From Innocence to Lust Ch. 05

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I had been waiting for this. I had been setting the stage for just this opportunity. Now it was here. My baby, her magnificent body was mine. Her best friend was mine. My cock remained hard. I wanted more.

“Stacey, I want you,” I instructed, fisting my cock in her direction. “Doggy style sweetie” I continued. “I may want to fuck your ass too, Baby,” I whispered, moving behind her as she positioned her body at the edge of the bed.

I saddled up, pushing my crotch against her ass, wiggling my hips and humping my cock up and down her crack. Pushing on the small of her back, her hips tilted up, her cunt glistened, her lips slick with our mixed juices. I stuck the head of my cock between her lips, pulling it up and pushing it down through her wet gash. Stacey dropped her chest to the bed, leaving her ass high above the bed. I aimed my hard cock toward her open hole, stepped hard to her, pushing several inches into her body. Grabbing her hip bones, I pulled her roughly, pulling her body back onto my penetrating cock. It slid deep, our bodies grinding together as I stroked in and out of her wet cunt.

“God,” grunted Stacey. “I love your big cock Daddy,” she groaned. “Fuck your baby hard Daddy,” she continued. “Slam your body,” she said haltingly as I pushed forward, shoving my cock balls deep into her waiting cunt. “against me,” she whispered. I fucked her almost violently, pounding her flesh hard, slamming my cock hard, fast and deep into her yielding body.

Kara scrambled upwards, climbing in front of Stacey, pushing her hips down. Stacey lifted her shoulders, her face, diving directly into Kara’s cunt as I slammed her forward. Her lips, her teeth latched onto Kara’s clit, nipping firmly. Kara’s hips lurched upwards, tilting, driving her crotch into Stacey’s face as I pulled Stacey back on my rigid cock. I watched as Stacey’s fingers grabbed Kara’s soaked lips, pulled them wide, exposing her wet clit, her pink flesh, and her gaping hole. I swear it was breathing, opening and closing with the contractions of her muscles. Stacey slid deep into Kara’s crotch, her tongue jamming into her wet box as I thrust forward, driving her face hard into Kara’s cunt. Kara grabbed Stacey’s hair, pulling her hard into her cunt, her teeth gritted, her hips floundering under Stacey’s assault. Kara glanced to me, staring into my face.

“Fuck your baby!” Kara grunted. “Fuck her hard!” she commanded. Her head twisted back and forth, her hips humped as hard as they could into Stacey’s face. Her breathing was raspy, gasping for breath. Stacey matched Kara grunt for grunt as I slammed her body, grinding my cock completely in her cunt.

It was time. I pulled back, grabbed my dripping cock, and slid the cock head against her tight ring. Grabbing one hip, I pulled forward, popping the head of my cock into her body. Her muscles clamped around the greased shaft. I hesitated, feeling her muscles contract. As I pushed forward again, Stacey bit down on Kara’s clit, causing Kara to yelp. “My ass,” gasped Stacey. Pulling back, I thrust forward again, pulling on her hips hard. “Fuck my ass,” screamed Stacey into Kara’s cunt. Mouth wide open, Stacey sucked a mouthful of lips, clit, and sensitive flesh into her mouth as I slammed forward. My cock slid quickly, completely into Stacey’s ass. Her muscles choked my cock, squeezing hard over the flesh, her ring clamped tightly at the base of my cock. We held our positions, feeling my cock deep in her ass.

Stacey was panting now, losing focus on Kara’s cunt. “Fuck me Daddy,” Stacey chanted over and over. “Fuck my ass,” she repeated. She arched hard, grabbed a handful of blankets, and shoved her ass back against me. She was pumping my cock harder than I was thrusting into her body. I slammed forward, retreated, slammed forward again. My cock slid easily in and out of her ass. Her fingers raked over her clit, her groans, her grunts very audible.

“Move Kara. Baby, move with Daddy,” I commanded. I shoved her forward, rolled to her side with me spooning her. “Now, fuck me Baby,” I whispered. I rolled to my back. “Crab walk on my cock,” I instructed, remembering a movie segment I had seen where the girl slams her ass hard on a rigid cock. “Yes baby, pound my cock,” I whispered as she raised over me, and started slamming my standing cock. Her screams shook the room. Kara jumped between our legs, watching my cock slide quickly in and out of Stacey’s ass. Kara leaned forward, sucked Stacey’s clit into her mouth. Stacey exploded, her hips arching hard, slamming down, and grinding my cock deep in her ass.

