Freshman Fun

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Big Tits

During high school I didn’t have much luck with women. Aside from a few minor relationships, I always seemed to get stuck with being their sensitive friend. I would listen as they complained about their boyfriends but never had the nerve to make a move. It’s not like I’m an unattractive guy. Tall, wavy dark hair, good build. I guess I just should have been more direct. I’d had sex a few times, but I was nowhere near a stud.

All that changed in college, though. I left my mid-sized town for a large state school in New England. During the first semester alone, I got more action than I had during all of high school. This is my story.


After a five-hour drive, we pulled up to my new home. My parents, brother and sister had all come to help me move in. We unloaded the car and hauled everything to my room. After lunch, we hugged goodbye and they left. We’re a close, healthy family, but it’s a short train ride home so I can come back whenever I want. I finally got a chance to examine the room. It’s a double, but my roommate hasn’t shown up yet. The room is about 15 by 20 feet, with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closets and 1 sink. After unpacking and making the bed, I go downstairs and outside for a cigarette. There were some picnic tables set up in the courtyard that some other freshmen were sitting at, smoking. I introduced myself.

“Hey, I’m Ian.” We all shook hands and talked about college, what we’re studying, usual getting-to-know-you stuff. After the cigarette, I went back to my room to find my roommate unpacking. He introduced himself has Chris. He seems like a really friendly guy. Tall, blonde hair, muscular. It doesn’t surprise me that he comes from California and surfs. It turns out we’re both art students, so we get off to a good start. We spend a few hours talking about music, school, classes and it looks like we’re going to get along really well over the year.

Around 7, someone knocks at the door. We both get up to answer it. Two beautiful girls are standing there. “Hi, I’m Krysti.” “Hi, I’m Jane. We’re you’re neighbors.”

“Hey, I’m Ian.”


“Want to get dinner?” Krysti asked. I was immediately attracted to her. She was Japanese, wtith dark curly hair, at least 5’9″ tall, and a voluptuous figure. Just by estimating, I would have said at least a 36DD cup and a full, toned butt.

Jane wasn’t as tall, but her red hair and even larger breasts straining against her cropped baby t more than made up for it.

We went to the dining hall and then sat outside in Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort the courtyard smoking and enjoying the sunset. After a few cigarettes we went back to their room where they locked the door behind us.

“I’ve got a little surprise to celebrate our new chapter of life,” Jane said. She unzipped a track bag next to her bed and pulled out a bottle of rum and some soda. We spent the next couple hours doing shots and sipping on mixed drinks. It didn’t take long before we were all pretty trashed. Chris and Jane were flirting with each other on her bed, while Krysti and I sat on the floor, talking and laughing. I hadn’t had nearly as much to drink as everyone else; I’ve always been more of a stoner myself. So when Krysti offered me a joint, I jumped on the offer. We cracked open the window as she packed a bowl. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chris stroking Jane’s leg while she rubbed her massive breasts up and down his arm as they talked. Krysti took the first hit and held it in. She wrapped her arms my neck and blew the smoke in my face. After a few hits each, we were both starting to feel pretty good.

“Anybody feel like some real fun?” Jane asked.

“What’d you have in mind?” Chris replied. Jane pulled a pack of playing cards out of her bag and put it on the desk. “Strip poker.” We all laughed, but at that point we were up for anything. We all pulled up to the desk and were dealt cards. Chris lost the first hand and took off his t-shirt. We got our first look at his muscular torso. He had an incredibly well defined 6-pack and pecs. The girls whistled and hooted and he just laughed it off and took another shot.

Krysti lost next and took off her blouse. Her huge breasts were putting a strain on her bra, and it showed. However, so did her erect nipples poking through the thin silk. Jane lost next and was all too eager to discard her baby t. Chris and I were awe-struck by her tits. They were literally spilling over her bra. We looked at each other like two kids in a toy store.

I lost the next hand and took off my shirt. “Not bad,” Krysti said as she rubbed her hands over my flat, hard chest. The shirt wasn’t such a problem, but I was guessing that if either Chris or I lost, we’d have trouble concealing our excitement. Luckily that wasn’t the case, as Jane lost next. She stood up and slid her way out of her skirt. When she stood back up, we saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was already naked! She sat down with her legs stretched over Chris’s lap. His Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort hands moved further up her legs in slow circles.

