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The following story is for adults and contains graphic descriptions of sexual contact between adolescent and adult males and the power imbalance of these relationships. Like so many of my stories, this is a voyage and return.

If you are a minor, then it is illegal for you to read this story. If you find the subject objectionable, then read no further. All the characters, events and settings are the product of my overactive imagination. I hope you like it and feel free to respond.

Fourteen runs through five progressions, with frequent interludes. If you would like to comment, contact me ail.

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Anton and Daniel 1

Anton Schroeder comes alert in the dawn light filtering into the stateroom. It is 6:30 according to his watch. Daniel’s perfection is stretched beside him under a light sheet. “It’s time to up anchor.” Anton slaps Daniel’s rump to wake him. Anton does not wait for a response. Shorts and a loose polo shirt are all he needs. He reaches across to the bench that curves into the dresser beside the closed bulkhead. Daniel’s duffle bag still lies packed on the dresser’s surface. His young lover can stow his things away while they make passage south to San Quintin.

Anton still has the itch to escape. Yesterday was an agony of waiting. Daniel’s job interviews in Chicago threatened Anton’s dream. The new uncertainty about continuing the voyage south left Anton pins and needles. Kale Euler, his newly acquired crew member, only partially distracted Anton.

Daniel kept in touch casually. The opportunity in Chicago meant a great deal to Anton’s young lover. Daniel answered text messages from an airport layover, and then nothing when he landed in San Diego. Hours passed before Daniel texted him from the marina entrance where his rideshare deposited him. “Why didn’t you tell me when you landed?” Anton whined. Anton hated the uncertainty in his voice. Daniel just grinned at Anton, standing magnificent surrounded by his baggage. It was going to be a long voyage, his lover reminded him: last minute shopping. Then Daniel noticed young Kale beside him.

Anton is Master of Surocco. The Super Maramu is his boat. He raps once on the wood panel over the boy’s bunk in the companion way. “Fourteen, get up.” The teenager is gratifyingly alert. His eyes pop open and he untangles his long legs from the constricting sheet. Anton thinks Fourteen could go up on deck like this, or in less than the boxer briefs he sports over the morning erection. Unfortunately, they are anchored off the marina in busy Ensenada.


“No time for that. Once we are underway and free of this business. Coffee would be nice.” The boy nods and he is off to the forward head as Daniel comes up behind Anton. “Teach him how we raise anchors, dear. He is a quick study, but he has never crewed before.”

Anton climbs up to the cockpit and into the growing light. Surocco lies anchored off the marina at Cruiseport Village. Dinosaur container cranes moved slowly across the water. A cruise ship arrived in the night. It was a smaller ship, but still spoiled Anton’s mood.

“Should we drop the bow thruster?” Daniel asks from the bottom of the stairs.

“I don’t think so.” Anton feels the light breeze. “There is a clear right of way.” His young crew scrambled up to the cockpit. Daniel had been with Anton since the Puget Sound. He moved directly to the stern. This is all new to Fourteen. The Helm fascinates him. “Go with Dan.” Anton reminds him.

Anton set two anchors in the evening. Unnecessary perhaps, in this placid water. Anton eases off the bow anchor so Surocco drifts back toward the stern. Daniel and the boy haul the extra anchor in. Anton can hear Daniel’s explanations as they complete the task. They move to the bow to watch the chain as Anton flips the anchor winch on.

Fourteen slips conscientiously down to his new domain while Daniel and Anton take the Surocco out into the Pacific. The forward sonar is on, the heavy Volvo engine rumbles just enough to give Surocco headway. Daniel hugs Anton from behind, as Anton begins setting the sails. “This is it, Dan. This is the start of our life together.” Daniel hugs him tight.

Anton sips the fresh coffee and watches Fourteen riding the bow as it cleaves neatly through the swells. “He is eighteen?” Daniel asks Anton skeptically as the boy sets off ahead of them with Daniel’s last minute food parcels. Anton assures his lover the boy’s passport is genuine, even if the rest of Fourteen’s story is suspect. “Fourteen seems more like it.” Anton’s young lover replies, unconvinced.

Anton knows better. The youth clings to you like a curse throughout your childhood and adolescence, then you are twenty and it is a blessing drawing lovers to you. Anton Schroeder understands this all too well. Then you’re thirty, and the mirror says you’re old. It happens overnight while you are partying, but the twelve years were glorious! Fourteen is glorious.

“My name is Kale Euler, but just call me Fourteen.” The youth stood on the dock respectfully waiting for Anton’s permission to board Surocco. Sophie  shared a colourless passport photo of the boy as she convinced Anton he ought to take on crew for the passage to the Caribbean. The official picture was criminally wrong. Standing on the dock that first meeting, the San Diego sunlight ignited the boy’s easy tangerine. Sophie said he had never crewed, but he carried well-used foul-weather gear under his arm and he had a certain pride. It was promising. “I was born on Valentine’s Day, 2:14, so yeah, Fourteen for short.”

