Friends Stick Together

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Arya opened the wooden door to encounter the most peculiar sight she was given to see in her whole life. Repulsion hit her like a punch in the face, and she stayed on the entrance completely debilitated for a few seconds.

“What are you doing? Close the door!” squeaked a little voice.

An average blonde, roughly the same age as her, looked at the newcomer with the eyes of a rabbit startled by headlights. What clearly wasn’t average, as far as Arya knew, was the massive prick she had in her hands and which seemed to be attached to her very own pelvis. Straight as a stick, the monstrous penis was positioned just over a tank which came above the knees of her soon to be roommate. What the…

“Please do it, close the door!” whined the gold haired girl as her visitor didn’t appear to move. The latter, still shaken, felt a hiccup and strange electricity traveled through her whole body. This seemed to waken her. A veil of fear shaded the blue eyes of the young woman, who fled out of the room without ado. Unbeknown to the two girls, this strange encounter was the beginning of an enchanting friendship.

* * *

Locked in the restrooms, our brave heroine didn’t want to come out and confront more oddities. But on top of all, she worried about the huge mirror in front of her cabin. Seeing her reflection was by far the worst of all her predicaments. She couldn’t stand to see how much she had changed this time. Her mother had sent her to this boarding school to avoid those situations. Indeed, the direction advertised that the place was dedicated to persons like her with “unusual gifts” as they had put it back then. A full team of professionals was displayed to satisfy the peculiar needs of their lodgers. She could tell now, after a mere 3 minutes, that it wasn’t right. Aware that the next holidays were in two months, she knew she had at least 60 more days of suffering facing her. Fuck.

It was all because of him. She had to blame her stepfather for her first trauma, only months ago. At the time, she was still a good-looking, normal, teenager; adult soon to be, she was enjoying life as any of her friends in her last year at high school. She even had a boyfriend, Liam, at the time.

Sat on the surprisingly clean toilet seat, her feet not even touching the floor, she tried to repel those memories. It never failed to get her angry. As if it would help her get back what fate has stolen from her. However, focusing on the present wasn’t as simple as it sounded: she still heard everything from the chamber she had just left hastily.

She tried her best to avoid it, but the mental image soon came back to her mind, helped by the sloshing she could hear through the thin wall. She didn’t even want to wonder how the blonde girl could produce those sounds with her appendage. In a way, thinking about it made Arya feel lucky about her condition. What girl could want a sausage bigger than her wrist in her pants?

Paying attention to her surroundings again, the redhead girl noticed that the noises had somehow stopped. Then she heard a knock on the door of her cubicle. “Are you in there?” She recognized the voice of her future roommate and decided to give herself a chance to socialize. The small girl hopped off the seat and reached the knob to open the door.

While she expected to see something monstrous and lewd as during their first encounter, the cute girl she was facing proved her wrong. She had nothing that really made her stand above other girls, but her overall aspect was welcoming. Even more now that she was playing with her fingers, her cheeks reddening.

“Sorry about just now, I… I must do it regularly or it hurts really bad…” she said in a hurry. Arya welcomed her confession with her most comforting smile.

“No, sorry, I shouldn’t have run away like that. Besides, I know what it is to be treated as a freak too… What’s your name, again?”

“Maeve! And you’re Arya, am I right? The instructors told me you would come,” answered the hermaphrodite, clearly relieved.

“You are. I’m glad to meet you Maeve, I thought I would end with some weirdo in my bedroom, but you look like the opposite of that!”

“You’re sweet; people here are usually pretty harsh. Some appear to think that their difference makes them superior… you know the kind.”

“Friends, then?”

“Friends!” she concluded with a smile. “We shouldn’t talk here, come with me.”

The blonde-haired girl walked straight back to her bedroom, while Arya hot on her heels got out of her improvised hideout. bahis firmaları As she walked out of the bathroom, she tried not to pay attention to the huge mirror covering most of the wall in front of her. Finally, she couldn’t resist taking a peek.

What she saw was everything but unexpected. She sported the same face than just after the incident, subtle freckles were decorating her high cheeks and thin nose. Her mouth had the same expression as always, and a ton of red hair was encasing the teen’s face, underlining her deep blue eyes. Some people around her tended to call her “hot” back at the time, but most of them ended burned when playing that game with her.

No, everything was in order. Except for the fact that she was again smaller than the last time. When she had measured herself, she was 4 feet 7 inches tall. That was before the last surge of the disease that had ruined her life. How much had she lost this time? She couldn’t tell but she had seen worse. Nevertheless, at this pace, in mere weeks, she wouldn’t be able to even look at herself in that mirror. And apart from a miracle, she knew nothing that would be able to save her from this fate.

Arya put aside her dark thoughts and intended to focus on her new relationship. The girl seemed nice, and she didn’t want to spoil her chances of getting a friend for the next two months by being awkward in the first place. The redhead then left the restroom to walk back into the bedroom.

* * *

When she entered, Arya tried not to focus on the nearly full container. It was hopeless. As soon as the blue pupils found the white ocean, they stayed glued to the sticky content. How much can she produce? the ingenuous teen wondered, while staring helplessly. She then remembered the cute girl who had looked so embarrassed when she confessed why she had to do this, and this made her feel awful.

