Friends to the Rescue

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It was a hot fall mid morning, the weather had not yet changed and summer was in full swing with temperatures still in the high 80’s. Sally had just gotten off of work. She was very hot, but she was also very horny. She called her friend Sam on her cell and told him that she was hot and horny and really needed some attention. Sam works from home so of course he told her that if she wanted to she can come by for a few hours. She was hoping he would say that, so she told him that she’d be right over.

Sam hung up the phone and immediately picked it up again to call his best friend Peter. Turned out that it had been awhile since Peter had “had a great piece of ass” in his words…so naturally Peter told Sam that he would be there at lunchtime. Sam told Peter that he wanted some “alone” time with Sally before Peter arrived, that Sally should be here within 10 minutes so please give him at least 45 minutes alone with her to which Peter readily agreed.

Sally arrived at Sam’s Apartment close to 11am. She walked up to the door and saw a note which said, “CUM on in!” with a smiley face. She opened the door and immediately found another note that said, “Take off all your clothes and put on this blind fold. Knock 3 times on the wall when you are done. Sally did everything the note said.

Once Sam heard the knock at the wall he came into the room to greet Sally. He stood behind her and led her into another room. While he was walking behind her he made sure that his already hard cock was hitting her in the ass. Once their feet hit carpeting, he gently pushed her to her knees and put his cock right into her mouth. He was wasting no time at all knowing he only had her to himself for another half hour or so. He wanted to get Sally nice and wet and knew she did when she gave head. After just a minute or two he stopped her, helped her on her feet and then led her over onto some sort of padded bench, had her kneel on it with her butt out and leaned her over onto something soft that Sally quickly figured out was the bed.

Sally then felt something cool being dripped onto her asshole, then felt a finger enter it slowly. She was briefly fucked in the ass with Sam’s finger. Moments later he got right in behind her and gently slid his cock into her slightly lubed ass. Once she got used to having the size of his shaft in her, he started to fuck her ass faster and faster. She started pushing back against him willing him to cum in her ass because she was close to cumming herself, but Sam would not let her yet. He stopped immediately. Sally thought to her self, “He knows my body too damned well!”

He helped her back onto her feet and led her into another room with a cold tile floor. Using his feet he spread her legs shoulder width apart then leaning her forward, bending at the waist till her hands landed on something soft. Sally quickly figured out that this was the toilet seat cover in front of her and she was in his bathroom. She then felt something small and wet being inserted into her ass and at the same time felt Sam’s fingers moving in and out and around inside her pussy making sure that she was staying nice and wet. Gasping audibly, she felt a cool liquid being squirted up into her ass! It was then that she realized that Sam was giving her an enema! They had discussed this for “the future”, but she was more than ready to try it now and realized Sam had some serious anal play in mind.

Sally felt the tube being pulled out of her ass and Sam started to finger fuck her really fast almost making her cum again. God, he was teasing her! Sally felt some of the enema dripping out of her ass so she immediately tightened up her sphincter. Then she felt another one being inserted into her bunghole and more cool liquid being squirted up into her ass and its eventual withdrawal. Still Sam finger fucks her, this time using one hand to lightly pinch her dangling Escort Bayan nipples as well. She needed to cum, and was ready to cum, but was terrified of loosing control and making a huge mess. She knew from their chats that neither Sam nor herself was into scat play, so it briefly puzzled her why he was doing this, but almost immediately she realized that his intent was to train her to only cum “on demand” and to learn discipline. Sam had warned her in their prior conversations that he wanted her to be better able to control her orgasms. Sam brought her nearly to the point of no return before suddenly stopping everything. And just in time too, because the dam was about to burst! He left her bent over the toilet seat, but slightly loosened the knot on her blindfold before smacking her butt cheek playfully and leaving her alone with a click of the door closing.

Once Sally heard the door close, she took off the blindfold, stood up straight and waited for the enema’s to do its job. Once she felt the cramps and strong urge to release herself she did. She also made sure that she emptied her bladder. She had not one drop of pee in her bladder when she was finished. When she was done she made sure that she washed herself totally clean with the warm washcloth Sam had thoughtfully left in the sink for her. Once she was ready she put on the blindfold again, only this time tighter to make sure that she could not cheat and see a glimpse of what was going on. Once she tied the blindfold tight, she felt her way to the door and opened it up.

