Fourth in Glory

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The third time may not have been that personally glorious, but today’s experience ensures at some point, I probably will give in to returning to the glory hole. If only because it has been so good three times, each offering a delightful first in turn, and the promise of a fourth is impossible to deny. Though I can’t imagine too much new at this point.

I had entered the booth, put in money, and not much interesting was available to watch, unlike weeks before. But I was still hoping it would work out this time, since it hadn’t the day before. At first, nothing playing on the screen seemed that arousing, with the other booth empty. After a minute of flicking channels, for a true surprise, there was some hot gay porn, a man kissing another man’s nipples so well, then sometimes kissing each other while the one underneath had his nipples rubbed and pinched, then the dark haired one returned to kissing and biting the other’s now hardened nipples luxuriously. My attention was fixed when he began stroking his partner’s rigid cock and tight balls. I was hard too by this point, having enjoyed everything I saw as much as the two on the screen seemed to. The dark haired man on the screen started rimming his now thoroughly turned on friend, and I got still harder. When two horny people are getting off together, the watching rubs off, so to speak, and I sat contentedly stroking myself. But soon enough, it ended, and nothing else interesting was playing. Gay porn does have a certain honesty to it, like the glory hole I was sitting in, hoping for another cock to play and cum with. Strange that after decades getting off only with women or alone, other essentially middle aged men seemed to give so much pleasure when playing with each other’s turned on cocks in a small dark private space, with nothing shared but touch and horniness. And often, glorious orgasms.

For example, cumming when another man touched my erect cock for the first time in my life. It was so good when he made me cum so hard. with no will to stop the ecstasy he was creating. All the while, my on fire mind kept thinking that it was a man touching me, as my legs spread wider, and that I had wanted this and was so turned on pumping into his stroking touch. Then in turn, stroking his long slender cock, the first I had ever felt, to a pumping orgasm in a few seconds, as we were both truly turned on. The second time, I rubbed my hardness against another man’s equally hard and long red turned on cock, finally fulfilling one of my most private and kinky fantasies – cock on cock was a real turn on. He in his turn made me cum pressed against a wall, beyond all thought and restraint, touching me in some unique fashion which didn’t stop until I was pumping myself in glorious pleasure. Again, I did the same to him, though in his case, his cum pumped free with both of my hands around his long thick cock. He was completely unable and unwilling to do anything but cum as I made him pump, feeling his cock swell with every spurt from his balls, looking down at what I was doing to another man whose cock had rubbed mine so sexily.

Writing about such things afterwards is an added kick, unimaginable 20 years ago. It also perfectly reverses the private/public aspect of getting off with another man, completely unknown except for his cock and hand, separated by a wall, and the telling seems to turn some readers on as much as I when doing or writing. This adds to the glory hole kick in an undefinable way, mixing such a perfectly privately secret pleasure with public sharing, and making it even more impossible not to do again. A glory hole has no romance, but in return, it offers incredible orgasms which I can’t imagine a man of 18 or even 25 being able to withstand, watching porn and then getting off. Having another man get you off when you are so horny is simply too good to resist easily, and my interest has kept growing over the last few months. Admittedly, it is simply a better way to jack off, but then, better is irresistible when talking about cumming.

This morning, I had been cutting wood in the ice frosted woods, and since it looked like I could shave my schedule to work, I sort of decided at the last moment to revisit the glory hole. My inhibitions had already been nicely reduced, and my thickening cock seemed to agree that the idea was a good one. I went, but only for a short time, at least I thought. 10:45am is pretty early, though even by this point, my increasing horniness had the answer to any perspective except getting off, if I was luckier than the day before.

After the first few minutes of what to me seemed fairly kinky porn, the time was almost up, and I debated putting in another token Küçükköy Escort as probably being a waste, since nothing had really attracted my fancy on the screen, when I heard someone come in. This had been what I had hoped for, another man to get off with, nothing but hard cocks being stroked and cumming, I thought, my cock in hand.

I put in another token, and he seemed to go to either check out the porn and toys for sale in the shop, or to exchange money. My heart was beating with the chance that another stranger would enter the glory hole with me.

In a minute or two that seemed too long, the door to the other booth opened, closed, and porn started playing. Part of a glory hole’s attraction is that getting into the right frame of mind means not thinking, only enjoying. And you can see what the other person is thinking as his own cock grows, as it is exactly the same thing as your own swelling tool in hand.

I then pulled my pants down, and heard him do the same. After a while flicking through the still uninteresting porn, I opened the slider a small crack, to begin enjoying what I had really come for. Watching an unknown man stroking himself as I stroked my own turned on hot length is one of the basic reasons why glory holes are so intense. The small hole is perfectly positioned to focus your view on nothing but the horny cock on the other side, with its bush of curly hair, balls often hanging free at the edge of the seat, with hairy legs spread in pleasure, loosening or tightening as the pleasure changes. And it is utterly private, at the same time. This privacy is part of what makes a glory hole attractive – you don’t have to be concerned about anything but what both enjoy, without question. Really nothing but hard and stroked cocks, everything swept away in pleasure. A new taste I am quite enjoying. And one I can imagine a woman having a very difficult time understanding – a glory hole is probably one of the most direct and simple methods to get off with another, not only with a stranger, but someone completely unknown, who has exactly the same framework of causing and enjoying orgasms with no complications beyond the cumming. And with exactly the same obligations – none – on both sides.

