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Forgot Anniversary extended versionWHACK WHACK WHACK, the wooden paddle made that noise as it hit my naked arse cheeks, which had started to feel hot after a couple. This was the last batch of 12 that my wife her mother and her aunt had decide was punishment for forgetting my wedding anniversary, We were all naked in the wet room, me hog tied, wrists short tied to ankles allowing some movement, my ball sack slip knotted with the rope stretched round my legs and knotted around my waist, any reaction to the slap of the paddle pulled the sack harder and squeezed the plums more. My mouth full of a red hard ball held in by leather straps not really stopping my groans and whimpers feeding the serious enjoyment the three horny bitches were having.Having administered the last of the whacks the wife used her beautiful red painted toed foot to push me over on to my side, The cool tiled floor not offering any real comfort but I could see the three of them now talking about what should happen next. The mother in law, still a handsome women in her early sixties, heavy hanging tits like her sister who was a few years older, flat tummy and a nice trimmed pubic area, reached over with her manicured foot and pushed me onto my back. The movement made me grunt as my ball sack was pulled and my plums felt as if I could lose them in my own arse hole. Concentrating on my own pain, I missed what the women were talking about and only heard the wife say, “Go for It”The mother in law walked over and she squatted over my face I could smell the excitement from her pussy making my cock stir, the lips were red and swollen and parted, her long fingers like my wife’s with red nails rubbing her clit and along her slit, suddenly a stream of hot piss hit my face, the bitch was using me as a toilet, the hot piss entered every possible hole, mouth nose eyes ears, a pair a hands held my head in place and the piss stream continued, when it stopped and I could open my eyes again, I could see the two cunts squatting over me the mother in laws moving away while the aunt(Madge) came over from the top, hers bald big cunt lips, smelled like a whores. The hard red ball removed from my mouth, and the stream of piss from Madge entered and made me gag, Stronger in taste the bahis firmaları old girls piss was like chardonnay compared to water. The bitch as she was finishing rubbed her cunt over my face leaving a mixture of piss and cunt juice over my face. My cock was stirring, the pull of the ball sack making anything other than a painful erection impossible. Madge lifted herself up and my wife’s cunt replaced it, like her mothers and aunt it smelt like she had cum and I could see cunt juice holding the lips together. The wife moved down and her arse came into view, her feet pushed against my arms which moved my legs and pulled my balls even further, I gasped and opened my mouth wide, her arse hole opened and a turd started to extract itself from my wife’s brown eye, hold his mouth open the wife said as 2 pairs of red nailed hands forced my mouth open, I couldn’t move the wife’s legs forcing the ball sack to be stretched the hands holding my head, the turd dropped into my mouth, the nutty favour hit my tongue, long fingers forced the turd into my mouth as the wife’s arse hole opened again and dropped a bigger turd into my mouth. The hands forced my mouth shut, I tried to split the turds out but couldn’t, the wife moved and the pain in my balls was back, my mouth was open again and another hot stream of piss filled my mouth washing some of the turd away but the rest was swallowed. The wife stood up and the pain in my ball sack stopped, I realised she had released the ropes holding them which allowed my cock to flop semi-erect against my belly, I splat the rest of the turd from my mouth while laid on the floor. Madge came over and poured a whiskey into my mouth, while the mother in law commented on my semi erect cock, to which my wife said, as she switched the shower on, oh that the 2 Viagra we gave him earlier so we can use him when he’s washed. Good she said, I could do with a fuck, I’m first “age before beauty”, pushing me against the cold tiled walls, the mother in law turned the shower on and stepped back. The water hit me cold and I tried to move away until it warmed up. Madge had other ideas and pushed me back into the stream of cold water. At last the temperature lifted and warmed me up. The three of them watched me wash the piss kaçak iddaa and shit off of me and I bent over to spit the contents of my mouth out several times, as I did so the mother in law spanked my arse with the flat of hand, the bloody Viagra working against my will, driven by the hand contact and the sight of three women, all related, waiting for me to clean up, making my cock hard and the bulbous head purple and shiny. Leaving the mother in law to watch perched on the toilet, the other 2 walked into the bedroom and filled there glasses with brandy, Madge lit a cigar and sat on of the chairs beckoning the wife over. The mother in law, said to me, make sure you flush your mouth again and clean that arse crack of yours properly, complying with the instructions, I finished cleaning up, and switched the shower off and reached for a towel, drying myself the mother in law reached over and grabbed my cock at the base and pulled me towards her. Her long red fingernails clasping my cock as she examined my hard on and then leaning forward licked the purple end before saying that will do and standing up with out letting go pulled me behind her into the bedroom.The smell in the bedroom was of cigar, brandy and cunt. Madge was sucking on one of the wifes tits while the wife was fingering Madges cunt. Madge removed her mouth from the tit and took a long drag on the cigar blowing smoke into the room, she gave the cigar to the wife who took a drag and added to the smoke circulating the ceiling. Handing the cigar back Madge, who flicked the ash from the end on the floor and blew on the lighted end making it glow bright red, Madge rolled the cigar in her fingers before moving it close to the wifes thigh and across her pussy mound and perfectly manicured landing strip of pubic hair, The wife moved slightly but could not move very far as Madges other hand held her in place. The red hot cigar tip brushing across the landing strip, and catching the longer hairs making them fiss and burn up. Madge made another pass and then withdrew the cigar pulling another drag before looking at the wife and blowing smoke at her cunt.I was now dry and my knob was still hard and starting to hurt, the foreskin pulled back my bollocks tight, the mother in law kaçak bahis laid down on the bed facing me her legs apart, her cunt moist as she ran fingers along her snatch down to the crease of her arse and back. Pinching her nipples she said. “Come to mommy and poke my pussy with that hard cock”. which brought a ripple of laughter from the relaxing pair watching the proceedings from the other side of the room. “Not your little boy mother” said the wife. “I never got the chance with my own, you always got to wank him off, so I think we are even” which brought another ripple of laughter from the gallery.I got on the bed, held my cock away from the vertical and pointed at the old cunt, leaning forward the purple head pushed apart the lips and I could feel the heat from the old cunt on the tip of my cock, leaning forward more on one hand I got an inch or so inside the extremely moist old cunt, as my cock pierced her cunt she arched her back and my cock sank another couple of inches into what was a very tight warm tube, her hands now on my back pulling me in until my balls slapped against the arse and my pelvic was rubbing hers. “Fuck the old girl hard” Madge added from the side.The mother in law released her hole slightly and I withdrew a few inches from her hot moist cunt and then starting pumping my cock in and out of her old tight cunt. The old girl bucked and met my thrust, holding the back of my neck she planted a kiss and stuck her tongue in my mouth, holding me we started to exchange breaths while her tongue explored my mouth. I could taste the brandy her pelvic bone grinding into mine making sure my cock was as far into her cunt as possible. That didn’t stop her juices from escaping and coving both of us in fluids as she rode my cock under me. Letting my neck go, I lifted up and she reached between us to rub her clit and bring back some juices on her fingers which she poked in my mouth, the taste of her cunt and sweat making me pump her cunt harder and her grunt “fuck me Fuck me FUCK ME” as my hands explored the old girls body pinching and kneading her tits, running a hand around her back and down to her arse, running a finger down her brown arse crack and feeling a puckered hole with a finger. The old girl bucked and met my thrusts until she could hold on no more and came with a final arched back with my cock deep inside her. Relaxing she let go of me allowing me to pull out, still hard from the Viagra and to ironic applause from the galley

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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