Within seconds Sam came to her and led her onto the bed. He wanted Sally to suck on his cock and make him cum. Sam always likes the way she sucks his cock. She used her tongue to go all around the tip, then while she takes his cock in deeper towards her throat she moves her tongue all around his cock. She had been practicing every time the meet and was proud she was finally able to take all of Sam’s much larger cock in her mouth. The tip of his cock actually does go down her throat and she is now able to hold it there for a few seconds until she lets up on his cock to take a breath. Today though she felt rebellious and she reached for his anus and just held her middle finger outside of it rubbing and tapping it occasionally to gauge his reaction. Sam reached down grabbing the probing hand and taking her finger, put some lubricant on the tip of it. “He was ready for this” she thought to herself. He then told her she could slip her finger in his ass GENTLY. This was new to him and her but as always she did as he instructed. She had only planned on teasing him, but did not mind doing this for him because she hoped it was going to make him cum in her throat soonerm so she could get fucked all the quicker. For quite a long time it seemed she sucked and licked and caressed his balls while fingering his ass, but he would not cum for her yet.

Sam then moved her around and started licking her clit and fingering her ass and pussy teasing her. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved up to her right nipple and then sucked on it really hard. She could not believe that just by doing that she reached her first climax of the day. Sam then told her to “move up” to put her head at the side of the bed. She did as she was told, then he was licking and sucking on her pussy and clit while trying to fit his hand in her wet dripping pussy. She loved being fist fucked and he knew it always made her cum.

While Sally was in this position, she heard a door open and close. Then she felt a very limp cock at her mouth. She took the cock in her mouth and sucked with all her might. She knew this cock and it belonged to Peter. This was great news for her because she wanted to get fucked HARD and she knew good old Peter would hammer her as hard as Sam allowed. Sam stopped his muff dive as Sally sucked on Peters cock, so still standing, Peter reached over her for her pussy and put his fingers inside her. As she started to cum again, she felt his cock stiffen and grow inside her mouth, but he would not cum for her yet either. Sally sucked him and he fucked her mouth hard. Sam then got back between her legs and once again was sucking on her pussy and using his tongue to fuck her.

Peter and Sam thought it time to move Sally in a different position. Sam does all the directing, Peter following his lead willingly and Sally doing anything and everything she is told or asked to do like any good “fuck slut” would. Sam wanted Peter to fuck Sally’s ass, so with her still on her back, Peter got on the bed on his hands and knees and held Sally’s left leg up in the air and put her right leg straight between his legs and he immediately rammed his hard cock into her now cleaned out ass. Sally damn near died from the exquisite pain/pleasure. Even though Sam wanted Peter to shoot on Sally’s face, Peter was too far gone to stop himself and gasped “uhhhhh sorry man” as he let out his first load up her asshole.

Staying hard was one of the great things about Peter, he could shoot full loads half a dozen times in 2 hours and never go soft. He was simply built to fuck! Peter stayed in Sally’s ass then decided to hold up both of Sally’s legs in the air. He immediately began pumping in and out faster than he ever did before. Sam positioned himself so that Sally was able to take his still hard cock into her mouth and suck on him. After a little bit, she had to pull off of Sam’s cock because Peter was fucking her ass soooooooo hard and she was ready to hit her next orgasm. Sally really did not want to risk biting Sam’s cock and leaving teeth marks on his Cock or risk biting it off.

Sally felt herself cum all over Peter as he continued to fuck her ass hard. She then heard Sam tell Peter that “my slut” was his to do whatever he wanted with, but not to fuck her pussy! At that, Peter rolled her over on her stomach, pulling her legs off the bed, feet on the floor, and her ass in the air. With this more comfortable position, Peter was really able to get powerful in his thrusts up her ass and she continuously orgasm’d, three, four, hell, maybe twenty more times because she felt her cum running all the way down her legs to her toes. Peter stayed hard, but did not cum in her that she felt. She briefly wondered where Sam had gone since she could not feel or hear him now. Sally was then told by Peter to come up on the bed on her hands and knees because Peter wanted to keep fucking her ass. With the brief escape of his cock, her now well used asshole began to close up finally. Back up on the bed on her hands and knees she felt a cock slip into her ass again, but more slowly now, each time it entered her ass she was able to feel it more distinctly. This was almost how Sam fucked, slow and deliberate with a powerful push at the end of each thrust, but somehow she knew it was Peter.

