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I have been frequenting adult bookstores for many years for a quick blowjob through glory holes in the video arcade. Most bookstores no longer have glory holes and the booths don’t have doors. Usually you just go around a corner to face the video screen and sometimes there’s a mirror in the corner so the management can walk past and see if more than one person is in the booth.

I really don’t like this configuration because having the wall there and not being able to see who was actually sucking my cock allowed me to imagine it was the girl in the movie. I also don’t like having people lurking in the hall see that there was another guy in the booth with me. That and having to worry about getting caught in that situation by management or worse yet the cops.

Over all the years I’d been doing this I never even considered being on the giving end of a blowjob. I did however find myself paying a lot more attention to the cocks in the movies I watched. I actually found myself mentally critiquing them and thinking which kind I preferred to watch as they were doing some hot chick. I also found that the more cocks that were doing the girl the more it turned me on, so my preference turned to gang bang flicks.

I mostly find myself stopping at the bookstore when I’m heading home after being out and having some drinks. This usually lowers my inhibitions to the point that I can let someone in my booth to blow me and I can still concentrate on the blow job instead of worrying about who is watching.

This particular bookstore also has a theater area with a straight and gay film continuously showing in two separate rooms. I’ve gotten blowjobs in there also, but again you’re usually the center of attention. When there is live sex going on, the action on the screen is the last thing people are paying attention to.

One night after having way too much to drink to be driving I made my usual stop at the bookstore to get my rocks off. Being a Saturday night there were plenty of cars in the parking lot and I figured my chances of getting what I needed was pretty good. I decided to try my luck in the arcade area and found that the booths I usually use at the end of the hall were busy. I had to settle on one in the more high traffic area but in my current condition I really didn’t care.

I put several dollars in the slot and started flipping through the movie choices until I found what I was looking for. It happened to be one of the Gangland series films with a bunch of black guys giving a good pounding to a hot little blond. I really like these because they usually escort bayan cum all over her face at the end. I took out my cock and started stroking it so the cock suckers lurking in the hall could use the mirror to see what I had to offer.

It didn’t take long for someone to come in and start the ritual of stroking my cock before going down on me. Only this guy didn’t look like the normal guys that come in to suck some cock. He was dressed like and actually looked like a tough guy with the thick leather belt, leather boots, chain on the wallet and worn jean jacket. I figured what the hell, if he wants to suck my cock who was I to complain.

While he was stroking my cock he undid his belt, opened his fly and pulled out his own cock which don’t bother me because he should be able to jerk off when he sucks some cock. Only this time it was different although I didn’t notice at the time. He stopped stroking my cock and stood up straight with his cock and balls hanging out of the front of his pants flicking it back and forth. I also didn’t realize how long I was mesmerized and staring at his cock.

It was beautiful, the perfect looking specimen, just like the kind I like to watch in the movies. It wasn’t anywhere near hard, still hanging down a little but mostly pushed straight out. Even in this state the head was quite I bit bigger around than the shaft. His balls were shaved but there was still some trimmed pubes above his cock. His nut sack looked so good completely clean like that, I could even see his balls moving around in there.

I guess I was staring for quite awhile as he stroked it, because I think he got the wrong idea. What happened next shocked me back to reality real fast. He reached out with his left hand tried to ease my head towards his cock. I thought no, I don’t do that and turned back to face the TV and focus my attention back to the movie. That didn’t seem to deter him because he just pulled a little harder and I had to really make an effort to stay away from him.

Just as I was thinking, “as soon as this movie stops I’m outta here” my whole world changed. He let go of his cock with his right hand and grabbed a hold of my head with both hands very hard. He turned my face back towards him and forcefully started to pull my head towards his cock that was now only inches from my face. I tried hold myself away but my back muscles were no match for the power in his arms.

I don’t know why, but right before the head of his cock got to my lips, my mouth opened and his cock slid right in. Right when I should have been pissed bursa vip escort off and ready to fight, I found myself giving in and my sense of everything around me was gone except for the hands on my head and the cock in my mouth.

