Frances Haddon’s Pillow Book Pt. 02

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Hey all! I hope you’re enjoying Frankie as much as I am. If you have questions, comments, flattery or anything else you want to send my way, feel free to contact me via the e-mail in my contacts page. I love nothing more than hearing from new fans, and I even show my haters love. Hope to hear from you!


Dear Diary,

I am enjoying my time here at Cobham hall immensely, and am immensely being enjoyed by an immense young man.

I would draw a picture for you in life-size, Diary, but his dick is juuuuuust long enough that the head of it wouldn’t fit on one your pages, and it just would not do to draw him smaller than he is.

He isn’t a perfect guy though. I’m a little taller than him, and he’s caught up in all this science fiction and fantasy nonsense that I do not care for at all. Still, every time those trousers come down and that big thing flops out, I just melt for him.

I dreamed about the inner Demoness. She taunted and teased me, and told me to go find a real man. Am I so shallow? Shouldn’t I care what a boy has in his heart more than what he has in his pants? And what could she possibly mean? Surely there are no penises bigger than Jack’s?

That would be ludicrous.



My first month of school, here is how a typical day broke down:

7:30 AM: Wake up and give Jack a long blowjob. We still hadn’t fucked. I just wasn’t sure whether or not I was ready to finally lose it with him. More on that later.

8:30 AM: Denise gets back with my breakfast and grudgingly serves me. If I’m feeling bitchy I tease her about her inferior tits.

9:30 AM-3:30 P.M.: Classes

4:00 P.M: Matilda does my home work while I fool around with Jack Sometimes Sylvia watches and plays with herself a bit, often while whining about how she’s never had a big one like his. I’m thinking about letting her join in one of these times, but I haven’t made my mind up if she’s earned it or not.

5:00 P.M. Dinner from Denise.

6:00 P.M.-10:00 more making out, evening strolls to see who stares at me (I’m becoming quite fond of the effect my breasts have. I had no idea I was such a big girl, and I am beginning to suspect I might have the biggest boobs on campus if not the whole of Kent.

It was a good month, but all things change.

For one thing, I eventually had the heart to release Denise from her bonds of service. I heard her crying herself to sleep one night, thinking I was already out perhaps, and I knew in that moment she’d had enough. I decided to stop making Matilda do my homework for me too, but did have her tutor for me. All this left me less time for Jack and I began to see less of him as I did chores and homework instead.

But he was still there for me, loyally every Friday night, throwing pebbles against our window to let me know he wanted to be let in. Then he’d come in for kissing and cuddling and usually a thorough blowjob. I was getting good at those. I don’t know why, but I seemed to have a real way with using my mouth. Jack said my lips were part of it, and they are pretty thick I’ll admit. In my most arrogant moments *I* want to kiss me, and he said they felt incredible nibbling on his shaft or head or swollen balls. I even got good at deepthroating…he’d just slowly thrust in while I went “SLOOOOOOOOORCK” and took it all, loving the feel of his nutsack pressing into my chin or forehead depending on which approach we were using.

But one week, he wasn’t there. This worried me greatly, and I resolved to find out if he was cheating on me or something.

I grabbed a flashlight and my cell phone and began to sneak past headmasters and teachers, managing to somehow keep any of them from seeing a girl slip out and sounding the alarm.

Well okay, I think *one* might have seen me, but he just kind of bounced his eyes in time to the rhythm of my tits and let me go. You’d think the damned things told time.

I crossed the campus and took one of the footbridges across the river, slipping into the country-club territory where Jack attended his institution. It didn’t actually take me long to find him, but things were not good when I did.

Jack was in a remote clearing; just on the other side of some trees which I’m guessing were planted to piss off golfers. He was not alone. Five older, larger boys surrounded him and seemed to be taking turns inflicting abuse on him. As I got close one shoved him hard into another her hauled off and punched him in the stomach, doubling him over. The boy cruelly held him up by the hair then and laughed as he delivered two stinging slaps, before tossing him indifferently to another big lad. This one was even less restrained and came at him with a big over-handed punch, battering him harshly to the ground.

Jack groaned and began to crawl, squirmy and disoriented as another boy got in position to deliver a kick to his ribs.

I could stand no more and charged forward, putting myself between the would-be kicker and Jack


The boys were stunned for a moment before laughing as one. The tallest spoke.

“Why the fuck would we do that? Filth here has to learn Antep Escort Bayan his place. He’s been swaggering around like the big man on campus.”

