Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 04

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Picture in your mind the perfect way to wake up.

For each of us, it’s different. Some people would like to watch the sun rise in the solitude and serene mountain air of the Grand Tetons. Others want to hear waves crashing on the shore.

One of my favourites is to come out of that sleepy haze with a warm, wet sensation of someone’s lips or pussy wrapped around my morning wood. Yet even that took second place to the Monday morning I woke up in bed with my five best friends.

We were a tangle of bodies, Melinda lay on her side; I was spooned up behind her. Leah’s body pressed against mine, her head nestled in the nape of my neck. Katie, Mimi and Geoff were on the other side of my blonde wife, their arms and legs intertwined.

Every part of me ached, and I was sure that the others were all worse for wear. All six of us reeked of sex. As we fell asleep, our bodies had been drenched in sweat and cum. My skin was clammy and stuck to my lovers.

And I wouldn’t have traded that feeling for anything in the world.

I lost myself to that blissful feeling, holding my wives in my arms. Cuddling with my soulmates. Wanting nothing. Content. Happy.

When Melinda stirred, I kissed her in the crook of her neck. She smiled as she emerged from her sleep. Turning her head, she kissed me, her lips tasting of pussy. And cum. And love.

The two of us carefully extracted ourselves from the intertwined bodies on the bed and stumbled into the bathroom. I shut the door, just as the morning’s first rays began to shine through from behind the curtains. Melinda took her turn on the toilet while I started the large stand-up shower.

By the time I was done with my business, both heads were going, as were the body jets.

Neither of us spoke. Instead, we simply held one another as the water cascaded over our bodies. Our lips met in a loving kiss.

In that moment, the world consisted of me and my lovely wife. Her skin felt so soft against me. Her touch so gentle.

Our wives. Our children. Our friends. Everything else fell by the wayside. I gazed into her bright, blue eyes and lost myself to her.

Years ago, I took a vow in front of God and everyone I loved dearly that nothing would ever come between us. And through all the ups and downs of our lives, I’d like to think I have renewed that vow every day. Sure we share our love with two other women, but still, nothing separates us from the feelings we’ve shared since our first kiss all those years ago.

Her hands ran through my hair and down my back. Her touch was electric. No, I wasn’t aroused. After all of the last night’s fucking, I don’t think Mr. Happy was going to be getting up any time soon. After all, I wasn’t twenty-one anymore, and as the girls take much delight in reminding me, they’re just heading into their sexual peaks, while I passed my prime about a decade ago.

Morning time is our favourite time to be together. It always has been. There’s just something magical about starting your day in the arms of someone you love. Some days we make love long and slow. Other days—like this day—we simply hold one another. She tells me how much she loves me. I promise that I will never let her go.

Though our bodies were weary, we summoned the strength to wash each other, knowing that our children would be waking soon, as would our wives and our guests. Still, it was nice to share this moment together. That quiet, still moment of peace and calm. The one just before daybreak that enables you to face the day with a smile on your face and love in your heart.


“So what’s up today?” Mimi asked. The kids were sitting at the table, breakfast on their plates. Leah was still in bed; Geoff was in the shower. Katie and Melinda were manning the griddle, whipping up stacks of hotcakes, bacon and eggs. I filled cups with juice and milk, making sure each of the six children was eating.

“You tell me,” I replied. “You’re the ones who wanted to stay a couple of extra days.”

“We could go to the park, Daddy,” Bryan said, his mouth stuffed with pancakes.

“Yes, we could,” I laughed. He smiled, very proud of himself.

“I need to go down to school for a little while. I forgot about a department meeting we’re having at eleven.” Even though the primary schools had just gotten out, the university was in the middle of one of its summer sessions, and Melinda’s duties as department chair necessitated her being available more than some of the other professors. “Why don’t you guys come down to campus? We can get something to eat and let the kids play outside.”

“That’s a great idea,” Mimi said.

“It sure is,” I quickly agreed. “It’s going to be a nice halter-top day, too.”

All three women rolled their eyes at me. I just laughed.

After everyone was fed and dressed, the twelve of us piled into two cars and drove down to the university. Melinda went to her meeting while the rest of us took a leisurely stroll around the campus. It was warm, but not hot. Not too humid. I Anadolu Yakası escort think the late spring/early summer time is the reason why I love North Carolina.

