Free Use Ch. 02: Evan Opens You Up

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This story is a work of fiction. It is set in an alternate setting, where laws have been created that allow for the “free use” of females by the males of a society. This is the second in the free use training series. All characters, places and events are purely fictional.


Ch 2: Evan opens you up

Your first full week of training has gone just about how you expected it would. 4 different men have introduced themselves to your tight little body in some way, shape or form…and you’ve had the added bonus of a “presentation” course, “taught” by one of the female staffers of “18 Rentals”. That’s perhaps the one part of your first week that you weren’t fully ready for, that little rush of excitement at learning just how to show off your entire body to entice men. Prior to coming here, you thought that all you had to do to make a man want you is to get naked. But the presentation course added in how to arch your back, seductive placement of your hands, just how to lick your lips to show you’re in need, and the latest twist on your afternoon class…advanced positions to show yourself off more completely. As you walk down the hallway from your room to one of the training rooms, your mind thinks back to seeing ‘Lacy’ standing in front of your training class, bent over and facing away, hands on her cheeks spreading herself wide…her holes barely staying closed due to her forceful spreading, only to flex and clamp down almost unbelievably tight. She took her time to show this skill off, tightening and relaxing in unison, showing her muscle control. After a short amount of time, she stands back up, turning to the class and simply stating “A lease girl that can control the muscles in her holes in this way will make her lessor quite happy, and add value to herself going forward.”

Your almost trancelike state is broken as you hear the door open, and in walks Evan. While lost in thought, you made your way to the correct room, and sat on the padded stand in the center of the room…almost as if you were trained to do just that (showing that your training is taking hold).

“Hello again Lina. Good to see you this afternoon.” Evan starts off politely, almost clinical. Nothing in his voice betrays what he will be doing to you in a few short minutes.

“Hello Ev…I mean sir” you bat your eyes at him, remembering your first day, how helpful he was when you arrived, and his thick equipment that you’ll be feeling again soon.

A quick smile escapes him, before he looks back down at his datapad “Learning quick. That’s good. Go ahead and disrobe, you won’t be needing any clothing for today’s training.”

As he scans his datapad, you hop off the leather topped bench, conveniently perched at about waist height for you, and long enough that you could have laid your upper body over the length of it, with your legs hanging off the end. As you lose your screenprinted tank top, the ’18 Rentals’ logo always prominently showing as you fold it and place it on the shelf protruding from the wall, your tiny cotton shorts come next, followed by the simple yet skimpy low cut bikini panties. As you finish, Evan looks up to see you sporting just a small strip of hair above your slit, as you stand with your hands at your sides, awaiting his approval and further commands.

A simple nod before he remarks “Chose the landing strip huh? Nice.” Before his finger taps the datapad and and stashes it in the bin next to the door. “Your training schedule shows that you’ve had a few mouth sessions…which you’ve passed with a bit of help. One session with Rob in your cunt, and another with Jay. Is that about right?”

“Yes sir. Plus we’ve been in “Presentation” course in the morning this week” you beam proudly, as the smile stretches from ear to ear…no doubt happy to see that Evan is your trainer for this session.

“How could I forget? So do some presenting. Make me want what you’re offering.” As he props himself up against the door with his shoulder, already wearing just a pair of workout shorts and tennis shoes. His lanyard holding his keycard all he has on above his waist.

Seeing your chance to show off some of the new skills, you start by running your hands over your hips, up over your stomach and to your tits, cupping them in your hands to point your nipples straight at your trainer, pouting your lips out at him in the process as you run your tongue over them. You give it a little nibble before letting it slip back in your mouth, swaying your hips in a circle as you squirm downward, finishing on your knees, looking up at him with wanton eyes…your tongue back out on your lips. Your next move is to prop yourself back up with your hands, pushing your butt upward in the process, before making your way to your feet, swaying up to a full standing position. You turn around to show him your backside, pushing yourself away from the stand, your hands the only thing touching it, arching your back to show your butt more completely to Evan. You take two steps forward, fulya escort swaying your hips, until you bump into the stand with the fronts of your hips, bending fully over it, reaching back to grip your cheeks, and spreading yourself wide open for him. Thinking back to class, you try to clamp and squeeze, before letting up the pressure, hoping your holes are doing just what Lacy’s were in front of the group of you. While squeezing and releasing, you look back over your shoulders, batting your eyes at your trainer, looking for his approval.