It was an interview, they both understood that. Surocco was not stocked for passage across the Pacific. Even so, Anton had stored every nook and cranny. Fourteen focused on what lay at hand. The young adult told Anton something of himself as he moved gracefully about Surocco’s spacious galley. Anton would have brought the boy on crew if all he could accomplish was burnt toast. Clever boy, he managed a tasty Southwest salad with Avocado toast using every wilted, best-past-due item he could find in Anton’s galley.

Daniel comes back onto deck in swimming trunks despite the brisk conditions. He moves forward to the bow with far more confidence than Fourteen showed. Fourteen is already infatuated with Anton’s Daniel, Anton expected that. It is like that wherever Daniel Ayers goes. His friends tell Anton he is fortunate. It is acumen. Anton believes this is one of his strengths; surrounding himself with necessary talent.

After the second part of the interview, Anton would have had the youthful eighteen-year old crew to the Caribbean even if Fourteen had poisoned him. Fourteen was delightfully frank; very assertive. Anton suspected Fourteen knew something of prostitution. He liked the youth’s élan on the bed and circumspection elsewhere. Anton was master of Surocco, Fourteen was under no misapprehensions about that.

Surocco is handling the seas well and the wind is pushing them away from the dry Mexican coast. In another age, the Pacific would offer a horizon of solitude and mystery. The coast is a prosaic highway now. Anton checks the chart plotter beside the helm. His electronic charts show all the ships and boats around. Anton’s Surocco will nimbly dodge the lumbering commercial traffic. He controls everything from the cockpit. Anton manages the sails with judicious touches to different joysticks. He manages his businesses the same way.

The three weeks in Chicago fall away from Daniel after a night back on Anton’s ketch. He has to bury the disappointment. Blender, with their multi-sensory design and innovative use of materials, Daniel wanted that interview to succeed badly. Daniel shakes off the blues. The boy, Fourteen, grins up at him from where he sits securely on the deck. Anton’s new crew-toy is nimble, but he does not have his sea legs yet. After a day back on the water, Daniel can ride the bow easily.

“When the dolphins play, it is amazing.” Daniel promises.

“Can’t even,” Daniel replies with a flash of tangerine rarely seen. “That would be fire.” He talks like that with Daniel, then shifts into Boomer when he answers Millennial Anton. “Do you need anything?” Fourteen takes his galley duties seriesly.

“Just relax.” Daniel assures Fourteen. “We will be all day on the water. We will anchor off San Quintin. Anton will keep your passport with his ship papers. We Surocco needs entry/exit papers to move from one Mexican port to the next. Don’t you have a swim suit?”

“I don’t have much of anything.” Fourteen admits.

Daniel knows this, wonders what Anton really knows about the youth. Youth, because Daniel cannot think of the eighteen-year old with a baby face as a young man. There is just a change of clothes, an iPod, a cheap burner phone, and a wicked glass dildo in the boy’s bike pack. The Surocco is jammed with cargo. The boy might have hid anything about the ketch before Daniel came on board. He mentioned this to Anton, who replied he worried too much.

“Maybe we can shop for a few things when we anchor.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

So, Fourteen is in love with Daniel already. He knows this is silly. Daniel Ayers is Dealer-Biker Elvis-Parker-Lite. Daniel’s body went beyond toned muscle structure. Well built curves whispered erotic promise through the young man’s clothing. That first encounter at the San Diego marina, Fourteen’s libido soaked in the muscles strain on Daniel’s forearms. Yeah, he’ll hold me tight. The fabric at the biceps and chest veiled nothing. Yeah, he’ll press me down. Daniel’s calves are bulkier than normal, the back broad with muscle layers and his neck was wider at the base. Not blue-collar John Cannon strong, crafted-strong in some university gym. Jeremy Gates is gonna finally get nailed by the quarterback! Fourteen absorbs the deliciousness of Daniel Ayer in a few heartbeats as he accepts the shopping bags from Anton Schroeder’s boyfriend.

Fourteen has to admit, when it comes to men, he is an Adrenalin junkie: Oliver down the street, John with the sexy-gun, Scott in Albuquerque, (fucking) Cordell in the loft, he-who-cannot-be-named on the couch. The prospects of sex with Daniel take Daniel’s mind right off of his San Diego problems.

Two nights, he has listened from his berth in the companionway as the men coupled beyond the closed bulkhead. Levi Fisher’s Luxor Winnebago had its riding noises. Surocco has its sounds: chains, cables, the constant movement of water beyond the fibreglass hull. Anton assigned the berth beside his door. He said it was the choicest spot, far more comfortable than the private V-berth at the bow. Two nights, Fourteen listened to Surocco respond to the wind and waves, and the men’s noises on the stateroom bed.

Daniel is content to stand beside Fourteen at the bow. Fourteen supposes that the time will come when they all seek space from each other. Levi and Fourteen could go half a day without talking more than a few words. This will be like that. Very confined; there is no Arizona desert to wander off to. cebeci escort Just the few compartments, the sparkling sea (grey with the current cloud cast), and the long length of the Baja Peninsula, a hazy strip along the port side.

“It is freeing, isn’t it?” Daniel suggests.

“Yes.” Fourteen tugs at the safety harness tethered to the jack stays. “Do I have to wear this all the time?” Fourteen notices Daniel is not wearing one.

