped at Mike shouting that he is to kneel to her, kiss the tip of her cock and thank her for his rightful place as her cum dumpster. Mike felt his knees go weak but hesitated for a minute still intending on taking control of the situation. But to no avail Queen Lucy’s power over him was to strong as he knelt down, kissed the tip of her soft cock and thanked her for dumping her cum into his mouth.

Queen Lucy was now upset with Mike’s initial signs of resistance and instructed him to tilt his head back and open his mouth. Again with a display of dominance Queen Lucy lowered her nuts into Mike’s open mouth and lay her soft cock on his face to show him his rightful place. Queen Lucy instructed Mike on how disappointed she was in her slave and that he needed to be punished for his act of rebellion. Mike still sucking on Queen Lucy’s nuts muffled to his Queen indicating he understood.

Queen Lucy then out of the blue with satisfaction in her voice complained that Mike’s beers were going right through her as she laughed.

Queen Lucy removed her nuts from Mike’s mouth grabbed his hair and towed him into the bathroom of the hotel room. There Queen Lucy instructed Mike to kneel before her with his head back and mouth open. Mike complied as he did not wish to upset his Queen again.

Queen Lucy laughed and mocked Mike telling him he was a good boy. She then flopped her soft cock into her mouth and explained that Mike’s act of resistance lowered his status with her. Queen Lucy declared Mike was no longer her cum dumpster and that he was now demoted to her personal urinal.

Right then Queen Lucy began to piss into Mike’s open mouth only pinching off the flow when his mouth was full and she ordered him to swallow. The Queen’s personal urinal complied gulping down her warm piss and opening up for round two.

Queen Lucy mocked and laughed as she repeated this process three more times ensuring every last drop of piss was caught and gulped down by her urinal’s open mouth. The last mouthful again the Queen ordered him to hold it in his mouth, gargle it and savor it while she lay he soft cock on his face expressing her dominance over her.

The Queen finally ordered her urinal to swallow the last gulp and assist his Queen dressing and leaving the hotel room.

The Queen walked to the door of the hotel room and stepped out into the hallway turning around looking at her slave on all fours infront of her like an obedient dog. The Queen told her urinal she was leaving now and that he should thank her again and kiss her goodbye. Mike Crawled into the hallway, thanking his Queen for both of her donations and kissed each of her boots.

Queen Lucy smiled with pleasure, laughed and told Mike now he was getting it as she spun on her heel and strutted off down the hallway The Queen shouted to Mike that she would be back another day for another deposit as she rounded the corner out of sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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