“Not bad…I’ll give you that.” Looking you over, before motioning for you to stand again “But you’re no Lacy. Not yet anyway. Keep working on that every night before bed. Practice in your mirror.” As he walks forward, he taps your collar (which you’re still not entirely used to wearing) “After all, this does say Slut Lina, doesn’t it?”

You nod a yes, before looking down as your cheeks blush and your smile goes ear to ear.

“So on the entrance form you answered that you’ve only had anal penetration once? Well…with a cock anyway. Is that correct?” His deadpan question comes to you, as you remember what your training session today entails.

“Yes sir, my boyfriend tried once and it didn’t last long…maybe a minute? And nothing else has gone inside there, no fingers, no toys, or anything.” Your answer comes out almost energetically, covering the bit of fear you have inside. Your hands go behind your back, clamped together to cover your nervous energy.

“Well, don’t worry. I’ll make sure it takes a lot longer today.” With that, Evan walks past you to the cabinet at the end of the room, fishing out a couple toys, a small bottle and 2 pairs of padded leather cuffs, before setting them on the table beside your freshly shed clothes. He sees the little bit of concern in your eyes at seeing the cuffs.

“Don’t worry hun, all the girls have to wear them the first couple times their asses are trained. Just one of our safety protocols.” Taking the first pair of cuffs and walking toward you, slipping them over your hands and down onto your wrists, before tightening the straps down around them…effectively holding your wrists 6 inches apart in front of you now.

“Just try to relax.” His finger pulls on the chain between the cuffs, spinning you around to face the table, bending you over it as he pulls your arms down on the far side, fastening a snap to the chain, holding you in place over the table. After you’re hooked in place, he moves back to the table, picking up the second set of cuffs, as you notice a much longer chain between them. He moves behind you, dropping to his knees, eyes at the same level as your tender young holes, before he maneuvers each cuff in place and locks them around your ankles, hooking each to a leg of the table. Now effectively immobilized, while still being able to shift a bit here and there. You note that it’s not uncomfortable, but it does make you nervous nonetheless…no longer having the option to stand up and deny access to your tightest hole. In a move that surprises you, he pushes his face between your cheeks, his tongue driving into your tender little slit, pushing your lips apart as he drives forward. Spending the next 15 seconds licking and sucking gently on your most sensitive parts, before pulling back, both hands now on your cheeks to spread you open. He plants his tongue lightly on your back door, feeling his saliva now covering your tightest entrance, before pulling back and walking back to the table. Taking a slim toy in hand, he pops open the bottle, applying a gel liquid to the tip, before rubbing it down the length, covering it in the slick fluid. Once convinced that it’s ready, Evan matter of factly walks to you, pushing the toy slowly but firmly into your tightest hole. Feeling your resistance, he keeps steady pressure on you until your little ring opens up to allow it inside, feeding an inch into you, before pushing another. Monitoring your breathing and the movements of your body, he times each push for a natural spot in your breathing, when you’re most susceptible. Within a minute, he has the entire length of the 6″ toy inside your tightest hole, up to the flange that keeps any more of it from sliding inside. Your breathing comes in staccato as you adjust to the intruder. Just then, you feel fingers rubbing along your slit, down to your most sensitive nub, as he rubs in a circular motion…giving you a reminder of pleasure as your tightest hole is filled. His thumb continues to rub in circles on your nub, until you start pumping your hips back into the digit. Just then, he pulls his thumb away, leaving you humping away at air, straining to be touched.

“Does the slut want her ass fucked?” He asks in a monotone, deadpan way…almost frustrating you when you hear how calm he is.

“Yes sir” comes your short response, as you push your hips back in vain, trying to find the digit that was supplying you such pleasure.

“Nope. bebek escort I don’t believe that. Try harder.” Before a rough slap lands on each exposed butt cheek, and a hand goes to the toy, nudging it deeper before slapping it lightly with his palm.

