Forced Entry Ch. 01

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10:37 and once again she was alone. What was with her husband these days? He had gone to bed; he always went at this time, needing to get up early for work. Huh, he hadn’t even noticed the new blouse that she had on. In the past he would have always picked up on that.

It was more typical these days that he hardly noticed her. Oh she knew that it wasn’t entirely his fault, he was nearly always tired, what with the hours and pressure that work put upon him. But she had really made an effort this time; subtly applied more make-up than usual and had even taken off her bra, something that he often asked her to do.

How could he not have noticed that? She had been very aware that her nipples had been teased by the thin silky material of the blouse, ever since she took her bra off and as a result had caused her nipples to be in a constant state of taut, turgid erection, which had both embarrassed and excited her at the same time.

She was normally reluctant, when with her husband, to show outwardly the physical manifestation of her heightened sexual excitement. Yet here she was now, extremely aware of how visible her nipples were and astounded that her husband had not mentioned it or indeed seemed to notice it.

Of course she had worn trousers, and this had probably spoilt the effect for him. She well knew that he preferred casino şirketleri her to wear a dress/skirt and probably; no definitely, have a pair of stockings underneath. He must have asked so many times that it was becoming a sore subject.

She sat in the semi darkness of the lounge, wondering why she had chosen trousers, and whether that really would have made any difference and decided that the best way was to see for herself.

In this fluid moment of decision, she rose and walked into the bedroom. She was very conscious of the sleeping form of her partner, as by the light coming from the hall she quietly took out her half length leather skirt and a pair of black stockings and suspender belt.

Back in the lounge, she slipped down her tight trousers and looked at her panties. Being white, they didn’t really go with the black outfit. She made a mental note to ensure that she co-ordinated her undergarments too.

Without further thought, she slipped her panties off, her fingers lightly running through her downy pubic hair in the process. It was time she gave that some attention too; she walked into the bathroom and attended to her toilet for a second time that evening. Except this time she trimmed her pubic hair thoroughly, to the point of almost removing it altogether. She then took hold of her razor and casino firmaları removed all trace of hair from around her labia, right up to her pubic mound. With a light perfuming to her fingers, she rubbed some onto her closely shaved pubic area. The feel of her fingertips touching her flesh began a burning sensation within the pit of her stomach long before the alcohol of the perfume began the burning sensation on her flesh.

She realised she was getting hot under the collar, so quickly dried herself and headed back to the lounge.

Clive had often asked her not to wear any panties when they went out. This had always made her feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to please him; he just had this way of asking her to do things that she felt uncomfortable with. But as she was just trying things on tonight, she decided to leave her knickers off and slipped her suspender belt on. Clipping it and adjusting the straps.

Picking up the packet of stockings, she carefully removed them, making sure that they did not snag or catch on anything. She didn’t want a ladder to ruin the appearance. Lorna gathered the stocking between fingers and thumbs then raised her leg onto the chair, slipping her foot into the cool silky material; she guided it over her slim ankle and onto her calf. Straightening the seam at her calf, she güvenilir casino pulled the material tight over her knee and then her thigh and clipped it to the front suspender clip.

Reaching around the side of her leg for the other clip, she checked that the seam was straight before fixing this in place. Lorna then ran both hands from ankle to stocking top, enjoying the feel of the silk and of her hands lightly caressing her thigh. The process was repeated for the other stocking, after which she stood back from the chair and ensured that both stockings were pulled up to the same level. She adjusted one of the straps until she was perfectly satisfied with the appearance, and then reached for her skirt.

The leather was cold to the touch, and as she stepped into it, Lorna realised that she had goose bumps all over her body. She looked down at her nipples and laughed at the realisation that they were rock hard once again. The skirt was a tight fit over her hips and this disappointed her. She felt that she was not going to be able to fit into it, but once passed her natural womanly hips; she smiled at the ease with which it buttoned at her slim waist.

Lorna always felt that her bum was a little on the large side, but her husband seemed to love touching and fondling it. One of his favourite love positions was taking her from behind, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as she thought.

Having completed the black ensemble, she just needed a full length mirror to check her appearance out. So she took the one from the hallway down, and placed it on the floor of the lounge.

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