“I think Anton wants to see if you will get your sea legs. We don’t need you pitching over the guard rail. For all he loves us in the stateroom, never forget Anton is the master of Surocco. He knows sailing. Safety line outside the cockpit till he tells you otherwise. Do you swim?”

“Not like a fish.”

Daniel likes this honesty. “It’s probably 60 degrees in there.” Daniel points to the chop slipping by them off the bow. “I’d wear a wetsuit.”

“I’m so tired of winter.” Fourteen sighs. We are going somewhere warm, Levi assured Fourteen. Warmer than Northern Michigan and Nebraska, Fourteen hoped. Despite the complaint, Fourteen pulls off his top. You want the man to see you, Jeremy Gates smirks at Fourteen. You’re gonna fuck with him, Jeremy Gates gloats.

Fourteen stepped onto Anton’s ketch, eyes wide open. Sophie  was explicit enough about the arrangement. “It’s a lifestyle choice, not prostitution.” Sophie explained. It was the best way out of San Diego. Eyes wide open, hands ready to unzip his pants. Nobody punched him into a dirty back seat, or jackrabbited him into an RV at gunpoint. This was a sober bobcat transaction. Fourteen watches the moving water over the bow as he remembers.

“Leave your bag here on the bench.” The master of Surocco advised Fourteen. That made it plain enough. Fourteen could cook, but could he cook? Sophie told Fourteen what she knew (or guessed) about Anton Schroeder. Fourteen would have to rely on his abysmal instincts for the rest. Despite the jackrabbit thumping of his heart, Fourteen was an Ohio bobcat. Jackrabbit is dead, Fourteen warns his inner Jeremy Gates. (Fucking) Cordell Faulkner and (Hot-Rapist) Elvis Parker had the Triangle Gang; Fourteen had Deadrabbits.

Anton Schroeder was a study. The older man removed his clothes like this is a doctor visit. Late thirties, soft from too much easy living; Anton was Jeremy Gates twenty years on, perhaps (perhaps not). Patrick Hunter talked too much, so did Cordell Faulkner. Standing watching Anton strip, Fourteen realized he should have seen the similarity between Cordell and Patrick. Levi Fisher could talk, John Cannon did not. Elvis Parker, Fourteen preferred not to think about the biker.

Fourteen watched Anton’s eyes as he pulled three condoms from his pocket. If he played this wrong, he would just return to Sophie waiting on Born to Run. She would help him make a new plan. All Anton needed to do was tell Fourteen how he wanted this to go, or drop a hint. It did not have to be a game Jeremy Gates could not afford to lose. Fourteen is the teenager, Anton is the adult. The instructions should come from the adult. Anton waited.

Fourteen pulled off his shirt. From Levi-habit, he folded it neatly on the desk beside the bulkhead. The ketch’s master stateroom bed is to the right. Anton stood naked, half hard with anticipation against the bench wrapped around the starboard stern. Fourteen stepped close (ready for a word), let the bobcat decide.

Anton’s hair tickled his hand as he took the man’s neck in a firm clasp. Fourteen did not trust his adolescent voice. A gentle pressure brought the man to his knees. Just that compliance, told Fourteen all he needed to know. Fourteen opened his pants. Anton looked up once, asking permission. The silence had been right, this man twice his age listened to Fourteen’s silence. Fourteen nodded slightly. Anton tugged Fourteen’s pants off. Another test, Fourteen cleared his throat. His eyes moved to the tangled pants. Anton quickly folded them and placed them on the couch beside him. He looked up at the bobcat. Fourteen closed his eyes and dipped his head slightly.

Anton devoured Fourteen’s cock to the root for a first taste. Lips and tongue pulled off the cock so Anton could hold Fourteen by the base of his shaft with one hand. The man smiled at his new toy. His fingertips and palm clasped Fourteen’s flared corona and pulled up and down, stroking just along Fourteen’s extra sensitive ridge.

Roll reversal; flip a coin and Fourteen will top or bottom. He let everyone take him in hand. Fifteen and very fucking proud, Fourteen had his first chance to take charge. He strokes Anton’s longish, thinning hair, just to praise the sub. Fourteen expected to be the dildo-service-top, a teen-toy for another rich old man. Anton wants a sassy dom. Anton was very Levi Fisher, very talented. Fourteen praised his sub’s busy hands with another possessive stroke to the flamboyant hair.

Anton was ecstatic about the Twink. He was so youthful and clean. One hand firmly gripped the base of Fourteen’s cut member. So iron-strong, Anton thought. As he began to move that hand toward the sweet head, he placed his other hand on the base and followed it up. When a hand reached the top, Anton started again. Both hands were constantly stroking Fourteen. He was not sure what he wanted first, the cum coating his tongue, or the magnificent young man’s cock thrusting his seed into Anton’s ass. Fourteen will decide, Anton hoped. His lover Daniel would simply tell Anton. This young stud says nothing. There was a small, insistent pressure against Anton’s neck.

