Friday Night

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Sara closed the door to the storeroom, where I was starting to pack away the games from the youth club’s Friday meeting. The music and sounds of the members good naturedly debating the relative merits of their favourite bands or football teams was suddenly muffled. I looked up and saw her standing, just smiling, in the doorway. For a moment, neither of us spoke, we just looked at each other. I was waiting for her to speak, perhaps to admit to some problem that was troubling her.

“It was my birthday on Tuesday,” she said, “I’m eighteen now.”

“Congratulations for Tuesday,” I replied, “I’m sorry I hadn’t realised. We’d have sung ‘happy birthday to you. Did you have a nice birthday?”

Sara shook her head, ” Not really, ” she whispered, almost too quietly for me to hear, ” Mum and Dad told me that I could have a proper party for my twenty-first, but they couldn’t afford anything at the moment.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I wish we’d have known, we could have made tonight a party night.” I soothed.

Sara moved closer, until I could smell the light scent of her soap. Some of the girls would drench themselves in body spray, so that they were surrounded by a cloud of perfume, almost strong enough to make my eyes water. Sara just smelt of soap and baby powder, with a hint of something else that I realised was her own excitement.

“You could always make it up to me by buying me a drink. ” she whispered, standing close enough for me to feel her breathing, “I’m old enough now.”

“When were you thinking of?” I asked, quietly.

“Tonight. I’ve told Mum and Dad that I’m staying over at Jane’s, so they aren’t expecting me.”

I took a deep breath and nodded. Part of me felt trapped and I could not tell whether my heart was racing because of nerves or because of lust. Sara had caught my eye before with her unconscious grace and a rather sexy shyness. She always seemed to be in the shadow of her older, much plainer sister. She usually dressed in baggy jumpers and worn jeans to disguise her slender, but delicately curved figure.

It seemed to take forever to get everybody out and lock up, but it was only a quarter after nine when I finally turned out the lights and walked over to my car. Sara appeared from the shadows and walked over to stand by the passenger door. She had swapped her baggy jumper for a denim jacket, which she had left partially unbuttoned to show a black bustier.

“Well? Where are you going to take me?” She giggled, watching my eyes as I gazed at her i the light from the street lamps.

I named a busy, fairly trendy, pub on the other side of town, not far from my flat. She grinned even wider and nodded, as she slid into the passenger seat. I assume I drove as carefully as I normally do, but I can honestly say that I paid almost no attention to the drive. All I seemed to be aware of was the smell of her and the closeness of her body. I recall that I accidentally brushed the back of my hand against her thigh, just above her knee, as I changed gear. Each time she slid a little lower in her seat and let her knee relax towards my hand a little.

The pub was heavingly busy, the clientele spilling into the beer garden and the car park when we arrived. Sara just shrugged when I asked her what she would like to drink, so I brought back a wine and soda for her and a mineral water for myself. She gulped the drink as though it were soda pop and, giggling, held out her glass for a refill. I left my glass with her and returned to the bar, luckily catching the barmaid’s attention and getting another drink in record time. This time, Sara sipped at the drink more slowly. I smiled and raised my glass.

“Happy Birthday!” I shouted, to make myself heard over the pounding jukebox.

“Thank you.” Sara mouthed back.

I took her gently by her elbow and canlı bahis steered her towards the quieter and cooler beer garden. Sara slid between the people like a cat, leaving me to follow . Outside we found a corner f the wall and perched opposite each other. She had unfastened the jacket and I could see the way the black silk bustier cradled her tiny breasts, pushing them upwards and inwards just enough to hint at a cleavage. Her waist was almost narrow enough for me to be able to encircle it with my hands but then her hips flared. Her jeans were moulded tightly round taut, firm buttocks and long legs, leading to dainty, almost doll-like feet.

“You live near here, don’t you?” Sara asked.

“Not far, just around the corner, in fact. You could almost say this is my local.” I informed her.

“Would you mind, I mean, would you, erm, show me where you live?” she continued.

“What now?”


I just shrugged and then nodded. Sara knocked back the rest of her drink and stood up. We made our way to my car and I drove the short distance to my flat. I gestured politely for her to precede me as I unlocked the door. She stood in the hallway and looked around, taking in the framed photographs on the walls and the pile of post on the little table.