Krysti lost next and took off her jeans. She was wearing a red thong under them. “Sorry, looks like you’ll have to wait,” she whispered into my ear and started kissing my neck. My cock twitched at the feel of her hot breath. By the time I lost the next hand, I was almost fully erect. I downed another shot and took the plunge. After stripping my jeans off, there was no question about it. It’s not easy to hide an erection as big as mine. I was probably 8″ by then, but can reach over 9″ at full mast and almost as thick as a soda can. Both girls eyed it with lust. I sat back down next to Krysti and she put her arms around me again. She began rubbing my crotch through my boxers as my cock began to peak out through the bottom of the leg.

Christ lost next and gladly stripped off his pants. I couldn’t believe it. I thought my dick was huge, but this was unbelieavable. It was rock-hard and straining with all its might against his boxers. At least 3 or 4 inches, including the enormous swollen head, were peaking out of the bottom.

By this time, the game was pretty much forgotten. Jane didn’t waste time getting her hands around Chris’s monster cock. She pulled his boxers off and wrapped both hands around his shaft, pumping like a madman.

Krysti stood up and straddled my lap. She began grinding her crotch against mine through our underwear. After we were both wet, she led me to her bed by the hand while we removed each other’s underwear. She pushed me down on the bed and grabbed hold of my cock. As she stroked with one hand, she fondled my large, heavy nuts with the other. She leaned down and slowly opened her large, pouty lips to swallow the head of my swollen cock. After slurping the head, she bobbed up and down taking more and more of the shaft with each try. Although she couldn’t deep throat the whole length, she did more than anyone had before.

On the other bed, Chris and Jane were locked in a noisy, passionate 69. He had his entire face buried within her pussy, greedily licking away while she struggled to swallow his cock.

As I felt my orgasm closing in, I brought Krysti up and we made our as a I massaged her massive breasts. I moved down and took a nipple in my mouth. She moaned as I twirled it around my tongue. As I licked and sucked her tits, I moved a hand down to her clean-shaven pussy and starting massaging her clit. Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort Her moaning got louder and louder. “Oh god….Ian…harder…” I plunged two fingers deep in her pussy and her body started shaking. Her pussy exploded and her juices began flowing out. She collapsed on the bed and caught her breath.

“Jesus….” She panted and wiped the sweat from her forehead. I moved on top of her and put my cock to the slit of her pussy, which was more than wet and open by now. She grabbed my by the hips and I plunged myself in. She wrapped her legs and my waist as I fucked her wildly. For the next hour, we fucked in every position we could think of, only stopping to take a breather and watch Chris and Jane. They spent most of the night with Jane riding him like a cowgirl, her enormous tits bounching up and down. As I fucked Krysti doggy style, she came for the fourth time, setting off my own orgasm.

“Oh shit, I’m coming….” She pushed off my cock and turned around.

“Cum all over my tits.” She jerked me off as until I came. I fired almost a dozen long, thick streams of cum across her chest and a couple on her face. She began to clean herself with her fingers when Jane stopped moaning. “Krysti, came over here. I want to taste it. Please?” As I lay down to collect my breath, Krysti went to Jane’s bed, where Chris picked her up and sat her on his face, facing towards Jane. He licked her pussy while Krysti and Jane rubbing their tits together and took turns licking my cum off each other. As strong an orgasm as it was, with all this excitement, I was getting hard again soon.

Jane was getting more vigorous with pounding Chris’s cock. She had stretched enough to take it and was lustfully riding up and down the length of his monster cock. She called to me next and I walked over. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it until I was at full erection again.

“I want you in my ass, now.” She practically commanded. Chris stopped licking Krysti’s pussy and looked at Jane disappointingly. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I meant at the same time.” She leaned forward to give me better access and I climbed behind her. I fingered Krysti for some lubricant and fingered Jane’s ass with it. I slowly pushed my huge cock up her ass while Chris pumped in and out of her pussy. He still hadn’t cum, it was amazing. Eventually we fell into a rhythm of fucking her as she lay sandwiched between us, taking turns with Chris at licking Krysti’s pussy and sucking on her tits. “Oh God, I’m cuming!!!” Jane shouted as we fucked her holes. Her pussy and ass clenched, forcing myself and Chris to start cumming. As she felt us quicken our pace, she pulled off and lined up next to Krysti. Chris’s enormous cock began pumping wad after wad of cum onto their faces, as I shot another 7 or 8 thick wads on them. By the end, their faces were completely soaked and cum was dripping down onto their chests.

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