Geoff and I did our share of ogling the college girls who were out in force and enjoying one of those perfect Carolina days. Although the campus was less crowded than in the Fall or Spring semesters, there were still enough kids around to make it worth our while.

We caught a quick lunch in one of the dining halls, which is quite a trick with six kids, four of them being under three years old. Then it was back home for another lazy afternoon. Even after the whole weekend together, the children seemed to be getting along fine. There was no little kid drama; it helped that they could pair off so no one felt excluded.

The little ones nodded off in the car on the way home for their afternoon nap. We carried them inside and up to their beds. Geoff and Mimi cuddled up on the downstairs couch as Kaylee and Tiffany started up a game of Mario Kart.

“We need to talk,” Leah whispered in my ear, her teeth nibbling on the lobe. I looked around and saw that my other two wives had disappeared. Steeling a glance over at our guests, I saw Mimi’s eyes were closed. Geoff’s were glazed over. I guess we had worn them out, too.

I followed my wife up the steps to our bedroom. Katie and Melinda were sitting on the bed.

Immediately, I knew something was up.

The last time the girls had conspired like this without me, we ended up making four babies. I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

For the record, I know who runs my household. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not me. To their credit, the girls do a good job of making me think that a lot of the things that go on are my idea or that I have some input. I have no illusions about how things go, and in terms of the day to day operations or when a project comes up, I run the show, but in reality, they’re in charge.

If there’s a guy out there who says he’s the true head of his household, he’s lying.

You know what they say: If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

That’s our house. Only there are three Mamas I’ve got to keep happy.

“Sit down.” Melinda patted the bed next to her. I climbed over my wife as Katie snuggled up to my other shoulder. Leah sat down. All three girls shared a predatory smile.

“What’s up?” I asked.

The girls paused for a moment. As she usually does, Melinda spoke for the trio.

“Beloved, you know how much we love you, right?” she began. That’s always a bad sign when they start that way. “Well . . . We’ve been talking . . . And we want to make our arrangements with Geoff and Mimi a little more . . . permanent.”

My eyes got wide.

“We like them,” she continued. “We really like them. And they like us, too.”

“Do they know about this?”

“Mimi does, Tiger,” Katie purred. “Geoff . . . well, he’ll go along with it because Mimi will tell him to.”

“You’ve been planning this from the beginning.” That wasn’t really a question.

“We wanted to see how this weekend was going to go first,” Leah said diplomatically. The girls all exchanged a glance. “Remember when we first started talking about this . . . you know, bringing in another couple? Well, we thought Mimi and Geoff would be perfect since you don’t go for some of the things they do.”

“You mean some of the things Geoff does,” I interrupted.

“Um, yeah,” Leah blushed.

Katie slipped her hand into mine. “We love you, but over the past couple of days . . . we’ve had some wild times with Geoff . . . and we don’t want to stop. At least not right now. Maybe the novelty will wear off . . .”

I snorted.

“It might,” my redheaded wife said sheepishly.

“We talked to Mimi and Geoff separately and together,” Melinda brought us back on track. “They’re on board. Our original deal was for one weekend. Which we extended a couple of extra days but will end on Wednesday morning when they leave. We want a running extra-marital relationship with both of them. No other partners for them or for us. And no jealousy.”

Leave it to my wives to have already planned this out. Who was I to argue?

“You must really like making Geoff your bitch,” I said. The four of us already knew what my answer was going to be.

“We do,” Katie smiled. “My love, the decision is yours. If you say ‘no’, we’ll be fine with that. We just want them for the sex. Nothing more.”

“And if I say ‘yes’?”

“Then you get to bang Yesmine Williamson whenever you want,” Leah purred.

“But what if I want to watch you bang Yesmine Williamson?”

“We’ll do anything for you; you know that. Hell, we’ll even let you fuck Geoff if that will make your day,” Melinda said and the four of us laughed.

I pulled the three of them close. Not sexually, just to feel my wives near me. I took a deep breath before continuing.