“You’re in the hall, at the far end is the kitchen and dining area, through there is the lounge and this is the toilet and bathroom. That’s my bedroom and the other door is a spare room.” I told her in one long breath.

She wandered down the hallway into the lounge and laid her coat across the back of my sofa. I stood in the doorway and looked at her, watching the way the light caught in her eyes and the way her braided hair swung as she turned her head. She stood by the window, looking down at the street for a moment and then turned and stepped close up to me. I felt her arms slide around my waist and tighten as she laid her head upon my chest and hugged me. I looked down into her eyes and saw her lips pout a little. Almost without realising I had lowered my head the fraction needed to brush my lips across her mouth and kiss her. She let go of my waist and brought her hands up to my face, holding it between her cool palms as she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue out, between my lips and into my mouth. I could feel her sucking greedily on my tongue as I slid it between her lips.

We broke apart, both of us gasping and Sara took my hand and led me back down the hallway and into my bedroom. She shut the door and leaned against it as she grabbed me and pulled me close to her again. I felt her lip parting as I kissed her again and I slid my hands slowly down her back until I could rest them on the curve of her buttocks and press her hard against me. Sara groaned into my mouth as I squeezed her bottom gently.

I stepped back and drew her away from the door, then began to unfasten the hooks on the front of her top, slowly peeling the black silk away from the small nubbins of her breasts. Slowly I pushed the material away and cupped my hands over her breasts, feeling the points of her nipples pressing against my palms. I glanced down and saw them sticking out like hard brown cones against the smooth white curve of her boobs. She moaned again as I stroked them between my fingers and thumbs, feeling her breasts swell and the nipples stiffen as I played with them gently.

I finished undoing her top and let it fall to the floor as I bent down a little and took the brown hardness of her nipple in my mouth, swirling the tip of my tongue over it and around it, making it wet and slippery with spit. I sucked a little harder, stretching it into my mouth and gripping it with the edges of my teeth, nibbling softly. I could hear the hiss of her breath, through her teeth, and a whispered groan, as I teased and tormented her. I squeezed bahis siteleri the shallow mounds of her breasts, making her nipples stand out further, so that I could suckle on her and taste their sweetness, like juicy, ripe berries.

Releasing her breasts, I slid my hands down, over her belly and began to unbutton her jeans. Her pale breasts showed red prints of my hands, where I had squeezed them, like wine stains on her skin. She wriggled a little to ease the waist of her jeans over the curve of her hips and let the worn denim fall onto the floor. She stepped out of them, so that she was gloriously naked, apart from a black thong, just covering the soft curls that hid her pussy. The thong was tied in a bow on each hip and it only took a heartbeat for my fingers to grip the dangling lace and pull it undone. The silky fabric clung to her skin for a moment and I slowly peeled it away, feeling her shiver as it came unstuck from her damp bush.

Slowly, I turned us around, so that her back was to the bed and then pushed gently. Her calves caught on the edge of the bed and she flopped backwards onto the white sheets. I stepped around the end of the bed and knelt on the edge, sliding my tee-shirt over my head. I felt her long, slim fingers unfastening my belt as I untangled myself from the cotton of my shirt and then she had pulled my zipper down and reached inside. My cock almost leapt out of my briefs as she ran her fingers over the bulge and I threw the tee-shirt aside. I had to free my cock before the waist of my briefs cut the circulation off entirely. Sara’s eyes widened when she saw it, but that did not stop her from taking it in her hand and running her long, cool fingers up and down its length.

I struggled out of the rest of my clothes and laid on the bed, next to her. Her fingers were busily exploring the length of my cock and stroking the hairy sac that cradled my aching balls. I leaned over and took the hard bud of her nipple in my mouth, sucking firmly on the sweet flesh as I slid my hand over the flatness of her belly. My fingers slowly teased through the silky hairs of her bush, already matted with juice that had seeped from between the lips of her pussy. Sara stiffened as I sucked a little harder, then arched her back, as though she had been jolted by a charge of electricity, as I brushed the tip of my finger over the hard nut of her clit. I moved my finger a little lower and felt her gripping the shaft of my cock more tightly as I eased my fingertip into her pussy.