Kara hung on Betturkey for dear life as Stacey humped my cock with Kara’s mouth attached to her clit. Seconds passed, Stacey shuddered, grinding down hard, her body arching, accepting my deep penetration. As she exploded into orgasm, a guttural groan erupted from her, shaking her core. “Oh fuck,” she growled, her breath escaping from her body. She collapsed on my, flopping back. Her hips flexed, grinding down on my cock. Kara slowed her assault on Stacey’s clit. I could feel her, licking warmly over the exposed sex. “Yes, oh god yes,” Stacey whispered as Kara continued to suck her cunt.

My rigid cock begged to cum as I thrust up slightly into Stacey’s ass. “Fuck Kara Daddy! Cum in her ass!” Stacey whispered. Rolling, Stacey pulled off my cock, lying by my side. Kara’s hand stroked my rigid cock. She took the same position as Stacey, straddling my waist, aiming my cock into her ass, and slowly lowering her body. The head of my cock popped through the ring as she screamed. Grabbing my knees, she ground down on my cock, shoving more into her ass. Tilting her hips, rising up, she would thrust down, grinding more cock into her body. With the 4th thrust, I was buried. She moved to lean back over me as Stacey had done. Propped on her feet, her hands, our only connection was her ass on my cock. She fucked me with abandon. Our flesh slapped together as she grunted, slamming her hips down, impaling her ass on my rigid cock.

My balls burned, churning cum for filling her hole. She aggressively fucked my cock, grunting with each thrust, almost screaming with intensity. Every so often, she would grunt harder, her hips would come down harder on my cock. Building quickly, she thrashed my cock with every thrust, chanting almost incoherently as she fucked me hard. Her grunts were unmistakable, her breath escaping with each thrust down, our bodies slapping together. I built quickly, my balls expanding. I returned the thrusts, jumping upwards with my cock, trying to split her body, to shove my cock completely into her ass. With a deep, nut wrenching grunt, my balls exploded, spitting cum up my shaft and deep into her ass. I spasmed, my body quivering with each thrust into her ass. Kara came instantly, driving her body down on my cock. Spurt after spurt erupted from my balls, coating her insides as her ass squeezed every drop of cum out of my deflating cock. Kara flopped on my chest, my shrinking cock pulling out of her ass. With Stacey on one side, I rolled slightly to the other, pushing Kara off me. I lay between the girls. Our hands clasped, our fingers gently caressing each other’s fingers. Breathing returned to normal over a short period of time.

I turned to Kara, kissing her forehead. “Night sweetie,” I whispered. Turning to Stacey, I moved to kiss her forehead as well. “I love you Baby!” I continued. I snuggled close to her, wrapping an arm over her middle, my hand cupping a breast and pulling her body close. I draped a leg up over her hip, over the mound and down between her legs. Kissing her shoulder, we soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke, listening quietly. During my sleep, I had turned to my stomach, facing Kara. Darkness surrounded us, but I could hear her breathing. Short, raspy breathing came from her. I could feel her motions, her movement barely noticeable, but her sticky cunt gave away her intentions. She was masturbating. I moved so slowly, lifting my head I moved to suck her nipple between my lips. A soft, pleasurable moan escaped her lips. I slid my hand down her torso, feeling her hand flashing back and forth over her mound. Glancing at her in the dim light, she was staring at me in the darkness, her face illuminated only from the bathroom night light. “Daddy” she said very coyly. “Fuck me Daddy,” she asked demurely, her fantasy evident. “I want you Daddy,” she continued softly. Her voice trailed off, her hips arched under our hands, her thighs opened slightly as her ass lifted up off the bed. With a hard grunt, Kara’s orgasm erupted through her body, her hips thrust upwards, arching hard, her hand pushing down between her legs, her fingers dipping between her soaked lips, penetrating her wet hole. I could feel her body, tensed, but relaxing as the orgasm swept through her body. I leaned to her, again sucking the closest nipple between my lips, biting gently on the hardened flesh. Her free hand grabbed the back of my head, pulling me hard on her tit flesh, driving the nipple deep into my mouth. Opening wide, I sucked more flesh into my mouth, my teeth raking over her flesh. Betturkey Giriş A contented growl slowly escaped her lips as I chewed softly on her flesh. She continued to stoke her wet hole as my hand slid back and forth over the clit, rolling it softly, firmly, trying to get another quick orgasm started. Seconds passed, her hips lurched upwards, a small, intense second orgasm ripped through her body. Her legs clamped together, squeezing hard, pressing against our hands.