“I just don’t want this to break us up,” I said softly. “Remember what happened Anadolu Yakası escort bayan when an innocent, little redheaded girl was seduced by a hot sexy brunette, a blonde with big tits and the luckiest SOB in the world? She and her boyfriend broke up and could never go back to being friends. I don’t want us to end up like Katie and Carl.”

The girls all drew in a sharp breath, like I had slapped them. Leah’s eyes darkened with a tinge of anger. Katie’s face became sad. Melinda bit back a stinging reply. My invocation of Katie’s psycho stalker ex-boyfriend was deliberate. I wanted everyone to fully understand what we might be getting in to.

No one spoke for a long moment. I wondered if I had pushed things too far.

“We won’t,” Katie whispered, her voice laced with regret.

“How do you know that?” I pressed.

“We’re not the same people we were eleven years ago.”

“I know that, sweetheart,” I said gently. “Listen, I’m not one to be complaining, but I’ve spent the last decade living every guy’s wet dream. I’m married to the three most beautiful women in the world. We share everything, but we work because we’re willing to talk things out and make a go of even the worst days. We’ve got four kids and four more on the way. We can’t afford to screw this up.”

An awkward silence fell over our foursome. This was the moment I feared from the first mention of inviting another couple into our bed.

Would it break us?

“We talked about this when we got back from Georgia,” Melinda began. “We knew this would come up. Is it a problem? How do you feel watching us with another guy? Or with Mimi?”

Apparently the girls were united on this. Or at least they had hashed out their differences in advance.

“Truthfully? At first I wasn’t that thrilled,” I admitted. “It’s hard watching the three loves of my life having sex with another man. But then I remember that I have three loves. I was jealous watching the three of you plus Yesmine suck Geoff off . . . Wait, I’m not done . . . A part of me gets a little thrill watching you with him. Because I know you’re going to come back to me. I know you don’t love him. And I appreciate that he’s willing to let you do all the things I won’t let you do to me.”

I took a deep breath before continuing.

“More than anything, I want you to be happy. All three of you.” Reaching out, I squeezed their hands. “If Geoff and Mimi weren’t two of our best friends, I would have stopped this at the beginning. But I know that we’re strong enough to weather any of the little storms because we’re all in this together.”

We all shared a knowing smile. Everything was going to be all right.

“Plus you’re getting to bone the hottest girl in our class,” Leah snickered. The other girls started to laugh. I pounced on my wife.

“I’ve been boning the hottest girl in our class just about every day since we got back from Disney World,” I took her in my arms. We shared a deep kiss.

Two more bodies pressed against me. I felt lips on my mouth and behind my ears. Our clothes somehow vanished. The four of us fell into a familiar rhythm. We ended up in a tangle, our love enduring, our bond strengthened.

I guess now I had a girlfriend in addition to my three wives.


“You look very handsome,” Melinda straightened my collar. I fidgeted uncomfortably. Who the hell thought hanging something around your neck was indicative of dressing up? If I find out, I’m going to throttle the bastard. With a goddam necktie.

The girls were still dressed casually. The kids were down in the basement playing. While the four of us were napping and making love, Mimi had disappeared. Well not actually disappeared, but she had taken off in Leah’s new hybrid Lexus sedan. It seemed that my five partners in crime had cooked up this evening’s plans without me.

Somehow I found myself all dressed up with a dinner date. Geoff, Melinda, Leah and Katie were staying behind to watch the kids.

“Tiffany and Jeremy are used to Mommy having to go out with clients for dinner,” Geoff waved off my concerns.

“And we’ll tell the kids that you’re going out with some of your computer geek friends,” Katie added.

“Not dressed up like this,” I pointed out.

“Just go,” Leah rolled her eyes. “They’ll forget all about you when we get out the new lightsaber attachments for the Wii controllers.”

“When did you get those, and why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, only half-joking. I hate it when the girls hide new toys from me. Interpret that anyway you want. I checked my watch. “What time do I have to be back?”

“No earlier than ten tomorrow morning,” Melinda pushed a handful of numbered envelopes and the GPS into my hands. She kissed me behind the ear. “Open the first one when you get there. Now go fuck her brains out.”

I managed to grab a handful of her wondrous backside. “Don’t have too much fun without me.”

“We won’t,” she giggled. “But we’ll make a video so escort bayan you can watch us raping Geoff. . . . Remember, we love you.”