Anton kissed the commanding cock. Fourteen kept running the tips of his fingers through Anton’s hair, over his scalp gently, Then a bit harder with a tug. Fourteen reacted to Anton’s mouth with small sounds and pleasure moans. Fingers pulled harder, then let go before Anton wanted them to. The playful tease drove Anton crazy.

Learn your partner, Levi Fisher taught Fourteen on Bull Shoals. Fourteen can almost hear the soft Ed-Harris-voice teaching him. The philtrum, or small groove above your lips, has long been considered an erogenous zone. Fourteen stopped Anton’s business with one hand. The man’s eyes lifted to Fourteen’s face. Fourteen smiled down. He ran a very soft finger down the groove to meet Anton’s upper lip. He switched to his thumb, stroked the upper lip while his fingers curled around his own cock.

Anton shivered as his Top touched his face. Then Fourteen denied Anton his shaft. Fourteen stroked up Anton’s chest and his index finger pointed a command to rise. They were about the same height. Daniel will like that, Anton was sure. With Fourteen pushing him down back onto the bed, Anton did not want to admit how important it was to keep Daniel happy and distracted. What Anton had done in Chicago, Daniel could never know.

Anton was generous, Fourteen decided. Perhaps a mutual fuck would happen, but Sophie warned Fourteen of Anton’s preference. “You’ll cum for me.” He told the man who might carry him away. Anton nodded compliance. Fourteen let the long shaft slip down his throat. He pulled off again. “Then I will make you cum again.” Anton shivered beneath the threat-promise.

Audition indeed, Fourteen is charged by the memory of his first foray into domination. Flip the coin and let Daniel, riding Surocco’s bow beside him, fuck Fourteen into submission. Fourteen’s urges are plastic that way. With a container ship off the port bow, Daniel is welcome to strip Fourteen on the deck. Daniel can haul his keel right across Fourteen. Daniel can sink his ship with a torpedo. Fourteen lies on the Pilot’s berth cock aching as the men fuck beyond the bulkhead.

Fourteen sank Anton’s battleship. He edged the man as long as he could. He used every trick Levi Fisher taught him. When Anton was drenched with sweat and aching from an adolescent wrestle, Fourteen took his orgasm. Then Fourteen fucked the man. He fucked them all. Fourteen fucked as if his life depended on it. Fourteen orgasmed in a forgettable moment and made his cock keep thrusting in clever ways. The condom slithered across his hard flesh, lubricated by his first spill.

Fourteen pulled out and his cock wilted from the extra effort. Anton pushed up on the bed, but Fourteen pushed him firmly down. Stay where you are, his palm instructed. Anton twisted around a little to see what the young man planned to do. His partner had left the stateroom. Fourteen returned and smiled evil at Anton. The Twink’s cock was slick with his coated cum.

“We’re not done, my captain,” Fourteen wiggled Icicles No. 5 Sapphire in his fingers. Seven inches of spiral glass glittered in the stateroom.

“No,” Anton blurted out.

“Yes,” replied Dr-Evil-Jeremy. Anton Schroeder lay where he was, open-accepting for what his young master would do next. “Say hello to my little friend,” Pequeño Gallo crowed. A long time later, Anton orgasmed once again, as Fourteen promised.

Fourteen waited with his bag in Surocco’s salon while Anton showered. Fourteen was only the master on the bed. He understood that very well. Anton was the master of this ketch. Fourteen is wise enough to understand control has shifted back to the adult. That is clear from the appraising. Look Anton Schroeder lays on Fourteen when he joins him in the salon. There was no mention of what had happened in the stateroom. Fourteen bites his lip and waits. “No wages, just food, a berth, and free passage.” Fourteen expects no more. He gives a nod. “You”re a cabin boy, so to speak, until you”re a useful crew member. I’ll give you a passage to Porta Viarta at any rate. Daniel and I will decide after that. You can take the pilot’s berth here in the companionway.” Anton concludes.

“Thank you,” Fourteen answered. “I appreciate your taking me on. Can I get you anything?” Anton’s acceptance lifted one weight off Fourteen’s chest. Too many others remained. Just keep breathing, Fourteen told himself that first day.

On the forecabin of Surocco, bound for San Quintin, Baja, Fourteen sits beside Daniel Ayers. It is all so dazzling-different. The ketch, these new companions, life is taking him somewhere new.

Tall palms wrapped in white lights illuminate the expanse of boardwalk stretching to the railing. A father and two small girls in winter coats stand together close to where Fourteen dropped Anton and Daniel off. The sky is clear. The glow of the lost sun still lights the sky beyond two low hills. Surocco lies at anchor on the quiet bay, just beside the breakwater. The couple talk quietly as they watch Fourteen and the dingy return to the ketch.

Anton waits until the shadowed form moves from the small boat to his deck. The hand units easily have this range. He lifts the radio. “Did you tie it off well?”

“Just like you showed me.” Fourteen’s voice replies.

“He has a lot to learn. Start showing him the ropes.” Anton orders Daniel. His partner is silent. Anton knows something is on his mind. The couple walk past the broaching statue of a shark, or tuna, Some indeterminate artist’s clumsy concoction, Anton tells himself. The boardwalk ends at the restaurant garden below the lit palms. Poseidon with grotesque muscles, flanked by dolphins either welcomes them, or çeşme escort warns them off. Discarded anchors lean against the jumble of volcanic rock like votive offerings.

