Friends Moms Slumber

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Friends Moms SlumberMy friend Mark was the only one with a pool down in our street so we’d have to a have a pool night at least once a week. We were nearing our high school years so it wasn’t that we were k**s.. We just were k**s at heart. Still knocking on each others door to come play outside or to go somewhere. His mom would cook us food while we swim. I knew she was hot but never really got a chance to see her body. I was always tempted at times. She’d be watching her soap operas on TV on a relaxing day off with only a spaghetti strap and short shorts. They straps were always loose basically hanging off and at times when there happened to be a moment of me and her.. I just wanted to pull down. Never did though. There was a picture of her and her husband on the fridge of them at a company Halloween party.. Who knows how long ago but she was dressed as a slutty something while my friends dad was a pirate pulling her cleavage down with his sword. She had such a body for whatever age she was at. She didn’t change much she may have been a little thicker but curves never bothered me.It was a scorching summer when we decided to swim. It was right after school and unplanned. I hadn’t even packed swimming trunks. We just went in our boxers and dove in. Few hours of us playing around in the pool his mom showed up. Just picking up his little brother Matthew from elementary school. She saw us and already knew we’d be hungry. She brought out burgers and hot dogs to grill. She asked us about college and said what we’d do without each other. Made jokes about how inseparable we were. She must have had a late start to her day because she had nothing on but a shirt and her regular short shorts. She didn’t even have make up on but still what a beauty. I can see her nipples getting hard through her shirt. I kinda gave off a small chuckle and both Mark and his mom were asking what’s so funny. I don’t know why it was so funny because only one was hard at the time. Mark kinda caught a glimpse too but tried to avoid it. He must be used to it. But for some odd reason he began splashing his mom. Nothing crazy just started at the feet. Then her thighs to her waste.. We were kaçak bahis telling her to come swim with us then we can all eat. She insisted she had nothing on(which I think we both kinda knew) and that she had to finish the food for us. As she was explaining Mark cut her off with a big splash and it basically turned into a wet t-shirt contest. I saw her nipples through the shirt when they were against her breasts. She knew we’d caught a glimpse and pulled the shirt away quickly. It wasn’t much but I made out exactly where her nipples were, size, and how hard she was. She kinda just stood there for a second cause the water must have been too cold. She was telling Mark he was gonna get in trouble and all he said was “You always say that!” so.. They must never be punished all the time and get away with it. Just few moments later his little brother Matthew came running out to jump into the pool. By surprise he took in his mom too and they both come hurdling into the pool. Matthew flew towards Mark and she kind of landed right on top of me. I caught her and we plunged underwater I was still holding her and I didn’t realize but I was squeezing her breast. We rise above and she was still a bit shocked. I got us both out of the pool because she was shivering and ran to my backpack. I gave her my sweater I had.. I know it’s summer but I always kept a handy dandy hooded sweater just in case. This moment was no different. A beautiful woman wearing my clothes was always a sexy thing to me. She stood back and realized I had a boner. She kind of blushed and said thanks and went on to cooking our burgers. I avoided the entire situation and ran back into the pool. Whew!~Now that the awkward situation was over we headed off to hang out in Marks room. Played some Halo on his Xbox as the night grew late. It was the weekend but we didn’t party much. My girlfriend had work so I just off the phone with her telling me she had to work late. So we’d talk tomorrow. Mark always asked about questions with girls because he’s been single throughout our high school experience. He was the straight A’s never to ditch and such.. He kept bringing up wishing he had a lady in his life. bets10 giriş I told him well at least you have your mom. He gave me a charlie horse and I’m assuming he never seen her in that way. I feel sorry for him. It was around midnight when we started to dose off into our slumber. I hear his mom creek on over to her room from watching her soap operas. I knew she usually stayed awake as long as possible waiting for her husband to come home. He usually doesn’t get home until 4 am or so. Mark knocked out and I usually have to rub one out for me to fall asleep. I decided to go do it in the bathroom.. Couldn’t do it with him laying his bed while I’m on the floor. I go out into the upstairs living room hearing Matthew snoring away on the couch. I knew he usually slept in his parents room but maybe he fell asleep playing his Gameboy or whatever. The light just switched off from the parents room. She must be getting ready for bed. The door was slightly cracked open I suppose it was for her husband not to wake up.I go over to hear slight moaning going on. I hear the sound of a pussy being pounded but knew it wasn’t hers.. Because her husband wasn’t home. I’m on all four.. Hands and knees.. Nothing but the TV illuminating the room. I see a bottle of wine being poured into a wine glass. Next to the wine glass was her vibrator. Right there on the bed was Marks mom getting off to a porno! I couldn’t believe it. She had her legs in the air spread perfectly so I can watch her vibrator go in and out of her. The wine was definitely taking effect because even her moans were beginning to slur. I was jacking off to the same rhythm she was going. This was a lot better than imaging it, although it still wasn’t the real deal. I pumped harder and harder each time she would slur the words ‘Yeah oh fu–fck me, feels so good!’ ‘You liiike play–ying with momzies titties’ Alcohol talk or not but I was loving it. I was about to cum jerking harder to her slurred words. ‘You like.. like.. my nipples on your sweat-er?” “I saw your littl.. little bone-” she cut off. Was she talking about me? I was about to cum then everything was dark, silent. She began mobilbahis to snore.Damn, such a boner killer I thought. I didn’t even get to finish, but wait.. Did she even finish? I couldn’t see exactly where I was going because there was nothing left to give me vision but I just followed closer to the heavy breathing. I pat down her bed getting closer and closer to her. You can smell her wet pussy in the air. I was rubbing her leg making sure she was actually asleep. I found my way up to her pussy. Nice and wet from her previous session. I’m rubbing on her clit slowly she wakes up though. “Hu-Honey? You’re home already?” I didn’t answer. I just stick my fingers in her pussy. She moans. “Oh that’s a bad daddy…. Bad day at work honey?” – “Here let me fuck your problems away honey..” She pulled me over and climbed on top of my cock. Fucking it hard vigorously. She doesn’t even know it’s me. She’s too drunk to notice! I couldn’t believe it. Finally.. Fucking Marks mom.. Been dying to do this. She’s pulling on my shirt with two fists and riding my dick so hard. Wish my girlfriend would to this. I’m cupping her busty mom breast that I’ve always wanted to. My tongue found way to her nipples. She moans loud but I cup her mouth to remind her that her k**s are sleeping in the next room. She just sits on my cock rocking back and forth. It felt so good I was about to cum inside her. I couldn’t help it! She lays down on me and whispers “Oh honey was that good? You-u like thaaat……” she slurs and slumps on my chest. Still shaking a bit from my ejection.. I never came in a woman before. This had to be the first.. I finish cumming all inside of her and hold her.. What a wonderful feeling. I laid there just imaging how it all went down.. I roll her over and rub her pussy for good luck and snuck on out of her room. I went into Marks room and stuffed my fingers in his nose. “Dude wtf! What is that?” I told him I just fucked his mom then said just playing, I got done jacking it. He was pissed and just rolled over.The next morning was the usual it seemed like. Everyone talked bout yesterday and how things were. I asked their dad was work. He looked me and smirked. Said it sucked because had to work, he missed he missed his wife dearly last night. Gave me a wink. I guess he really wanted someone else to fuck his wife. Ahh.. Mature pussy.. I tried getting a picture of her.. I couldn’t find sorry!

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