A low moan comes from you, then a quick yelp as his palm hits the toy, sending a jolt through you “Please fuck my ass, sir.” Comes your breathy response.

“Better…I almost believe you.” 2 of his thick fingers slip inside your well lubricated slit, as his thumb contacts your clit…sending a jolt through you, and sending your hips back into a thrusting motion, always trying to get more. “Before you’re leased, you’re going to hump those hips just like that, without even being touched.”

The fingers withdraw from your slit, but the thumb stays in place, circling your clit as you push back, hips now circling, doing more of the work for him. Doing what you can to always keep his thumb on your clit. His free hand now goes to the toy, pulling it back slowly until just the tip is inside, before pushing forward slow but firm, watching you take it to the hilt. He continues this motion for what feels like an eternity, before you realize that his thumb isn’t touching your clit anymore. Your ass still moves, humps, gyrates and thrusts as the toy stretches your tightest hole. Your mind able to focus just on the toy now, you realize it’s a realistic feeling dildo, shaped just like a real cock. He strokes it inside your tightest hole one more time, before pushing it down past a small ring, ensuring it stays in place. The ‘full’ feeling you have keeps pressure on you in places you’ve never felt before. With that, he walks around the table, toward the ‘head’ end, where he finds you laid flat against, with your right cheek on the table. His hand coaxes your chin up to look forward, seeing his hard shaft pointed straight at you. Now the training takes hold and you open your mouth instinctively.

You feel hands on both sides of your head now, helping you to stay in place, taking some pressure off your neck in your current position, as the head and shaft drive into your mouth. Each push goes a bit further than the last, until the fleshy head bumps against the entrance to your throat. These bumps cause you to gag around him, leaving strings of saliva coating the shaft as he pulls back and slides forward. A few more long, luxurious pushes into your throat, before Evan pulls all the way free, almost to your dismay. You watch as he steps away, your eyes following him to your side, his shaft bouncing as he walks, shining in the light, coated with your spit.

You wait for a short few seconds until his hand covers one cheek, his other gripping the toy, pulling it slowly from the grip of your tightest hole, until it pops out completely. Watching intently as you close immediately, squeezing involuntarily after it, you find yourself completely empty as you hear his voice:

“Now ask nicely, and we’ll get this tight little hole filled up again.” As you feel the fleshy head pressing gently against your tender back door, pushing in until you think he will pop inside, before pulling back free.

“Please fuck my ass, sir” comes your breathy response.

“NO, try harder. Make me believe you want it.” Comes his deadpan response.

“My ass is yours sir…please use it. Please fuck my ass…” as your fingers grip the stand, preparing for the assault.

“Good enough for your first time.” As you feel the fleshy invader press forward more firmly this time, until the head snakes its way inside. Your ring stretches tight around him, barely able to accept him. His drive pushes forward until he has a few inches buried. His girth spreading you far wider than the toy prepared you. Your grip tightens on the stand as you feel him stretch you further than anything has before. His hips pull back until just the head is lodged inside you, before inching forward again long and slow until you feel him deeper than before.

Each thrust pushes deeper inside you than the last, until you feel his balls pressing against you at the end of his stroke. The feeling of being stretched past your maximum is joined by another feeling, as jolts of pain mixed with pleasure spread from your tightest hole. If your hands weren’t restrained, you know you would have them rubbing your clit. As it is, all you can do is gyrate your hips to try to feel more and more pressure, as the strokes go their full length. The long, slow, steady strokes continue, almost maddening, as you wish for a stronger tempo…thinking that might be able to push you closer to orgasm. After one particularly long, excruciating stroke, he pulls completely out of your tight little ring. Watching intently at your reaction, he sees what he wants to see…your hips bucking back toward him, trying to find his invader to get it back inside. The wide head pushes back inside as your hips move, trying to find him. His push forces you back down onto florya escort the table, spreading you completely again, as he slides the full length into you. Holding himself fully buried inside, you hear him address you

“Now beg me to fuck it…and I mean really fuck it.”