The restaurant is all window on the bay. Anton picks a spot where he can see his boat. The San Quintin area is the first time he has stepped ashore since San Diego. Just two day’s sail to shake down Surocco, Anton admits. He dreams of uncounted tropical days cruising with Daniel. Anton needs the Lotus-Land forgetting with his lover. The young man he added to the voyage is silhouetted on the deck, facing East. The radio is by the salt and pepper shakers. Anton could talk to Fourteen again, hear his young respectful voice.

Anton settles for a seafood stuffed fillet. Daniel orders a fried steak with baked potato and mixed vegetables, something he could have ordered at a Perkins in Gary, Indiana. “Camarones Rellenos,” Daniel adds, “and another Corona.” Anton passes on an alcoholic drink and settles for mineral water.

Anton picked a chair with armrests. “Where shall I take you next?”

“San Rosaliita,” Daniel replies. “I thought we were going to check out the Golfo de california.”

“We can,” Anton answers agreeably. The second beer comes with Daniel’s Crab stuffed shrimp rolled in bacon. “Did you want to explore the peninsula?”

“Not now,” Daniel pops an appetizer in his mouth. He looks out to where Sorocco rides and Anton’s new distraction can be seen swinging off a stay. Just a slender black silhouette against the dying light. “He can’t be eighteen. No way is that boy legal, Anton.”

Squished together in Sorocco, Daniel kept his peace. Anton Invited him to dinner so Daniel could vent about his failure in Chicago. It is not the failed interviews bothering the twenty-four year old, it is the young man back on the ketch. Anton sips his mineral water.

“I’ve never shown you pictures of me at his age.” Lost beauty, memories of when he was fucking hot — not something to dwell upon, or tease a younger lover with. “Fourteen is like that.”

“Fourteen is more like it. I looked like that at fourteen.” Daniel replies.

“You looked like a young god, I’m sure. Fourteen and I looked like we were eleven. Sometimes it lingers, love.” Anton hopes the magic will linger about his body, keeping Daniel’s interest until love takes hold. Daniel’s filled shrimp look tasty. “Now dear, I was not so dazzled by his smile that I did not check him out. Sophie, you never met Sophie, she told me Fourteen had a bit of ugly business in San Diego. Annoyed the wrong sort; fell into the wrong company, perhaps?”

“There is nothing in his bag except a change of clothes, an iPod, some cash.” Daniel has been snooping. “Did you check it when he came, or were you distracted by that dildo?”

“Oh behave!” Anton smirks. Daniel knows him very well. A. Frown flickers across Anton’s face. Sorocco is a complex machine, a technological marvel. Within her fifty-two foot fibreglass hull there are myriad lockers to stow cargo. Anton thinks he has used them all. A complete search would be time consuming. What did it matter?? Anton trusts his judgement. “He has a passport. I would hardly let him crew without one. He has medical certificates, Darling; Gardasil even.”

“He seems like a good kid.” Daniel concedes. There is no question why the youth is on the ketch. Daniel hurt Anton by going to Chicago for the interviews. The youth named Kale or Fourteen is a consolation, or a lure. Between them, Anton hopes to make Daniel happy. Anton’s obvious smug satisfaction with the young enigma-prize, fresh casual dalliance, piques Daniel’s erotic interest. “What do you really know about him?”

“Well, there are no warrants out for his arrest.” Anton likes the joke so much, he reaches across to take a sip of Daniel’s Corona. “I checked.”

“Your people checked?”

“Not that deep, Darling.” Anton dismisses the idea. His mother would have ordered a full dossier on Kale Euler; as if she were short-listing him for employment. She thinks Anton too slap-dash, not trusting he has inherited her instincts. “He is a naive young man with stars in his eyes.”

“What do you mean?”

“He is from Northern Michigan, he tells me. Some fishing camp, lost in the woods. He wants to be a TV star. He knows he looks young, knows he can pass for a boy still. So he set out west to make his fortune. A passing friend distracted him.” Anton pauses dramatically at this, lets the significance sink in. “The ugly business in San Diego.”

Daniel nods, finishes the appetizer.

“He is lying, I think.” Anton looks wisely at his young lover. Well, we all lie sometimes, he concedes, thoughts on his phone calls to Chicago. “He travelled with an old doctor for a time. He has crewed before.”

“Learned the ropes, so to speak.”

“So to speak,” Anton echoes with a coy smile. He remembers Fourteen’s dildo and the way the young man controls a partner with a silent touch and a soft word. There is devilish knowing in those young hands. Fourteen learned to be ruthless in the bedroom. Anton dearly wants to share the match between his cabin boy and strong lover. What these two will do to me, Anton anticipates.

Their meals are served, so conversation shifts to practicalities and common interests. Neither have visited these shores, it is going to be a shared adventure.

