Friendly Farewell

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It was 1975, and I was fresh out of boot camp, and went home on leave before heading to school and the fleet, only to find that my folks were packing up and getting ready to move away. This threw all of my plans off, ad I’d been planning on relaxing for a few days and seeing my old girlfriend during my time off, and instead I spent all of my time packing up my remaining belongings and arranging for long-term storage.

After a few days, everything was packed and sorted and ready, but I was tired and grumpy, and only had two more days left before I had to leave, and had gotten a call the night before from my ex, letting me know she was out of town for the rest of the week. This was not the vacation every sailor fresh from training wants or expects.

Fortunately, my dad had retired from the navy, and had at least some idea what I was going through, and the night before I was to leave, he convinced mom to throw a farewell party for me, and invited a bunch of people from the area. Included in this were the 2 women who lived next door. Let’s call them Cindy and Cathy. C&C were young – probably in their mid-twenties – blonde, and pretty cute. I’d known them only in passing before I joined up, as they worked nights waitressing, and I went to college full time and worked nights, and so had only seen a little bit of them, and that mostly at a distance. And sometimes through their windows. Heck, as they lived together and I’d never seen any guys there, I considered them off-limits anyway.

The party was pretty good. A lot of my friends from school came by, and my dad’s band set up in the back yard and kept the place hopping. We set up the barbecue, and my folks agreed that though I was under age, I was going off to serve, so the beer was no longer off limits.

Needless to say, by 8 O’clock I was feeling a bit of a buzz from the combination of hard work, nerves and alcohol, and had loosened up more than I usually did. (Hey – a lot of us were uptight at 18!), and when at one point I walked into the kitchen to find C&C there. I was much more relaxed than usual, and gaziantep bayan escort greeted then not as the (somewhat) older ladies next door, but as equals. They, being more experienced, and also a bit buzzed, decided to have some fun with me.

“You know, I’ve seen you looking at me before” said Cindy, the taller of the two, arching an eyebrow.

Damn, I’m caught I thought, but tried to bluff my way through. “Well, you only live next door – you’re hard to miss.” I said.

“You either” she replied. “You know, if you’re gonna whack off, you should close your curtains all the way” and then she and Cathy broke up into giggles as I turned a shade of red that could have set the curtains on fire.

I tried to explain and/or apologize, but they were having none of it, and were apparently determined to make life difficult for me, or at least hard, and after a few minutes of stammering by me and laughing by them, they made me an offer I hadn’t expected.

“As long as you’re going away, I guess we can give you a proper farewell” said Cathy, putting a hand on one of my shoulders.

“But only as long as you know not to ever expect anything like this in the future” said Cindy, her hand on my other shoulder.

Agreed (of course), and we wandered through the party, through the back gate, and over to their house.

When we got inside, Cathy turned me around and gave me what, at that point, was the deepest, most passionate kiss I’d ever had. That record lasted until Cindy turned me around and kissed me herself. By that point I don’t think I was even touching the floor any longer. I do know that parts of me were elevated.

In this fashion we somehow made it as far as the sofa in the living room, where I somehow managed to get not only my shirt off, but theirs as well (I have a feeling they helped, but really do not remember any details. There I confirmed what I’d suspected but had never quite been able to confirm: Cathy had great boobs. Large, but not too large and with no noticeable sag and with perfect skin. Cindy, on the other hand (by now literally) was smaller, but perky, with nipples the likes of which I’d only seen in Playboy.

Eagerly, greedily, I added licking and sucking their breasts to the kissing we’d started with, and nibbling earlobes (which Cathy liked and Cindy didn’t), and began kissing my way down Cindy’s stomach, which left Cindy and Cathy to kiss and nibble at each other, which they eagerly did, which I found a bit confusing, but very erotic.

Getting even more aroused (if possible) and more adventurous, I unsnapped Cindy’s pants when I got down to that level, and slid them down and slipped one hand into her panties.

Wait!” she said, sliding away, to my great disappointment and confusion, and I backed away a little bit and looked up at her.

“My shoes are in the way” she said, and with that we all removed our shoes and socks and jeans, and then tumbled back onto the couch. I immediately dove back to where I’d started and buried my face in Cindy’s blonde muff. Now I’d never tried that before, as my girlfriend wanted to stay ‘pure,’ but I’d read some books, and had some ideas. And those ideas seemed to work, as Cindy quickly started to wriggle and squirm, and she said “Cathy – look at what he’s doing – you have to learn this!”

Cathy joined us for a while, and we traded off licking Cindy and kissing until she declared she had a better idea, and moved further down to where she began to lick and nibble at my cock, which was also new to me.

It was at this point where I decided a new girlfriend was something I was going to check out when it became possible. Much as I loved my GF, she never would have considered anything like this.

I also learned how to recognize the female orgasm face to face right about then, as Cindy clamped her thighs around my head, squirmed and squealed a pitch that probably upset the neighborhood dogs, and released a flow of sweet liquid onto my face and into my mouth. I cleaned up what I could, and was quickly joined by Cathy, who kissed me deeply (which had a different taste than before, which I didn’t even consider until later), and then we shared cleanup detail.

At that point, I slid out from under them, and stood up and kissed Cindy for a few seconds, and then shook out my whole body, then got down on my knees, then rolled over beneath Cathy. As long as I had the opportunity, I was not going to waste it.

Cathy was not bushy like Cindy – she was clean shaven, and smelled and tasted different, but was nonetheless just as sweet. I dove in as quick as I could, and was just learning my way around the neighborhood when I felt something also new to me. Someone (apparently Cathy, by geometric logic) had taken my cock all of the way down her throat. I was definitely going to have to upgrade soon!

Cathy had a definite talent for deep-throating, which ruled out my earlier conclusion that she and Cindy were lesbians, but I wasn’t going to worry about details. I concentrated on the task at hand, which was very difficult, but I wanted to hold off as long as possible, and did my best to give Cindy an orgasm as I had Cathy. Unlike her friend, though Cindy just went into a sort of overdrive, having a long series of small orgasms, and not the gushing squee Cathy had.

But I couldn’t hold back much longer, and told them so.

“I’m going to cum!’ I said, and Cathy dove down to the base of my cock and worked her throat muscles as I came, backing off to take most of my load in her mouth. That was a bit much (when I was young I could compete with Peter North for sheer volume), and Cindy jumped off of me (where she’d been mostly watching) to lick the excess off of Cathy’s face and my belly.

As I watched her do that, Cathy slid up my side and gave me a deep, passionate kiss … and my first snowball. Cindy joined us as we traded the taste around between all three mouths, and then licked each other clean.

Being 18, I desperately wanted to continue, and fuck at least one of them, but they said they didn’t want to risk pregnancy. Besides, they said, they were more into oral.

So we got dressed, washed up a bit, and went back to the party. I never saw either of them again, but I’ll never forget that night – it gave me a lot to think about during those long watches.

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