Frollicking , Fornicating on 4th

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What a bang!

My sister Shannon and our girlfriend Carrie decided to camp on the lake for the July 4th holiday. There would be a whole lot of partying going on.

Shannon is a tall, leggy brunette. Small, perky breasts with incredible nipples. Carrie is blonde, cute, and petite, except for her humungous breasts. No wonder her back bothered her. I didn’t even feel like competing in the wet T-shirt contest against her; she always wins. Both Shannon and Carrie attract men like I attract mosquitoes. You can’t beat them off with a stick.

“You know, Shannon,” Carrie mentioned as we loaded our stuff in the back of Shannon’s truck, “there’s a biker rally happening at the lake this weekend.”

Shannon laughed gaily. “Yeah, it’s really going to be tough to hook up with some guy’s this weekend. Not!”

Carrie giggled. “Yeah, really. I’d like to meet up with some dude who owns one of those boats in the parade. I’d like to spend the holiday cruising and skiing on the lake. What about you, Sarah? Who would you like to screw this weekend?”

“I’m not planning on screwing anybody. You know I don’t do casual sex. I just hope to get through the weekend without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.”

Both of them continually needled me about the fact that I wasn’t as wild and uninhibited as they were, and that I was paranoid about mosquitoes. They bought me a GOT BLOOD? stupid T-shirt with a mosquito on it. I donned it for our camping adventure.

I dislike camping, but they talked me into it. Staying at a motel was my preference, but they were booked solid. I took an inventory of what we had loaded in the truck. Eighteen- by-ten-foot dome tent that slept six. Three sleeping bags. Coleman 2-burner propane stove. Lanterns. Then I checked my travel bag one last time. Yes, I had Tampax Super and Midol PMS. It hadn’t started yet but was imminent. I had three different brands of mosquito repellant. Also NyQuil and cough drops since I had a nasty cold too. I almost backed out of the trip to spend the weekend reading inside with the air conditioning running at max.

“Hey, you guys, “I whimpered to Shannon and Carrie, “I’m not too sure I want to go. I don’t feel well.”

“You’re going!” Shannon insisted. “We’ll have a blast!”

“Yeah, right, “I replied miserably.

“C’mon, Sarah, don’t be such a drag, “Carrie snapped. “Okay, okay, ” I said softly, “I’ll try to enjoy this weekend, but it won’t be easy.”

“Sarah, you really need to get laid, “Shannon observed. “Didn’t you lose your virginity on the lake? Bang! Besides, you love fireworks.”

I started to cry. Yes, I had lost my virginity on the lake–in the boat with David, and then he died in my arms as our blue eyes cried in the rain.

“I’m so sorry, Sarah,” Shannon consoled me, “I shouldn’t have brought that up.” She put her arms around my shoulder and kissed me softly and sweetly on the cheek, licking up the tears.

Every time Shannon touched me I got goose pimples. She was so wild and crazy and beautiful. Everyone told her she should model. I didn’t know if my sister Shannon liked to play with girls; the subject had never come up. Shannon had known Carrie longer than I and introduced us. The three of us began to hang out together all the time. I could feel the sexual tension between all three of us, on their part as well as mine.

“That’s okay, Shannon, “I whispered, “I should be getting over this. Sorry I got hysterical.”

“You never get over it, Sarah. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” She held my hands and looked into my eyes. Yes, there was, but I couldn’t tell her.

* * *

We arrived at the lake about seven in the evening and set up our tent before it got dark.

“Let’s hit the Docksider for a beer and a burger,” Shannon suggested. The Docksider was a tavern on the lake we had passed on our way to the camp site. Dozens and dozens of Harleys had parked in the lot.

The establishment had a large deck out back, but there were no vacant tables anywhere. The place was packed. Shannon noticed three bikers who sat at a large picnic table. “Hey, would you guys mind if we join you? There’s no place to sit.”

“Hello there, hard bellies,” the one with the handlebar moustache greeted. The other two had full beards and looked rather grungy. “Sure, park your sweet little behinds down. Sit on my face if you like.” He smirked lewdly.

“Hard bellies?” Shannon asked.

“Yeah, foxy ladies–and you can be my fender fluff anytime.” He stared at Shannon’s long lovely legs barely covered by a bikini bottom. “Want to go for a ride on my scoot? My name is Pecker. You can go for a ride on that too, if you want.”

“Maybe later. Definitely later, “Shannon cooed. We sat down and they bought us some drinks.

The three bikers talked non-stop about flying colors, rice burners, barn queens, chicken strips, and ink slingers. I didn’t understand much of it, and they bored me silly. Shannon had her evil eye on the one named Pecker. Well, nicknamed Pecker anyway. I doubt his mother put that on his birth certificate.