I wanted to tell him that he WAS. That his dick was the biggest any of them were likely to ever see and that he deserved the royal treatment I gave him. But I could tell that would only drive these jealous men into a rage, so I took tact.

“You get the Hell out of here now, and I tell no one what I saw happen here tonight. I’m giving you the chance to get away with this crap.” I arched an eyebrow, doing my best to be menacing. If there is one time I hate being short and having huge melons like mine, it’s when I’m trying to be serious; I’m lucky if I can keep a boy’s face aimed at mine long enough to absorb anything besides my cup size.

He gave a derisive snort. “Yeah. That’s one option. Also, we could finish kicking the shit out of this little bitch, then have a little fun with you and take pictures. Joey here (He cocked a thumb at one of his mates) is banging the girl at your school’s registrar office. We can have the pictures mailed to your parents’ address if you don’t do exactly what we say and keep this all to yourself. How does that sound?”

The color drained from my face…I was clearly over my head in here, and I had only managed to back away a step before one of them was behind me, pinning my arms so that my tits thrust out like active volcanoes. I wished they really *could* shoot magma as their leader close the distance to lift up my shirt, letting my bra-clad goodies experience the chill of the night air.

He gave a low whistle of appreciation and reached for the clasp, when he was interrupted by a shout.

“Let them go, or I will END you all.” It was a deep voice, not bass, but a lovely baritone with a sort of soft sonorous accent. Kenyan maybe?

All heads turned including my own. He was dark-skinned, with a close-kept Afro, a bright white long-sleeved shirt and white pants loosely hung from his frame. But the bagginess of his clothing could not conceal the muscles beneath; this young man was powerfully built with rigid biceps and broad shoulders, his thick forearms hanging just above his mighty quadriceps. I felt some relief, though I couldn’t see how he could possibly stand against this many at once if they chose to oppose him. Jack was in no shape to help after the battering he just took, and I didn’t think my tits would be of much use in a fight.

My concerns were all laid to rest when the boy began to move. He spun into the crowd of toughs, putting himself between me and them, eyes narrowed and determined, body crouched low. They were not impressed though, and charged at him. This, it would seem, was a mistake. He sprang on his feet, a sort of odd triangular dance step as his head narrowly avoided a flurry of punches from different angles, his feet whirling out to strike those who were off balance from throwing blows that found no mark.

He was so fast I could barely keep my eyes on him and all I caught were little details, his feet finding their heads again and again and again, his heels and instep and the balls of his feet connecting with cheeks and necks and sometimes ankles, tripping one, only to trip him again every single time he regained his footing. I think it’s possible one or two of the many retaliatory punches managed to land on him, but if they did, he took the blows well and rolled with them, always into the next circling kick. In an extraordinary finale, in which I can only speculate he was showing off a little, he curled up into a headstand, lashing both feet in alternating stabs to utterly pummel the leader of the group with toe-kicks, staying upside-down and waving “bye-bye” with an ankle as the pack of them fled, stumbling, bruised and bloody.

I don’t condone violence, but at this point my heart was fluttering and I was aroused, more by his bravery and valor than his clear talents for fisticuffs… or in his case, feeticuffs? I’m not sure when someone just kicks…

“Thanks mate,” Groaned Jack as he struggled to his feet, dabbing his sleeve at a bloody nose, feeling at it to see if it was broken.

“My pleasure.” Came the melodic voice. He panted a little before finally launching off his hands to vault to his feet.

“How did you do that?” Asked Jack.

“Capoeira.” Said the boy. “My father is from Brazil and he’s been teaching me since I was very small. Oh where are my manners… I’m called Silva. Haji Silva.”

Jack shook his head. “I’m Jack, and my hat’s off to your father. You wanna come hang out with us for a bit? I bet you don’t want to be caught around here if they regroup or something.”

Haji shrugged. “I can handle myself if they do. But…” He paused, looking at me instead of jack, eyes lingering at my chest like all men’s do and sparkling a little, “…But I’d be happy to just hang out. Who is your friend here?”

“That’s Frankie. She’s my gal.” Jack said, and I winced a little. I had never considered my regular blowing of his big dick to be a serious commitment. But I nodded; glad this hot black hunk had my name at least.

“Let’s go chill at my dorm.” I offered, and grabbed both boys’ arms, walking between them like they were a couple of won prizes.