The Surocco is on autopilot, but the busy coastal traffic keeps one of them in the cockpit at all times. Daniel slouches at the helm with his book. After El Rosario, Anton turned away from the coast. The bow pointed south to Isla de Cedros and the strait that would bring them to Bahia Tortugas. Fourteen and Anton are down in the V-berth. Constant inventory, vigilant inspections of the sailboat, and lessons in keeping it all going. Anton mentioned something about the bow thruster. Anton can deploy that from the helm, but everyone needs to know how to do this manually.

“I’m swept overboard, Daniel. The electrics fail because, I don’t know, so what will you do?” Anton answered seriously when Daniel challenged him. His lover was CEO of Surocco and kept his real estate companies successful by delegating to competence. Daniel learned to be competent.

Daniel watches the bow ride the waves and wonders if Anton is riding his young crewman on the bed. Despite the ball cap and the sunscreen Daniel slathers on the he’s-just-a-boy body, Fourteen has burned a blushing pink. “I’ll tan!” Fourteen assures them both. Anton leaves it to Daniel to sooth the boy’s skin. Fourteen purrs cat-like beneath Daniel’s palms. “I’ll do your back.” Fourteen offers and it is always sexual invitation. Fourteen is a free spirit.

It is hard to shake the gut-churning disappointment. Chicago seemed so promising. The initial interviews made it sound like either firm would snap Daniel up. “We are impressed, Daniel.” Not Mr. Ayers, but Daniel because they saw something in him that they liked. “We went another way. We wish you luck.” It was all so discouraging. Anton said they were all fools. Anton knew talent and understood Daniel’s potential. Daniel licked his wounds on Surocco.

“Pretty good, put the cover back on.” Anton sits back and enjoys the stretched-fabric view of Fourteen’s ass as his young crew secures the panel covering the bow thruster. They did not actually drop the shaft down below the keel. The ketch is making too much headway. Fourteen can practice when they are anchored. Lovely ass, Anton muses.

The sunburn is mild, burnt-orange highlights on the nut-brown perfection of the Twink. It will make the eighteen-year-old age all the quicker. Could he be as young as Daniel thinks? Anton’s young cousins are cynical know-it-alls. Intolerable Gen-Z slang, and boredom with anyone except Anton’s formidable mother. Just the way he twists on his knees to bring that kissable belly button around. Dark pits celebrating manhood; shaved chest and belly advertising youth. Anton remembers Fourteen naked with expectations. The young man – the passport proves it – understands Anton instinctively.

Fourteen recognizes the look in Anton’s eyes. Ignited hunger, Fourteen responds to the magnetic pull. Anton is slouched on the narrow bed, so Fourteen grabs a handhold on the rhythmic lift of the prow and confronts the man. The Master of Surocco has stepped out of the V-berth and a supplicant has taken his place. Fourteen rides the next pitch, bare shoulders tangerine from the sun, hands holding him steady. Anton asks permission with a lick of his lips. Fourteen gives it with the barest nod of his eyelids.

Oh, God! The magnanimous permission! Anton gratefully opens the young man’s pants. The dark tangles in Fourteen’s stretched armpits match the patch above his cock. Anton spreads the fly and eases the fabric off Fourteen’s hips as if he was unwrapping a birthday present. Fourteen will let him touch a smooth hip. Fourteen won’t mind if Anton slides a hand around for a handful of muscled flesh. Suck cock, Anton shivers. Make him hard, his mouth captures the dangling flesh. Anton anticipates the cock filling his mouth. There will be one reward or another. Fourteen won’t promise that. Anton understands reward or withholding is in his young master’s hand.

“Ahhhhh!” Very soft on the breath. Fourteen cannot help it. Anton pulled the response out of him. Fourteen supposes that is a small reward. The man’s mouth is brilliant. This worship is a new thing for Fourteen. Levi never wanted it. Fourteen offered it to (fucking) Cordell, but the memory only serves to make the bobcat more determined. He needs to cum down this man’s throat. The nibbling is going to make him ejaculate across the man’s lips. Just let it happen!

Fourteen pulls back, leaving Anton’s mouth groping. Punishing-reward, no feeding and no fucking. This is hard for a fifteen-year-old to master. Fourteen’s body protests at the denial. He tucks himself away, denying Anton his cock. Fourteen is still learning this new game. Levi made the coupling playful, this seriousness is hard on Fourteen’s young libido.

Shoulder pressure commands Anton to lie back. The man’s shorts come off with a callous tug, revealing a hard cock. Anton rises to Fourteen’s lips. Just a kiss and a promise of what young lips can offer tense testicles. Then Pequeño Gallo starts to edge the Master of Surocco. Anton responds to the touch, luxuriating in Fourteen’s expert touch. The young Twink knows Anton. Anton remembers Fourteen’s mouth enveloping his cock, taking his offering, so good!

After the second crest, Anton understands the evil in the young man’s heart. The reward is no reward today. “No!” Yes please! Anton whispers. It is a long passage across the open gulf to Bahia Tortugas. Fourteen thinks of Daniel at the helm. Fingers touching the fuzzy chest and hard-rock shoulders. Strong thighs that will squeeze a voluntary orgasm out of Fourteen’s cock like a popped zit. The short beard agonizing Fourteen’s cheeks (either set!). Fourteen could cum in his pants. He bites his lip, focuses on the soft man with the hard cock. Anton will be making noises soon. What was it Levi did to me?