She leaned to me, biting my shoulder, passions passing through her bite, sucking the captured flesh into her mouth. I could feel the groan deep in her body as I grabbed her other tit, my thumb and finger twisting the nipple hard, pinching the nipple firmly. My cock grew rigid, again.

I pulled off her tit, laying back on the pillow. Softly, quietly, she watched me, her hands slowly caressing her mound, pulling back, her body curling beside me, a contented groan under her breath filled my ears. “Yes,” she growled quietly, almost inaudible. She pulled me close, my arm draped by her hanging tit as she arched, moved, and arched again against my body. Moving her face close to me, she licked my ear playfully. “I want to suck your cock Daddy,” Kara whispered. “I want to taste you,” she continued. “Please Daddy,” she whispered in the darkness. She stroked my cock, her nails tracing from my balls up the underside of my shaft as it pointed up my belly.

My cock was rigid. I moved over her, leaning to suck a nipple into my mouth. Standing at the edge of the bed, I pushed her over slightly, almost next to Stacey. I moved up the bed, placed a knee beside her head. I moved over her face, my balls hanging inches above her forehead. My rigid cock bounced happily on her face, her puckered lips kissed my flesh, causing my cock to bounce slightly. I grabbed my cock, aiming it to her lips. Tilting her head, her mouth opened wide. I slid forward slightly, pushing my cock between her lips. Her tongue swirled around the flesh, washing over my sensitive head. I pushed forward hard, driving most of my cock into her mouth and throat. Kara gagged slightly, her hands pushing my hips back away from her face. Her tongue quickly licked her lips, her hands reached around my ass, pulling me forward hard. My cock slipped completely down her throat as her head tilted to accept me. I instinctively reached to her tits, rolling both nipples between my thumb and fingers. I arched my hips harder, pulling back and pushing forward hard. My cock ripped down her throat, opening her mouth wide, reaching deep into her mouth and throat. She pulled my hips forward hard. My balls covered her eyes. I groaned appreciatively!

Her legs pulled up, her feet planted flat on the bed as her knees spread wide. Her pussy was open, begging for my attack. I leaned forward without thinking, my hands sliding under her ass, lifting her crotch upwards, driving my face into her cunt. I grabbed her clit between my teeth, holding it firmly as I slammed my cock down her throat. Her hips lurched upwards, lifting high off the bed as I slurped her wet clit. I shook my head back and forth quickly, never releasing her clit, tugging on the sensitive flesh. I devoured her flesh. I grabbed her labia, spreading them wide. Her clit stood hard, wet, engorged. I stretched out my tongue, flicking the sensitive hood back and forth quickly. Her hips lifted up, trying to capture my tongue. I nipped her clit firmly, tugging it into my mouth as my tongue mashed it against my teeth. She gulped, pulling my cock deep into her mouth. I lay flat on her body, my mouth sucking as much clit and slit into my mouth as I could get. My fingertips slid down her slit, approaching her hole. Movement stopped, she anticipated my penetration. Her hips flexed, legs spreading wider. As my fingers reamed her hole, I pushed two quickly into her body. Her body exploded, a cock filled groan blasting from her throat. I pounded my fingers in and out of her cunt as I sucked her clit in my mouth hard.

All thought lost, I devoured her, slurping wet gash. I jammed my cock hard into her mouth, slamming her orifice with abandon. I thrust my fingers hard into her cunt, buried completely, soaked with her juices. Pulling out, I thrust my thumb deep in her body, coating my thumb with her wetness. Pulling back, I moved to ream her ass with my thumb, moved quickly to shove it deep in her ass. It slid quickly! It slid deep! I hammered her tight hole, thrusting my thumb in and out of her yielding ass as I chewed on her clit. Only lust filled our senses, our bodies craving Betturkey Güncel Giriş release. Groans, grunts filled the room. Humping her face, my balls expanded, giving warning I was about to cum. I ground my hips hard on her face, impaling her. Spasms ripped through my body as I jettisoned cum deep into her throat. Spasm after spasm, I coated her mouth and throat.