“Why Betturkey do they call you Pecker?” Shannon asked innocently.

“Don’t worry, baby–I’ll show you why before the night is over.” She smiled seductively.

There were signs all over about the wet T-shirt contest. It started at nine. The owners of the boats who would complete in the parade on Friday at noon had agreed amongst themselves that the winner of the wet T-shirt contest could spend the rest of the day on the boat that won.

Nine o’clock arrived as Shannon got friendlier and friendlier with Pecker. I noticed she had her hand on his lap. The staff of the Docksider came around, and told us that anyone who wanted to compete in the wet T-shirt contest should step off the deck and form a circle around the guy with the hose, facing him.

Shannon and Carrie stood up. Carrie reached underneath her T-shirt and slipped off her bra and flung it on the table.

Aren’t you going to take off your bra, Shannon?” Pecker asked.

She laughed. “My bra? Do I look like I need a bra? Your tits are bigger than mine, ” she joked.

“Sarah, c’mon, “Carrie implored. “Aren’t you going to get wet and wicked?”

“No thanks.” I smacked another mosquito on my arm. “I don’t want to wash off the repellant.” I slapped another one. Blood squirted from it’s squished body. My blood no doubt.

The dude with the hose squirted the girls who circled him. He gave them each a card with a number on it. All of the guys in the place gathered close, and then the girls turned around. The cheers for Carrie were three times as loud as for anyone else as she jiggled and wiggled.

“Let’s have a better look at those big tits!” one guy yelled.

“Yeah, set them puppies free!” another hollered.

“Give us a real boob shot!” one more roared.

So Carrie did. She lifted her T-shirt and gave them a real good look. The crowd got hysterical. They pushed and shoved to get closer. “Okay, that’s all folks!” Carrie shouted. She pulled her shirt down and pushed through the throng of admirers back to her seat.

Everyone went back to their seats shaking their heads, still amazed by the mammary display they had just witnessed. Shannon took off her wet T-shirt and wrung it out. All eyes ogled her breasts, and the soaking had made the nips of her nipples erect. I swear the tips were the size of an AAA battery. I smiled while thinking I’d like to get a charge out of those perkies. She put her shirt back on.

I crushed another giant mosquito, this time on my leg. “You know, I think I’m going to leave, “I announced. “The mosquitoes are feasting on me and I’m tired. I think I’ll call it a night. You guys stay; you’re having fun, “I said to Shannon and Carrie. “I’ll walk. It’s not far.” I left.

Carrie came back about midnight.

“Where’s Shannon?” I asked.

“She hooked up with that biker. They took off on his Harley for parts unknown. But she had that ‘fuck me’ look on her face. I’m tired. I have to get my beauty rest for my big day in the boat tomorrow.” Carrie crawled into her sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep.

About three in the morning I heard Shannon come back. She was sobbing.

“What’s wrong, Shannon?”

“Oh shit, it was terrible, Sarah! With Pecker. He fucked me but never even kissed me. I didn’t even get wet. All the good that big dick did me. I give up on men! They don’t know how to please a woman. That or they just don’t care. As long as they get off. Fuck! I went for a swim in the lake afterwards to wash off his slimy sweat.”

I couldn’t help myself. She looked so vulnerable yet sensuous and sultry. “Shannon?”

“Yes, Sarah?”

“Would you . . . uh . . . like to get in the sleeping bag with me?” I pulled down the top invitingly and revealed my naked body.

Shannon stripped off her clothing slowly and seductively. She got in the sleeping bag with me and practically attacked me. We kissed hungrily and explored one another’s bodies with hands and kisses.

“My God, Sarah, kissing you is like kissing an angel. So soft and sweet. Not like kissing a guy at all.” She played with my hair, running her fingers through it over and over. “Your hair is so beautiful. I wish I had red hair like yours. It matches so perfectly down below. I shave.”

I touched her pussy gently with my fingers. “Yes, I know you shave, Shannon.” I giggled. I liked kissing her too. Oh, those lips. She looks like Angelina Jolie, but with smaller breasts and even more luscious lips.

She touched my pussy tentatively. “You’re wearing a pad, Sarah.”

“Yep. My flow just started. It’s really red now, inside and out. So you can’t do me but I can do you. I’d like to give you a buddy suck, Shannon.”

“I’d just love a buddy suck, Sarah.”

I unzipped the sleeping bag and spread it apart.

My head began to descend downward on Shannon’s body. First those incredible nipples. I could have played with them all night with my tongue and lips. And then her belly button. She pushed me away. “You’re tickling me!” Then she pushed Betturkey Giriş my head lower.