The first thing I noticed was his musky smell even though it was a clean smell. In the current condition of his cock, it fit completely inside my mouth with his balls resting against my chin. Then I felt his cock starting to grow and get harder and I thought how different but good his cock felt as it was filling my mouth. He held my head still and slowly fucked his cock in and out of my mouth. By now I wasn’t really resisting, I even started to like the feeling that my mouth was relegated to being his personal fuck hole.

As his cock grew it would no longer fit completely in my mouth and I had to use the back of my tongue to keep it from penetrating my throat and causing me to gag. Even though I was no longer resisting he still held my head in a very firm grip and fucked my mouth with increasing speed. He was probably fucking my mouth for 3 or 4 for minutes when he stopped, put it back in his pants and walked out without saying a word.

After he left I just sat there in a whirlwind of shock not believing what had just happened. So many thoughts raced through my head. Why did I let him do that? Why did I seem to like it? Did anyone see? Should I just run out of here? Where did he go? Why did he just leave? Was I doing something wrong?

I found out soon enough because he was only gone about 2 minutes when he walked back in, pulled out his now soft cock, grabbed my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth. When he started fucking my mouth again is when I noticed another set of boots next to his. When I looked up I saw another tough looking guy leaning past the first one as he fucked my mouth. I thought “oh shit, not only are my lips wrapped around some strangers cock, but someone else is watching.” That’s when I realized he had left to go get his friend who was probably in the theater.

I did however get to feel his cock grow to it’s full length in my mouth again. I soon stopped caring what anybody thought of me because right now I was happy just being a cock sucking slut. I even reached up with one of my hands and started to lightly tickle his balls. I guess he really liked that because he let out a long low moan. He still kept a good hold on my head and worked into a steady rhythm of fucking my face without ever letting the tip of his cock past my lips.

I know I must have bursa elit escort been lost in lust because when I felt his balls tighten up and his fucking rhythm get jerky I realized he was about to cum in my mouth and I had never even thought of that. Again I tried to pull away but he had too good of a hold on me as he thrust forward one more time, grunted and started to cum. He held my head still and after the first two spurts splashed against my throat I just felt my whole mouth fill with his hot salty tasting cum.

After it seemed like he was finally finished cumming I tried to pull away so I could spit it out on the floor. He still wouldn’t release his grip on me even when I put my hands on his thighs and tried to push away. He just held a firm grip and shoved his cock in further which caused some of his cum to leak out the corners of my mouth. It was obvious what he wanted, so I swallowed a few times until the rest of his cum was gone and hoped he would leave.

He finally let go of me and backed up, but instead of them leaving the other guy stepped up in front of me while stroking his cock. They told me to more money in the slot since the movie had ended sometime while the first guy was face fucking me. I did as I was told and started watching the movie while the guy jacked off next to me.

I looked away as long as I could but soon found my gaze was focused on his hand sliding back and forth on his cock. I could see the pre-cum leaking from the tip and I guess I involuntarily licked my lips. He reached out with his other hand and when he put it on the back of my head I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. He didn’t have to make me suck his cock, I was doing it willingly and trying to make it feel as good as I could. I bobbed up and down on his rod for a while until he took over and started to fuck my mouth like the other guy had.

He didn’t last nearly as long and soon pulled out of my mouth furiously stroking his cock. When his body started to jerk he told me to open up. Again I did as I was told and also stuck out my tongue just as the cum started to fly. I’m a bit of a shooter and so was he because even when he was several inches from me it hit me in the face and mouth with quite a bit of force. I closed my eyes but still I counted six spurts on my face before he put his cock back in my mouth for me to finish him off.

Wow, I really liked seeing that in movies and here I was in a sex shop booth with cum all over my face. They both patted me on the shoulder as they walked out. I didn’t have any paper towels with me so I used my shirt sleeve to wipe the cum off my face. The movie was still on so I jerked off and came so hard it flew right up on the screen.

When I left I was so paranoid, it seemed like everyone I walked past looked at me like they knew exactly what I had done. Who knows, some of them probably did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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