Dear Diary,

The dreams are getting stronger lately. The Demoness is there to haunt me almost nightly. She changes tone often. Mocking me. Praising me. Teasing me. Pleasuring me. In the dreams she has powers. Men become hard at her will. I cum when she commands it. Why can’t I stop thinking about sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex?

Sometimes I find that if I masturbate and cum hard, it only makes me want to masturbate more. I’m getting scared I’ll starve to death.

I think some dick might be the cure, but I’m afraid it also might just add to the problem.


Back at the dorm the 6 of us sat on different bunks, me between Haji and Jack, the other girls on their own beds respectively. Jack was excitedly telling them the tale of how Haji had come to rescue us.

“…And then he even kicked ass upside-down…you should have seen it!” He blurted as his haphazard story came to an end.

“This calls for celebration.” Matilda said, hopping up and going to the locked strongbox she kept beneath her bed. A moment later she came up with some Dixie cups and a bottle of amber liquid. She handed out cups to everyone and I wrinkled my nose as I smelled the burning fumes.

“Scotch.” She said. “My grandfather said you should always have a belt after you’ve had a fight. Two if you’ve lost one.” With that, Jack threw his back and handed her the Dixie coup for a loser’s refill.

“Now then,” I said, turning to Haji, “There’s still the matter of your reward. What makes a half-Kenyan half-Brazilian chocolate-covered man like you happy?”

He blushed a little, something I hadn’t realized black people could do, and then spoke nervously “The gentleman in me says I should ask to gaze into your eyes or for a tender kiss…” He ventured.

I shook my head, “Forget gentle. What does the MAN in you want?”

He let out his breath in a big sigh, fortifying himself with a big belt of scotch before he answered, “Oh Frankie, I’d really like to see you topless.” looking like he feared an attack when the words finally made it out.

I laughed, my girls rippling in a way that commanded attention from all eyes in the room, then gestured at him as I spoke to my dorm-mates. “Can you believe men? He jumps into a fistfight with a gang without a pause for thought or safety… now he’s afraid of my fun-bags!” They all tittered a little bit. I swilled down the rest of the burning scotch and then turned to him, abruptly un-shirting myself with a cross-armed yank over my head.

Haji and Jack stared transfixed as I gave a little shake, letting my titmeat roll around in my bra-cups for their amusement. Sylvia shook her head and drained her scotch too. “Jesus Frankie…I think I’m gay now. How do you even walk around with those things?”

“With style.” I answered, reaching back to unclasp the bra, letting all eyes feast on the glory of my naked and now-hard nipples. The attention was making me seriously wet, and even though I wasn’t attracted to Sylvia, I couldn’t help but feel lust at her attraction to me.

The fact of the matter is that I was getting to be a real bitch to people about my tits. I’d let girls “accidentally” catch glimpses of what I had going on in locker-rooms and showers, and regularly tossed my huge bras right on top of my roommates’ on the floor, just to let them see how one of my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders completely dwarfed any of their own.

I let them bask in the moment, my eyes wandering over Jack’s big bulge in his trousers, then to Haji where I was stunned to see an even more impressive arch of tube-flesh rising yet not hard, clearly already thicker than what I knew Jack to be packing. This was an exciting development.

Like a lady mob-boss I snapped my fingers and pointed straight down at Jack’s crotch as I pointed two fingers at Matilda and Sylvia, “Hey girls, come handle this situation for me. I want to thank my hero.”

They responded instantly, dropping to their knees in front of Jack. Whatever protest he had to me getting frisky with Haji, was quickly overwhelmed by the sight of two nymphos clawing at his waistband, each working desperately to free his monstrous member. Haji gave an appreciative whistle as Jack’s prong finally jumped up and free, wagging in the air a moment.

“Not bad at all, white boy.” He chuckled, turning his attention back to me. Jack, as docile as ever, could only shrug as both girls wrapped a around on him, jacking him in a slow two-fisted hand job, each placing a hand on his thigh as they awkwardly maneuvered around one another to divide up the territories of his tip and base. I noticed that both seemed to be more interested in getting a piece of his big cocktop; while I certainly understood the appeal, I was a ball-girl and found myself a little surprised they didn’t just both start there since there were two big boys to suck on.

