Four Kinds of Service Ch. 02

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You’re probably going to want to read Chapter 1 to understand the setup. Now, finally, some sex in this one. For her anyway 🙂


As she sat in bed sipping her coffee and eating her croissant, I struggled with the cock ring, tugging it off over my balls, loosening my hard on from the grasp of the ring. I sighed when it was off and she giggled. “Tight?” She asked.

“Yes it was tight.”

“Good” she said, taking a slug of her coffee, then setting her cup down on the bedside table. She rolled over and took my cock in her mouth—her mouth was hot from the coffee, and I moaned loudly. “Oh… fuck…” I managed.

She knows just how to drive me crazy with her mouth. But I wasn’t expecting the heat of her coffee-warm mouth. It was incredible. Slow gentle pressure, then firm, then gentle again. I was building to the point of no return when she stopped all motion, held my cock almost tenderly between her lips, and slowly withdrew.

She had been leaning over my body, and now she rolled away, sitting back, propped up again on her throne of pillows. “Hand me my toy bag,” she said, pointing to the bag on the floor, “and I’ll tell you about the second kind of service.”

She could have gotten the bag herself—it was on her side of the bed—but I didn’t complain. Instead, I reached across her and handed it to her. As she took it from me, she said, “The second kind of service is nipple-clamp service.”

She produced a pair of nipple clamps, silver colored, with a chain attaching them. “Lie down on your back now, Nick. I’m going to put these on you.”

I did as I was told, lying down, my head at the foot of the bed, naked, Maltepe Escort on top of the covers. My cock was rock hard, and my breath was ragged. I’d never had clips on me, and I was excited and scared. Kate could see it in my face—she gave me the tiniest smile of acknowledgment, holding my eyes to stretch out the moment. She nodded and I nodded back. Then she took a sip of her coffee and put it down on the nightstand, then put her hot mouth, so hot, on my nipple and sucked. The feeling shot through me—I felt it in my balls—and I moaned. She pulled her mouth away, pinched my nipple with one hand, and clamped it down hard with the clamp. Ok, whatever I thought was intense before, this was ten times that. I was overloading, but she didn’t stop. She continued, calmly, climbing over me to kneel on the other side of my body, and repeating the procedure. When she was done—both of my nipples screaming under the clamps—she straddled my hips. Her robe was tucked under her, and my cock, aching for her, felt only the weight of her body and the touch of the robe.

“The second kind of service, Nicky, is nipple-clamp service,” she repeated, looking me in the eye. “Nipple-clamp service is like cock ring service. It can only last 30 minutes before I have to take the clamps off of you, so we will only use it when I have an urgent need.”

“I’m feeling an urgent need right now,” I said.

“Shhhh, Nicky. This is about your service, not about your needs.”

I was quiet. I suddenly felt selfish, even as I felt hornier than I can recall feeling in a long time. I looked up at her face and felt such tenderness for her. Wonder at the journey we were Anadolu Yakası Escort on. A woman who could make me feel this way—and all I could think of was myself.

“Now, nipple-clamp service isn’t exactly like cock-ring service,” she continued, “because nipple clamps are very visible under clothes, so I can’t really send you out for coffee like that. And nipple clamps fall off, so they’re best when your service can be done with just a little motion, perhaps on your back.”

She stood up on the bed and slipped off her robe, standing naked in the morning light. She was breathtaking. I was hopeful she would settle back down on my cock and fuck me like that. She stood for a moment longer, letting me admire her, before sitting down, knees on either side of me, but settling not on my hips, not on my cock, but on my belly.

She reached down and pulled gently on the chain connecting the clips. I gasped. “The other thing about nipple-clamp service, Nicky,” she said, “is that it’s painful. That’s the point. It is going to hurt you. You will serve me, and you will think about pain while you do. You’ll think about the pain that lovers cause one another.”

Fuck, it did hurt. She tugged again and I gasped again. “I have an urgent need now Nicky. I need to come,” she said. “Make me come now Nicky.”

She lifted her hips and moved up my body, bringing her pussy to my mouth. She set herself down on my mouth, and I kissed her pussy, intent on her pleasure. I had the feeling that my cock had been abandoned—rock hard, but so far away. I took her ass in my hands so I could move her closer to me, and I licked her, gently at first, warming İstanbul Escort her up, remembering her coffee-hot mouth on my cock, my nipples, trying to equal the pleasure she had given me. I found her clit with my tongue and that made her gasp. I kneaded her ass with my hands and pressed her tight to my mouth. She began to grind against me, her hands behind her on the bed, levering herself harder and harder against my mouth. As she pressed down on me, it became less and less about my actions, more and more about hers. I made my mouth and tongue soft for her, and she used them, used my face. She rubbed back and forth against my face, my lips, my tongue, faster and harder and faster until, with a gasp, she came, crying out and falling backwards, collapsing on top of me, her pussy still in my face, her knees on either side of my head. I nibbled her tenderly, pressed my tongue against her and felt the aftershocks, until she, with great effort, rolled off me.

She turned around to lie next to me, put her leg over mine, and kissed my cheek. Then her hand found the chain between the clamps and she tugged gently. “It’s a good thing you’re so good at that Nicky,” she said, tugging, over and over, making me gasp with each pull, the feeling shooting straight to my poor abandoned hard on. I wondered if the rhythm of it would make me come. Then suddenly, she stopped. “I think nipple-clamp service is over for now,” she said, and quickly un-snapped the clips from my tender chest, making me gasp once again at the pain flooding my suddenly released nipples.

She frankly bounced out of bed then, energized. “Let’s take a shower, Nick and head out,” she said. “The day is too nice for us to spend it all cooped up in here.”

My throbbing cock filled me with other thoughts, and I groaned and lay back for a moment. But I held out my hopes for a quickie in the shower, and, ever optimistic, followed her naked ass from the bedroom and into the shower.

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