I kissed and nibbled the inside of her thighs until she pushed my head close to her pussy. “Do me, Sarah. Do me. Eat me. Please eat me!” she begged.

I ran my tongue between her inner and outer labia on one side, as I held the two together with my lips. I did the other side. Then I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I spread her outer lips with my hand and with my tongue pointed and stiff gently flicked here and there. Her clit peeked out. It was really big. I gave it a quick little suck and then let it go. It got bigger. I softly sucked on her clit as I flicked my tongue over and around it.

“Oh my fucking God, Sarah! Oh my fucking God! This feels so different. It never felt like this before. So tingly. Tingle, tingle, tingle. Big time. Big fucking time!”

I paused to say, “It’s the cough drops, Shannon–menthol.” I laughed.

“Well, I’m sure fucking glad you got a cold. Yeow! That feels awesome!”

“You have a really big clit, Shannon. It’s almost like sucking a cock.”

“Yeah, well, suck my cock, baby! Suck it good!”

I went back to sucking her clit softly.

“Harder, Sarah. Harder! Suck my cock! Suck it!”

Doing it more aggressively, I could tell this would rapidly produce an intense orgasm. Her clit throbbed in my mouth like a hard cock that was about to explode. I rolled my tongue into a tube around the shaft of her clit and slid it up and down, making my tongue like a little pussy for her clit to fuck.

“Oh yeah . . . oh yeah . . . oh fuck . . . oh yeah . . . ohhh yeah,” she moaned over and over as she shook her pretty head vigorously.

Shannon was right on the edge. Her legs shuddered. Then she lost it, squeezing her thighs against the sides of my face, as she screamed, “Oh my fucking God!” repeatedly. But I didn’t stop. No, I made her cum twice more. There is nothing like having your beautiful sister cum in your mouth. Just makes you both feel so good. Finally, Shannon pulled my head away.

“Thank you, Sarah. That was incredible. Wonderful.”

“You’re welcome, Shannon. What are sisters for? If not to give you a good buddy suck.”

We laughed hysterically. She said, “Yeah, well, I simply can not wait to do you next week.

I noticed that Carrie had her eyes open during all this. She never said a word. But I guess who could sleep with all that screaming going on. I could tell she was masturbating. Shannon and I cuddled in the sleeping bag, about to fall asleep. I faced Carrie. She winked at me and then closed her eyes.

* * *

On the fourth we went to the boat parade. Two guys in a boat called Switch Hitter won the contest. Carrie took off with them. Shannon found another biker. I decided to play golf, and three old dudes let me join them. They gave me a handicap, and I beat them all. Then they took me to dinner at the golf club.

I was beat and went back to the tent and read. Besides, I didn’t want to be out at dusk and be mosquito bait again.

Carrie stormed in about eight, crying and pouting.

“What’s wrong, Carrie?”

“Those two guys who own the boat I was on today? They’re frigging gay. Well, not really gay–biseual. They are both married. They said they don’t cheat on their wives, at least not with other women. I paraded around almost naked all day, and they barely noticed me. Then they had the audacity to ask me to drive the boat while they gave each other a blow job. I can’t frigging believe it. I thought for sure I was going to get laid today. Damn!” She stomped her feet and got melodramatically hysterical.

“Carrie, I saw you watching Shannon and me last night. You were masturbating.”

She laughed. “My God! You two were turning me on. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with another girl. It brought back fond memories.” She giggled. “I was a cheerleader. Laurie, she was captain. We won the big basketball game. State championship. To celebrate, we did each other in the back of the bus on the way home. The other cheerleaders were making it with each other too. Then we gave all the players on the team a blowjob. I think there was like twelve of them.”

“Sounds like a wild time!”

“Really! Well, we were drinking and smoking a little something; the coach gave it to us. He got a blowjob too. About six months later he got fired–for giving drugs to students, and the dude was a health teacher besides being coach.”


“Yes, Sarah?”

I drew down the top of the sleeping bag. “Would you like to get in with me?”

Carrie stripped off her bikini. Not that it covered much. She got in.

“My God, these are big, Carrie, ” I whispered as I fondled her breasts. “You do look like Pamela Anderson, but yours are bigger.”

“And mine are real!” We giggled hysterically.

I nibbled and kissed and sucked them enthusiastically. I wouldn’t let her play with mine because they were so sensitive, and I pushed her hands away.


“Yes, Carrie?”

“Would you give me Betturkey Güncel Giriş a buddy suck? Like you did for Shannon last night?”

“Of course. What are friends for?”