Ah well, to each their own. For my part, I leaned in pressed my thick lips to Haji’s, pleasantly surprised at how soft his pillow-soft his was, letting my tongue taste them a little before plunging into his mouth. I leaned in farther and farther as we melted into the kiss, my hard nipples making contact with his perfectly sculpted chest through his white shirt. It was now that I realized I desperately wanted to see the boy naked; a body capable of dealing out such graceful punishment so skillfully had to be in good shape. Again I found myself a little less impressed with Jack’s video-game-playing-“athlete” body. I pulled back far enough to begin tearing at Haji’s shirt, then his shoes and socks and pants, saving the best for last.

While I worked the ladies were not idle. When I caught my next glimpse of their frolic with Jack they were having a cute little fight… at this moment his shaft was in Sylvia’s mouth while Matilda held the back of her head, shoving her forward on it. “Come on bitch, I’ve seen Frankie get ALL of it, you can at least do half you fucking slut!” Sylvia taunted, spanking her dorm-sister with a rough palm as she pushed hard enough to get a little choking noise from Matilda. Jack looked like he was in heaven, but perhaps a little confused at the same time. Haji’s face went a little shocked at the part about me swallowing it all; he was clearly impressed.

Haji was down to his briefs now, and ugly but functional pair of tighty-whities; of course even ugly undies become rather attractive when there’s a clearly huge organ inside them, and I was only getting wetter and wetter the more hints I got about Haji’s cock… at this point I could see a pair of ponderous balls outlined in the fabric, hanging farther down between his massively powerful thighs. I let my eyes roam up his lean, chiseled 12 pack to the perfect angular cut of his pectoral muscles. After a final ocular feast on his bulging biceps that were about as big as Jack’s thighs I crawled up the bed letting my tits do their mesmerizing, swaying dance as I finally peeled his waist band down, liberating a stunningly ENORMOUS black cock. He was all hard at this point, and the giant prong danced up his cut belly, waving around a little as he maneuvered to let me pull the shorts all the way off.

All eyes in the room were now drawn to Haji, who actually blushed a little at the attention. Jack’s balls visibly did a little jump; was that fear? He was clearly not used to being the smaller boy in the room, and Haji had him beat in every dimension, hands down. His prong was at least two inches longer than Jack’s, thicker around by clear visual evidence, and the balls beneath were easily almost twice the sight, and very low-slung. Matilda gave Jack’s cock a half-hearted two pumps as she stared at Haji’s.

“Trade?” She asked.

I scoffed at the notion. “Please, this one is MINE. He deserves me.” I arrogantly retorted, abruptly grabbing Haji’s cock by the base so I could press the tip into my pillow boob, pushing the nipple in deep with his cockhead. “Besides, I already HAD my appetizer. You finish yours before you get to have a main course like this.”

Jack look wounded again, but that faded just as abruptly as before when the girls shrugged and returned to giving him the sumptuous double-blowjob they had halted. Now it was Matilda’s turn to throat him, and Silva didn’t seem capable of being quite as mean while she did, so she busied herself by reaching around Matilda to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. Matilda was definitely more skilled, and easily took the first 7 inches of Jack’s prick before pulling back to bounce and bob on him, gagging and choking only a little while her slobbery mouth leaked an impressive amount of juice that ran down his shaft and dripped nastily from his nut.

Sylvia wasn’t going to let that go to waste, and she dropped to tongue those pearly clear drops from his sack, swabbing his balls around in the process. Jack threw his head back, now in a place no words could probably reach him. I felt happy he was at least taken care of because I was about to be ignoring him pretty hardcore. I turned my attention to Haji now, caressing his thighs with one hand while I continued to smear my breasts all over with his cockhead, loving the way a little precum seeped out to oil them up for his viewing pleasure. Finally I pushed his organ back against him as I slowly slid to my knees before him, pumping the big black dick in both hands, tits jiggling and wobbling against his ponderous balls. I couldn’t believe how far over the edge of the bed those were dangling and I could no longer resist giving them a taste.

I leaned in and slapped my tongue sort of back and forth on just the root of his scrotum, the part that was all dangle, and then slowly lowered my head, slathering centimeter after centimeter in my horny slobber, loving the way his low hanging nuts swung around when they were on the receiving end of my ministrations. Pursing my lips I sucked on in, slurping on it thoroughly before letting it roll out and claiming the other. They were big balls, and I was surprised how daunting it was in contrast to Jack’s… I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit both these balls at the same time. But I gave it in an effort, opening wide and sucking hard, finally managing to sort of awkwardly store the nuts in my cheeks. By the time the second one was entirely inside my face I was having a hard time keeping it from blocking my throat. With an awkward choke, I coughed them both out and looked up at Haji.

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