Some of my first and for that reason best orgasms were with a friend, getting off on porn magazines, which were becoming both easier to find and also more explicit throughout the late 70s. He was the first person that I shared such obvious sexual pleasures with, like getting hard to sexy naked women in pictures, or stroking a cock to orgasm. We never touched, but we would sometimes get hard watching each other stroke, and even watch the other cumming. His cockhead seemed smaller, less flared than mine, but his white length was at least the same as mine. We also stroked ourselves using much the same way technique. We often used Vaseline, a perfect friction if a bit messy, or sometimes with very well lubricated Trojans. He liked to play with his shaft to get hard more than I, but his hand was always tight against his cockhead when he started cumming. However, most of the time, the hot porn which made us hard would have our complete attention when cumming. To be honest, I think most men have had similar experiences with a friend or two – or a stranger or two.

More than twenty years later, it was now becoming more irresistible to watch another cock than it had been then, since now I was playing games together with someone else. Missed chances which only leave hot fantasy behind are a reason I try some of the things I do now. Getting off with other men is something I finally tried, and now really enjoy. And that feeling of pressing against a wall in unstoppable hard glory completely lost in another man’s hands is a strangely intoxicating way to orgasm, a surrender to pleasure unlike anything with a woman. And both the men that did that to me knew exactly what it meant.

After settling in, I opened the slide more, playing with myself and watching him do the same. After a while I slid the panel obviously open for a full view, and we both kept playing, neither of us especially erect, but both turned on, and certainly interested in the same delightful games, it was clear. Cocks really don’t need words, I have discovered. With women, I like to talk and be vocal, and listen to their sexy voices and sounds – in a glory hole, everything is silent, except the porn track(s) and sounds of cocks being stroked and pumped, which tends to fade into the background as we watch each other, and get into a shared rhythm.

There was still nothing interesting playing, which made beckoning for his cock through the opening even easier. Küçükköy Escort Bayan The last two men hadn’t taken any advantage of this, so it was satisfying that he got up from his seat, as did I, and his narrow cock came through. After a few minutes of touching and stroking his uncut cock, he pulled back, and his fingers through the opening were a clear invitation. His cock had left an undefinable scent behind, probably my first conscious awareness of another man’s turned on smell. It was interesting but not in any sense overwhelming, as I now turned to the glory hole.

Scent and sex is something which fascinates me. I had showered that morning, but an hour and a half of work in the forest had certainly left its clean scent on me, as had the last 10 or so minutes of stroking myself. Smelling and tasting another man’s cock is still something to experience, but I personally don’t think the complete facelessness of a glory hole is the best place to suck a cock off. Safe games are fine, and while a certain amount of cum is a part of male sex, keeping it incidental and outside is being basically cautious, at least in the sense of playing odds. And sex is always ‘risky’ – it is a matter of degree. For the first time in too many weeks, for the first time smelling another man’s cock scent, I put my cock through into glory. And it felt so good from the first touch, which kept getting better, melting into pleasure which I wanted more of, soon moaning against the wall, my cock rigid and full. This was so good, it was almost impossible to resist cumming, but I finally pulled back out of his glory, moving away from what felt so good, and I beckoned him to come through again, in turn. My cock was hard, but it seemed dry enough when I started stroking it, waiting for him to get his own measure of my glory – his touch had been so good, I could only think of wetness being a part of it. But it seemed not, as I played with my cock while stroking his now harder and redder cock. I wet my fingers, and played with his cock head for several minutes, while it swelled and reddened even deeper, my fingers up against his cockhead, sliding down the shaft and then back up. He was enjoying himself fully, as I had, now pressed tight against the opening, his cock thrusting against my sliding fingers. The colors of a cock are different from a woman’s aroused pussy, more red and white in contrast to bright pink turning wine dark red and even an earth mother brown. But cock is enticing, I find. After a while, having stroked him in rhythm with my own hard heavy cock, he pulled back, and his fingers were again a clear invitation I was eager to accept, my cock stiff.