“I love you, too,” I whispered. With that, I snuck out the back door and into the garage. I got in the one working car that didn’t have a child seat in it: my Corvette.

The top was down (of course) and I pulled out of the driveway to enjoy a nice early summer day. It was right before the evening rush hour and traffic wasn’t too bad. The GPS led me to a set of coordinates Melinda had programmed in.

As soon as “Gabby” (the Garmin) told me to get off the interstate, I knew where the girls were sending me. Following the roads up the mountain, I made my way to Asheville’s historic Grove Park Inn. It’s one of those places that’s featured on shows like “America’s Castles” and was built in 1913 as a resort for rich people who wanted to get away from the summer heat to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Over the years, they’ve expanded the property and added wings and most recently a 40,000 square foot spa. If you’re ever up our way, drop by and visit, even if you just want to look around. It’s worth it, trust me. It still caters to people with upscale tastes. Every now and then, we stop in for the Sunday brunch, but we’ve never stayed overnight.

I pulled off to the side and opened the first of the envelopes.

Drop your car off with the valet then go in to the lobby.

Dutifully, I followed Melinda’s mysterious instructions. The next envelope told me to have a drink at the bar. The third envelope had a magnetic strip key in it. The room number was written on the outside of the envelope.

The attendant at the front desk directed me to the newest of the renovated “club floor” rooms. They were set up as suites and spared no expense. I got off the elevator and went down the hall to the last room on the left.

At first, I thought to just walk in, but instead I knocked. My heart pounded for a couple of long moments, then the door opened.

My jaw dropped. Yesmine stood there in her full, beautiful glory.

Her hair was pulled back. Evidently she had spent some time at the new spa getting done up for tonight. She hardly needed any make-up to highlight her exotic, angular features. A slinky “little black dress” highlighted her considerable curves but left enough to the imagination to be considered elegant instead of slutty.

Like my wives, Mimi never tries to dress like she is still twenty-three. We’re all in our early thirties, and while that hardly qualifies us as “old”, we’re parents and not young college-age kids anymore. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m liking women in the “MILF” age bracket now and Yesmine Meadows was fully in my crosshairs. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll ogle a twenty-one year-old co-ed just like the next guy. But there’s just something alluring about a woman who’s more . . . experienced.

I’d like to think that we’ve all aged gracefully. Sure there are streaks of grey in my hair. I’m sporting a few extra pounds. The girls have a few more lines around their eyes than they’d like. We have to eat less and work out more to keep the Wii Fit from plumping up our avatars. Yet, I wouldn’t go back to the drama that filled our lives when we were twenty or twenty-one for anything.

Instead I stood there like an idiot unable to speak. My eyes gravitated to the generous amount—but not too much—of cleavage that Mimi was putting on display.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Um, hey,” I grinned sheepishly, realising I had been busted for staring at her tits. Can you blame me? “Ready for dinner?”

“I am,” she didn’t invite me in. Instead, she retrieved her purse and shawl from the table that sat next to the door. Her hand slipped into the crook of my arm as I checked the last envelope.

You two have reservations at Horizons on the main level. Everything else will be taken care of tonight. Enjoy yourselves. We love you.

Mimi blushed as she read the card along with me. The two of us walked in silence down to lobby level. There was an odd tension in the air.

It’s hard to explain, but it was sort of like the first date anticipation you have the first time you go out with someone. Of course, this wasn’t the first time we had gone out. Back in high school, she was my date to see R.E.M. when they were touring to support their “Out of Time” album, and we went to see Jimmy Buffett about a month before graduation.

Still, there was no expectation then. Not from her and not from me. We were simply friends. Not like Leah and I were friends; there was never any sort of sexual tension between us or deep undercurrent of unrequited love. We were just two kids who had known each other since third grade and wanted a date for a couple of concerts. After the shows, we went back to school and our lives went on.

Now . . . now, things were different. On top of being lovers now, we were going to have an ongoing relationship. At least that was the impression my wives had left with me. Maybe I shouldn’t count my eggs before they hatch.

I gave my name to the hostess and she immediately seated us at the best table in the house. It was near the big bay windows that looked out on the rest of the resort. On the other side of the golf course, the view of the sun setting over the mountains was breathtaking.

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