“Do you have any more cough drops, Sarah?”

* * *

The next night the three of us decided to go to a concert in the park. There were some groups I liked scheduled to play.

The mosquitoes drove me crazy again. Nobody else seemed to be complaining. I really got hysterical. “Fuck you, mosquito!” I snapped again and again and again. I swear, they were the size of dragon flies. Probably because they were full of my blood. Finally I stood up and screamed, “Son of a bitch! These fucking mosquitoes are sucking the blood right out of my body. Somebody help me!”

“Excuse me, miss, “a man said to me, “it appears the mosquitoes are bothering you.”

“No shit, dude! I’m dying here. Really dying. I could get the West Nile virus or something.”

“Miss, the more you swat, the more you attract them, and sweat draws them. You are perspiring doing all that jumping around.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t help it. I can’t stop scratching. Look at all these bites on me! They’re all swelled up. They itch like hell.” He had a bluish-black bird on his shoulder. “What’s up with the bird? Don’t look like a parrot.”

“It’s a purple martin. Eats about 2, 000 mosquitoes a day.”

“Let me borrow it. Please? I want to see the rest of the concert.”

“Well, I just don’t know about that. This a special bird.”

“Would you trade your bird for a BJ?”

“What’s a BJ?”

“A blowjob, dude. Let me borrow your bird until the concert is over, and I’ll suck your dick. Hey, I’d rather do that than keep getting sucked on by these fucking mosquitoes. Give me the fucking bird, dude. Please? I’ll do anything to keep these fucking blood-suckers off my body.” I got hysterical again and started to cry.

“Well, okay, I guess.” He put the bird on my shoulder. “And try to stay still. Let me rub some of this stuff on you. N, N-diethyl-m-to-luamide, the most effective mosquito repellant known to man.”

“Yeah, sure.”

He rubbed it on my face and arms and legs. Then he slipped his hand down my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra. He rubbed some on my breasts.

“Hey!” I cried, but I didn’t jump.

“Do you want to keep from getting bit or not?”

“Yes, but you are hurting my nipples. They are extremely tender at the moment. Next you’ll want to put your hand down my pants.”

“May I?”

“No. Bad time of month.”

“Oh. That could attract the mosquitoes too.”

“Not much I can do about that.”

“No, I guess not. You should be fine now. I’m sitting over there.” He pointed. “Please bring my bird back after the concert.”

“I will. Thanks. And don’t worry, I won’t forget about your blowjob.”

The stuff and the bird seemed to work. At least I lasted for the remainder of the concert. Afterwards I searched out the guy who had helped me.

“Thanks again, mister. Here’s your bird back.”

“Miss, perhaps I could provide a more lasting solution to your problem.”


“I’m an entomologist.”

“What’s that?”

“A bug expert. Would you like to come to my houseboat on the lake? I have something there that might interest you–and solve your problem. You can give me my blowjob there.”

“Let’s go. My name is Sarah, by the way.” He said his was Henry. He looked like an entomologist. Tall, thin, wire rim glasses, and long hair. Late thirties I guessed. Not bad looking but definitely the geek type.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get there.

“Sarah, did you know that Lewis and Clark complained non-stop in their journal entries about the mosquitoes that ate them on their way to the Pacific?”

“That was almost two hundred years ago. How come nobody has killed off the damn things?”

“Because most people don’t have these.” He showed me the Larvasonic. “This uses ultrasound to destroy the larvae in standing water.”

“I’m gonna buy me one of those.”

“They cost five thousand dollars.”

“Oh. Forget that.”

He showed me something else. “This is a Mosquito Magnet. It emits carbon dioxide, which attracts the mosquitoes into a trap where fans suck the moisture out of them, dehydrating them to death.”

“Yes! Kill all those little fuckers! How much does that cost?”

“About a thousand dollars.”

I started to get hysterical and began crying. “I can’t afford that stuff.”

“Well, maybe we can do something about that, Sarah.” He wiped the tears from my eyes with his handkerchief. Then he started to play with my hair. “You have such lovely red hair.” He traced my lips with his finger. “Exquisite lips.”

“All the better to suck you, my dear.”


“I promised you a blowjob in return for lending me your bird.” I slipped off my t-shirt. “Just don’t touch them please. They hurt like hell.”

“I’ll just look. Your breasts are perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

Henry gently pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

I unzipped his pants and lowered them to his ankles. His erection was way beyond quite apparent. “Nice boxers. Flowers?”

“I like flowers. Bugs like flowers.”

I lowered his boxers. “I think Henry needs a blowjob. Real bad. Don’t you, Henry?” I started to stroke him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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