As I finished cumming, I pulled my thumb out of her ass, drove it into her cunt. I jammed two fingers in her ass, shoving them deep. Both holes penetrated hard, I flicked her clit, assaulting her flesh hard. Her hips humped hard, her body trembling, convulsing under me. A guttural scream erupted from her, her hips rose a foot off the bed, flexed hard, and exploded into her third orgasm. Her body twitched, flopping down under me. I slowed my penetrations of her cunt and ass. I chewed slowly on her sensitive clit. As her hands pushed me away, I stretched her flesh, literally pulling it from my mouth. Exhausted, I flopped to her side, tracing her lips with my fingers. We tried catching our breath. Slowly, our breathing returned to normal.

I first felt Stacey caressing my back. She was awake, having witnessed my assault on Kara. Her nails raked down my spine, sliding over my butt cheeks, down to my thighs. Several times, her fingers slipped between my cheeks, trailing fire over my hole. I rolled to my stomach, allowing her hands to roam over my back and ass. As she approached my ass, I spread my legs. Stacey moved down between my legs, laying flat on the bed, her hands on my ass, her mouth planting kisses on my backside. Her tongue danced over the flesh. Slowly, with determined purpose, Stacey moved to my crack, her tongue dipping between my cheeks, moving toward my asshole. I loved having my asshole licked, so I anticipated her next move. I lifted my hips, opening my body for her invasion. She planted her lips firmly on my asshole, her tongue licking quickly, pushing against my opening firmly. For the next several minutes, she licked, bit, and licked my ass some more. My body screamed, my cock grew semi rigid under her assault on my backside. I groaned appreciatively.

Her fingers darted deep between my legs, tickling my balls, but moving upwards to find my tight rose bud. Reaching between her legs, she coated her finger with her juices. Moving quickly, she placed her finger at my ass, reaming slowly, deliberately. “Daddy, I am going to fuck your ass,” she said distinctly. Slowly, deliberately, she pushed her finger forward. I had never been penetrated, so my body tensed hard, muscles clenching tightly. She moved up over me, one hand pulling my cheek wide, the other pushing firmly on my ass. I titled my hips. My mind exploded as her finger pushed through the first tight muscle. Hesitating, she withdrew, following quickly by pushing forward harder. As she pushed, her finger slid into my body. Lights flashed in my brain. Pain, searing pain filled my thoughts. Suddenly, my ass relaxed, I opened my hips, her finger slid deep. She pumped her finger in my ass. “Oh fuck Daddy,” she breathed deeply as she began hammering my ass. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” she repeated several times as she thrust her finger deep in my ass.

“Kara, suck Daddy’s cock,” instructed Stacey. Kara moved to us, crawled under me, flipped to her back, and sucked my cock down her throat like before. I forced my eyes open, finding her tasty cunt beneath my mouth again. As Stacey started hammering my ass, I dropped down hard on Kara, diving into her cant, thrusting my tongue deep into her hole. Stacey moved to her knees, saddled up against my ass as she drove her finger into my ass. Her free hand reached between us, her fingers finding her clit. She massaged it quickly as she humped against my ass, driving her finger in and out of my ass. Kara sucked my cock deep, a cum receptacle for me to fill here momentarily. I thrashed her hole, moving to bite her clit and tug it into my mouth.

Stacey grew in intensity. She hammered my backside, her fingers working magic over her clit. As her orgasm approached, her verbiage grew louder, her tirade somewhat incoherent. But the focus was clear. “Fuck Daddy’s ass! Your ass is mine!” were the most often repeated lines. God it felt good. I could not have planned it better. My balls expanded, my cock exploded into orgasm as I thrust hard into Kara’s mouth. It was mere seconds when both girls convulsed with me, each overwhelmed with their respective orgasms. We writhed, grinding our bodies together, collapsing in a pile on the bed. Stacey was still wild eyed, wanting more. “God Daddy, I fucked your ass,” she whispered in my ear. She literally growled. “It was so hot,” she grinned at me. “Jesus Daddy, I just fucked you in the ass,” she continued.

“Sleep Stacey,” I offered. “We’re tired!” I pulled the girls close to me, wrapped an arm around each, and tried to sleep.

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