Your pants and breathing slow a bit as you gather your wits “Pllleeaaaaase sir, I need it. Fuck it as hard as you want” your breathing barely staying steady as you beg.

Giving you a few long seconds to make you wonder if you passed his test, before Evan pulls his hips back to half depth, before slamming forward, jamming you into the table. Your whole body jerks and convulses as he starts battering your poor little hole, making it his. His thrusts get stronger and faster as he saws into your poor little battered hole. Each shove gives you a mix of pain and pleasure, as he stretches you further than you have ever felt.

You hear his voice as he pushes his cock into your body “Whoever leases you… they’ll want your ass… regularly! You have to be…ready for…that.” His words coming with his breaths as he pounds mercilessly. “The more you…learn here…the better off…you’ll be.”

You wonder just how he’s able to hold off so long, sawing into your tightest opening for as long as he has. Your boyfriend lasted less than a minute before losing his load in your little chute, but not Evan. He’s had you stretched around his shaft for what feels like an eternity. The longer he thrusts into you, the more he changes how you think of his cock. The thought turns to his ‘magnificent’, ‘amazing’, or ‘beautiful’ cock, as it snakes its way into you. The pain fades as all you feel is the pressure inside and the jolts of pleasure as he bottoms his magnificent cock out inside you. Your mind goes blank, as the only thoughts are centered around the magnificent cock stretching you completely. Your hands go slack, legs shaky, as you lay flat on the table and let him have your ass without mercy. You try to match your breathing to his thrusts, as you swear to yourself that he’s grown inside you. He pulses as he reaches deeper and harder, not bothering to announce his intentions. His grunts as he shoves deep in your body tell you what you need to know, as he batters your tight little hole, until he suddenly stops, his rod twitching and jerking inside you. You feel the splash of his sperm jetting into your poor little used asshole, as he finishes inside you. He lingers inside you for another moment, letting you squeeze and clench on his rod as the last drops escape his softening cock. He slides out with a loud wet pop, leaving you feeling sore and used…but content.

“Good start. Nice little asshole you have there.”

As Evan walks in front of you, you see a half hard member, glistening from the lubricant and left over spit from your preparations.

“This is why your instructions were so detailed yesterday. I do hope you ‘cleaned out’ as instructed.”

His hand goes to your hair, pulling you up so your chin is barely over the end of the table, before the fleshy head of his cock slides between your open lips. Your hot breath touches it first as you still pant from the assault you have just taken. Before you can protest, his rod is halfway into your mouth, sawing further with each stroke. Having softened significantly, he can fit the entire shaft in your mouth, just as he bumps the opening of your throat, before withdrawing. Satisfied that you’ve ‘cleaned’ his cock thoroughly, Evan withdraws.

Treating you almost clinically now, he bends down to release the hook from your cuffs, before walking around behind you, unhooking both of the ankle cuffs from the hooks on the table legs…releasing you from the table. The cuffs are unstrapped from your ankles next, allowing you to move your legs a bit, before standing up slightly, using your hands to push up off the table. After removing the cuffs from your wrists, you feel a hand slap your butt cheek.

“You did pretty well. I’ll give you a passing grade for the session. That means your next anal session will be in…looks like 3 days. Had you failed, you would be scheduled for tomorrow. So remember to give your best effort every time. OK?”

As you start to make your way toward the door, Evan grabs your arm lightly, pointing toward your clothing “Don’t forget those. You can dress here or in your room. Either way is fine.”

Just as you pick up your clothing, you see the door open with another girl being led in the room by her trainer. The girl in question is already nude, her 36C breasts bounce with each step, and the look on her face shows a bit of apprehension and dread. You recognize her from orientation day, and from hanging out in her room in the evenings and during meal times. And from the looks of it, poor Mary, or ‘Questions’ as the trainers have come to call her, is about to get more anal training.

“Round 2 for Questions, huh Jay?” your trainer jokingly asks as his counterpart walks around in front of Mary, already starting to cuff her hands into place at the base in front of the stand.

“She kept trying to get away, push it out, started crying…the whole gauntlet man. And a refusal for cleaning too.” The other trainer lets out an exasperated sigh after his statement, with a shrug.

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