The middle aged man’s cock is dripping like a teenage boy. Anton wants it, he really wants it. Fourteen places cim cif yapan escort a palm on Anton’s belly the way a chef might feel the steak to see if it is ready. Let it rest, he decides. He rewards Anton with soft caresses everywhere but his groin. A finger on-in his anus. “Okay,” Fourteen begins, dangerous to recall the Master of Surocco to the V-berth, but it adds to the sweet torture. “Tell me if I’m wrong.” Anton’s cock needs attention. He pinches the frenulum softly. “Stowage above the port side.” Fourteen begins listing off the contents of the cupboards over Anton’s head. So much everywhere on the ketch. He needs to know it all.

“Yes, right, yes,” Anton is strangled in his answers. Oh the evil of this boy; Daniel will have to punish Fourteen for this. The thought of that could take Anton to his orgasm. Later, later, think of it later! Anton scolds himself. Fourteen will tell him when he can cum. “Yes!” Perhaps because Fourteen’s memory is that good, or the Twink knows just how to dominate his flesh. Fourteen and Anton ride the waves together. Nobody is going to cum between El Rosario and Isla de Cedros. “No!” Because Fourteen forgot the spare flares or because he took his hands away once more.

Another night in Turtle Bay, another night listening to Anton and Daniel celebrating their honeymoon-affair. Fourteen can just imagine. Restless, he takes his imaginings onto Surocco”s deck and jacks off into the Baja night. The cockpit is too close to the cockfight on the stateroom bed. Fourteen lonely cock points him to the prow. He thinks he could dive into the bay’s cool waters and swim to the industrial beach, find one of the boys he has seen: just a thought.

Bahia Tortugas is one of only two spots to get diesel fuel on the 850-mile outer Baja coast. It has an expansive bay with a stunning backdrop of mauve and brown crenelated slopes. The desert mountains swoop down to sheer cliffs that drop right into the water in some spots. At other points, gradual beaches slope into the Pacific. On the bay, there are a multitude of sailboats and fishing boats.

On the northern end of the bay there”s a tiny village with a run-down pier, a little outdoor cafe, a few stores, and bakeries. Very few trees dot the community. Anton explains this town makes its living on lobster exports to Japan. He passes this on to Fourteen like an entrepreneur considering an investment. “Lobster and abalone are like eating chicken here.” Anton nods authoritatively.

“Okay, I’ve never heard of abalone.” Fourteen admits. “I think I could cook lobster.”

“Sea snails,” Anton is pleased to inform. This is one of his vanities. Anton knows things and needs others to know that. “I think we can let you off the hook this time.” They will top up the tanks and eat on shore.

The dock has been refurbished as a refueling station for fishing boats and yachts passing through. This is Fourteen’s first chance to step ashore. It frightens him a little. Anton’s ketch is security. Fourteen half expects-dreads being beached at one of these Baja ports. He asked for help escaping San Diego, Anton has accomplished that. A dozen white crested pelicans perch on a rusted dinghy moored to a faded orange boyee. White graffiti, perhaps the boat’s name is painted on its side: Enclano 2, Fourteen puzzles out.

A boy of twelve or thirteen in oversized red trunks that fall below his knees watches Fourteen. “Buena noches,” Fourteen tries. He glances back at the business of tending the sailboat. Anton and Daniel have a routine he is supposed to learn. He is in the way, so he steps closer to the boy. “Soy Jeremy.” They stand together on the sun bleached blue dock. Beyond the boy, men and boys congregate around an assortment of small boats pulled up onto the black, volcanic beach.

“Gael,” the boy supplies. “Where are you from?” He continues in Spanish.

Fourteen considers this question carefully. “San Diego,” he decides. The remote town’s shortcomings are visible but Fourteen notices brand new pickup trucks. Anton has warned his crew about narcos along the coast. Sophie told Anton a less fatal version of Fourteen’s encounter with Elvis Parker. Gael is not obviously the son of some drug smuggler.

On the other side of the bay is the open sea with long endless beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Fourteen studied the beaches as Surocco came in on its Diesel engine. “Can you dive off those cliffs?”

“Some places.” The boy answers. “Swimming and snorkeling are good in the bay. Pretty cold water, 16°c.”

“Bucear,” Fourteen doesn’t know that word. After learning Spanish in school and with Angela Montreal, Fourteen thought he was pretty good. Daniel is chattering away in fluent Spanish with the men at the fueling station. The boy’s conversation lapses with a smile.

“We’re ready to go, Fourteen.” Daniel calls out in English. Fourteen has been coached in this part. With a wave at his new acquaintance, he takes his place at the bow. It is Gael who tosses him the line. Then he has to retrieve the fenders as Anton moves them out into the bay. He can hear Daniel talking with Anton. “We can rent ATV’s here. The locals say there’s some awesome endless hills, dunes and dirt roads.”

“When we round the peninsula and are into the Gulf of California; north of La Paz.” Anton replies. “Take the kid back into town and see what Turtle Bay offers. He needs a swimsuit, shorts at least.”

