Forward: A Quiet Beginning

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It was a minor mutation, like so many that happen every day. The protein without nucleic acid reproduced itself in a slightly different form. A prion was formed. It found a niche in the young steer’s nervous system and began to migrate to the brain. Once in this perfect environment, it began to influence other proteins and replicate. It sent clones to find the animal’s reproductive organs, but they failed. The steer began to show subtle signs of the invasion within a few weeks as brain structures completed morphosis. Some areas of the brain were stimulated to promote heightened sexual arousal. Other brain areas focused the steer on nearby animals that seemed to have a bond in its’ primitive memory. It found itself yearning for company with only certain members of the herd. More often than not, it had an urge to mount, and relieve its gelded penis, which seemed to be engorged most of the time. The new prions would normally never get beyond a single host. When they were sent to market, USDA regulations ensured the separation of brain and spinal materials from the beef processed for human consumption. So the prions would be gone and innumerable permutations would make duplication of this particular mutation very unlikely.

The foreman of the small ranch off Norton Pass Road was ready to load the cattle into the trailer to transport them to the slaughterhouse in Oakton. As was his habit, he was going to cut one out before all had funneled up the loading chute. The frisky steer caught his eye. Recently, he had noticed it was full of energy. He decided to pull it aside and dress it out for his family. Since it was so frisky, it may thrash about in the trailer and injure the Bycasino other steers. Better to take it and put a bullet in its’ brain. He would freeze a quarter and give another quarter to each of his daughters. The fourth he would sell to an acquaintance who was planning a big BBQ. Just as he fired the rifle, the steer’s head jerked and the shot proved not to be immediately fatal. The steer ran for a hundred yards before falling and the second shot was clean, finishing the task. Unfortunately, brain fluid mixed with the blood supply and coursed throughout the animal’s body and carried with it, millions of prions.

Mark Long loaded the meat into the back of his truck, iced it down and headed to Bayton. He was glad his friend sold him the fresh beef at such a low price. Prime free-range beef was excellent for BBQ. His brother-in-law, Alex Newton, was planning a huge get together for family and was delighted when Mark offered to provide all the meat. Alex and Eileen had invited over fifty people to the party. All of Alex’s family, Eileen’s, as well as Mark’s immediate family was going to be there too. Margie was Alex’s sister. She and her second husband, Dick, were flying in with Margie’s daughter, Beth, from South Carolina. Margie’s other child, Branson, was coming down from Washington. Eileen’s parents and siblings would be there as usual. Alex’s first wife, Marne, accompanied their two children, Bob and Christy, to California, but stayed away from the house in Bayton. Even Don and Nanette Milner were going to make the trek from Sacramento. They were old friends with Alex’s mother, Carrie, as well as godparents to his youngest sister, Jane Long.

So the Bycasino giriş party began. Lots of beer washed down chips and dip. Mark and Alex grilled the beef and sent platters of rare meat into the house as everyone ate in shifts. As afternoon gave way to evening, some people left and more arrived. Each departing guest left with foil wrapped food to take to friends and relatives who did not have a chance to go to the BBQ.

The prions awoke in the stomachs of the diners, revitalized after a dormant period. The meat was not heated enough to affect them. The mutated proteins began to travel. Some settled in the prefrontal lobe, where they stimulated the desire to be with familiar friends and family. Primordial areas of the brain that signaled early humans to bond only with those well know were reactivated. Frontal lobe patterns of inhibitions and societal mores were disrupted. Other prions moved to the limbic lobes, and began to increase geometrically. The parts of the lobes that triggered anger were walled off, to dampen the influence of that emotion. Sections of the limbic lobes that were receptor of sexual desire were slowly accelerated. Finally, the prions moved to the sperm producing glands of the male hosts. There they made the necessary changes in the proteins to create a reservoir of survival. Unlike other mutations that eventually incapacitated the hosts, this strain of prions created a symbiotic relationship that changed the hosts enough to propagate, without endangering the humans that served as their homes.

Two weeks after the BBQ, the changes started to manifest in the party participants. With loved ones, fewer arguments and more tender Bycasino deneme bonusu touches were the first signs. Those who stayed in the area began to see each other more often; just checking in gave a sense of contentment and well-being. Those who returned to distant homes began to feel a sense of longing. Bob noticed how pretty his sister looked in the afternoon light and suggested they go have a beer at the local watering hole.

After a few drinks, they started finding everything the other person said to be witty and they laughed into the night. Christy decided to get silly and slipped into the restroom and remove her bra. When she came out, Bob smiled and winked at her. She grabbed his goatee and gave it a tug. “Keep you eyes to the north, boy.” She said as she put her arm around him giving him a hug. He realized that he couldn’t stand up without revealing the rigid erection he had developed. So he sat and laid his head against her shoulder. Impulsively, he turned and gave her protruding nipple a love bite. When he looked up and met her eyes, he saw them sparkle a little. She nuzzled his head and said, “I love you, little brother. Lets have another beer. We need to talk.”

(Scene shift)

Don and Nanette had invited Carrie over to play cards. Since she couldn’t drive at night, she asked Alex for a ride. Neither he nor Eileen was available, but Eileen’s parents were visiting and they offered to take Carrie to the city. Joe Bryan asked if Carrie was going to bake her delicious apple pie, which made his wife laugh. As they got into the SUV to head down the freeway to Sacramento, Mary Bryan confessed that her husband had talked fondly of the pie since he tasted it at the BBQ last month. Carrie blushed and said it was Don’s favorite too. “Maybe I can keep both of you happy, tonight.” She said. All three laughed. Mrs. Bryan felt flush as an image popped into her mind. “Oh my, where did that come from?” she wondered…

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