And this second time, I entered true glory. It felt so good on my cockhead, there was no way to stop the pleasure which grew as my cockhead did. I kept moving forward, my ever hotter cock drawing me on into a paradise created by another man. After a while, I was again moaning to the wall, my ass tight, my cock ever deeper into unstoppable glory. There was no longer any doubt in my almost frozen thoughts – this was a blow job I was getting, and it was so good, it had taken a while to even figure it out. Even the thought that a man was sucking my cock was almost nothing compared to the wonderful thrill of such a talented person sucking my cock, having his warm wet mouth inviting me on deeper and still hotter. As the pleasure became ever more intense, I tried to moan ‘I’m cumming,’ over and over again, but how loud or how understandably was beyond my grasp by that point. I was now flat up against the wall, a stranger making me cum and nothing but sex was filling me. He was sucking me off so good, he made me become nothing but a pumping cock he owned, a cock completely lost in what he was doing to it. He was on his knees with my cock filling his mouth, with no way and no reason for me to stop. And for the first time, now I was sure another man was tasting my cock, turning me on beyond any control with his mouth – and it was so good, I had no idea what was actually happening in terms of technique. I was completely lost in what he was doing to me, without a word being spoken. I had entered a glorious paradise of pleasure, my cock in the mouth of a man with a cock as hard as mine. I could hear his pumping and stroking when my cock came through the opening, and as he first tasted me, and even now, the distant sound of his pumping was part of the web he was weaving with my cock at the center. I was his – another man was on top of my soul, and it was so good to feel what he kept doing to me. My hard cock was what another man wanted, and I was completely his.

At some point beyond measure, I came. At Escort Küçükköy a distant and almost unimportant point, I felt my full balls get deliciously tighter, my cum starting its now unstoppable pumping, but it seemed almost distracting to what he was doing. It was so good and wet and completely surroundng, and it went on and on, and his hunger became apparent to me. He didn’t stop, and kept pleasuring my softening cock in new ways, as my cock kept draining into his paradise, and after a moment of panting, I started pumping his mouth slowly, almost against my will. I couldn’t stop, because he didn’t, and somehow, he owned my cock completely, kneeling before it. If he wanted to suck, I would stay there until he finished, because I certainly couldn’t stop while he was doing this to me. Such a strange sense of power he seemed to have over me – I couldn’t help myself, my cock was starting to stiffen as I pumped ever harder, after a very short pause in the utter relaxation following such a fully consuming orgasm. As he kept on sucking me, my pleasure and his hunger kept merging, and I started fucking his mouth, which seemed to know more of what I wanted than possible, beyond any control but his. He now turned me into his unstoppable pleasure plaything. I had already cum, but his magic was beyond the grasp of anything but my hot sucked cock, which knew what it wanted – more, and more.

After cumming so good, his hunger was a real surprise. I didn’t move back, and slowly, I started to both get hard again and begin to pump his sucking mouth with my content but also now hungrier and growing cock. I have done this fucking women, after cumming, by keeping a rhythm going and not withdrawing from her hot wetness, until I grow hard again and we keep fucking – how turned on the woman is also plays a major part. But now was the first time a man did it, and the first time it happened when getting my cock sucked. After a minute or two, I couldn’t stop myself, and had no desire to do anything but to keep filling his glorious cock-sucking mouth. The wall I was pumping against, flat except for my now thrusting hips, helped focus everything to a tight center, which in turn was all-surrounding, not a center at all. I was lost in glory, and he knew it.

After some point, having been so lost in pleasure, I finally returned to enough mundane presence to stop my mindlessly endless mouth fucking, and to beckon again for his cock. It was hard when he stuck it through, and I stroked it for several minutes, but I was not really together enough to get him off after what he had done to me. He eventually pulled back, and after a minute, I closed the slider, with a certain regret at not being able to return the pleasure. The smell of his uncut cock had been distinctive, and enjoyable as I stoked him and myself, But my wife is quite adamant about risk, and sucking another man’s cock is likely only something to be done with her with someone we both trust and are turned on by, which likely means never. And this temptation, unlike the idea of touching another man’s hardness with my own, remains within reasonable limits.

At this point, I have now played with five cocks at my this glory hole, the only one I know, getting four off, and now, three men have gotten me off in turn. This faceless sex is strange in its way, but a hard orgasm is almost always the result, for one if not both. Nobody who goes into a glory hole wants anything less, after all.

For those who wonder about straight/bi/gay – this was the gayest experience by far, and it was surprising in that sense too. The only porn that got me hot was male/male, and having your cock sucked by a man is wonderfully gay. And by this point, the glory hole is not simply an extra benefit of getting off to porn, it is the reason for getting off. I make no comment about whether someone of the same sex has a better understanding of some things than someone of the other sex, but there is no doubt this was the single best cock sucking I have been privileged to enjoy. Considering how good it was, it was something he had been doing a while, getting other men off with his talent while being so turned on doing it. This I can’t imagine, a cock turning me on so, but in its way, it is probably the same as eating a hot pussy – I enjoy it so much, as have the women, that satisfying my desire to taste and smell means turning her into a quivering fountain of lust, with nothing on her mind but my tongue and fingers, and nothing on my mind but getting off on her getting off. The smell of wet pussy is the best perfume I know, and helping a woman create the finest scent through her pleasure is one of my deepest kicks, as this best of perfumes seems to go straight to my brain, which then wanders away in complete bliss.

When I drove away, it was 11:30 – he had probably been sucking me for more than 20 minutes, which was still almost impossible for my pleasured mind to grasp. At the time, it had seemed only a minute or two.

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