“Ha, ha, ha! I don’t think we are going to find what you want in Bahia Tortugas.” Daniel eyes the slim boy wandering about the deck. Fourteen is systematically touching parts of the sailboat. Daniel knows Fourteen is reviewing the names. Anton will not be satisfied until his young crew member can deconstruct the entire sailboat and its contents.

They walked the town together, glad for a chance to stretch their legs. “So much,” Fourteen waved at the world.

“There is nothing much in this place.” Daniel smiled deprecatingly. This ingenuous excitement made him feel old. Fourteen was something of a puppy, wagging and sniffing about. Bahia Tortugas was no paradise.

“You know it”s there, people on people everywhere, doing their thing. Instagram landscapes from vacations. You know, you don’t know. I was not woke to this before.”

“What?” Daniel asked. If there were stores, they would need transport to reach them. Daniel figured Anton wanted the boy in something clever. Shopping would have to wait for the tourist stops.

“The world!” Fourteen caught Daniel’s shoulder, “Someone else’s home town. Someone else’s space.”

“Is that why you decided to head west, see the world?”

The answer came easily. “L.A. or New York, that was what I figured. Hollywood where I could land a role as an extra.” Fourteen shrugs confidently. He tries to look conceited beside the strapping hunk beside him.

“Till you were discovered.”

“Till I was discovered.” Fourteen agrees. “I don’t know, didn’t work out the way I thought it would.”

“No other plans?”

Somewhere in the distant after, Jeremy Gates’ parents have it all worked out. University was as inevitable as needing to shave. Four years or more of that, but Jeremy Gates never worried beyond Sophomore year at Chillicothe High School. Three years making the grades and finding a boyfriend was enough to fill his mind. “Not really,” Fourteen decides on a safe answer. “Just acting.”

“I’m guessing you dropped out of school.” Daniel considers-probes.

“Why do you say that?” Fourteen found a shop that sold dark glasses. He started trying on shades.

“You’ve been on the road west since when?”

“August.” Fourteen likes the D-Frames with a heavy frame. “What do you think?” He asks Daniel.

“So, you skipped your senior year.”

I might have been geek-smart, Fourteen counters. Complications, gotta keep it simple. “I can pick it up.” The bills to pay for the sunglasses are up against Makayla’s iPod. “I need wifi.” He suggests. “How do you say, I need wifi, in Spanish?”

“A diploma is basic. You are hooched without one. Do you have a learning disability?” Daniel thought the youth was quick. “I can share my HotSpot. Anton did not tell you about the internet on board? It sucks, but you can message.”

“School’s for later.” Fourteen pulls out the iPod. Daniel can stow the before expectations. Fourteen resents the inquisition. Patrick and John made it what it was when they snatched him off the street in Chillicothe. After a wild week with them, it was four months with Levi in the Luxor Winnebago. Two months at the petrified Pueblo. Talk stopped while Daniel and Fourteen tethered their devices. “Thanks,” he finally said when a bold faced email dropped into his inbox. Fourteen did not have the courage to look at it.

“Your agent?” Daniel teased. They continued walking through the town.

Fourteen was glad for the new dark glasses and the ball cap shading his face. “Funny,” He breezed. “I should pick up some greens. Maybe Anton would like lobster, or those snails.”

A glossy truck went by and a boy’s voice called out. That led to conversation on the street. Gael’s family offered an invitation to join them for dinner in their house. Fourteen let Daniel make decisions. He was torn between the fun of exploration and anxiety about being beached in Mexico. He did not think the men would strand him, but there was little reason to trust them after his long journey.

Fourteen gravitated to the kitchen to watch the preparation. They were served lobster and huge flour tortillas. Anton stayed on the ketch, so Gael’s mother generously packed something to take back. The familiarity of family blackened Fourteen’s mood. Gael, like Keon, like Jeremy Gates, so easy with his parents. Fourteen’s parents dropped everything to sprint to San Diego. Fourteen blew them off with cold lies. Fourteen did not want to think about that.

He distracted himself by flirting with Daniel. Everyone laughed at Fourteen’s Spanish, but Bahia Tortugas at night with Daniel, it was a little of the magic (fucking) Cordell had promised. The new truck was thanks to a successful fishing cooperative, not the drug trade. He pushed his anxious parents from his mind. There was nothing he could do about it now. He killed a man. He had to run. Daniel touched his ass as they walked back to the Zodiac. Very promising, Fourteen concluded.

Daniel is servicing Anton in the master berth. It is too easy to know exactly how that goes after three nights listening to the men. Men crowd in around Fourteen on ketch’s bow. Six pairs of memory-hands caressing his flanks, whispers, growls and grunts urging Fourteen to let go. Two men in the stern and so it is two on the bow. John and Elvis, dangerous hateful weights pressing him down, owning Fourteen’s soul. It is an adrenaline rush.

Fourteen watches his spunk fly over the guardrail and down to the turtles swimming in the bay. This passage south is what Fourteen needs. Fourteen tells himself that. He fingers his spent cock and thinks about the message on his iPod. Sophie  emailed him from San Diego. The spent cock is not enough. He needs Daniel to fuck the guilt out of him.

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