Friend without Benefits

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He opens his door, smiling, greedily eyeing my body.

“My, you have certainly outdone yourself.”

I flush with embarrassment, but mostly with a deep, hot pleasure. A forbidden, taboo desire that had possessed me the moment he had given me his command and I left my dorm room. Walking across campus in my low-cut crop top, booty shorts and stilettos had attracted several lingering stares. Every ogling of my shapely legs and slim, but curvy, body had made me feel cheap and degraded and awfully wet.

He places a hand on my shoulder blade, slowly inching it to the small of my back. I feel my skin tingle beneath his fingertips, and he notices my slightly deeper breathing with a smug smile. He applies pressure and guides me, drawing me into his apartment.

For a few seconds, all I can do is stand as he runs a single finger down my face, down my neck, tracing my body. Then he grabs me, gently but firmly, by the chin and places his face so close to mine that I can feel his breath as he whispers,

“I’m going to have fun tonight. I am going to savor playing with you, little slut.”

The word fills my chest with heat. One word, four letters. He would never use that word in public. When we sat next to each other at work, the closest he would get is a certain, commanding tone during our playful banter.

But that tone was never quite enough to stop my mouth.

I smile, “Like I’d let you do that.”

A twisted, sexual, almost evil little grin spreads across his face. Quick as lightning, he grabs me by the arm and spins me around, so that he’s got me in a hold from behind. He’s not a large man, but his looks are deceptive, with his vice grip and easy tossing around of my body. He drags levent escort me towards his bed, while I pretend to struggle against him.

He throws me face-down onto his bed, and grabs a scarf that he had left on it. I scarcely have time to even react before he ties my hands in front of me, arms outstretched. He pulls my legs off the bed, forcing my knees to the ground as I lie prone on his bed. He uses his leg to separate my legs, so that my entire lower half is available to him. I feel my heels being thrown off, and my shorts and underwear are practically being torn from my body.

He chuckles. “You’re not very good at the whole ‘not letting me do that’ thing.”

He walks away from me, and I hear his dresser drawer open. He rummages through it a bit, and then closes it again. He steps right behind me, and I feel the cool, hard, wooden paddle rub against my asscheeks. Three soft raps against my backside, and then WHAP! A hard slap against it, then another one follows. I cry out in surprised pain, and then moan softly, feeling another one hit me. I can practically feel the beautiful bruises forming as the paddling continues.

One, two, three more hits, and I hear him toss the paddle aside. He places his hand on my ass and squeezes it.

He whispers, almost growls, “That’s enough of that. I think it’s time to wreck this body.”

He unties my hands and lifts me off the bed, forcing me to my knees in front of him. He slowly pulls down his pants and underwear, pulling out his thick cock, dangling it just beyond my lips.

“You know the drill.”

I smile, salaciously, with my most playful eyes.

“Make. Me.”

He grabs my hair in his left beyoğlu escort hand and yanks on it, using his other to slap me across the cheek, twice, hard. I feel the familiar slight daze, and the fuzziness that accompanies my descent into subspace.

At that moment, there is nothing more on my mind than pure obedience.

I take his cock into my mouth, savoring it as I move my head up and down the length of his shaft. I hear him moan and I use my tongue to trace his cock, circling it right around the tip. He grunts, and breathes heavily, grabbing me by the back of my head. He forces his cock down my throat, jerking me up and down, using my throat as his cocksleeve. Eventually, he decides to stop facefucking me and pulls it out.

My face is a mess of saliva, tears, and running makeup. And I want nothing more than to be ruined further.

He guides me back to his bed, using my hair as a leash, and bends me over it again. He teases his cock just inside my pussy before jamming it in.

He pounds me hard, slapping my ass a few times, and uses it as leverage to ram me harder. I am in ecstasy, being used as a warm body to fuck.

He abruptly leans over me and yanks on my hair, pulling my head up. I squeak in surprise, slight pain, and the pleasure that comes from that simple action.

He nibbles on my ear and growls, “What are you?”

“Daddy’s little whore, Sir!”

He chuckles and slaps my ass hard. “Don’t you ever forget it!”

He pulls his cock out of my pussy, and traces his finger around my asshole.

“Just as wonderfully tight as ever, slut.”

I know exactly what he wants me to say. “Will you please fuck my ass, Daddy?”

He kağıthane escort sighs. “Oh, I don’t know if I really want to…”

“Oh, pretty please, Daddy? I’ll do anythi-Oh!”

He’s forced his way into my ass, using my slick wetness as lubrication, and has begun to pound it. Our shared yells, screams and squeals of pleasure are primal, animalistic and pure eroticism. I feel my pleasure building, and the rising intensity of his own moans indicate that the feeling is mutual.

He pulls his cock out of my ass and pulls me to the ground. He’s rapidly jerking his cock, and commands, “Kneel.”

I spring to my position, kneeling, hands behind my back. I hear him groan, and the hot and sticky cum spray onto my face and chest. He reaches to the other side of his bed and throws me a towel. As I wipe it off me, he walks over to his drawer.

“On your back, your turn.”

I squeal and practically leap onto the bed. He walks over, and turns on the Hitachi, pressing it firmly against my clit. He inserts two fingers into my pussy, and rapidly rubs right against my G-spot. He quickly and masterfully makes me climb to the edge of indescribable pleasure.

He abruptly pulls his fingers out and the Hitachi off. And as I’m breathing, gasping, wishing for just one more small stroke, he tosses over my shorts, underwear and shoes.


“You said you’d do anything. Run along now. Enjoy your night.”

As I put my clothes on, frenzied and unable to form the words of outrage, he starts to drag me towards the door. As I head through it, he slaps me on the ass one more time, peaking me further with the sting of the bruises.

I click my heels across the campus, my desperation lit by the street lights.

As I walk pass the Student Activities Center, I see a lone guy looking me over in the pale moonlight.

God, all I want to do is cum…

I don’t care who…

I stride over to him, swaying my hips slightly and giving him a good look at the chest.

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