Peter quickly sped up and soon was fucking Sally’s ass so hard that her knees collapsed from his pounding and her orgasms and she lay flat on the bed with Peter straddling her ass still fucking away. The bed sheets were literally puddled with her cum and she felt like she was on a slip and slide. . She slumped forward, passed out cold from the brutally intense ass fucking and non stop squirting she was doing. Sam told Sally later on that he had checked for her pulse and breathing and when he thought that she was ok, he told Peter to continue fucking her ass. She awoke to total bliss, but ready to cum again. She heard Sam chuckle to Peter “see, I told you her mind would wake up when her body started to cum..” Peter followed Sam’s next bit of advice and continued to fuck Sally’s ass and she felt him grow larger and begin shooting his load in her ass again. Sally reciprocated and came too squirting more cum all down her legs and hitting his as well.

After just a momentary rest to chug down a bottle of water someone handed her, both men now turned Sally onto her back again. The bed was soaked and cold on her back with all the cum she had squirted all over the place with each orgasm. From her left side Sam put his cock in her hand but she pulled him closer so she could suck him. Peter now moved over to her head on the right side and began smacking her blindfolded face and cheek with his cock. This was nice, she had wanted them to squirt all of their cum on her face and into her mouth. Without warning Sam finally exploded into her mouth, grabbing her head and holding her mouth on his cock as the cum hit the back of her throat. As if they had planned it, as soon as she released Sam’s cock from her mouth, she felt Peter stiffen and warm wet goo splattered onto her face and lips. Someone took a finger and scooped some cum off one cheek and smeared it into her nipples, making her tingle with near orgasmic pleasure.

Sam then went back to work on her pussy again. He started to eat her out and seemingly tried to dry her up with his tongue, but it was definitely not working out that way, so he slowed down and began deliberate, slowly paced licks from asshole to clit. With every other stroke as his tongue found her clit she squirted more hot creamy white cum in his mouth. He then started to use his hands again and fucked her pussy hard with three then 4 fingers. Naturally she came again all over the place.

Sally passed out again and woke up feeling a hard cock being forced into her mouth, her legs pulled up and back and a slow fuck happening to her ass. She didn’t have any realization of time, but she opened her mouth to take in the hard cock only to have it squirt in her mouth and onto her hair and face. This must be Peter again she thought, since Sam usually only shoots one or two loads. Then she felt the cock rubbing the cum onto her chin and realized it WAS Sam,”wow, way to go San!” she thought. Still only half coherent, she felt both men now move away from her then turn her over again onto her belly with her ass hanging over the bed again, her feet on the floor. Peter once again rammed his STILL hard cock deep into Sally’s ass and brutally fucked her. She heard a camera click. Sneaky Sam had gone from director to cameraman now. This ass pounding was a marathon and must have gone on for at least 10 to 15 minutes as she felt Peter cum in her ass at least one more time, but never stop fucking her. Sally lost track of everything but the feelings of pleasure racking her body and must have cum 8 or 10 more times until she moaned out loud, “Stop, I’m tired…”, then passed out again.

Unbeknownst to her, Peter and Sam hi-fived each other on a job well done, then washed themselves up and left the room. Peter only had an hour for lunch after all.

Tem minutes later Sally regained consciousness and for a minute wondered where everyone went. She was sad that the ass fucking had to end. She really enjoyed herself and she knew the men did too. She listened hard for a moment then quietly said “hello?” to make sure she is alone before taking off the blindfold. She sees she is by herself, there is a full bottle of water laying next to her and all the pillow cases have been taken off the pillows. She also sees the sheets are pulled away from the corners, untucked and is astounded at the amount of wetness surrounding her, not a dry spot left on a king size bed. Laughing to herself she thinks “no wonder Sam is in a hurry to change the sheets, even the mattress pad is soaked through!?!

Sally got up and took a shower, dressed, packed up all the incriminating evidence of their lunchtime tryst, walked into the other room, and coyfully said thank you to her friend Sam for taking care of her today. He told her “that’s what friends are for grasshopper”. She was drained, exhausted even, but it is barely 1pm. Sally said goodbye and went home for a good night sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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