“Don’t look, please… I know it’s disgusting… I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own bedroom.”

“No, no, I don’t care, I was just… hmm… intrigued? Don’t worry about that,” Arya intended to ease her.

It was a huge lie, but she knew better as soon as the smell hit her. The musky wave overloaded her senses for a second and she feared a new hiccup. Although it never came, thankfully. That sole thought made her shiver: she had learned to fear every strong sensation in the past months. It’s ok, you’re safe.

“So… can I ask why you’re here? You stopped growing when you were younger?” Inquired her friend, desirous to skip the previous subject.

“Not really. I suppose it’s fair if I tell you, but I usually don’t… The truth is that since the incident, I tend to shrink every time I’m scared, or shocked, or even just surprised sometimes…”

“Wow… I understand now why you’re so tiny!” replied an amazed Maeve. “That’s wonderful, it means that you can avoid it!”

Arya had missed a point there. She didn’t want to belie the girl, but she wasn’t as optimistic. Given that she was already smaller than when she had arrived, she doubted her roommate could prove her wrong. Still, she replied kindly:

“I guess you’re right. Some people have it worse than me.”

“You can say that again. Doctors told me that the thing between my legs is still growing, and they don’t know when it will stop…”

Maeve was definitely a big competitor in the most screwed up lives league, pun aside. Remembering what she had seen, and reconciling it with the impressive bulge the girl sported between her tights, Arya couldn’t imagine what “bigger” would mean at this point. She felt strong empathy for her doomed friend.

“Speaking of what… can I ask for your help with something? Can you give me a hand carrying my overload to the toilet… please?”

The redhead didn’t hesitate, she wanted to relieve the other girl as much as she could. She expected that soon they could count on each other. Also, it would alleviate her respiration, that only was a sufficient reason if she thought about it.

“Yeah, no prob’.”

“Nice, thank you! I’ll take this side,” she said while positioning herself, “catch it from under too or it will be harder to carry.”

The tiny girl obeyed and soon they were ready for the task. What she didn’t foresee, was that being closer to the source made the smell a lot stronger. Maeve opened the door, then advertised: “We have to be fast, I really don’t want to come across some people here while doing this”. Arya agreed. To be honest, she shared the feeling and was already way out of her comfort kaçak iddaa zone. The smell alone put her on the verge of her shrinking process. That’s what friendship takes, she told herself, before getting ready for the action.

The blonde girl counted to three, and then they raised the tank. Given their respective heights – Maeve was easily a foot taller than herself! – the metal container leaned dangerously towards the face of the tiny one. In addition, moving the gelatinous liquid seemed to release all its potency. The odor became so asphyxiating it made Arya stop and fear for herself. Could she really do it, or had she overestimated herself?

“Don’t stop, please, we have to do it fast!” called out to her the worried hermaphrodite. There was no going back. The young woman gathered her spirits and started to move forward. The restrooms weren’t far away, it would end in no time, she tried reasoning with herself. It didn’t help a lot with the smell, which was somehow getting stronger every passing second; or was it just her?Soon, they were in front of the cabins. The poor non-accustomed girl was trying her best to keep the contents of her stomach inside but it was only proving harder and harder with the gross liquid suspiciously gathering on her tilted side. Just a little further, she thought cheeringly.

“Hello, hello! Oh my… what do we have here?” a voice raised from behind her.

It was too much for the fragile heart of the redhead. Taken aback by the unforeseen encounter, she felt a mix of guilt, fear, and humiliation devouring her mind. Too late to fly away. The usual hiccup preceded the wave of energy that took over her. Due to the intensity of the shock, she shrank more than before this time, unleashing all the pressure she had accumulated.

Dealing with her own mitigated feelings, Maeve didn’t see the position her companion was in. She couldn’t anticipate what happened next, leading to the worst-case scenario for them both.

Arya didn’t understand what was coming down on her. Due to their new size difference, a tsunami of sticking cum rushed to her face, engulfing her world. Shaken by the occurring event, she let go of the vessel to escape the dangerous flow, only succeeding in sealing her fate. Now that the tank fell freely, the wave of cum grew to tremendous proportions, and in no time she was covered head to toe in the jellylike liquid. While she fell on the floor, a new hiccup shook her but she couldn’t concentrate on the feeling as breathing through the pasty cream became her first preoccupation.

Invading her sinuses, the mucus found its way inside her body, even muffling her cries. Arya had always refused to swallow her former boyfriend’s cum, but this couldn’t even compare. It was like she had doubled in weight with all the cum sticking to her, as well as she had the feeling to be half her previous size. The teen was gasping for fresh air, trying to get down her throat the liters – it had to be! – of jizz that threatened to enter her mouth. If hell existed, it couldn’t possibly be worse than that. Even the demonic laugh was found in the active participation of the newcomer, who seemed very pleased by the situation.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry!” panicked the yet unspoiled blond girl. “Let me help you,” she said to her unresponsive friend, which didn’t hear any of that as pints of musky cum had submerged her tiny ears. The poor girl had a tough time as she started to need oxygen badly and neither her mouth nor her nostrils were close to being freed from the thick semen piling there.