Sara’s pussy was hot and tight as I slid my finger very, very slowly into her bubbling wetness. I could feel the tight walls clenching and gripping against my exploring fingertip as I pressed gently into her pussy. Sara shivered as I eased my finger in and out of her tight wetness, working it deeper inside her. Looking into her eyes, I eased my finger out of her pussy, watching her blush as she heard the faint slurping noise as my fingertip slipped out from between her tender lips. Pressing gently against the inside of her thighs, I edged her legs further and further apart, until I could kneel between her spread thighs.

Sara just watched as I began to lay a trail of kisses down her chest, between the shallow mounds of her breasts, and over the gentle curve of her belly. She moaned softly as my lips brushed against the edge of her damp bush and gasped as I flicked my tongue against the tip of her swollen clit. Her thighs tightened and she lifted her hips from the bed, as she tried to press her wet pussy against my hungry mouth. I slipped the tip of my tongue between the tender lips of her pussy and tasted her sweet juices, thrusting my tongue as deeply inside her as I could.

I lifted my head and kissed my way back up to her mouth, watching her chest heave as she panted with excitement. Reaching down, I grasped the bahis şirketleri base of my swollen cock and slowly brushed the purple head along the tender gash of her pussy. I could feel her lips opening as I pressed more firmly and my cock nestled between them. Slowly, I eased my weight forward, pressing the head of my cock against the tight opening of Sara’s pussy. She pressed her head back into the pillow and clenched her fists as she sighed a long, low moan.

I paused, keeping the head of my cock pressed against her pussy, feeling it slowly opening and taking my knob into her passage. The tight muscles gripped me, and then relaxed a little in gentle ripples, as I pressed my cock slowly between her lips and sank it deeper into her pussy. Slowly I built a gentle rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, each stroke piercing her a little more deeply. Her pussy became slick and wet from the friction of my cock sliding inside her and she arched her back, so that my I could thrust my cock deeper into her.

She had taken about half of the length of my cock into her tender pussy when I felt the resistance of her maidenhead. I pressed a little harder, feeling it give just a little and then eased back. I leaned over her, my mouth at her ear.

“Sara, are you a virgin sweetheart?” I asked, gently.

Sara nodded, answering, “Y-y-yes, I’ve never had sex before”

“I’ll be as gentle as I can, but it will hurt for a moment when I break you.” I warned her

“Please, be as quick as you can, but break me, I want you to do it for me.” She almost begged.

I took a deep breath and pressed forwards a little further, feeling the pressure against the head of my cock. Sara squeezed her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip between her teeth. I eased my hips back a fraction and then thrust forwards, as hard as I could. Sara screamed quietly and I felt the delicate membrane of her maidenhead tear, as I took her virginity. My cock slid completely into her pussy, filling her as I felt hot liquid gush over the shaft of my cock. I held myself as still as I could, while Sara got used to the feeling of a cock filling her pussy. She drew a huge, sobbing, shuddering, breath and sniffled a little as the pain subsided. Then I eased back, my cock stained and lubricated with her blood, and thrust deep inside her. She grunted in a mixture of pain and lust., lifting her feet and wrapping her legs around my waist. I took advantage of the change in her position to thrust even more deeply, making her cry out, as I forced my cock to the depths of her pussy, right against the entrance to her womb.

Gradually I began to rock faster and faster, picking up the tempo until the room rang with the sound of my thighs slapping against her bottom and the bed groaned as I pounded into her pussy. The whole room seemed filled with the scent of sex as I slid my cock in and out of her slick pussy, spreading her blood and pussy juice over the inside of her thighs.. The tightness and heat of her slippery pussy was too much for me to resist and I rammed hard and deep, pinning her to the bed as my cock swelled and jerked inside her, spraying thick jets of cum right into her pussy, filling her.

Sara shuddered and squealed then went limp as an orgasm ripped through her, triggered by the sensation of my cum splashing against the mouth of her womb. I stayed inside her as my cock slowly subsided and softened until it slid from between the lips of her pussy, dribbling down the cleft between the cheeks of her bottom. Sara lay, gasping, as a mixture of blood and cum oozed from her pussy to make a crimson puddle on the sheets. Gently I kissed her cheeks, tasting the saltiness of tears on her skin, and took her into my arms, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Sara, what time do you have to go to Jane’s?” I asked gently.

“She isn’t expecting me at all, can I stay till morning?” Sara replied.

That night, Sara slept, for the first time, in my arms. It was the first time of many and, nowadays, she stays with me whenever she is home from university.

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