Maeve kneeled, intending to liberate her roommate, but she was stopped as soon as she did by a loud voice from the corridor she had just left: “Maeve, what was that sound?”

Letting her friend drown in solid despair, the latter intended to cover up the scene. Rushing out of the bathroom to meet the supervisor, she attempted at the same time to find an alibi. Sadly it was too late; the woman who always sported a severe face was already there. With a simple glance, she understood that she was clearly confronted with an awful violation of the protocol. Her favorites ones.

“So, dear Maeve, would you mind to explain?”

Behind the trembling girl, shy bubbles were escaping the white silhouette where her mouth should have been. “Ah, erm… you see, I…”

“I can manage, Ms. Lotte,” interceded the third girl who had stopped laughing for the occasion.

“Oh, you’re there Angela? Good. I’ll let you handle this then. Call me if you need my help to punish indecent behaviors.” kaçak bahis

Then, without further ado, the old lady left the group. Maeve couldn’t believe it. Had Angela – the bitch – saved her? Something was definitely wrong.

“You’re not going to help your friend?” asked her rescuer. With which the blonde girl exclaimed “Arya!” before rushing to the poor cum statue. Her tiny friend was most likely unconscious at this point. Any lost second put her in greater danger, and Maeve couldn’t blame anyone but herself for that tragedy.

As she was going to scoop the remaining cum from her oxygen-deprived friend, she was interrupted by a burning sensation on her shoulder. The true Angela had entered the game:

“No. With your tongue.”

The blonde-haired girl pleaded with her eyes, mostly for the sake of the unconscious girl – or at least she would persuade herself of that afterward. There was no discussion. Angela had power, and she knew how to use it. The first day Maeve moved in, her tormentor made that very clear by tattooing a kiss on one of the blonde girl’s upper breasts. She was hers since then, her massive penis couldn’t save her from that. With time, she assumed that she just had bad luck when picking her genome. It was unfair, but reality turned out to be like that around her.

Intending to forget her bully’s presence, she bent over to get her face over the semen mountain. “Arya? I’ll help you, please, endure it just a little longer.” She gave a try with a hesitant tongue. The cream was clearly thicker than usual. Was it related to her recent growth spurt? The only thing she was sure about was that mere licks wouldn’t do it. She then started to collect the sticky cum in her mouth, almost chewing, before intending to spit it aside.

Again, she felt the burning sensation rise under the demon’s claws. “Swallow it. It’s yours after all.” The defeated teenager executed herself. Before plunging again in the cum pile for another swig. More than ever, time had a cost.

Several mouthfuls later, she found the lips of her roommate under a thin layer of disgusting semen. She was building a severe nausea after gulping up more cum than she could ever imagine, but Arya’s safety was on the line so she complied. The hermaphrodite had her first-aid certificate, thus she knew how to operate for a mouth to mouth resuscitation which she started on the spot, praying for not being too late.

Thankfully, mere seconds after, the cum-drenched girl came to her senses, coughing the reminders of cum which were left in her lungs. Her panicked mind wired back all her alert sensors, and she trashed in panic, as a new hiccup coursed her. Oblivious to her, she gave Angela the best show of her abilities, as she lost at least 3 inches on this trauma.

“Please, help me! Take that off!” she pleaded, almost crying under the jizz that was still covering her burning eyes.

“Do it,” ordered the powerful girl to her victim. “I want to see her face again.”

The bullied girl obeyed once again, frightened by the consequences of bad behavior. She liberated the victim from her cum prison before enquiring: “Arya! Are you ok? I’m so sorry!”

“She is,” stated the demoniac teen. “Hey, you, Arya.” She locked her cold dark eyes onto the deep blue ones. “That’s an interesting power you have. Come to my room when you wanna play a little. It’s rather that, or I come to you; and to be clear, you wouldn’t like the latter.”

The shaken girl nodded.

“Oh, and just to know… how tall are you?” requested Angela with a smirk.”I don’t know exactly… 4 feet 7… but that was before all of this,” she replied, almost sobbing.

“Perrrfect,” the demoness purred underlining it by a cruel smile. “I like them helpless.”

She made her way back, out of the restroom, without a glance at the speechless couple. The once red-haired girl – no one could have guessed under the cum, – still shaken by the events, had a lot of questions about the girl she had just met, as well as she wondered about her future now. Four strikes in one day, that was a new record. Better than that, she had just set a new world record, as she was the only known human to suffer from this illness.

At this exact point, Arya thought nothing could be worse than her actual situation, but, whatever she did to her karma, life had decided to prove her wrong. And it wasn’t with the easy route.

The first step on this road was made by a sinister Angela who came back on full display: “I almost forgot, you two. I’m tired of getting girls cleaning these toilets with their tongue, so you’ll have to come and ask me next time you wanna pee.” She had put emphasis on the last word, locking her eyes on Maeve’s. “That’s all for now.” And she left as she had come.

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